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Borzoi on Vintage Postcards

Profile of Borzoi, 1904.

Borzoi and Lady by Corbella, 1920.

Borzoi from Belgium

Borzoi and Lady, Tinted Photo.

Terrific Illustration of Borzois

Borzoi and Lady, 1916.

Borzoi Greet Visitors to the Castle.

Borzoi with Couple, Tinted Photo

Borzoi and Lady, Illustration by Corbella.

Borzois, 1907.

Borzoi with Lovers by Solomko, 1917.

Borzoi by Reichart

Tinted Photo of Borzoi and Girl

Borzoi and Girl, "He won't bite".

Borzoi and Lady, Italian, 1921.

Borzoi and Lady, Soft Tinted Photo.

Borzoi and Lady Out for a Walk

Injured Borzoi Cared for By Two Girls.

Borzoi and Lady in the Garden.

Art Deco Illustration of Borzoi and Lady

Borzoi and Smooth Fox Terrier

Borzoi, 1905.

Borzois, English, 1920.