Family Photos


Rebop and Family

Puppy Rebop and Me in My Old World Kitchen 1

Rebop as a Pup in My Old World Kitchen 2

Rebop as a Pup in My Old World Kitchen 3

Puppy Rebop Looking Nervous in Her New World

Rebop a bit older in one of her fave places, my bed.

One of her favorite toys, a ball.

Rebop holding my hand.

A favorite pose.

Kitchen Again in Cambridge.

Please can I leave the kitchen? I promise I won't pee in your bed again!

Kitchen again with Young Pup.

Rebop Smells One of Her First Flowers.

Rebop Takes Off!

My Dad and Me having dinner out.

Mom and Dad on a weekend trip to the Neville resort.

Dad in the Rockies on our trip out west.

My brother and me in the Rockies.

My Great Aunt Helen at age 95 or 96 with my Dad, Mom, and Brother.

My Dad and Me and Brother when we lived in our first home in Forest Hills, NY. I was about 3 or 4 and my brother about 7 or 8.

My Mother and Brother, in Queens.

My Brother and Me in Queens.