Rebop's Vintage Postcard Gallery and Chat Post Archive

Rebop's Vintage Postcards

Ilustrations and Photos Celebrating Dogs, early to mid 1900's

Mostly Terriers and Spaniels

Spitz or American Eskimo with children, German, 1908.

Jack Russell Terrier by Grammophone, photo

Lady relaxing in hammock by pit bull,
entitled: "Can't I be your Bull pup?"-- by J.A. Kempster, 1910.

Greyfriar's Bobby

Shows the bronze statue of Greyfriars Bobby which is situated outside Greyfriars Churchyard on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh, Scotland. The statue was unveiled in 1873 to commemorate the life of the faithful little dog who stayed by his master's grave (John Gray) for 14 years, until his own death in 1872.

Jack Russell Terrier keeping child company at dinner

Jack Russell Terrier with Lady, Tinted Photo.

E. HUNT British Postcard with a JACK RUSSELL TERRIER or SMOOTH FOX TERRIER Pup barking at the 4 large HOGS just staring at him.

Photo of Little girl overwhelmed by Jack Russell Terrier Pups. Entitled, "Family Cares".

St. Bernard with Pups, photo.

King Charles Spaniel with Girl, tinted photo, circa 1930.

Jack Russell and Girl, Sepia Tinted Photo


Jack Russell Terriers relaxing after dinner.

Otterhound and Prince Charles Spaniel, by Tuck

Old English Sheepdog by MAC (Lucy Dawson)

Collie by a stream with her pal the horse and lady. Up on the hill is a 1900's automobile, by Edward Gross Co.

Jack Russells having a tug-a-war with fish while mom looks on.

Doberman Pincher with Girl, entitled "Good Friends", a painting by A. Fuks.

Jack Russell Terrier Pups at bathtime. Doll and toy horse on the floor. One pup is running away. Artist is E. Student, German.

Vizsla Pups fascinated by butterfly, with hen on bench.

Wire Hair Fox Terrier and Bull Terrier at the beach, while terrier examines a crab. Entitled "You're asking for it!" By Florence E. Valter

Family of Jack Russell Terriers opening the mail, British Tuck postcard.