About My Dog Rebop!

Rebop was my wonderful dog. She was not a Sealyham terrier, but the logo captures her spirit. Her mom was a whippet, but she had a different father than the rest of her litter, so her lineage has been somewhat of a mystery. She resembled an Irish Wolfhound puppy, about 40 pounds of energy. She had the speed of a whippet and the personality of a terrier.

These drawings remind me so much of Rebop. They're from a book called " Himself ", published in 1935 in Britain. The Pen and Pencil Sketches are by the Author K.F. Barker who is well know in England for her Dog Illustrations. I bet Rebop's dad was a Welsh Terrier, like this dog. Here are some of the pics.

Then, again, her father might be an Airdale...

These pics remind me of Rebop, too...The first is supposed to be a Scotch Terrier and the second is an Irish Wolfhound. These are vintage postcards.

If you crossed these dogs with a Whippet, I think the dog would look like Rebop!

Welsh Terrier on a French card from a set entitled "Nos Amis Les Chiens (Our Friends the Dogs)".

German Card of a Irish Terrier Welsh Terrier from 1960.

A Rough-coated Fox Terrier originally by Percy Fisher.

A Wire Haired Fox Terrier originally by Mary Mavrojan.

Titled Peterkin, a Wire Haired Fox Terrier originally by Kate Brown.