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Veterans of
Guysborough County

Researched by

Diana Lynn Tibert and Kelly Kaiser

A very special thank you to
Malcolm Silver of Dartmouth, NS
H. Joseph MacDonald of Antigonish, NS.
Christopher A. Cook, author of Along the Streets of Guysborough


April 9th is Vimy Ridge Day - mark it on your calendar and remember.

Due to unexpected circumstances, this project has been temporarily put on hold. Diane (July 2011)

Veteran Photos Needed for Stewiacke Valley Project (Posted March 22, 2008)
The Stewiacke Valley Historical Society is preparing a book on the Veterans of the Stewiacke Valley. Of the 270 names on their list, they are still searching for pictures of about 40 of these men/women.

To view the list of the names, visit:

If anyone can help find pictures of these men they will be very appreciative.
Contact: Judy Miller, email:

What is the book about?

Book One of the Veterans of Guysborough County will capture and preserve the identities of the Second World War veterans. Everyone who served in Canada, overseas, with the Merchant Navy and with Allied Forces will be named. Accompanying each name will be a 300-word biography and photo.

Sample Biography: Jamieson Brothers of Canso

The book will include letters to home and poems and essays written by the veterans.

To learn more about who is eligible for the book, read, Who is a Guysborough County Veteran?

Research History

 Research began on this huge project in May 2001. At that time, both writers believed that one book was all that was necessary to record the history of the Guysborough County veterans. However, by November 2002, with more than 1900 veterans listed for both wars, it was decided to divide the information into two books. The Second World War Veterans book, will be written first.

At the moment, there is no set deadline.

For more information, read Why Has the Deadline Changed?

HOW CAN YOU HELP? If you are a veteran, related to a veteran, know of a veteran, please, contact us. Only with the help of interested individuals will we have the most complete and accurate information for a project of this nature.

Information Form

The Information Form is the form we are sending to veterans and their families to gather information for the book.

It is a form requesting general information, including birth date, birth place, parents' names, enlistment date and similar details. The form can be completed and sent by email or Canada Post to either Diana or Kelly.
We are also interested in letters home, poems and essays written by veterans or their family concerning the war.



Anyone wishing to contribute information on themselves or on the behalf of others, contact Diane: (Please, type, 'Guysborough Veterans' on the subject line when using email.)

Diane Lynn Tibert

Our Veterans

As of September 26, 2007

Book One - Second World War Veterans

As of September 26, 2007

Number of Identified Veterans:  1648

For the list of 373 veterans whose information is COMPLETE, click here.
For the list of 1275 veterans whose information is INCOMPLETE, click the letter which starts the surname.

Book Two - First World War Veterans

As of September 26, 2007

Number of Identified Veterans:  932

For the list of 153 veterans whose information is COMPLETE, click here.

For the list of 779 veterans whose information is INCOMPLETE, click the letter which starts the surname.

More Guysborough County Veterans

As of March 28, 2006

Total: 12 Guysborough County Reservists

There may have been hundreds of men and women who did not actively participate in the Second World War, but were held in reserve just in case the worst had happened in Europe. Many First World War veterans were among them. We would like to recognize them on this site. If you have a name to add to this list, let us know.

Korean War Veterans

As of October 22, 2007

Total: 26 Guysborough County Korean War Veterans

It is unknown how many Guysborough County veterans served in the Korean War. To help us find out, we are posting a list of the veterans we discover. If you have a name to add to the list, let us know. This page also includes obituaries when available.

Requesting Military Records from Ottawa and Charlottetown

    Visit this page to learn more about requesting military records for those who served in the army,
navy, air force and merchant navy for all wars.

Veterans Remembered at Home

Many community churches, legions and centres have remembered local veterans who served by posting a list of their names. As I travel around Guysborough County this summer, I will attempt to record and photograph these many lists. When time permits, I will post them here in "Veterans Remembered at Home". Some of the photos are large, so you will be able to read the names. As a result, the pages take time to download.

St. James Presbyterian Church, Sherbrooke Village, Sherbrooke

The Sherbrooke Cenotaph is under construction.

To learn more and see the progress, click here.

First Field Company, Royal Canadian Engineers 1939 (Halifax, NS?)

Special Thanks to . . .

Thank you to everyone who sent information, filled out forms and provided contacts. Special thanks to Patricia Lumsden and her late father WWII veteran Percy Lumsden, Crystal Pye, Leland Harvie, Winn Campbell, Perle Connolly, Neil MacIsaac, Muriel Davidson (wife of WWII veteran William Davidson), Jean Langille, Peggy Feltmate, Ilene Farrell, Joan Durand, Ina Pyle, Norma Cooke (daughter of WWI veteran Austin Henderson), Carolyn Wallace, WWII veteran Hubert Avery, Dorothy Pelly at Branch #81, Guysborough Royal Canadian Legion, Joan Ryan, Anita Kavanaugh, Dorothy Lutz, Beverley Webber (daughter of WWII veteran Victor Luddington), Jacinta Harvey (daughter of WWII veteran James Meagher) and Roy Einarson.

Kelly Kaiser's Uncommon Heroes website

Books of Interest to Guysborough County

Sawdust and Sea Breezes

A History of Liscomb Mills, Guysborough County
by Ruth M. (Rumley) Legge

. . . shreds & nooks of land

Ruth's second book was released June 2011

Read more about both books here.

Memories from the Past

A Collection of Stories of Port Hilford and Surrounding Areas
by Asa Hurst and Jeanette Furlong

Updated: March 13, 2008: Copies available from the author.

* * * ONLY 30 Books Remain * * * as of March 14, 2008


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Last Updated: July 12, 2011

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