OTHERWORLDLY WARLOCKS MODULE: OWL007 For use with any RPG Rule System --VILLAGE Players arrive at a Village as it is being set upon by a group of 20 Bandits. The players fight them off and are hailed as heroes. This group, called the Band of Blood has been raiding the countryside mercilessly for almost a Year now. They have a Fortress atop nearby Blood Mountain and have a Strong Leader named Savage Dan and the Terrible Six, his fearsome Henchmen. More raids on nearby Villages follow. There are many deaths and a dozen Young women are carried off. The PC’s are recruited to lead an army of 150 Militia to Assault the Bandits Keep. The Militia have Grappling Hooks, Climbing Poles, 10 Bombs, and a variety of Spears, Swords, and Bows. --BLOOD MOUNTAIN 2 Days Journey across the Badlands. Bandit Scouts see them coming. As the PC’s and Army are scaling the Mountain. The Bandits Release a Rockslide that kills off 1D20 Militia. PC’s must dodge Rocks. --AMBUSH Seconds later 10 Medium Level Bandits attack killing off another 1D20. Before being killed themselves the fire off a warning Flare. --FORTRESS GATES The Bandits have 2 Catapults, 4 Ballistae, and 100 Rockets. These kill off Another 1D20. As they get closer the Bandits fire Arrows and throw Spears. Another 1D20 Militia Fall. The Walls are Short and the Gate is Weak. They Are quickly scaled and breached at the cost of another 1D20 men. --COURTYARD The Bandits are armed with every strange type of Weapon and Armor you Have ever seen. They are a mix of Low Level Men, Half-orcs, and other Humanoids. An ambitious GM may want miniatures for this grand Battle. The Bandits are eventually Killed or Routed. The Militia are exhausted. Within the Courtyard there is a Cookhouse, Latrines, Stables, and a Sleeping Area not much better than the Stables. There is also a Makeshift Brothel with The Kidnapped Girls. Each Bandit has 1D10 Gold worth of Coins. Bags of Rice, Barrels of Beer, and bundles of Arrows are Stacked against the walls of the Inner Keep. The Doors to the Inner Keep are easily Breached. --LONG HALLWAY There are 6 Living statues here made of Jade. They Wield Glaives. They have Armor +5. The Militia at this point are totally outclassed and retreat. There are 7 Doors. The Middle one is made of Iron. --IRON DOOR Magically Sealed. Impervious to Magic, Lockpicking, and Bombs. The Lock has Six Keyholes. Each of the Six Henchmen carry one of the Six Keys. --MINION 1: KNIFE FIGHTER MARCOS Dual Wielding. Can throw 4 Knives per turn. Has 50 Knives on his person and Another 100 scattered around the room. Has Dodge +5 and Attack +3. --MINION 2: SHADOW ASSASSIN HESH A Dozen lit Candles. He can step into and out of Shadows. Backstab Attack. --MINION 3: ARMORED OGRE MORG Shield +2, Armor +6, and a Spiked Club. --MINION 4: FIGHTER MAGE ZIGUS Dual Wields Scythe Swords. Spells: Shrink, Haste, Teleport, Mirror Image. 5 Power. While others are fighting his images he will Shrink himself then Teleport into a Players Skull Cavity where he will slice up their Brain after gleefully announcing his presence. If someone screams into the Players ear the Mage will be killed. --MINION 5: DRAGON MAN WARRIOR KRANG Well Balanced High Level Fighter. Wings, Fire-breath, Tail slap, Claws, and Bite. --MINION 6: SWORD MASTER BAO Has a Long Sword +2. Sweep Attacks. --INNER SANCTUM OF SAVAGE DAN The Leader of the Bandits. He is a Muscle Wizard. Shirtless, Bald, Moustache. Spells: Strength, Enlarge, Smite, Armor, Magic Resistance +2. He will be Buffed and ready for action. He will Taunt by flexing his Oversize Muscles. He has Brawl +5 Strength +3 and Toughness +4. Three of the Kidnapped Village Girls take refuge in the far corner of the room. There is a Bed and Lots of Bottles of Wine. In a chest is a footlocker with a Bag of Holding. Inside it is a Tent and a bunch of camping gear. --TREASURE ROOM Valued about 9,000 Gold. Mostly Copper and Silver Coinage. Some Jewelry, Fine Weapons, Things like gold plated candlesticks, goblets, plates, etc. Lots More wine. The Villagers are going to want most of this returned. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= IMPORTANT LINKS Spells and Swords Classes CLASSES Spells and Swords Bestiary BESTIARY Spells and Swords Stuff STUFF OTHER RULE RELATED LINKS Combat Rules COMBAT RULES Skills, Spells, and Saves SKILLS, SPELLS, AND SAVES Dungeon Building DUNGEON BUILDING

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