A Role Playing Game

By Lloyd Krassner

Warpspawn Games

INTRODUCTION Otherworldly Warlocks (OWL) is a Fantasy Roleplaying Game. Characters take the roles of Wizards, Warlocks, Warriors, Wisemen, and Wanderers Gallivanting across Alien Worlds and Demon Dimensions in search of Adventures and Artifacts of Great Power. PLAYER MANUAL Character Generation Character Background Master Class List Uncommon Class List Character Record Sheet RULES MANUAL General Rules Master Spell List Master Skill List Character Progress ADVENTURE MODULES Temple of the Demon Cult The Ruined Castle Curse of the Kobold A Dwarven Defense Fortress of the Bandit Lord Zealots of Dargon Tower of the Missing Mage SETTINGS Yurvay Starting World City of Intrigue The Industrious Village GODS AND NPC'S Non-Player Characters and Starting Characters! Evil NPC Classes Gods & Patrons MONSTER LISTS Monster Rules Size Chart, Physical Mutations, Magical Mutations Monster List 1 Abominations, Horrors, Devils, Demons, Angels, Cherubs, Devas, Singularities, Archons Monster List 2 Humanoids, Giants, Demi-Humans, Aquatic Humanoids Monster List 3 Japanese, Chinese, Freshwater, Greek, Norse, Djinn, Sphinx Monster List 4 Undead, Malevolent Spirits, Ancestral Spirits, Nature Spirits, Animal Spirits, Elemental Spirits, Shape Changers, Fey Monster List 5 Animals, Beasts, Spiders, Insects, Dinosaurs Monster List 6 Clockwork, Golems, Elementals, Animated, Mechanoids Monster List 7 Dragons, Composite, Alien, Oversize, Aquatic, Slimes, Plants, Fungi TREASURE LISTS Treasure Tables Part 1 Coins, Gems, Jewelry, Weapons, Armor, Musical Instruments, Tools, Books, Clothing, Furnishings Treasure Tables Part 2 Alchemy, Potions, Medicinals, Bombs, Poisons, Charms, Fetishes, Useful Fungi, Useful Plants Treasure Tables Part 3 Magic Weapons, Bows, Armor, Wands, Rings, Artifacts, Religious Relics, Cursed Items, Technomancy, Puppets ADVENTURE CREATION Major Foes Quests Other Worlds Geo-Politics RANDOM ENCOUNTER TABLES Wayfarer System Rules Wilderness Trek Tables Air & Sea Voyages Cities & Settlements Dungeon Encounter Tables

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