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Tommy Lee

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Tommy Lee

Drummer for Motley Crue
Born - Oct. 3rd, 1962
Full Name - Thomas Lee Bass also nown as (T-Bone)
Born In: Athens, Greece
Height: 6'2 

Tommy Lee first gained fame as the drummer for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, who came to national prominence after touring with KISS in 1983. In later years Lee's musical career was eclipsed by his very public personal life, which included tumultuous marriages to actress Heather Locklear and actress/pinup Pamela Anderson.

Wife: Pamela Anderson, model, actress; filed for divorce and custody of their two children February 1998; reconciled in early 1999; no longer together
Wife: Heather Locklear, actress; married May 10, 1986; divorced 1993



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