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Collies on Vintage Postcards

Collie and Boy on Seesaw, Tinted Photo.

Collie Watching Food on the Fire.

Collie With a Great Smile!

Cute Collie Reading the Phone Directory.

Collie Portrait by Eugenie M. Valter, 1920.

Collie and Jacks Try to Reach Cat.
"Baffled" by Walter Hunt.

Rough Collie Pups.

Rough Collie with Bird Friend, 1915, "Chums".

Collie with Flower Basket.

Tinted Photo of Collie and Cat.

Collie and Lady by Fisher.

Collie Pair, 1910.

Collie and Girl, Tinted Photo, 1908.

Collie and Girl, German Art, 1914.

Collie Pups in a Basket.

Collie and Girl, Photo, 1904.

Collie, Jack Russell, and Bulldog.

Collie Greets Soldier Arriving Home.

Collie by Wardlem, 1930.

Girl Hugs Collie, Tinted Photo.

Collie Laughing, Real Photo.

Photo of Girl with Collie and Borzoi.

Rough and Smooth Collies.

Collie, 1931.

Collie and Lady.

Scotch Collie Family at the Ocean.

Collie, Bulldog, Pekingnese by Fisher.

Collie with Kids in the Snow, 1905.

Collie and Cats with Girl, Photo, 1908.

Collie Art, 1905.

Pair of Collies.

Collie Profile.

Collie Chef!

Collie By Carlyle

Tinted Photo of Collie and Girl.

Hoping for a Treat

German Postcard

Collies by Reichart.

Collie and Boy in Old Coffee Advertisement.