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Famous drummer



Mike Mangini

Born April 19, 1963 Newton, Massachusetts, USA

Mike has worked with

Annihilator - 1993

Extreme - 1994 to 1996
Mike had been keeping up with them since they formed. He'd become close with them since the early days in the rehearsal rooms. It was just a matter of them needing a drummer, which happened in 1994 when Paul left to pursue band management. Mike added a new fire to the band with his bells and whistle abilities, incredible timing and fresh enthusiasm.

Steve Vai Band - 1996 - 2000
Mike is a permanent member of Steve's touring band and helps with some studio work.
Mike Mangini: drums
Phil Bynoe: bass
Mike Keneally: guitar, keyboards
Bryan Beller: guitar
Steve Vai: vocals, guitar.

Tribe of Judah - 2001 to present

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