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Veterans Remembered at Home - Sherbrooke

St. James Church

St. James Presbyterian Church
Sherbrooke Village
Sherbrooke, Guysborough County, NS

Inside the church, a list of veterans who served

in the Second World War.

The Veterans include:

Anderson, Clarence W.
Anderson, John A.
Brydges, Fredrick
Dandaurant, Harvey M. (USA)
Fraser, Alexander L.
Fraser, George M.Veteran Names
SignFraser, Verner
Fraser, Frank
Fraser, Weston
Fraser, Haviland
Fisher, Wilfred
Hazelwood, James
MacDonald, Annie P.
MacDonald, Clarence
MacDonald, Kenneth
MacDonald, Neil B.
MacDonald, Burton (USA)
McLane, James A.
Pye, Ross C. (USA)
Pye, C. Norton (USA)
Pye, C. Maxwell (USA)
Ross, W. Graham
Ross, J. Marshall
Ross, G. Malcolm
Ross, Robert C.
Ross, John G.
Rodenhiser, Roy C.
Shanno, Fredrick
Smith, Bryce
Sumppi, Arne


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