OTHERWORLDLY WARLOCKS MODULE: OWL004 For use with any RPG Rule System --NEARBY SETTLEMENTS Dwarves are recruiting Adventurers to help get rid of a Beholder that has recently Occupied the Great Hall of their Mountain Stronghold. The Town Alchemist is selling blinding Powder that will be effective. Each dose will blind 1D4 eyes for 1D6 +1 rounds each. --WOODS A Roc will be seen Circling the Mountain’s Top. It will not attack at night. Campfires will attract the attention of Orcs scouting in the Woods. --ORC TRIBE New to the Area. They originally came to raid Human Villages but are now Getting sucked in to the intrigues under the Mountain. --STONEFIST MOUNTAIN A two Day’s Journey. A Steep Grey Granite Slab rising from the Forest Floor. --MAIN ENTRANCE Heavy Iron Doors manned by a handful of Dour Dwarves. --GUARD ROOMS Good Dwarven Weapons and Shields Available for the asking. A few Guards here keep an eye on the Tannery. They figure the Umber Hulk there will just move on after it’s eaten its fill. --LIVING QUARTERS Apartments for 250 Dwarves. All of the Civilians have taken Refuge in the Nearby Villages. Only about 20 Warrior/Adventurer types are left in the Stronghold. Only 1 or 2 will join the Party. Most are Warriors but there is also a Giant Slayer, Rune Master, Cleric, Berserker, Engineer, Archer, and Tunnel Scout. --TANNERY The Dwarves would trade Metals and refined goods for Cattle raised by the Valley Men. An Umber Hulk has moved in and is slowly eating all the Cow Hides and Leather Goods. --GREAT HALL An insane Beholder teleported in and Killed 40 Warriors during a Feast. Their Bodies litter the Floor. The Beholder paces back and forth, muttering, Looking for something. If the PC’s kill it the Dwarves will reward them richly. Amongst the dead is a Hammer of Throwing and a Magic Shield +2. The bodies of exploring Orcs, Goblins, and Derro also fill the exits. --STORAGE Mostly emptied out by the Dwarves who left. A few Dwarves have barricaded it Against the Goblins in the Kitchen. Crates and Barrels. --CISTERN A Black Pudding has seeped in here and is well known and avoided by the Goblins. The Dwarves know something is keeping the Goblins at bay, but not what. --TOOL ROOM This room has been ransacked by the Orcs. A dozen Orcs stand guard against the Beholder, Umber Hulk, and Fire Snake, and plan their next move against the Derro. --KITCHEN The Goblins have made a mess of this room. Twenty wait here too afraid to move Against the Beholder or the Dwarves. Short Bows, Short Swords, Shields, Spears. --BREWERY The Goblins tunneled in here when they heard rumors the Dwarves ran away. A Dozen Drunk Goblins have it up and running. They will flee if burst in on. --GREAT FORGE The Unattended Forge still Smolders and is now occupied by a Fire Snake who Was doing some reconnaissance for the Salamanders. Dead Crispy Orcs Cover the Floors. --WORKSHOPS Craftsman’s rooms: Armorers, Bowyers, Fletchers, Shield Smiths, Tinkerers, Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Tailors, Stone Carvers, Wood Carvers. Much of it Smashed. The Orcs and Derro have already fought several battles here with the Derro winning. Several Mutant Derro (4-Arms, eyestalks, etc.) search the rubble for Relics. A Dozen other Derro are Camped out. They have Crossbows, Hooked Spears, Spiked Bucklers, and Daggers. --ARMORY A fat Rust Monster sits consuming a Sword. All the many weapons and armor in This room are badly rusted except for a few… --GREAT VAULT A Xorn eats an expensive crown as the PC’s enter. A few piles of coins still remain. Roughly 4000 GP. It will attack unless the PC’s give it more treasure. --IRON MINE The Orc Tribe from outside found a secret way in. They have started mining Operations using the Dwarves own tools. About 20 are here armed with Hammers, Picks, Swords, Spears, and Daggers. --ELEVATOR The Lift is in working order. Six Orcs are stationed here. Scimitars, Spears, and Shields. If the lift is lowered, the Stone Giants will quickly notice it. --SHRINE A Shrine to the Ancient Dwarf Lords destroyed by vindictive Derro. --LIBRARY The Derro used Dig Spells to Access this room when they learned the Beholder had Struck. It is still in Good order. A Derro Savant is methodically reading the Texts in search of Magic Lore and Arcane Secrets. He knows Dig, Magic Missile, Freeze, Armor, and Light. --LESSER CAVERN A Rich find for the Dwarves, It leads to several valuable types of Mines. Scattered Mining equipment and Mine Carts filled with unrefined Ores. Ten Stone Giants are familiarizing themselves with the Space. They have Stone Clubs, Stone Axes, Slings, and Stone Discss bound to long Straps. They have 10 Wounds each. If PC’s Wait a few days, some hungry ones will return leaving only two Giants. --TOMBS The Dwarf Ancestors are very upset about the current state of affairs. Five Specters have awakened and have killed some Derro Intruders. They will attack the PC’s if no Dwarf is with them. If a Dwarf Priest is present they Can be convinced to venture out to kill any Derro in a nearby Room. --DERRO REALM A Colony of Xenophobic, Mad, Sorcerous, Mutated Man-Dwarf Hybrids. --GOBLIN REALM Hundreds of them in their Burrows. Quick to Fight. Quick to Run. --GOLD MINE This is now a Battleground between the Orcs and the Duergar. A Score of each Stalk each other through the tangle of interconnected Shafts. --STONE WORKS A Granite Quarry. The Duergar are not interested, but the Stone Giants are Looking to widen the entrance. Filled with Scaffolding, Ropes, Pulleys, and Blocks. --IRON GATE The Stone Giants finally smashed through, breaking the Bar on the Door. If the Current Intruders can be killed the Doors can be quickly closed and Barred with an Available replacement Bar, sealing out the Giants once more. --GREAT CAVERN Dominated by a Tribe of Eighty Stone Giants. They herd Subterranean Sheep, Harvest Giant Mushrooms, and Fish for the Giant Blind Carp in the Central Lake. --DROW REALM Thankfully their attentions are elsewhere. --MITHRIL MINE Upon hearing of the Dwarves Misfortune the Duergar immediately invaded. Twenty or so hurriedly mine the precious metal with Pick and Hammer. --GEM MINES An equal number of Duergar seek precious Jewels here. Of course finer Tools are used to pry loose Gemstones. --DUERGAR REALM Evil, Deep, Dwarf Kin, they relish the Chance to steal Dwarven Riches. --SALAMANDERS Where there is Lava there are Salamanders and their Ilk. --BEHOLDER LAIR The actual Lair of the Beholder now troubling the Dwarves. Riddled with Traps, Puzzles, Monstrous Slaves, Treasures, and Relics untold. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= IMPORTANT LINKS Spells and Swords Classes CLASSES Spells and Swords Bestiary BESTIARY Spells and Swords Stuff STUFF OTHER RULE RELATED LINKS Combat Rules COMBAT RULES Skills, Spells, and Saves SKILLS, SPELLS, AND SAVES Dungeon Building DUNGEON BUILDING

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