Rebop's Potpourri

Vintage Postcards Circa Early to Mid 1900's

Various Cats and Dogs


Collie and Cat Snuggle

2 DACHSHUND DOGS sleeping on a GIRL as they all lean against the wall on an artist signed by M. KUGEMAYR 1910 German Postcard. Now this is a very sweet little scene. The card translates to: "An army of Three."

Scottie and Cairn, 1917

Westie Birthday Greeting

Print of Border Collie and Child titled Old Playfellows originally by Briton Riviere.

Cairn Pups

Cat Puzzled by Turtle, 1905

Borzoi, Dachshund with Girl

Borzoi, Poodle and Lady

Cat, Belgium, 1921

Cats Watch Rooster

E. Samson French Postcard of two Greyhounds, Sepia 1919

Jack Russell Terrier face to face with rabbits, by B. Cobbe, British

The Sweetist Maltese!

Greyhounds on alert, sepia photo.


Samoyed with Wire Hair Fox Terrier Pup

Sealyham by Lucy Dawson

Duck Pulls and Cart With Eggs.

Dalmation Not Looking Foward to His Bath.

Westies in Chalices, posted in 1932.