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Veterans of


The New Sherbrooke Cenotaph


Taken by Diana Lynn Tibert
Summer 2004 - still under construction


Taken by Andrea Kaiser, daughter of Kelly Kaiser
November 11, 2004

Looking for a worthy cause to support? Look no further. The Vice-president of the Sherbrooke Royal Canadian Legion, Owen Kingwell, is spearheading a campaign to establish a new cenotaph at Sherbrooke. 

The new cenotaph is located inside the confines of Sherbrooke Village, in front of where the original remembrance cross was located. By Remebrance Day November 2004, the granite stone was in place, and the orginal cross had been moved into position (see picture above).

Now that the cenotaph is in place, future plans include sandblasting the stone embankment behind it, and placing plaques containing the names of those brave souls who sacrificed all in the name of freedom, peace and Canada. We will remember them. 

Donations can be sent directly to the Legion: 

Royal Canadian Legion 
Sherbrooke Branch #56 
PO Box 42 
Sherbrooke, Guysborough Co., NS  B0J 2C0 

Please, make note that it is a donation toward the cenotaph fund. Make all cheques and money orders payable to: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #56. 

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