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Vintage Postcard Index

Illustrations and Photos, Circa Early to Mid 1900's

*Rebop and Family Photos -- Puppy Rebop and her family.
*About My Dog Rebop -- Some adorable vintage pictures that remind me
of my favorite dog, Rebop!

*1st Gallery -- Basset, Spitz, St. Bernard, Doxy, Boxers, etc.
*Various Dogs 2 -- Mostly Terriers and Spaniels.
*Various Dogs and Pups 3 --Many cute puppies.
*Various Dogs 4
*5th Gallery of Various Dogs --by Reichart, Lucy Dawson,Fisher,
Mauzan, Marcos, photos.

*Dogs and Cats -- by Valter,
Dawson, Sperlich, Terzi.
*2nd Gallery of Dogs and Cats -- Illustrations and Photos.
*3rd Gallery of Dogs and Cats --collies, poodle, basset, otter hounds,
pugs, springer spaniels, etc.
*More Dogs and Cats --greyhound, doxeys, collies, terriers, St. Bernard, samoyed.

*Terriers on Postcards -- Dawson,
Gear, other artists.
*Various Terriers, Group 2
*Various Terriers, Group 3
*Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers
Jack Russells.

*Gallery of Collies-- By Valter, Reichart, other artists, plus photos.
*Borzoi Gallery -- Illustrations, Photos.
*Vintage Boston Terriers -- also
called Boston Bulldogs.
*Dachshund Gallery-- amusing, touching,
vintage art and photos, clever
pictures of cute dogs!

*Vintage Photo Postcards of Dogs -- Sepia, Tinted, people in period dress.
*Photo Postcards of Dogs and Cats
--charming, many with people,
circa early to mid 1900's.

*Cat and Kitten Picture Collection -- adorable images.
*Potpourri -- Various cats and dogs.
*Potpourri 2 -- Dogs, kittens,
Japanese Spaniel, Irish
setter, otter hounds.

*Test Page -- look in on a page
as it develops!

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