OTHERWORLDLY WARLOCKS MODULE: OWL002 For use with any RPG Rule System --DRAW BRIDGE The Bridge is down. It is covered with Guano. The Moat Monster will take 8 Wounds Counters before retreating back to the Scummy Waters. --GATEHOUSE The Gatehouse is 30 Feet Tall. The Towers are 40 Feet Tall. The Catwalks can be accessed from the Gatehouse. The Gate is 20 feet tall. The Portcullis is down. The Archers have 80 Arrows and are locked in. --WALLS The walls are 20 Feet Tall. All have walkable Catwalks but they are falling apart. --NORTH TOWER All the Floors have collapsed in this Tower. --SOUTH TOWER The Third Floor contains a Bat Swarm that will attack. --EAST TOWER All Towers have Barracks and Storage on the first 3 Floors: Spears, Bundles of Arrows, Stones, Barrels of Oil, Blankets. All Towers have parapets and a Ballista or Catapult on top. --WEST TOWER The Angry Ghost will Demand the Characters leave and will try to drive them off. "Stay away Fools!" Was once a Loyal Guard. --COURTYARD A dozen Skeletons/Zombies will arise over several minutes and at different distances. The Stench of Undead is everywhere.Some bodies have a few coins. One clutches a Sharpened Wooden Stake. --WELL The Water is Fetid. Full of Snails. --STABLES Against the West Wall. Parts are caving in. Leather equipment has rotted but metal pieces can be salvaged. --SMITHY Against the inner Keep. The Door to the Armory is Jammed. A good oiled Hammer +1 can be found amongst rusted tools and Anvils. Piles of Charcoal and Firewood nearby. --VESTIBULE Grand Entranceway and Waiting Room. Wall Sconces, Benches, Broken Statues, Remains of Hunting Trophies. All the rooms on the first floor are 30 feet tall with Vaulted or angled Ceilings. --CHAPEL Broken Icons to Good Gods and Saints. Now Tainted with Evil. Broken Pews, Cracked Sarcophagus, Smashed Shrine. Find a Holy Symbol. --PRIESTS ROOM The Priest has been converted into a Ghoul by the Vampire King. His main purpose now is to drag the remains of victims of the King and the Prince out to the Courtyard. On a chain around his neck is a Key to the Treasure Room Door. Find a Vial of Holy Water amongst the broken furniture. --ARMORY Partially Depleted. Swords, Shields, Halberds, Pikes, Lances, Morning Stars, Maces, etc. Enough Arms and Armor for 2 Dozen Men. --GREAT HALL One of the Ten Suits of armor will Attack with a Great Sword. Room Replete with aging Flags, Banners, and Tapestries. --LIBRARY Two Stories of Books. Ladders. Good Map Collection. Some of the pages are starting to crumble. One Cursed Book causes the owner to always fail Fear and Morale Checks. 1D3 Scrolls. --PLANNING ROOM Table and Chairs. Spread out Maps. Old Treaties. One victim of Intrigue on the floor impaled with a Silver Dagger. --BANQUET HALL A Long Table with 20 Chairs. Stirling Silverware. Fireplace. At far end a Dozen Ghosts are dancing in pairs to Haunting Music. If players stay too long they must save or go Mad. --THRONE ROOM The Fey Jester will ask a Riddle. If correct he will give them the Key to the Iron Chest in the Treasure Room. If attacked he will flee to the Dungeon to set up an Ambush with a Dagger. Fireplace. --KITCHEN This is in Shambles. Old Rat Droppings everywhere. The Kitchenware can be Salvaged but it is bulky. Great Hearth. --CELLAR About 200 Bottles of Good Wine nicely aged. Unlit Torches on the Wall. --GREAT STAIRCASE The paintings along the wall will Magically demoralize (-1 to all rolls) those ascending. --HALLWAY Dimly lit by Windows at either end. All Second floor rooms have windows. The Treasure rooms window has Bars. --UPPER BATTLEMENTS The Ghost of the Queen can be found here, If anyone gets too close she will throw herself off. The Main Keep is 50 Feet Tall with 4 conical roof sections that go to 60 Feet. A Central Conical Roof goes to 70 Feet and contains a Large Brass Bell. If the bell is Sounded, other Heroes from the surrounding Settlements will come to investigate in 1D3 Days. --PRINCES ROOM A fulltime Werewolf. He Hunts in the surrounding woods. He always returns to be with his family. In wolf form will wear a hat. Desk, Wardrobe. Smells like Dog. +2 Magic Sword under Bed. He is Fast, Immune to Normal Weapons --PRINCESSES ROOM She has become a Banshee. Her cries can be heard for Miles. Mirror, Vanity, Make-up, Perfumes, Tub, Wardrobe, Bed, some Jewelry. She Wails for Damage +2 to all. Immune to Normal Weapons. --GUESTS ROOM Secret Door allowed the King to visit his Mistress. Bed and Wardrobe. --KINGS ROOM The Kingdom became cursed after the King was bitten by a Vampire. He killed the Vampire who turned him but it did not end the curse. He Hunts in the nearby settlements but returns to his Castle to Brood. Killing him will cause all the other dead to rest in peace. King Size Bed, Desk, Fireplace, Curtains. He still wears his Gold Crown. He can Fly, Drain, Immune to Normal Weapons, Attack for Damage +3, Mesmerize. --DRESSING ROOM Wardrobe, Racks for Boots, moth eaten Robes, Frayed Fine Clothing. --TREASURE ROOM Locked Iron Chest. If proper Key not used a Poison Gas will be released. Chest contains gold Coins and Gems. --AUDIENCE CHAMBER For Official Meetings upstairs. Desk and Chairs with deep scratches. --DRAWING ROOM Where the Royal Family and some guests would withdraw to after events, meals. Gaming Table, cards, Couches, Music Instruments, Books, Fireplace. --SERVANTS QUARTERS A Dozen tiny Rooms that could hold 2-4 Servants each. Bunkbeds, Trunks. A Zombie or two lurking about. --STOREROOM Holes in Walls. A Dozen Giant Rats will attack. Crates, Barrels, Caskets. --DUNGEON Complete Darkness. Skeletons chained to Walls. A Few Zombies will jump out. --OUBLIETTE During the Day the Vampire King will stay here to avoid the sunlight. --GARDEN Heavily Overgrown with Vines and Weeds. --FOUNTAIN WITH STATUES A Grey Ooze lurks at the bottom along with a few dozen coins. Stagnant Water. --SHRINE Prayers for the ancestors. Some Family History written upon it. --GRAVEYARD The Tombs of Dead Kings and Kin going back 4 Generations. If anyone starts disturbing the Graves Shades will arise. Their presence causes fear. The graves can be looted for Jewelry. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= IMPORTANT LINKS Spells and Swords Classes CLASSES Spells and Swords Bestiary BESTIARY Spells and Swords Stuff STUFF OTHER RULE RELATED LINKS Combat Rules COMBAT RULES Skills, Spells, and Saves SKILLS, SPELLS, AND SAVES Dungeon Building DUNGEON BUILDING

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