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Rebop's Potpourri 2

Illustrations and Photos of Cats and Dogs

Sweet Kitten Admiring Himself in a Mirror.

Cocker Spaniel Chats with Two Ducks While Cat Hides in the Flowers, Spanish Postcard.

Japanese Spaniel by Norah Drummond.

Otter Hounds Standing By a River, by Norah Drummond, a Tuck Postcard

Jack Russell Terrier on a 1913 Birthday Postcard.

Girl Speaking to Collie, asking, "Can't You Talk? as tiny kitten watches from the door.

Adorable Terrier by Alfred Mainzer.

Boxers Having a Chat, Artist Drawn Postcard, 1927.

Collie and a Jack Russell Terrier trying to get at a little Cat while a little Girl attempts to keep order.

Lab Pups, British Photo, 1930's.

Irish Setter With Pal on Birthday Postcard.

Sleepy Cocker Spaniels Supposedly "On Guard", by MAC (Lucy Dawson).

4 Fox Hounds Laying About in the Straw by Norah Drummond, a Tuck Postcard

Cats Find a Home in a Uniform, Swiss, 1931.

Cats breaking through a wall, by Sperlich
They say, "How do you like us?".

Newfoundland Pup? by Landseer, Photo, 1906.