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Veterans of


Why has the Deadline Changed?

Why Will There Now be Two Books?

Due to the overwhelming number of First and Second World War Guysborough County veterans, Kelly and Diana were forced to break the research into two separate books. They have decided to concentrate on the Second World War veterans’ book first and after it has been completed, continue with the First World War. Because names continue to be added to both war lists, the research deadline has been extended indefinitely. At some point in the future, a deadline will be set.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience these changes may create. Please, understand that we have taken on an extremely large project, and it will take time to have the most complete and accurate information possible. The general public can help us with this task. If you are a veteran, related to or know a veteran, please, contact us. If you receive a form from Kelly or Diana in the mail, fill in the information that you know and return it.

Thank you for understanding the size of this project and its importance to the county. And thank you for your continued support.

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