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Veterans of Guysborough County

Second World War

Veteran Surnames S to Z

The following list contains the names of those who served in the Second World War. It is only a working list and there are bound to be mistakes and misinformation. For example, W. A. Taylor, maybe William Taylor, but until I know that William's middle name began with an 'A', I will keep both names listed.  There are instances where two men with the same name are listed. To help identify each, I added a note or two.  If you know anyone who is missing from the list, please, forward his/her name to  If you can add information for someone, even if it is just a name for an initial, let me know. Thank you. Diana

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: September 26, 2007

Visit this link for a List of Second World War Veterans Completed


We are still looking for information on the veterans listed below.

1076.    Sager, Alan of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1077.    Salsman, Albert William of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
1078.    Salsman, Bruce Ottis of Stormont: SNI, PSN
1079.    Salsman, Carl Hudson of Country Harbour
1080.    Salsman, Charles Isaac of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
1081.    Salsman, Ernest of Country Harbour
1082.    Salsman, Henry of Country Harbour
1083.    Salsman, Wilfred Ernest of Stormont (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
1084.    Salter, Allister MacLeod of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1085.    Sampson, John Stephen of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1086.    Sangster, Andrew ‘Fulton’ of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1087.    Sangster, Archie Arnold of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1088.    Sangster, Harry Lawson of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1089.    Sangster, James William of New Harbour: SNI
1090.    Sangster, Murray Alvin Grant of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1091.    Sangster, Percy Freeman of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1092.    Sangster, Perley F. of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1093.    Scott, Chester William of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1094.    Scott, Evan of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1095.    Scott, H. A. of Indian Harbour: SNI, PSN
1096.    Scott, John Henry ‘Jack’ of Indian Harbour Lake (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1097.    Scott, Robert Morris (Kelly)
1098.    Scott, Samuel ‘Sam’ of Melford: SNI, PSN
1099.    Scranton, William B. of Port Shoreham: SNI, PSN
1100.    Sears, Lawrence ‘Carroll’ of Sherbrooke (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1101.    Sears, William of Sherbrooke (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1102.    Shano (Shanno?), Fredrick ‘Fred’ of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
1103.    Shea, Henry George Charles of England and Guysborough (DOW-twin of Bill) SNI, PSN
1104.    Shea, M. of Guysborough
1105.    Shea, William John ‘Bill’ of England and Guysborough (twin of Henry) SNI, PSN
1106.    Shipley,
1107.    Shrider, Joseph Wesley of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1108.    Silver, Earl Maxwell of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1109.    Silver, James Elliott ‘Harry’ of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
1110.    Silver, Simon (Both Wars)
1111.    Simpson, Albert George of Boylston: SNI, PSN
1112.    Simpson, Douglas: SNI, PSN
1113.    Simpson, Douglas Robie of Manchester: SNI, PSN
1114.    Simpson, Lloyd Keay of Boylston: SNI, PSN
1115.    Simpson, Orin of Guysborough
1116.    Simpson, Roy of Manchester: SNI, PSN
1117.    Sinclair, Herbert James of Eight Island Lake: SNI, PSN
1118.    Sinclair, Robert Ernest of Goshen: SNI, PSN
1119.    Sinclair, William Gordon of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1120.    Skinner, Frederick of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1121.    Skinner, Harry Godfrey of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1122.    Skinner, Norman Clayton of Guysborough (KIA): SNI, PSN
1123.    Skinner, Wilfred L. of Tracadie: SNI, PSN
1124.    Smith, Alvin William of Isaacs Harbour: SNI, PSN
1125.    Smith, Bruce of Halifax and Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
1126.    Smith, Bryce Walter of Sherbrooke (Kelly)
1127.    Smith, Clifford W.: SNI, PSN
1128.    Smith, E. R.: Upper Smithfield, returned Apr 46
1129.    Smith, Edison Reynolds of Guysborough (KIA)
1130.    Smith, Edwin Ashmore
1131.    Smith, Ernest Clyde of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1132.    Smith, H. Fisher ‘Buz’ of Smithfield: SNI, PSN
1133.    Smith, Harry of Guysborough (KIA)
1134.    Smith, Henry Edward of Canso (KIA): SNI, PSN
1135.    Smith, Howard
1136.    Smith, James
1137.    Smith, John T. of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
1138.    Smith, Kenneth of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1139.    Smith, L. R. of Caledonia: HOAN
1140.    Smith, Murray of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
1141.    Smith, Robert Earl Smith of Antigonish and Smithfield (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1142.    Smith, Stanley of Country Harbour
1143.    Smith, Walter
1144.    Smith, William Arthur: SNI, PSN
1145.    Snow, Clyde Frederick Johnson of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1146.    Snow, Curtis Linwood of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1147.    Snow, Donald Gordon of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1148.    Snow, Effie Georgine: HOAN
1149.    Snow, Eric H. of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1150.    Snow, James Robert of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1151.    Snow, Joseph Ernest: HOAN
1152.    Snow, Sterling Gerald: SNI, PSN
1153.    Snyder, Basil Aubrey of Halfway Cove: SNI
1154.    Snyder, James Russel ‘Joseph’ of Guysborough : SNI, PSN
1155.    Spears, Clyde: SNI, PSN
1156.        Spears, Kenneth Vernon of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1157.    Spears, Vernon: SNI
1158.    Spears, William Ivan of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1159.    Sponagle, Calvin of New Harbour (Kelly)
1160.    Sponagle, H. H.
1161.    Sponagle, Harold of Country Harbour: Is this H. H.?
1162.    Sponagle, Harold Medford of Goldenville: SNI, PSN
1163.    Sponagle, Lester Kirwan of Goldenville: SNI, PSN
1164.    Sponagle, Raymond of Goldboro:  Veteran of WWI or II?
1165.    Spray, Charles of Mulgrave (probably Spry)
1166.    Spry, George Watson of Arichat and  Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1167.    Squires, Henry of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1168.    Stanley, Roy ‘Alfred’ of Country Harbour
1169.    Steeves, James of Goldboro?: HOAN
1170.    Stephenson, Eric Paul Angel of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
1171.    Stevens, E W
1172.    Stewert, Roy
1173.    Strachan, Phillip David of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1174.    Strople, Russell Alexander of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1175.    Sugg, William of Seal Harbour: HOAN
1176.    Sullivan, Charles B. of Canso: SNI, PSN
1177.    Sullivan, Henry of Salmon River Lake: SNI
1178.    Sullivan, John Lawrence of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1179.    Sullivan, Leo Samuel of Canso: SNI, PSN
1180.    Sullivan, Lloyd
1181.    Sullivan, Thomas David of Canso: SNI, PSN
1182.    Surette, Henry Andrew of Port Bickerton (KIA - Kelly): SNI, PSN
1183.    Sutherland, Gordon Arthur ‘Tracy’ of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
1184.    Sutherland, Russell David of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1185.    Sutherland, William Slater of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1186.    Swaine, Clarence Leslie of Canso: SNI, PSN
1187.    Swaine, Douglas Walter of Canso: SNI, PSN
1188.    Swaine, Ernest Judson of Hazel Hill
1189.    Swaine, George S. of Hazel Hill
1190.    Swain, George William of Steep Creek: SNI, PSN
1191.    Swain, Roy Grant of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1192.    Swain, Sidney of Steep Creek: SNI, PSN
1193.    Swan, Arnold M. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1194.    Taker, Frank Percy of Goldboro: SNI
1195.    Tate, Robert Stuart of South Lochaber: SNI, PSN
1196.    Taylor, Harold Arthur of Cook’s Cove: SNI, PSN
1197.    Tibert, Everett Floyd of Liscomb Mills: SNI, PSN
1198.    Tibbo, Earl of Newfoundland and Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1199.    Tibbo, John T. of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
1200.    Torrey, Eugene: SNI, PSN
1201.    Tramble, James J. of USA and Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1202.    Turner, Al (Kelly)
1203.    Turner, Allison Loraine of Harrigan Cove and Port Bickerton: SNI, PSN
1204.    Turner, Brice Burke of Drum Head: SNI, SPN
1205.    Turner, Elsie (Mrs. Hyson): SNI, PSN
1206.    Turner, Evatt: SNI, PSN
1207.    Turner, Harlon James of Mary Joseph: SNI, PSN
1208.    Turner, Richard
1209.    Turner, Ruby (Is this the wife of Harlon?)
1210.    Turner, Wendell Henry of Marie Joseph: SNI, PSN
1211.    Turvey, Colin J. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN (Is he a WWII veteran?)
1212.    Uloth, Irma Joyce (Mrs. Hatch) of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
1213.    Uloth, Reginald
1214.    Veinotte, Andrew Thomas of Ecum Secum
1215.    Veinotte, Charles Stewart of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1216.    Vinnean, Merville C. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1217.    Wadds, George M.: SNI, PSN
1218.    Walker, Herman William of Queensport: SNI, PSN
1219.    Walsh, Laurie of Country Harbour
1220.    Walsh, Laurie Richard ‘Pat’ of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
1221.    Walsh, Nello Orling of Stormont: SNI, PSN
1222.    Walsh, Robert Ellsworth of Stormont: SNI, PSN
1223.    Ward, Cyril Newton of Guysborough: SNI, PSN, Did he serve in both wars?
1224.    Warner, William ‘Edward’ (Kelly) of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
1225.    Waugh, Richard Joseph Alphonse of Canso: SNI, PSN
1226.    Webb, Roland of Isaac’s Harbour: Veteran of WWI or II?
1227.    Weir, Angus Laughlin ‘Lauchie’ of Antigonish and Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1228.    Weir, Bertie Sutherland of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1229.    Weir, Daniel William of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1230.    Weir, John Nelson of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1231.    Weir, Roderick Hoise of Antigonish and Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1232.    Welland, Edward Amos of Saskatchewan and Mulgrave: SNI, SPN
1233.    Wells, William Thomas ‘Bill’ of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
1234.    Westhaver, Robert Irvine (KIA): SNI, PSN
1235.    Whidden, Basil Graham of Stillwater
1236.    Whidden, Cecil of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1237.    Whidden, Frederick H. of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
1238.    Whidden, Scott McLane of Stillwater (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1239.    White, Edgar of Country Harbour
1240.    Wilkins
1241.    Williams, Charles Robert: SNI, PSN
1242.    Williams, Earl of Mulgrave (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1243.    Williams, James Thomas of Canso: SNI, PSN
1244.    Williams, John Scott of Goldenville (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
1245.    Williams, Robert Bruce
1246.    Williams, William Frederick of Peas Brook: SNI, PSN
1247.    Willis, Robert
1248.    Wilson, A. N. of Sherbrooke: HOAN
1249.    Wilson, E. of Sherbrooke: HOAN
1250.    Wilson, Kenneth Jr. of Wilson’s Cove: SNI, PSN
1251.    Wilson, Martin of Wilson’s Cove: SNI, PSN
1252.    Wilson, Ralph Douglas of Liscomb: SNI, SPN
1253.    Wilson, Raymond Willet of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
1254.    Wilson, Robert Jr. (Both Wars): HOAN
1255.    Woodington, James K. of Larry’s River
1256.    Worth, Allister Thomas of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1257.    Worth, Arthur Joseph of North Ogden: SNI, PSN
1258.        Worth, Bernard James ‘Bernie’ of Guysborough: SNI
1259.    Worth, Edward Charles of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1260.    Worth, Everett of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
1261.        Worth, Gerald E. of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1262.    Worth, Herman Chester of Cross Roads Country Harbour: SNI
1263.    Worth, Irving William of Country Harbour (KIA): SNI, PSN
1264.    Worth, Joseph of North Ogden: SNI, PSN
1265.    Worth, Joseph Thompkins of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1266.    Worth, Stanley Joseph of North Ogden: SNI, PSN
1267.    Worth, William of Boylston: SNI, PSN
1268.    Worth, William Ernest of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
1269.    Young, George of Queensland: SNI, PSN
1270.    Young, Ralph
1271.    Zinck, Clare Augustus of Marie Joseph: SNI, PSN
1272.    Zinck, George ‘Murray’ of Marie Joseph: SNI, PSN
1273.    Zinck, William Wallace ‘Bill’ of Marie Joseph: SNI, PSN
1274.    Zwicker, Donald Milton of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1275.    Zwicker, Vernon of Drum Head: SNI, PSN

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