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Rebop's Terriers, Page 2.

Wire Fox Terrier, Birthday Greeting.

Wire Fox Terriers, "Fast Friends" by Mabel Gear.

An Adorable Schnauzer bearing gifts! By Hannes Petersens.

Jack Russell and Dachshund wait for tea, by Mabel Gear.

Wire Fox Terrier Doing His Good Deed.

Jack Russell Terrier Pups, 1908.

Lady with Jack Russell Pup, by Harrison Fisher.
Entitled: "All Mine".

Jack Russell, real photo.

Sky Terrier, 1905, England. His name is Jock.

Wire Fox Terrier, a reproduction of the painting "Modern Blusterer" by artist John Emms (1843-1912). The original was done in 1905.

Terrier and Corgi see some friendly faces on tv.

Terrier by Valter, waiting for folks to wake up and feed him!

Westie about to be groomed by little girl.

Wire Fox Terrier, 1953. Signed LH Dude Larsen.

Wire Fox Terrier Family by Valter.

Jacks at the Vet. "After the Battle", 1913.

Scottie and Cocker Spaniel Waiting for their Walk.

Jack Russell Terrier Family.