OTHERWORLDLY WARLOCKS MODULE: OWL003 For use with any RPG Rule System --GNOME VILLAGE A Gnome Guide will always be targeted first by Kobolds. --FOG BOTTOM FOREST Players can hear sawing in direction of Kobold Lumberjacks. PC's will be stalked by the Red Fox, A Wily Kobold Inventor with Dodge +6. He has a series of Zip Lines in the Trees. He will drop Scorpions, Snakes, etc. on them. Snares will drag them 20 feet off the ground upside-down while he zips by slashing with long knives. If Krank is killed Fox will become the new King. --KOBOLD LUMBERJACKS Just cutting down the forest. For firewood and Mine Shaft Support. A couple dozen with Saws, Axes, and ropes. Lots of Yipping and chopping. They will flee after 3 turns of combat into the Fog. --KOBOLD HUNTERS Ten or so riding Giant Weasels. Arrow poison has a slowing effect. Arrows coming through the Mist are very unnerving. Hit and Run Tactics. --DEAD GNOMES Slaughtered Gnome Patrol. Bodies desecrated. Recent Battle. Some Gear can be recovered. Crossbows, helmets, shields, Short swords. The Villagers will be grateful if the bodies are recovered. --KOBOLD SKIRMISHERS Twenty or so with 3-4 Javelins each. They will stay spread out and make A fighting withdrawal. Will retreat when they have thrown all their Javelins. --CAVERN ENTRANCE Large Cavern Mouth. Steep uneven descent. --PIT TRAP Breakaway for anything heavier than a Kobold. Wooden Spikes on the Bottom. 10 Feet Deep. --LURKER ABOVE Feeds on Centipedes and Things that stray into the Caverns. --MINES A small network of Shafts. Lots of Rubble. Veins of Iron, Copper, and Lead. 40 or so Miners scattered about. Picks, Hammers, Shovels. Once alerted they will snuff out their candles and lanterns. They will attack from darkness for a turn then immediately flee. --MOLES Every other turn the Mole will pop out of one of his holes and Whack a PC. --SHRIEKING MUSHROOMS These will alert the Commandos and Foragers. Foragers will hide. --MUSHROOMS Tree Roots extend into these Caverns. They are covered with Mushrooms. Water seeps in from the River. Centipedes are all over eating the Mushrooms. Foragers with Knives are collecting both Mushrooms and Smaller Centipedes. --GIANT CENTIPEDE NEST Main Food Source for the local Monsters. They smell terrible. --ROLLING BOULDER Activated by a Snare. PC caught in Snare will need to make an extra save to Cut free before fleeing the oncoming Boulder. --KOBOLD COMMANDOS Fifteen Ambushers. They will throw nets then attack with Short Swords. They wear Centipede Scale Armor: Armor +1. If 10+ are killed the rest will Flee across the Rope bridge. --GIANT SPIDER Tarantula Type. Ambush and Moderate Strength Poison Bite. The Kobolds fear it but keep it around as a defender. --PURPLE WORM Swallows Foes Whole. Inflict 3 Wounds from the inside to Cut yourself out. Take 1 Wound each turn while inside. --PIERCERS The Kobolds avoid this Cavern. Occupied by Four Dormant Piercer Monsters. Save vs Alertnss and Dodge to avoid. --ROPE BRIDGE One Hundred Foot Span. When PCs are halfway across Kobolds will run out And Cut the Ropes. Save vs Strength to hold on. A Dozen on the opposite Ledge will the attack with Slings with Metal bullets. --TORTURE ROOM An Elf Wizard is bound to the Wall with multiple minor Wounds. Whipped, Burned, Stabbed, Scratched. All captives will join the Party if set free. --UNDERGROUND RIVER Eventually leads to the Undercity. A Neutral meeting place for many different Types of Humanoid Races with a bustling Slave Trade. --TRAINING ROOM Large Room. A Horde of 100+ Kobolds armed with Spears and Wicker Shields. They are Marching in Circles and practicing their War Cries. Some of the Older sergeants have Whips to keep the younger ones steady. --TROPHY ROOM Mounted to the Wall are the remains of Sprites, Pixies, Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Men, and Cave Bears. --PRISONER PIT A Halfling Bard and Thief. Two Human Merchants. Languishing here for Over a Week. Waiting to be sent up the River. --SLAVER ROOM A long dock set against a wall that is flush with the River. Several Rafts are tied to it. At the far end a Dozen Kobolds are pulling up Nets filled with Fish and loading them onto Wheelbarrows. Closer is a Raft with Six Goblins joined by a Dozen Kobolds. They are trading 20 Gold for a pair of Bound Human Children. When attacked they will try to get away in the rafts. --CRAFT ROOM Twenty Kobolds are busy Making various Weapons and Pots. They will fight and throw The Pots but will eventually retreat to the Main Hall. --WINGED KOBOLDS A Dozen occupy ledges high up in this tall Chamber. The will gleefully drop rocks On PCs as they flit back and Forth. The Ceiling has a hole to the forest floor and Sunlight shines down to the floor. --KITCHEN A Smoky room filled with Crude Kitchenware. A Dozen Cooks will defend themselves With Cleavers, Frying pans, and hot liquids. Pots of Fish, Mushrooms, Centipedes, Beer. A Bound, Naked, Shaven Dwarf Fighter is waiting to get Roasted. --COLLAPSING CEILING TRAP The Trip Wire is actually set high above a Kobolds head. Everyone Save vs Reflexes or roll +5 on the Damage table. Shields help. --MAIN HALL A noisy feast with 40+ Drunk Kobolds. This will turn into a large food fight. They will retreat to the Oil Pool Trap. --OIL POOL TRAP A Guard will cause barrels of Oil to empty at the PCs Feet. Followed by thrown torches. --SLEEPING CHAMBER Several Large Chambers. About 300 Kobolds mostly females and young. The Females Have Daggers. The young will throw Rocks and try to trip the PCs. The young will also Throw pet Scorpions, Tortured Rats, and Caltrops. --RED DRAGON A Young Male Red named Skryx. Will breathe Fire down the tunnels as PCs approach. The Kobolds Worship him. They bring him Gold and Prisoners. He has a Mound of 2000 GP. His lair opens Directly out of the top of a hillside. --SHRINE ROOM There is a Shrine to Tiamat and one to Kurtulmak. Both idols are surrounded by Demi-human Skulls and lit Candles. The Shaman Kobold stands his ground and will Utter the Terrible Curse of the Kobold: The Spell will cause players to turn into Kobolds permanently, or until the curse is broken. --THRONE ROOM As the PCs enter 20 Female Belly-dancers will retreat. King Krank will then have his Minions attack: 2 Large Trained Boars and 20 Eunuch guards with Spears and Dragon-scale Shields. The King has a Girdle of Giant Strength for Damage +5. He has Toughness +4 and Bracers of Defense for Armor +2. He wields a Morningstar in each hand. They will all fight to the death. --EGG ROOM Those fleeing from other parts will grab a Kobold egg as they disappear into the narrow Escape tunnels, too tight for the PCs to follow. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= IMPORTANT LINKS Spells and Swords Classes CLASSES Spells and Swords Bestiary BESTIARY Spells and Swords Stuff STUFF OTHER RULE RELATED LINKS Combat Rules COMBAT RULES Skills, Spells, and Saves SKILLS, SPELLS, AND SAVES Dungeon Building DUNGEON BUILDING

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