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Veterans of


Who is a Guysborough County Veteran?

The first step in identifying these heroes is to ask the question: Did they serve overseas, in Canada, with the Merchant Marines or with Allied Forces during the First or Second World War? If the answer is yes, we are one step away from declaring them eligible for the book.
The next step is to see if Guysborough County is their home. If the hero was born in Guysborough County, then he/she will be included in the book. But if the hero was born elsewhere and then became a resident at a young age, or after the war settled and spent their remaining years in the county, then they will be included.
Failing to recognize those born-from-away as Guysborough County veterans would, in many cases, do injustice to the positive roles that many have played in their communities. They made Guysborough County their home by choice.
For example, George Wadds was born in Toronto, but settled in Liscomb Mills after he retired from the service. He and his family built the Liscomb Lodge and he played an important part in the building of Sherbrooke Village. And Arne Sumppi, born in Helsingforth, Finland, but chose to make Sherbrooke his home in 1936. He died in 1965, spending half his life on Guysborough County soil. And  twins, Henry and William Shea, who were born in England while their father, Patrick Shea, of Thompkinsville, served in the First World War. Both were raised in Guysborough and served in WWII. William returned home, but Henry died of wounds suffered on the battlefield.
I could list more, but the bottom line is that these men impacted their communities; they touched the lives of other Guysborough County residence and forever left their mark.
Those heroes who were not born in Guysborough County, but passed through at one time or another, will not be included in the book. By no means does this lessen their importance, but for obvious reasons, they should be included in another county book of veterans.
Also, the question on whether or not to include the reserve forces who were training in places like Guysborough and Sherbrooke was discussed. Since these men and women were not in active service and merely ‘going through the motions,’ as one reservist said, it is decided that they will not be included.

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