OTHERWORLDLY WARLOCKS MODULE: OWL001 For use with any Fantasy RPG Rule System. INTRODUCTION Temple Located in a City or Settlement. Rumors tell of a Demon Cult hidden within. --MAIN TEMPLE Devoted to the Agrarian Earth Mother Goddess Idras, Lady of the Harvest. Frescos depict pastoral bliss: Planting, Harvesting, Herding, Childbirth --SACRED CHAMBER Separated by a Curtain. Only the Priests of Idras are allowed inside. Demonic Unholy Symbol located in Ashes on Altar. Blood Trail leads to Back Wall. Pressing a Stone reveals Secret Door. --ROOM WITH DEMON FACE WITH GIANT NOSE Eyes Light Up. PC's must present Unholy Symbol or the Face Sneezes, covering them with Green Slime. Hard Dodge save to Avoid. Medium Swiftness Save to scrape off Slime or it Causes 1 Wound. --CENTRAL CHAMBER 4 Cultist Guards playing Dice. 2 engage. 1 Runs to bang a giant Gong which will cause the Cultists in the Ceremony room to come running. 1 runs to release the Demon Dogs from the Kennel. Lit with Torches. --GUARD ROOM Blankets, scattered knives and Spears, scattered coins, a lit candle. --DEMON DOG KENNEL 4 Dogs. Pink hairless ferocious monstrosities. Chewed Bones, Water Trough. Key ring hung on wall. Leashes. Smells of Wet Dog. Incessant Barking. They are locked up unless released by the guard. --STORE ROOM Boxes, Barrels, Crates. Foodstuffs, Firewood, Salt, Ale, Flour, Pitch, Oil. Stairs going up lead to a small above-ground warehouse with more goods. --MONK CELLS Corridor, 10 Cells each side. Straw beds, Candles, Papers, Ink, Coins, Robes. --LIBRARY Valuable Books on Demonology, Planar Lore, History, Mythology, Religion. 4 Scrolls of Demon Summoning (different types). Book on Destroying Portals. --SUMMONING CHAMBER Dark Acolyte Mage. If players were stealthy in library he can be surprised. If they were not, he will ambush them and run for help if possible. He has Spells of Darkness, Paralysis, Weakness, Fear, and Demon Summoning. Search to find scroll with Force field Spell. --PILE OF BODIES Unsuspecting souls snatched from the streets. Main Food Source. --PAIR OF LAUGHING DEMONS Playing Tug of War with a Body. Screeches Cause Fear. Vulture Heads. 7 foot tall naked human bodies. Attack with Talons and Beaks. --GIANT CAULDRON Cannibal Soup. Floating Body Parts. Being stirred with a paddle by a Large, Slow, Fat, Half-Wit Cook. He will Attack Ineptly. --CISTERN Main Water Source. Underwater exit to city sewers if players dive in. --IMP ROOM 6 Imps will Attack. Weak Foes. Flying, Scratching. Captive tied up in Chair. Member of the City Guard. Grateful if Freed. --PRISONER CELLS 12 Locked Doors. Half Empty. Captives: Street urchins, laborers, and beggars. --TORTURE CHAMBER Mid-Torture on an Aristocratic Courtesan. Cultist with Hot Iron will Attack. Rack, Iron Maiden, Furnace. Whip, Manacles, Thumbscrews. --CEREMONY ROOM 10 Cultists performing ritual. Can be surprised. Demon Idol has Ruby Eyes. Naked Girl on Altar is Serving Wench. If rescued will fall in love with a PC. Evil High Priest knows spells of Weakness, Command, and Telekinetic Attack. If the Ceremony is completed, a Demon Prince will appear and carry off the Girl. All the Cultists will receive Demonic Strength +2. --PRIESTS CHAMBERS Priest will retreat here from Ceremony Room. Bed, Desk, Washing Basin, Wardrobe. Bottle of Magic Healing Wine. 4 Doses. Dagger +1. --RELIC ROOM Puzzle Lock on Door. Hard Puzzle Check or lose a Hand. Collection of Unholy Symbols and Icons hanging on Walls including Glowing Demon Blade +4. Cursed. Wielder becomes Evil and Bloodthirsty. Small open chest of Coins on Table. Some coins on Floor. --PIT OF HELLFIRE Central Pit. Narrow path around. Burning Embers will scorch eyes and lungs. --MAJOR DEMON 10 Feet Tall. Bloody Horse Head with 2 Horns. Sharp Teeth. Venomous Snake Limbs. Will drop half eaten corpse and chase PC's into Pit Room, but no farther. --TRASH ROOM Stench from Bones and Maggots will give PC's a -1 penalty for 2D Minutes after leaving. --LEMURES Secondary source of Food and Sacrifices. Gibbering Pus filled Larvae. Human Faces. Ankle biters. Very Weak Foes. Easily Dispatched. --PLANAR GATE To Demon Dimension. Major Goal of PC's should be to destroy this Portal. If they mess with it, Two Lesser Winged One-eyed Ape-Demon guardians step through: Beat Chests, War Cries. Gaze causes Confusion. Strength +4 Brawl +4. Any Combo of 3 of these Spells will Close the Portal: Lock, Blessing, Force Field, Disintegrate, Shield, Curse Breaker, Dispel, Shatter. An easy Arcane Lore Skill check will reveal this. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= IMPORTANT LINKS Spells and Swords Classes CLASSES Spells and Swords Bestiary BESTIARY Spells and Swords Stuff STUFF OTHER RULE RELATED LINKS Combat Rules COMBAT RULES Skills, Spells, and Saves SKILLS, SPELLS, AND SAVES Dungeon Building DUNGEON BUILDING

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