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Rebop's Images of Various Dogs and Cats

Otter Hounds by Wardle

Cute Photo of Little Girl and Pup.

Setters by Nora Drummond.

French Lady Holding a Hat with Three Kittens.
Entitled "The Brood"

Pups on Pier Captivated by Ducklings.

Springer Spaniel Pups, All Trying to Fit in a Flower Pot.

Collie, German Illustration, 1914.

Lady with Poodle, by Mary Farini, 1911.

French Photo of Kittens.
"Two apprentices learning to Smoke a Pipe".

Miss Fluffy Ready to Go to Town, German, 1908.

Poodle is as big as the little girl!
"You must be washed, your dirty doggie!"

Wonderful Illustration of a Basset Hound.
Look at Those Sad Eyes!

Kittens By Merlin

Pugs, 1913 Illustration.

Illustration of Four Kittens.

Dachshund with Boy in the Snow by Feiertag.

Girl Pushing a Homemade Go Cart Full of Flowers and Cats. Boy is Driving Wearing Fighter Pilot Cap and Goggles.

Westie Illustrated by Rosa Bebb, 1930's.

Photo of Fox Terrier Pups, So Cute!

Variety of Dogs, 1915 Illustration.

Collie Pup Wearing a Bonnet.

Girl and Jack On a Lake Send a Birthday Greeting.