OTHERWORLDLY WARLOCKS MODULE: OWL009 For use with any RPG Rule System --INTRODUCTION The Wizard Ziamax is missing. His Friend the King has sent you to his Tower to check up on him. He has sent you with a Key to the Front Door, the Kings Seal, and 3 Spell Scrolls that might be Useful: Detect Magic, Freeze, and Dispel Magic. --WOODS From a distance the PCs see a large Ivory Tower rising from the Forest Floor with other smaller Towers sprouting out of it's Sides. At about a mile away, PCs cant seem to get any closer. Six Dryads are Misleading the PCs. A Ranger can find the way with a Tracking Skill Check. A Druid will detect the Dryads who will let them pass with a Persuasion Check. A Locate, Detect Magic, True Vision, or Pathfinding Spell will allow access. Those trying to get in by Teleporting or Flying to a Window or Balcony will find their way blocked by shimmering Force Fields. --KEY ROOM Accessed using the Front door Key. Any type of other forced entrance will result in the Perpetrator being teleported miles away into Ogre Territory. This room has all the tools and Trappings of a Keyshop plus a Thousand Keys Hanging on hooks on the Walls. All the Keys are Copper except for 1 Bronze, 1 Brass, and 1 Silver Key. There are 3 Doors with Matching Bronze, Bronze, and Silver Locks. A Perception Check will notice a different Type of Key. Detect Magic, Lore, True Sight, and other Spells will reveal them. If a Copper Key is tried in a Lock, All the Copper Keys will Form together into a Copper Golem and Attack. Dam+2, Armor+3, 5 Wounds. --ENDLESS STAIRCASE False Entrance. Endless going up or down. Players will acquire 1D4 Hinderances for getting stuck on it. Fear, Anger, Fatigue, etc. If they walk for days they will start finding skeletons. To escape requires a Dispel Magic Spell, Teleport, Detect Illusion, or similar Magic or Anti-Magic. A Dwarf will immediately realize that something is wrong, otherwise it will take at least 10+ Minutes. Lit by Flickering Candles. --ENTRANCE ROOM Second Level of the Tower. Filled with Moving Tapestries (Valuable) and 3 Open Doorways. If the Tapestries are Touched, the Rug underneath their Feet will Animate and Attack. Grapple+6, 3 Wounds. --STONE DIAS Round Room. The Walls are lined with Statues. Some sort of Lizard like creature is asleep On the Dias. It will Wake if Players enter or Attack. It is a Basilisk. Armor+1, 3 Wounds. Its Gaze causes Petrification. The Statues can be converted back into low level Thieves. --TELEPORT CHAMBER Magic Center in Circle of Room. A Control Panel in the Corner. Only Ziamax knows how to Change the Settings. If anyone stands on the Circle they will be Transported to the Game Room as a Game Piece. --GAME ROOM A Chessboard with 2D6 Black and White Pieces: Either Statues or PCs frozen in place from The Teleporter. 2 Rows of Seating surround and look down onto the Chessboard. A seated Stone Golem in the Seating Area will ask those entering the Seating Area to Play. Whites Move. Spectators can choose 2 opposing Pieces at a time to animate and Fight. The Statues will transform into low level Rogues. Spectators cannot attack or rescue PC combatants. They can However cast Defensive spells on them. When one side is killed off, the remaining pieces And dead bodies will be transported back to the Teleport Circle. --STATUE ROOM A Statue of an Athletic Goddess occupies the Center of the Room. The Doors will Magically Seal as the Party enters. She will ask a Riddle. If they answer correctly all the Doors open. If They cannot the Room will Fill with Water in 1 Minute and stay filled for 5 Minutes. It will Then Drain in 5 Minutes. A Successful Wit Check, Lore, or Fortune Telling Spell will give Extra Clues to solve the riddle. All doors open after the Water Recedes. Players can survive Drowning by a Swim Check, Water Breathing, Knock, or creative use of Force Fields, Air Spells, Water Spells, Disintegration, Teleport, or Freezing the Water in the Pipes. --DINING TROPHY ROOM A Dining Table. The Walls are adorned with Monster Heads (Valuable). There is Food and Drink at the Table. The Wine is a Healing Potion. If players pick up any of the Silverware the Pudding, which is actually a White Pudding, will Attack. The Main Dish is Stuffed Turkey. --GREEN HOUSE Filled with rare, exotic, and valuable plant Species. A Giant Venus Fly Trap will Attack unless It is given 5 Rations. Vines that Grapple +3, Swallow Whole, followed by Acid Attack. It will Be Sated with either the rations or 1 Intruder. Glass Ceiling. --KITCHEN A Bugbear in a Chefs costume is making Baked Cookies and other Pastries. Nice Cabinetry. Well Stocked Pantry. Bugbear will defend himself with a Rolling Pin and Pans. Hearth --WORKSHOP Some 20 tiny Mechanical Gnomes are busy assembling things of unknown Function. If the players wait 1 Hour, they will finish building a Box of Gears that Will turn into a Mechanical Spider and Attack the PCs with a poison Dart gun that shoots 3 Darts per turn. Armor +3. Many Valuable Tools and Components here including the Gnomes. --FORGE A Brass Man is busy Forging a Sword. If he sees the PCs he will attack with a Flaming Hammer. Dam +3, Armor +3, Fire Aura. The Sword is +3 and there is a Shield +2 amongst a Dozen more Weapons, Shields, and Helmets hung upon the walls. --ANOMALY Sign on the Door says Do Not Open. Anomaly Inside. Danger Level High. As soon as they open the Door they will be sucked into a Black Hole occupying the Center of the Room. Strength Saves to Hang on and to Close the Door. Dropped Items Will get sucked in as well as items from the Workshop. Each turn the Door is open all PCs will get struck with flying debris. --APPARATUS Giant Metal Sphere hovering in center of Room, cackling with Energy. Opposite Corner of Room is a Control Panel protected by thick Glass. Inside is a Goblin in a Lab Coat. He is Surprised to see PCs and will cause the Sphere to fire Lightning Bolts at them. It takes 3+ Turns to get access to the Control Panel. Sparky the Goblin. 1 Wound. --LIBRARY A Large, Fine Library. It would take a week to do a complete survey of all the books. At Least a Dozen Tomes each have 1 Spell inscribed inside. Plus 2 Dozen more Valuable Books. One is an Animatome. It will Attack if Touched. Flying, 1 Wound. Fireplace. --GUARDIAN A Gibbering Mouther. This 20 foot Tall green Mass of Mouths and Eyes can cause Madness and Confusion. Bites all who get to close. Lit by Glowing Orbs. --TREASURE ROOM A Dozen Magic Items on Shelves and Pedestals. Sealed in Forcefields. A Dispel Magic spell Will give access to 1 Item. Mostly Lesser and Minor Artificer Relics, Fetishes. --PRIVATE CHAMBERS A Bed, Bath, Desk, More Books. Walk in Closet with 20 of the same exact Robes. Chalkboard with Calculations. Fireplace. Magic Spectacles. Wits+2 and Perception+2 An Unseen Servant is folding Socks. --COMPONENTS STORE ROOM Spell Components. In Tall cases filled with Small Drawers. Very Valuable. Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable: Bones, Blood, Crystals, Gems, Figurines, Herbs, Seeds, Flasks, Vials, etc. --SUMMONING CHAMBER Ziamax is Floating in the Center of the Chamber. His eyes are Glowing Red. He Raises his Staff and Casts a Spell. Knows Forcefield, Light, Magic Missile, Permanence, Alchemy, Artifice, Polymorph, Teleport, Resurrect, Petrify, Lightning Bolt, Animate Object. He is a Tenth Level Wizard. Currently Possessed by a Devil named Vortok. If Ziamax is killed or Exorcised Vortok will be transported back to his home plane. If Killed Ziamax will Immediately be resurrected by a Ring he is wearing. He will thank the PCs and reward Them but he will also take back everything they stole. He is friendly and will be a Mentor To them, helping them learn spells and giving advice and Quests. He will also resurrect Any of his servants, guardians, or pets the PCs may have slain. --OBSERVATORY The Roof. Has a balcony with a large Telescope and a Metal Model of the Solar System. --AVIARY A Dozen large and Exotic Birds Live here. Many Large open windows. They are free to Come and go as they please. Includes: Messenger Owl, Phoenix, Giant Pelican, Zephyr Falcon, Song Birds, Eagle, Multi-colored Toucan. Bird Seed and Poop everywhere. If attacked they will all Fly Away. --HIGH CEILING Underground. On a high vaulted ledge sits a Wyvern, head cocked looking at the party. The place smells like Death. There is a Wooden Box next to the Doorway. It is filled with Dead Rats. If the players throw the Wyvern a Rat, he will eat it and not attack. Otherwise he has 4 Wounds, Wings, Poison Stinger in Tail. Narrow Windows high up. --POLYMORPH ARCH Anyone walking through will get their race changed to that of a random Humanoid. After 10 Transformations the Arch will power down. Unlit Torches available. --STORAGE Various Tools and Supplies. Crates, Sacks, and Caskets: Wine, Flour, Salt, Oil, Firewood, Mummies, Skulls, Rolled up Rugs, Broken Machines, Bolts, Scrap Metal, Paintings, etc. --PEDESTAL Contains a Bowl of 8 pieces of Magical Fruit. If eaten: Random Curses: Blindness, Deafness, Itching, Grow Horns, Sex Change, Obesity, Madness, Poison, etc. Overhead Light Spell. --WELL ROOM Pipes lead to the Aquarium and Towers. Some Light filters in from nearby Rooms. --AQUARIUM Eight Pools filled with: Piranhas, Electric Eels, Sharks, Sting Rays, Lion Fish, Giant Clam, Giant Starfish, Alligators. If players enter to look around, the Alligators will rise up and Start knocking them into the pools. Narrow Walkways. Pools lit magically from within. --CAVERN Natural with Stalagmites and stalactites. Lit by Fluorescent Cave Slimes. --CAGES AND PIT Bottomless Pit. Shadowy, Lit by large Brazier. 2 Cages hang over pit suspended by Chains. Each has 1 Captive. One is a Treacherous Thief, the other a Merchant of False Goods. --MUSHROOMS A Cave filled with lots of Mushrooms Tended to by a Family of 5 Mushroom People. They work for Ziamax. Non-hostile but will defend themselves with Disease and Poison Spore Attacks and gardening Tools. --EXPERIMENTATION ROOM Lots of Dials and Switches. Empty Slab in center of Room. Flesh Golem will Attack first By throwing Chairs. 6 Wounds, Dam+3. Can be charmed, pacified, befriended. Wits-2. --MENAGERIE A Dozen Chimerical Beasts of fantastic description in Cages. Levers on the Wall will Open or Lift the Cages. If any get loose they will randomly flee or attack. Each is a Combination of 2 Animals and has an extra 2 Mutations. The Room Is cacophony of sights and Sounds: Braying, Snorting, Roaring, Screeching, Howling, etc. Also cages of 2 Dozen Regular Animals waiting their Turn. --LABORATORY Workbenches filled with Alchemical Glassware and tubing. Shelves of Jars and Flasks Containing Mysterious liquids. One Table with 3 Finished Potions. --VATS 5 Large Bubbling Vats. If players poke around, one will tip and pour out, Covering one Party Member. That PC will transform into an Abomination with 5 Chaos Mutations and 5 Wounds and will attack the rest of the party. They will find an unfinished Homunculus in one Vat and a Simulacrum of Ziamax himself in another. --CAVE This has one opening to the surface and another blocked by Rubble that leads Into the Underdark. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= IMPORTANT LINKS Spells and Swords Classes CLASSES Spells and Swords Bestiary BESTIARY Spells and Swords Stuff STUFF OTHER RULE RELATED LINKS Combat Rules COMBAT RULES Skills, Spells, and Saves SKILLS, SPELLS, AND SAVES Dungeon Building DUNGEON BUILDING

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