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The Family Attic

Updated: March 16, 2007

Guysborough County Links

The Guysborough Journal
The newspaper that covers the news in Guysborough County and surrounding areas.

The Sherbrooke Village, Sherbrooke, Guysborough County, NS
Take a trip into the past - Sherbrooke Village depicts a typical Nova Scotia village from 1860 to pre-WWI. With approximately 80 buildings, over 25 of those open to the public, it is the largest Nova Scotia Museum site.

The Guysborough County Genealogy Web
Researching the family tree? If your roots are in Guysborough County, then a visit to this site is a necessity.

The Wonderful World of the Community of Aspen, Guysborough County, NS
This site includes information on the Fisher, Malloy, Mitchell and McKeen families, as well as general information about the community. An extension of this site, set up by Effie Pelley, is Emerald Queen 42.

The Families of Tor Bay
Find a wealth of information on the families and history of Tor Bay.

A Picture Gallery of Mulgrave
Pictures, 1901 Census, Voter's List, obituaries and more.

Port Bickerton Lighthouse: The history, the pictures and the lightkeepers of this historic lighthouse.

Pattie Shield's Wine Harbour web site: This site has lots of information and photos about Wine Harbour, Guysborough County. Some of the information covers the folks who lived there, maps, gold digging, and the houses.

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