Various Dogs on Postcards

Vintage Illustrations and Old Photos

Little Girl with Sick Bandaged Dolls and Pug, entitled "Puppenmama." This translates to Doll Mommy.

Pekingnese by Lucy Dawson, 1936.

Dachshund with Child, Old Tinted Photo.

Jack Russells Fascinated by a Turtle, by F. Hunt.

Deerhound and Fox Terrier Trying to Meet Their "New Playmate", 1905. The Lady doesn't seem to trust them!

Portrait of a Pair of Cairn Terriers, 1942.

Sealyham, Boxer, Scotch Terrier, Cocker Spaniel.

Louis Wain postcard of Black Cat by the fireplace, captioned 'Here's Jolly Good Luck!', 1919.

Springer and Cocker Spaniel by Norah Drummond, 1920's.

Lovely Postcard of Scotties in Heather, 1937.

Scotties by Aerono.

Terrier by MAC (Lucy Dawson), "Sure I'm thinking of you."

Comic Postcard of Fox Terrier Family at Home.

Art Postcard of Bull Terrier by Eileen Hood.

LOVELY vintage sepia real photo postcard featuring two West Highland Terrier dogs. Captioned 'Two Little Friends', British.

French Bulldog at Attention, 1911.

Cairn Terriers by Lucy Dawson, 1947.