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Veterans of Guysborough County

First World War

Veteran Surnames A to M

The following list contains the names of those who served in the Second World War. It is only a working list and there are bound to be mistakes and misinformation. For example, W. A. Taylor, maybe William Taylor, but until I know that William's middle name began with an 'A', I will keep both names listed. There are instances where two men with the same name are listed. To help identify each, I added a note or two. If you know anyone who is missing from the list, please, forward his/her name to
If you can add information for someone, even if it is just a name for an initial, let me know.   Thank you. Diana

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: September 26,  2007

Visit this link for a List of First World War Veterans Completed


We are still looking for information on the veterans listed below.

1.    Anderson, Percy
2.    Archibald, Alexander D. of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
3.    Archibald, Blair Fraser of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
4.    Archibald, Clarence
5.    Archibald, Donald
6.    Archibald, Edward
7.    Archibald, Henry Seymour of Sonora: SNI, PSN
8.    Archibald, Leonard Shirley of Sonora (KIA): SNI, PSN
9.    Armsworthy, Albert Seward of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
10.    Armsworthy, Arthur Borden of Canso: SNI, PSN
11.    Armsworthy, Clarence of Phillip’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
12.    Ash, Thomas of Big Tracadie (Diana): SNI, PSN
13.    Avery, Frederick P. of Larry’s River (Diana) SNI, PSN
14.    Avery, Hubert (Diana)
15.    Avery, John H. (Diana)
16.    Avery, John Joseph of Larry’s River (Diana) SNI, PSN
17.    Avery, John P. (Diana)
18.    Backus, John Joseph of Goldenville (Diana): SNI, PSN
19.    Baker, Albert of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
20.    Baker, Arthur Blain of Liscomb, SNI, PSN
21.    Baker, Charles
22.    Baker, Guy
23.    Baker, James Richard of Hape’s Point (Diana) SNI, PSN
24.    Barss, Ellis Howard of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
25.    Barss, Leighton (KIA-Diana)
26.    Barss, Levi Joseph of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
27.    Beals, Philip (KIA-Diana)
28.    Bears, Alfred of Bridgeville and Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
29.    Bearse, Edward Edmund of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
30.    Beiswanger, Irvin Cecil of Fisherman’s Harbour: SNI, SPN
31.    Benight, George
32.    Benight, William of Wine Harbour: SNI, PSN
33.    Benoit, Fred
34.    Benoit, William
35.    Bezanson, Arthur Elroy of Barss Corner (Diana): SNI, PSN
36.    Bezanson, Lewis Seaboy of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
37.    Bezanson, Oscar Roy of New Chester (Diana): SNI, PSN
38.    Bezanson, Stephen of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
39.    Bezanson, William Jr. of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
40.    Bigelow, Ernest Whitman of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
41.    Bigelow, William Samuel of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
42.    Bingley, Hugh Evert (Diana): May have been in the reserve, not the active service
43.    Blakely, W. M.
44.    Boggs, Archibald ‘Archie’ of Goldenville: SNI, PSN
45.    Bond, Joseph Mark of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
46.    Borden, George of Goldenville (Diana): SNI, PSN
47.    Bond, Leo of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
48.    Bond, Percy (Was he a Guys. veteran?): SNI
49.    Borden, Norman of Guysborough
50.    Bouggan, J W -Bugler
51.    Boutilier, Roland
52.    Bowden, Norman of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
53.    Boyd, Cecil Otis of Canso: SNI, PSN
54.    Boyle, George
55.    Breen, William ‘Creighton’ of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
56.    Bright, James ‘Kendall’ (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
57.    Brown, Courtney Tremaine of Port Hood and Boylston: SNI, PSN
58.    Brown, Frederick Carl of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
59.    Brown, George Harris of Boylston (Both Wars-Diana)
60.    Brown, John (Diana)
61.    Brown, W. D. of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
62.    Bucchus, John
63.    Burns, David W. of Cape Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
64.    Burns, Edward of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI
65.    Burns, Joseph of Salmon River District (Diana): SNI
66.    Burns, P H (Diana)
67.    Cameron, Mr. C. R. of Sherbrooke (Diana)
68.    Cameron, Clair
69.    Cameron, Fred (Diana)
70.    Cameron, George Stewart of New Chester: SNI, PSN
71.    Cameron, James Alexander A. (KIA)
72.    Cameron, John of New Chester
73.    Cameron, John Duncan
74.    Cameron, John G (Diana)
75.    Cameron, Mary L. of Canos (Diana): SNI, PSN
76.    Cameron, Russell of Sherbrooke (Diana)
77.    Campbell, William
78.    Carey, Clarence of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
79.    Carey, Roderick of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
80.    Carrigan, Austin Alexander Sand Point (Diana): SNI, PSN, 85th Battalion
81.    Carter, Alonzo of St. Francis (Diana): SNI, PSN
82.    Carter, Elisha (Diana)
83.    Carter, Frank (Both Wars)
84.    Cashen, Amos (Diana)
85.    Cashen, Dennis (Diana)
86.    Cashen, Emmett (Diana)
87.    Chapman, Thomas Herbert of Torbay: SNI, PSN
88.    Charlick, Reginald F. H.
89.    Chisholm, Charles M.  (Diana)
90.    Chisholm, Francis ‘Frank’ of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
91.    Chisholm, John L. of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
92.    Clark, Archie (Diana)
93.    Clark, Douglas (Diana)
94.    Clay, Merrill Allan of New Glasgow and Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
95.    Clooney, Gordon of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
96.    Clooney, Hugh Gordon of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
97.    Clooney, Robert Henry of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
98.    Cluney, Charles Seymour of Sherbrooke: SNI
99.    Cluney, James Burton of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
100.    Cluney, James William (KIA): SNI, PSN
101.    Cluney, John of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
102.    Cluney, John William of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
103.    Clyburn, Americus Edward of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana) SNI
104.    Clyburne, Bayfield of Country Harbour (Diana)
105.    Clyburne, Franklyn Horace of Country Harbour Mines (Diana): SNI, PSN
106.    Clyke, Archibald William ‘Archie’ of Guysborough (Diana) Did he serve in WWII, too?
107.    Clyke, Joseph of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
108.    Clyke, Joseph Palmer of Sherbrooke: SNI, PNS
109.    Cohoon, Cecil James of Canso
110.    Cohoon, William Levi of Canso
111.    Collett, Thomas Alexander of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
112.    Connolly, Edward Louis of Melford Haven (KIA-Diana): SNI, PSN
113.    Connolly, Frank (Diana)
114.    Cook, Alfred Wilfred of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
115.    Cooke, Byron F. of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
116.    Cook, Edward of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
117.    Cook, Leander John of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
118.    Cook, Tremaine Hollis of Isaac’s Harbour (Both Wars-Diana):SNI, PSN
119.    Cook, William Marcus of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana)
120.    Cossaboom, Earl S (Diana)
121.    Cousins, Arthur (Diana)
122.    Cousins, Clarence (Diana)
123.    Cousins, E A (Diana)
124.    Cousins, Everett (Diana)
125.    Cowie, John Alexander ‘Jack’ of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN, 85th Battalion
126.    Croft, Carmen Milward of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
127.    Croft, George Edward of Gegoggin: SNI, PSN
128.    Croft, Howard Ellsworth of Geggogin (Both Wars): SNI, PSN, 85th Regiment
129.    Croft, Percy Ellis of Gegoggin: SNI, PSN
130.    Croft, Roy
131.    Croft, William
132.    Crooks, Arthur of Coddles Harbour: SNI, PSN
133.    Crooks, Edward
134.    Crooks, Seth: SNI
135.    Crooks, Wilfred Seth of Liscomb (Diana): SNI, PSN
136.    Crowe, Charles
137.    Cunningham, Oswald (Diana)
138.    David, Private Neil of Port Felix (KIA)
139.    Davidson, Alfred James of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
140.    Davidson, Edward James of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
141.    Davidson, Harry
142.    Davis, George
143.    Day, Lavin of Big Tracadie: SNI, PSN
144.    Day, Matthew of Big Tracadie: SNI, PSN
145.    Demmons, Earl Whidden of Waternish (Diana): SNI
146.    Demmons, George Whidden of Waternish: SNI, PSN
147.    Densmore, Dr. Lambert Douglas of Maitland and Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
148.    Desmond, Howard of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
149.    Desmond, James of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
150.    Dickson, James E.
151.    Dickson, John Rood of Sonora (KIA): SNI, PSN
152.    Diggins, Ernest of St. Francis (Diana): SNI, PSN
153.    Dingle, John Rupert of Liscomb (Both Wars - Diana) SNI, PSN
154.    Dingle, Wesley of Liscomb (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
155.    Dort, Albert David of Halfway Cove or Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
156.    Dort, David
157.    Dort, Private David Luke of Cole Harbour (KIA): SNI, PSN
158.    Dort, David Leander
159.    Dort, George Lewis (Louis) of Peasbrooke/Canso (KIA): SNI, PSN
160.    Dort, Leo Harold Private of Cole Harbour (KIA): SNI, PSN
161.    Dort, Louis of Canso (KIA): Is this George?
162.    Dort, Thomas Leo of Canso: SNI, PSN
163.    Dort, William (May have served in Both Wars)
164.    Douglas, D. F.
165.    Douglas, Joseph
166.    Duff, Pierce of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
167.    Dunham, Claire (Diana)
168.    Earle, Hartley (Diana)
169.    Ehler, George David of Queensport (Diana): SNI, PSN
170.    Ellis, Dr. James Fraser of Upper Stewiacke and Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
171.    Elms, Alexander of Tracadie: SNI, PSN
172.    Elms, John of Big Tracadie: SNI, PSN
173.    Euloth, Albert William of Cole Harbour (Both Wars, Died while serving in WWII - Diana): SNI, PSN
174.    Euloth, George ‘Edward’ of Cole Harbour (Diana): SNI, SPN
175.    Fanning, Charles Robert of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
176.    Fanning, David (Diana)
177.    Fanning, Frank (Diana)
178.    Fanning, George ‘Wesley’ of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana)
179.    Fanning, Gerald (Diana)
180.    Fanning, Louis Joseph, Bugler of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
181.    Fanning, Richard (Diana)
182.    Fanning, Sylvester (Diana)
183.    Fanning, William (Diana)
184.    Farrell, Augustus Douglas
185.    Farrell, Henry Michael of Boylston
186.    Feltmate, George Currie
187.    Feltmate, James Edward
188.    Feltmate, John "Jack"
189.    Feltmate, John Hubert ‘Hubby’ (Both Wars)
190.    Feltmate, Percy of Hazel Hill (KIA): SNI, PSN
191.    Feltmate, Percy Arklo
192.    Feltmate, Seward Elsworth
193.    Feltmate, William Albert
194.    Feltmate, William Cyrus ‘Billy Cy’
195.    Feltmate, William (Hobson or T.)
196.    Ferguson, James Dewitt (KIA)
197.    Ferguson, W H
198.    Finanders (or Fernandez), Lewis David of Sonora: SNI, PSN
199.    Fitzgerald, Andrew of Whitehead
200.    Fitzgerald, Simon Courtney of Queensport: SNI
201.    Flaherty, Joseph (Diana)
202.    Fleet, Fred
203.    Fleet, John William of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
204.    Fleet, Russell Bayne
205.    Fogarty, Ambrose of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
206.    Fogarty, Basil of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
207.    Fogarty, Ernest Vincent of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
208.    Fogarty, James Alexander of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
209.    Fogarty, Jim of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN: James above?
210.    Fogarty, John Michael of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
211.    Fogarty, Leo of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
212.    Fogarty, M B (Diana)
213.    Fogarty, Michael Patrick (Diana): SNI, PSN
214.    Fogarty, Martin Joseph (DOW-Diana): SNI, PSN
215.    Fogarty, Patrick Augustus of Fox Island (Diana): SNI, PSN
216.    Fogarty, Patrick (Diana)
217.    Fogarty, Vincent (Diana)
218.    Forrestall, Joseph Patrick of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
219.    Fougere, John (Diana): SNI
220.    Fougere, Leo
221.    Fougere, Peter of Larry’s River (KIA)
222.    Fraser, Colin Francis of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
223.    Fraser, Laurier of Guysborough (KIA)
224.    Fraser, Pearl of Guysborough (KIA-Nursing Sister)
225.    Fraser, Thomas James of Goldenville: SNI, PSN
226.    Fraser, William J.
227.    Gabriel, John
228.    Gale, William
229.    Gallant, Alex
230.    Gallant, Joseph
231.    Gaskill, Percy
232.    George, Everett (Diana)
233.    George, Leo Alexander of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
234.    George, Roland Edward of Cape Canso: SNI, PSN
235.    George, William David of Halfway Cove: SNI, PSN
236.    Gero, William of Big Tracadie: SNI, PSN
237.    Giffin, Arthur Vincent of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
238.    Giffin, (Elmer) Elmore ‘Charles’ Jr. of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
239.    Giffin, George E. of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
240.    Giffin, Haltz Rutledge of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
241.    Giffin, Laurence Chadsey of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PNS
242.    Giffin, Lester Douglas of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
243.    Giffen, Obed Chuto of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
244.    Giffin, Spencer Harrington of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
245.    Goodger, Joseph ‘Joe’ (Is this Goodyear?)
246.    Goodwin, Basil Norman of Canso: SNI, PSN
247.    Goodwin, William Murray
248.    Grady, Laurence D. of St. Francis (Diana): SNI, PSN
249.    Grady, John J. of St. Francis (Diana): SNI, PSN
250.    Graham, Laurie Brian (Brine) of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
251.    Grant, James A
252.    Grant, Roy Coburn of Guysborough, (Diana) SNI PSN                   
253.    Grant, Walter R.
254.    Green, Carl
255.    Green, George Thomas of Whitehead: SNI, PSN
256.    Green, Private Lewis Donaldson of Goshen (85th Bn): SNI, PSN
257.    Greencorn, Henry Robert of Halfway Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
258.    Greencorn, Theodore Christopher of Heffery Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
259.    Grover, Samuel Stephenson of Cole Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
260.    Guimond, Joseph
261.    Gunn, John of Fisherman’s Point (Harbour?): SNI, PSN
262.    Gunn, John Berrigan (KIA) of Country Harbour
263.    Gunn, Margaret Ann of Country Harbour
264.    Gunn, Walter ‘Bruce’ of Country Harbour
265.    Hackett, J J
266.    Hadley, Oscar of Oyster Ponds (Diana): SNI, PSN
267.    Hadley, Rupert Armstrong of Oyster Ponds (Diana): SNI, PSN
268.    Hadley, William of Guysborough (KIA)
269.    Hadley, William Croft of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
270.    Hadley, Willie (Is this William?)
271.    Haines, Charles of Little Dover (AKA Charles Horner): SNI, PSN
272.    Haley, Andrew (#2, O’Haley?) of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
273.    Haley (O’Haley?), Andrew of Whitehead: SNI, PSN
274.    Hallett, Elmer Churchill of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
275.    Hallett, Freeman of Country Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
276.    Hallett, Lawrence Archibald of Country Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
277.    Hallett, Vincent Stephen of Country Harbour (KIA-Diana): SNI, PSN
278.    Hattie, James Edgar (Diana): SNI, PSN: Is he a Guysborough Co. Veteran?
279.    Hamilton, Have.
280.    Hamilton, Howard Douglas (Both Wars): SNI
281.    Hanlon, Ellsworth
282.    Hanlon, Weston of Canso: SNI, PNS
283.    Harnish, James W.
284.    Harris, Lorne McKay of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
285.    Harris, William Reynolds of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
286.    Hart, Harry Edward of Manchester (Diana): SNI, PSN
287.    Hart, John Alexander of Manchester (Diana): SNI, PSN
288.    Hart, John Alfred of Manchester: SNI, PSN
289.    Hart, Joseph Hiller of Boylston: SNI, PSN
290.    Hart, Norman George of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
291.    Hartling, Clarence Enos
292.    Hartling, Kenneth
293.    Hatcher, James
294.    Hattie, Albert Alexander of Copper Lake (Diana): SNI, PSN
295.    Hattie, Charles Wesley of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
296.    Hayne, James Arthur (KIA) of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
297.    Hayne, William McKay of Country Harbour: SNI, SPN
298.    Heal, Harold Harcourt of River John and Guysborough
299.    Henderson, John Howard (DOW) of Country Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
300.    Henderson, John ‘William’ of Stormont (Sp. American War, WWI and WWII - Diana): SNI, PSN
301.    Hendsbee, David Steele of Queensport: SNI, SPN
302.    Hendsbee, Huntley Bartley of Half Island Cove: SNI, PSN
303.    Hendsbee, Russell of Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
304.    Hendsbee, Seaward
305.    Hendsbee, Wilfred Laurier of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
306.    Hewitt, Fred Ladd of Port Hilford
307.    Hiltz, Gordon ‘Clifford’ of Port Bickerton: SNI, PSN
308.    Hines, Alfred of Country Harbour (Diana): SNI
309.    Hines, Douglas Shears of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
310.    Hines, Robert Gordon of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
311.    Hines, Rufus Eugene of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
312.    Hingley, Archibald Henry of Indian River and Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN, brother to Clifford
313.    Hingley, John ‘Clifford’ of Indian River and Sherbrooke: SNI
314.    Hingley, Earl
315.    Hirshfeld, Frederick
316.    Hodgson, James of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
317.    Holland, Fred
318.    Holland, Harry
319.    Holland, Henry Bernard of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
320.    Holland James
321.    Holland, W.
322.    Horne, Michael
323.    Horton, Clarence of Port Bickerton
324.    Horton, Freeman Whitfield (Diana)
325.    Horton, George (Diana)
326.    Horton, Hiram J (Diana)
327.    Horton, Isaiah Walton (Diana)
328.    Horton, Vernon Cecil of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
329.    Horton, Willard Craswell of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
330.    Horton, William Wallace (Diana)
331.    Howard, Douglas B. of Montreal and Guysborough: SNI, PSN
332.    Huestis, E R T (Diana)
333.    Hull, Courtney of New Harbour (KIA)
334.    Hurst, Jack of Canso (Diana)
335.    Hurst, Jason John of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
336.    Hurst, John Siward of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
337.    Izzard, Alonzo of Boylston: SNI, PSN
338.    Jack, Andrew Irvin of Gegogan  (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
339.    Jack, Hugh Elsworth of Cochran Hill: SNI, PSN
340.    Jackson, Hartley of Manchester: SNI, PSN
341.    Jenkins, Everett (Diana)
342.    Jewers, Carl Wellesley (Diana): Born Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
343.    Jewers, Clarence W. (Diana): Is he from Guysborough County?
344.    Jewers, Heath Isaac (Diana): Born Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
345.    Jollimore, W. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
346.    Jones, Harold F.
347.    Jordan, Arnold Edison of Sherbrooke
348.    Jordan, Frank Archibald of Sherbrooke (Both Wars): SNI
349.    Jordan, John Abner of Sherbrooke
350.    Jordan, Percy
351.    Jordan, Robert Elisha of Indian Harbour
352.    Jordan, William Andrew of Glenelg (Jordain-KIA)
353.    Kaiser, Percy Elias of Port Bickeron: SNI, PSN
354.    Kay, Louis Laurier of Canso: SNI, PSN
355.    Keating, Charles Redmond of Mulgrave
356.    Keating, John Patrick of Mulgrave, 106th Batt, Can Inf.
357.    Keating, Raymond
358.    Keefe, William
359.    Kelly, Billy Sr. of Salmon River District (Both Wars)
360.    Kelly, Dan
361.    Kelly, Lewis Walker of Caledonia (KIA): SNI, PSN
362.    Kelly, William
363.    Kennedy, Ferman
364.    Kennedy, Hugh Parker
365.    Kennedy, John E.
366.    Kennedy, Leo Augustus, 6th Batt., Can Inf.
367.    Kennedy, Martin
368.    Kennedy, Murdock
369.    Kennedy, Robert Maurice
370.    Kennedy, Stephen
371.    Kenny, Archibald MacDonald
372.    Kiley, Austin (Diana)
373.    King, John
374.    King, Joseph
375.    Kirk, Howe (KIA)
376.    Kirk, Pitblado
377.    Kirk, Wilfred
378.    LaFrance, Charles (Both Wars)
379.    Langille, Everett Hiram of West Liscomb: SNI, PSN
380.    Langley, Cecil of Seal Harbour
381.    Lawson, Arthur of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
382.    Lawson, Lester
383.    Leary, Robert Owen Queensport: SNI, PSN
384.    LeRoi, Hubert
385.    Lewis, John W.
386.    Levangie, Private Arthur Freeman of Port Felix (KIA): SNI, PSN
387.    Levangie, Dennis of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
388.    Luddington, James
389.    Luddington, Milton Allison of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
390.    Luddington, Oliver
391.    Lumsden, Albert Edward of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
392.    Lumsden, Alexander Barrss of North East Harbour and Guysborough
393.    Lumsden, Archie (Diana)
394.    Lumsden, Asa Harrington ‘Harry’ of Canso (Diana): SN Military information
395.    Lumsden, James (Diana)
396.    Lumsden, Joseph (Diana)
397.    Lynch, Enos of Country Harbour
398.    Lynn, John C. of Caledonia Mines (Diana) SNI, PSN   
399.    MacCallum Arthur (KIA)
400.    MacDonald, Alexander
401.    MacDonald, Augustus of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
402.    MacDonald, Bernard
403.    Mac(Mc)Donald, David F. of Caledonia (KIA)
404.    Mac(Mc)Donald, Donald Frank of Canso: SNI, PNS
405.    MacDonald, Earle Cameron (Both Wars)
406.    MacDonald, Frederick
407.    MacDonald, Harry Forest of Sherbrooke: SNI
408.    MacDonald, Harry Havelock: SNI, PSN
409.    MacDonald, James Leo of Auld’s Cove: SNI, PSN
410.    MacDonald, John Angus of East Bay Gillis Lake, C.B. and Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
411.    Mac(Mc)Donald, John Daniel of Arisag and Mulgrave with the 85th Regiment (KIA)
412.    MacDonald, Joseph
413.    MacDonald, Neil Bruce of Sherbrooke (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
414.    MacDonald, Patrick
415.    MacDonald, Scott J.
416.    MacDonald, Thomas Wilmot (N.?) of Mulgrave
417.    MacDonald, Wallace
418.    MacEachern, Dan
419.    MacEachern, John
420.    MacEachern, John of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
421.    MacEachern, John Neil
422.    MacEachern, Leo B. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
423.    MacGrath, Cecil Harris
424.    MacGrath, Harry
425.    MacGrath, Robert
426.    MacHattie, James B.
427.    MacIntosh, Edward Roderick (Both Wars  - Diana) SNI, PSN
428.    MacIntosh, Edward James of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
429.    MacIntosh, John Patterson of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
430.    MacIntyre, Allister C. of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
431.    MacIsaac, Alexander of Giant’s Lake (Diana) SNI, PSN
432.    MacIsaac, Alexander D. (Diana): SNI
433.    MacIsaac, Alexander L. (Diana): SNI
434.    MacIsaac, Arthur (Diana)
435.    MacIsaac, Arthur Vincent of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
436.    MacIsaac, Duncan of Hazel Hill (Diana) SNI, PSN
437.    MacIsaac, Henry (Diana)
438.    MacIsaac, Henry Martin (Diana): SNI, PSN
439.    MacIsaac, W D (Diana)
440.    MacKay, Charles ‘Charlie’ of Canso: SNI, PSN
441.    MacKay, Ernest Annand of East River St. Mary’s (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
442.    MacKeen, Ernest
443.    MacKenzie, Adelbert
444.    MacKenzie, Arthur of Hazel Hill (Died while serving-Diana): SNI, PSN
445.    MacKenzie, Daniel
446.    MacKenzie, George of Caledonia
447.    MacKenzie, Malcolm of Whitehead: SNI, PNS
448.    MacKenzie, Roe
449.    MacKinlay, Harold
450.    MacKinnon, Cornelius Lawrence
451.    MacKinnon, J H
452.    MacKinnon, Thomas
453.    MacLaughlin, Fred
454.    MacLean, Clarence (Diana)
455.    MacLean, John Francis of Giant’s Lake (Diana) SNI, PSN
456.    MacLeod, Harry of New Harbour (KIA-Diana) SNI, PSN
457.    MacLean, William Caswell of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
458.    MacMaster, Lloyd of Glenkeen (Diana): SNI, PSN
459.    MacMillan, Dan
460.    MacMillan, Horace Goddard of Isaac’s Harbour (KIA, Diana): SNI
461.    MacMillan, Hugh of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
462.    MacMillan, James Anthony of Mulgrave: SNI, PNS
463.    MacMillan, Wallace of Isaac’s Harbour
464.    MacNarmara, R. W. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
465.    MacNeil, William of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
466.    MacPherson, Dougald
467.    MacPherson, Private Leslie of North Riverside (KIA)
468.    MacPherson, W. of Guysborough
469.    MacRitchie, Dr. John James of Englishtown and Goldboro: SNI
470.    Mahar, Gordon William
471.    Mailman, Clifford Warren of Liscomb (Diana): SNI, PSN
472.    Malloy, Patrick Gordon of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
473.    Manson, Charles Thomas MacKeen (Both Wars - Diana)
474.    Manson, Francis Stewart ‘Frank’ of Sherbrooke (KIA-Diana): SNI
475.    Manson, John Gidison ‘Jack’ of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI
476.    Manson, Matthew MacGrath (Diana)
477.    Markie, Andrew William of Sheet Harbour and Erinville: SNI, PSN
478.    Markey, James Ervin of Sheet Harbour and Canso: SNI, PSN
479.    Marr, Private Charles W. of Guysborough or Boylston (KIA)
480.    Marr, Howard (Diana)
481.    Marr, J Michael (Diana)
482.    Marr, Lawrence (Diana)
483.    Mason, Charles Francis of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
484.    Mason, Ira of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
485.    Mason, Malcolm Ross of Waterville and Country Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
486.    Mason, Uriah Firth of Isaac’s Harbour (Both Wars-Diana): SNI, PSN
487.    Matheson, Herman (Both Wars)
488.    Matheson, Huntley Clark of Tatamagouche and Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
489.    Matheson, John James (Diana): SNI, PSN
490.    Matheson, Thomas James (Diana): SNI, PSN
491.    Matthews, Frank (Diana)
492.    Mayfield, William of England and Mulgrave
493.    McAllister, Alexander
494.    McAllister, Herbert of Salmon River District (Diana): SNI
495.    McDonald, Frank (Diana)
496.    McDonald, Henry Wellington of Cook’s Cove: SNI, PSN
497.    McDonald, Paddy of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN, Might be Patrick MacDonald
498.    McDougall, Bertram
499.    McDougall, Hugh
500.    McDougall, Jack (Was he a Guys veteran?)
501.    McDougall, John
502.    McDuff, Harry (Diana)
503.    McKeen, Lester David
504.    McKeen, Vincent
505.    McKeough, John H.
506.    McKinlay, John Henry
507.    McKinnon, Jack of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
508.    McLane, Frank Burton of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
509.    McLane, Harry of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
510.    McLane, James Adam of Stillwater: SNI, PSN
511.    McNeil, Ambrose (Diana)
512.    McNeil, Jerome Vincent (Diana)
513.    McQuarrie, Walter of Goldenville: SNI, PSN
514.    Meagher, John  J. (Diana)
515.    Millbury, Arnold
516.    Milbury, Edward Arnold of Wine Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
517.    Miller, Peter (Diana)
518.    Mills, Clarence Abner of Sonora (Diana): SNI, PSN
519.    Mills, Ernest ‘Charles’ (Both Wars) SNI, PSN
520.    Milward, John Jr. of Country Harbour
521.    Moody, Gordon
522.    Morgan, Albert P.  (Diana)
523.    Morgan, Ernest of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
524.    Morgan, Harold (Diana)
525.    Morgan, Joseph Charles of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
526.    Morrell, Wilfred
527.    Morris, John of Ecum Secum
528.    Morris, Raymond
529.    Morris, Thomas of Manchester (KIA)
530.    Morris, Thomas Richard: SNI, PSN
531.    Morris, William ‘Will’ (Diana)
532.    Morrison, Alfred Henry of Guysborough
533.    Morrison, Sholto Douglas of Hazel Hill: SNI - brother to WWII Gilbert Morrison
534.    Munroe, Alonzo David of Little Dover (Both Wars, Diana): SNI
535.    Munroe, Curtis Cleveland of Cole Harbour: SNI, PSN
536.    Munroe, Daniel of Canso
537.    Munroe, J G (Diana)
538.    Munroe, William Knowles ‘Will’ of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
539.    Myers, Alexander of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
540.    Myers, Fred Russell of Canso: SNI, PSN
541.    Myers, George Robert of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
542.    Myers, Leslie of Stormont (KIA - Diana): SNI, SPN
543.    Myers, William A. of Goldboro (Both Wars-Diana): SNI, PSN
544.    Myers, Spurgeon Charles of Cole Harbour: SNI, PSN

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