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Veterans of Guysborough County

Second World War

Veteran Surnames A to K

The following list contains the names of those who served in the Second World War. It is only a working list and there are bound to be mistakes and misinformation. For example, W. A. Taylor, maybe William Taylor, but until I know that William's middle name began with an 'A', I will keep both names listed.  There are instances where two men with the same name are listed. To help identify each, I added a note or two.  If you know anyone who is missing from the list, please, forward his/her name to  If you can add information for someone, even if it is just a name for an initial, let me know. Thank you. Diana

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: Septembe 26, 2007

Visit this link for a List of Second World War Veterans Completed


We are still looking for information on the veterans listed below.

1.    Amos, Thomas Johnson of NB and Hadleyville (Diana): SNI, PSN: Does he qualify?
2.    Anderson, Clarence Wentworth of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
3.    Anderson, Francis of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
4.    Anderson, Wendell (KIA): SNI
5.    Archibald, Hazel: SNI, PSN
6.    Archibald, Henry: SNI, PSN
7.    Archibald, John (Diana): SNI                   
8.    Archibald, Marie: SNI, PSN
9.    Archibald, Myra: SNI, PSN
10.    Archibald, Percy: SNI, PSN
11.    Archibald, Ross MacDonald: SNI, PSN
12.    Armsworthy, Albert James: SNI, PSN
13.    Armsworthy, Clarence Howard of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
14.    Armsworthy, Ralph Allison of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
15.    Ash, Walter Berkley of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
16.    Ashton, Donald Cameron of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
17.    Ashton, Grant (This may be Grant Bezanson)
18.    Ashton, Robert Nathaniel of Pope’s Harbour? and Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
19.    Atkins (formerly Aikens), Walter of Sandy Cove, Guys Co.: SNI, PSN
20.    Auld, John of Mulgrave (Diana)
21.    Avery, Alfonzo of Larry’s River (Diana)
22.    Avery, Mildred Bertha of Larry’s River (Diana): SNI, PSN
23.    Avery, Paul of Larry’s River (Diana)
24.    Avery, Paul Domine of Larry’s River (Diana): SNI, PSN
25.    Avery, Simon of Larry’s River (Diana)
26.    Bailey, James Arthur 'Art' of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
27.    Baker, Burnham Edward ‘Bunnie’ of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
28.    Baker, Calvin Anderson of Marie Joseph: SNI, PSN
29.    Baker, Gunner C. B. of Marie Joseph (brother to Calvin): SNI, PSN
30.    Baker, Cameron ‘MacLean’ of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
31.    Baker, Clarence ‘Clad’ of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
32.    Baker, Clemmett: SNI, PSN
33.    Baker, Douglas of Marie Joseph (KIA): SNI, PSN
34.    Baker, Edward: SNI, PSN
35.    Baker, Gerard Percy: SNI, PSN
36.    Baker, Henry Edward: SNI, PSN
37.    Baker, James D.: SNI, PSN
38.    Baker, Leonard Maxwell ‘Max’: SNI, PSN
39.    Baker, Osborne Wendell of Marie Joseph: SNI, PSN
40.    Baldwin, Thomas J. of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
41.    Banks, David Kynvin of Guysborough (Tor Bay?) (Diana): SNI, PSN
42.    Barnard, Owen Samuel of Ecum Secum West (Diana): SNI, PSN
43.    Barnard, Wallace Ernest (KIA-Diana) of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
44.    Barnes, Les of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
45.    Barss, Earl: SNI, PSN
46.    Barss, Laurie of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
47.    Barss, Walter (KIA): SNI, PSN
48.    Baycroft, Thomas: Was he from Guys. Co.?
49.    Baxter, Spurgeon James ‘Jim’ of Canso: SNI, PSN
50.    Beaver, Aubrey Louis of Dutch Settlement and Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
51.    Beiswanger, Clarence Stewart: Reserve or active service?
52.    Beiswanger John Ellis of Fisherman’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
53.    Beiswanger, Murray Courtney of Fisherman’s Harbour: Reserve or active service?
54.    Bellefontaine, Gervais of Port Felix (Diana): SNI, PSN
55.    Bennett, Al of Canso: SNI, PSN
56.    Best, Donald Lincoln of Springhill and Boylston: SNI, PSN
57.    Berrigan, Patrick William
58.    Bezanson, Grant Ashton of Ecum Secum
59.    Bezanson, Newton E. of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
60.    Billard, Matthew of Mulgrave: SNI
61.    Billis, William of Ecum Secum: Is he a veteran?
62.    Bingley, Dot
63.    Bingley, George Brenton ‘Brent’ of Fisherman’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
64.    Bingley, Havelock: May have been in the reserve, not active service
65.    Bingley, Robert Washington: SNI, PSN
66.    Boggs, Archibald
67.    Bond, John Allen of Canso: SNI, PSN
68.    Borden, Cecil L. of Guysborough
69.    Borden, Jack of Cook’s Cove: SNI, PSN
70.    Borden, Laurier Archibald of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
71.    Borden, Lester of Cook’s Cove: SNI, PSN
72.    Borden, William John of Lincolnville
73.    Bouchie, Howard of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
74.    Bouchie, Patrick of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
75.    Bouchie, Sylvester Leonard ‘Vester’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
76.    Boudreau, Charles Benedict of Port Felix (Diana): SNI, PSN
77.    Boudreau, Vernon William of Little Dover (KIA): SNI
78.    Boudreau, Vincent Ellsworth of Little Dover: SNI, PSN
79.    Boutilier, Cyril M. of Sherbrooke: SNI
80.    Boutilier, James Thomas: SNI
81.    Boutilier, Ralph: SNI
82.    Boutilier, William Duncan: SNI
83.    Bowie, Kenneth Ernest of Lesterdale
84.    Bowie, William Maurice ‘Bill’ of Havendale (Diana): SNI, PSN
85.    Breen, Roger of Marie Joseph (Diana): SNI
86.    Breen, Wilbert Ivan
87.    Breen, William Roger of Marie Joseph
88.    Brennan, George Thomas of Mulgrave: SNI
89.    Bright, James Gerald, son of James ‘Kendall’: SNI, PSN
90.    Bright, James ‘Kendall’ (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
91.    Bright, John William, son of James ‘Kendall’: SNI, PSN
92.    Brightman, Donald Fraser
93.    Brooks, Howard William
94.    Brophy, Jerome of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
95.    Brown, George Harris of Boylston (Both Wars-Diana): SNI, PSN
96.    Brown, P. L. of Sherbrooke (Diana): HOAN
97.    Brown, Sidney Raymond of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
98.    Brunton, Edward Francis ‘Lauder’ of Montreal and Guysborough
99.    Brydges, Fredrick Hammond ‘Fred’ of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
100.    Buckley, Carmen V. (Diana) of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
101.    Burke, Edwin Alvin ‘Kenneth’ of Drum Head: SNI, PSN
102.    Burke, Kenneth of Drum Head
103.    Burke, Lester Allan ‘Les’ of Country Harbour
104.    Burns, Basil
105.    Burns, Edward of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI
106.    Burns, Frank of Ogden (Diana): SNI, PSN
107.    Burns, J. of Spanish Ship Bay
108.    Burns, Jack of Odgen (Diana): SNI, PSN
109.    Burns, John Augustine ‘Gus’ of Sonora
110.    Burns, Joseph ‘Gordon’ of Ogden (Diana): SNI
111.    Burns, Percy Roland of Sonora: SNI, PSN
112.    Burns, Richard Daniel ‘Dan’ of Saint Mary’s River: SNI, PSN
113.    Burns, William S. ‘Bill’ of Ogden (Diana): SNI
114.    Bush, James: SNI, PSN
115.    Callahan, John Henry Bernard of Glace Bay and Giant Lake (Diana): SNI, PSN
116.    Cameron, A Cantley of Canso (KIA)
117.    Cameron, A. E. of Cameron’s Settlement (Diana): HOAN
118.    Cameron, Blaise Beaton of Antigonish and Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
119.    Cameron, Douglas (KIA)
120.    Cameron, Duncan of Cameron’s Settlement with the army: SNI, PSN
121.    Cameron, Emery of Cameron’s Settlement with the army: SNI, PSN
122.    Cameron, Helen of Cameron Settlement with RCAF (Mrs. MacLean): SNI, PSN
123.    Cameron, Howard
124.    Cameron, Hugh
125.    Cameron, J. Colin of Canso (KIA)
126.    Cameron, John Alexander (Diana)
127.    Cameron, M. S.
128.    Cameron, Morton of New Chester: Is this M. S.?
129.    Cameron, Robert ‘Bob’ of Country Harbour
130.    Cameron, S. A.
131.    Cameron, Sterling of New Chester: Is this S. A.?
132.    Cameron, Wallie
133.    Cameron, W. J.
134.    Campbell, Arthur Lawson of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
135.    Campbell, Peter Gordon of Sydney: SNI, PSN
136.    Canning, Ira Francis of River Philip and Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
137.    Carey, Frank
138.    Carmichael, Garnet
139.    Carmichael, James
140.    Carrigan, Lyle of Sand Point (Diana): SNI, PSN
141.    Carter, Charles ‘Charlie’ (Diana): SNI, PSN
142.    Carter, Frank (Both Wars)
143.    Carter, George Freeman of Canso: SNI, PSN
144.    Carter, Harold Wesley of Canso: SNI, PSN
145.    Carter, Jack (Is this J. W. Carter of Glencoe?)
146.    Carter, Richard Earl of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
147.    Casey, Delmore of Little Dover (Diana): SNI, PSN
148.    Casey, John Russell of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
149.    Cashin, Stanley of Port Felix (Diana): SNI, PSN
150.    Chalk, Arthur Elias of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
151.    Chambers, Burnham
152.    Chandler, Raymond Duncan
153.    Chiasson, Arthur Lewis of Boyston
154.    Chisholm, Alex of Salmon River District
155.    Chisholm, Cameron of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
156.    Chisholm, Colin of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
157.    Chisholm, Donald of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
158.    Chisholm, Fred B. of Boylston
159.    Chisholm, James of Country Harbour (Diana)
160.    Chisholm, Alex ‘Lawrence’ of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
161.    Chisholm, Lester of Caledonia: SNI, PSN
162.    Chisholm, Robena of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
163.    Chisholm, Roy
164.    Chisholm, William Archibald of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
165.    Christoffersen, Wilhelmb Berthl ‘Chris’ of Ecum Secum
166.    Clark, Clifford of Ecum Secum (Diana)
167.    Clark, John of Boylston: SNI, PSN
168.    Clark, Russell of Ecum Secum
169.    Clark, William of Country Harbour
170.    Cleary, Charles ‘Leo’ of Boylston
171.    Cleary, James Edward of Guysborough
172.    Cleary, Robert William of Guysborough Intervale (Diana): SNI, PSN
173.    Cleveland, Francis Harris
174.    Clooney, Lawrence Albert of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
175.    Clooney, Robert of Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
176.    Clooney, Russell Thomas of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
177.    Clooney, Sidney Forrester of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
178.    Cluny, Robert (KIA)
179.    Clyburne, Leonard of Isaac’s Harbour
180.    Clyburne, Norman: HOAN
181.    Clyke, Charles Edward of Guysborough (Diana) Was he a First World War veteran, too?
182.    Clyke, Walter Archibald of Sunnyville (Diana): SNI, PSN
183.    Cohoon, Robert Levi ‘Bob’ of Up the Tickle (Diana): SNI, PSN
184.    Cole, Albert G. of Mulgrave
185.    Cole, Benjamin H. of Canso (KIA)
186.    Coles, James
187.    Coles, Seamore
188.    Connolly, Ronald J. of Guysborough Intervale: SNI, PSN
189.    Conway, James Patrick of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
190.    Conway, Wilfred
191.    Cook, Earl Frederick: SNI, PSN
192.    Cook, Lawrence: SNI, PSN
193.    Cook, Leo M. of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
194.    Cook, Ralph Russell of Sherbrooke: SNI
195.    Cook, Simeon Baker of Sherbrooke: SNI, was he reservist?
196.    Cook, Vincent of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
197.    Cooke, Edward Charles (Diana): SNI, PSN
198.    Cooke, Hugh Allen of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
199.    Cooke, Irving McGregor of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
200.    Cooke, Roland Lea of Goldbrook (Diana): SNI, PSN
201.    Cooke, Tremaine Hollis of Isaac’s Harbour (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
202.    Corkum, James W.  (KIA): SNI, PSN
203.    Cormier, Phillip J. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
204.    Courtney, George Floyd of Guysborough
205.    Cox, Hugh ‘Alden’ of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
206.    Cox, John  Abraham of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
207.    Cresine, Donald of Boyston: SNI, PSN
208.    Cresine, James Wesley of Havendale: SNI, PSN
209.    Cresine, Jesse Gordon Penn with the US Navy (Diana): SNI, PSN
210.    Cresine, Roy Elmer of Boylston (Diana): SNI, PSN
211.    Croft, Alice Adele
212.    Croft, David
213.    Croft, Douglas H.
214.    Croft, Frank
215.    Croft, Frederick Douglas of Liscomb
216.    Croft, Harold Ellsworth (Both War): SNI, PSN
217.    Croft, Harold Reginald of Sonora (Diana): SNI, PSN
218.    Croft, Henry E.
219.    Croft, James H.
220.    Croft, Leonard ‘Palmer’ of Halifax and Little Liscomb: SNI, PSN
221.    Croft, Leslie Whitfield of Gegogan: SNI, PSN
222.    Croft, Lionel Bruce
223.    Croft, Reginald
224.    Crooks, Chester of Seal Harbour
225.    Crooks, Courtney of Coddles Harbour?: SNI, PSN
226.    Crooks, Willard Arthur of Seal Harbour: SNI, PSN
227.    Crowe, Harold
228.    Crowther, John William
229.    Cruickshank, Charles ‘Charlie’ of Lower Caledonia with the RCAF: SNI, PSN
230.    Cruickshank, Ellis of Lower Caledonia with the RCAF: SNI, PSN
231.    Crummey, Dr. Owen William (Diana): SNI, PSN
232.    Cumminger, Donald ‘Clark’ of Lower Caledonia (Diana): SNI, PSN
233.    Cumminger, James Arnold of Lower Caledonia (Diana): SNI, PSN
234.    Cummings, Howard
235.    Cummings, Russell
236.    Dandurant, Harvey M. of Sherbrooke (KIA) with USA Forces: SNI, PSN
237.    Darr, Edward of Country Harbour
238.    Darr, Vincent of Country Harbour
239.    Davidson, Lawson Robert of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
240.    Davidson, Reverend George Morley of London, England and Guysborough
241.    Davidson, William Mason of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI
242.    Dawe, S: SNI, PSN
243.    Day, Gordon Edward of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
244.    Day, Joseph Harold of England and Goshen (Diana): SNI, PSN
245.    DeCoste, Damian of Grosvenor (Diana): SNI, PSN
246.    Delby, John Peter of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
247.    Delorey, Mike of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
248.    Delorey, Wilfred Stephen of Raspberry Island (Diana): SNI, PSN
249.    Demone, Frank Lewis ‘Lew’ of Halifax and Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
250.    DesBarres, W. F. Clyde of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
251.    Dickson, Sterling E.
252.    Digdon, Aubrey Clarence of Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
253.    Diggins, Arthur of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
254.    Diggin, Earl Francis Everett of Sand Point (Diana): SNI, PSN
255.    Diggins, Ernest O. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
256.    Diggins, Jerome G. ‘Jerome’ of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
257.    Diggins, John Andrew of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana): SNI, PSN
258.    Diggins, Roy Thomas of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
259.    Dingle, Frank (Diana): SNI, PSN
260.    Dingle, Henry (Diana): SNI, PSN
261.    Dingle, John Rupert  (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
262.    Dingle, Sterling E. (Diana): SNI, PSN
263.    Dingle, Warren Lester of Liscomb (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
264.    Dingle, Wesley of Port Dufferin and Liscomb (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
265.    Dobson, Basil Sherman of Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
266.    Dobson, Calvin B. (Diana): SNI, PSN
267.    Dobson, Judson of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
268.    Doiron, Ernest J. of Charlos Cove (WWII & Korean War - Diana): SNI
269.    Dollard, Morris Leslie of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
270.    Donahue, Francis Lawrence of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
271.    Dort, Alfonso James of Cole Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
272.    Dort, Arthur James of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
273.    Dort, Arthur M. of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
274.    Dort, Colin: Might be Colin of Cole Harbour : SNI, PSN
275.    Dort, Colin of Cole Harbour (KIA): SNI, PSN
276.    Dort, David of Little Dover (KIA): SNI, PSN
277.    Dort, Gordon Foster of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
278.    Dort, J. M.: SNI, PSN
279.    Dort, Laurier Delbert of Peas Brook: SNI, PSN
280.    Dort, Leo of Cole Harbour (WWII and Korean War): SNI, PSN
281.    Dort, Roy James of Halfway Cove (Diana) SNI, PSN
282.    Dort, Malcolm of Cole Harbour : SNI, PSN
283.    Dort, Mary ‘Mae’ Isabel of Cole Harbour : SNI, PSN
284.    Doucetter, Wilfred: Is this Wilfred Doucette of Ecum Secum?
285.    Doyle, Clarence Thomas of Erinville (Diana): SNI, PSN
286.    Doyle, Francis Howard ‘Frank’ of Donkin and Little Dover: SNI, PSN
287.    Doyle, Lawrence Tompkins ‘Larry’ of Roman Valley: SNI, PSN
288.    Doyle, Louis of Salmon River District: SNI
289.    Drysdale, Ira Gordon of Guysborough (Diana):SNI, PSN
290.    Duncan, Leslie Cecil of Lower White Haven (Diana) SNI, PSN
291.    Ehano, Fred (spelling of last name?)
292.    Ehler, Roy brother to Ivan (Diana): SNI, PSN
293.    Einarson, Einar of Mulgrave
294.    Eisler, Richard Lewis of Guysborough
295.    Eklund, Delia Irene
296.    Eklund, Gustav Emil
297.    Elms, William Henry of Tracadie (Diana): SNI, PSN
298.    England, Douglas J. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
299.    Euloth, Albert William of Cole Harbour (Both Wars, Died during WWII - Diana): SNI, PSN
300.    Euloth, Ernest Alonzo of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
301.    Fadder, James V. of Hazel Hill (KIA)
302.    Fancy, Joseph ‘Ansel’ of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
303.    Fancy, MACF: SNI, PSN
304.    Fanning, Alan of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
305.    Fanning, Calvin of Drum Head
306.    Fanning, Ernest W. (Diana): SNI, PSN
307.    Fanning, Gerald Glenwood of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
308.    Fanning, Huntley Allison of Seal Harbour (KIA): SNI
309.    Fanning, James of Isaac’s Harbour:  Veteran of WWI or II?
310.    Fanning, Lester of Seal Harbour
311.    Fanning, Mildred of Isaac’s Harbour:  Veteran of WWI or II?
312.    Fanning, Ralph of Isaac’s Harbour:  Veteran of WWI or II?
313.    Fanning, Roy W. of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
314.    Fanning, Russell C. of Seal Harbour: SNI, SPN
315.    Fanning, Thomas Gerald of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
316.    Feltmate, Arthur E.
317.    Feltmate, Donald Gordon of Canso: SNI, PSN
318.    Feltmate, Donald Steele: SNI
319.    Feltmate, Everett Kitchener of Whitehead: SNI
320.    Feltmate, Freeman Wesley ‘Wes’ of Eight Island Lake: SNI, PSN
321.    Feltmate, Gordon: Is this Donald Gordon of Canso?: SNI, PSN
322.    Feltmate, Hugh Ross of Canso: SNI, PSN
323.    Feltmate, John Hubert ‘Hubby’ (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
324.    Feltmate, Joseph Douglas of Canso: SNI, PSN
325.    Feltmate, Lawson Harris (or A. Moser): SNI, PSN
326.    Feltmate, Lester James of Lower Whitehead: SNI, PSN
327.    Feltmate, Lindsay Ellsworth: SNI, PSN
328.    Feltmate, Russell Patrick of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
329.    Feltmate, Stewart ‘Donald’ of Goshen (Diana): SNI
330.    Fenton, Lloyd Parker of Country Harbour
331.    Fernandez, Lawson Osbourne
332.    Fernandez, William Arthur (KIA)
333.    Firth, Angus
334.    Fisher, Wilfred Isaac of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
335.    Fitzgerald, Andrew V. ‘Bogey’ of Liscomb Mills (Diana): SNI, PSN
336.    Fitzgerald, George Patrick of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
337.    Flaherty, Micheal
338.    Fleet, Adam Parker of Ecum Secum Bridge: SNI, PSN
339.    Fleet, Alvin Lawrence of Ecum Secum
340.    Fleet, Ansell
341.    Fleet, Archibald Cyril of Ecum Secum
342.    Fleet, Burton Wallace of Liscomb
343.    Fleet, Elmer Herman of Ecum Secum
344.    Fleet, Irvin Howard of Ecum Secum
345.    Fleet, Laurie ‘Frank’ of Ecum Secum
346.    Fleet, Gordon of Ecum Secum
347.    Fleet, Harry
348.    Fleet, Herman Aldon McClaire ‘Mack’
349.    Fleet, Isaac Gordon of Ecum Secum
350.    Fleet, Joseph Wallace
351.    Fleet, Phillips
352.    Fleet, Russell Bayne of Ecum Secum
353.    Flynn, Roderick ‘Rod’ of Salmon River District
354.    Flynn, William B.
355.    Fogarty, John Patrick ‘Pat’ of Fox Island: SNI, PSN
356.    Forbes, Andrew
357.    Forbes, Frank
358.    Forbes, James
359.    Fougere, John of Larry’s River (Diana)
360.    Fraser, Alexander Laughlin of Sherbrooke: SNI
361.    Fraser, Frank Warren of Sherbrooke: SNI
362.    Fraser George Markland of Sherbrooke: SNI
363.    Fraser, George William MacGregor ‘Mac’ of South River (Diana): SNI
364.    Fraser, Havilland Routh: SNI, PSN
365.    Fraser, Henry Weston: SNI, PSN
366.    Fraser, Weston of Sherbrooke: SNI
367.    Furlong, Edward
368.    Furlong, Edwin Clarence of Indian Harbour Lake: SNI, PSN
369.    Furlong, Frank Lewis of Indian Harbour Lake: SNI, PSN
370.    Furlong, Myra F. (Mrs. Napp) of Indian Harbour Lake: SNI, PSN
371.    Furlong, Percy of Indian Harbour Lake: SNI, PSN
372.    Gagnon, Helen Elizabeth (Hamilton)
373.    Gale, Earl John: SNI, PSN
374.    Gallant, Elric Joseph
375.    Gammon, Bayne of New Harbour (KIA-Diana): SNI, PSN
376.    George, Bill
377.    George, Charles of Phillip’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
378.    George, Clement Patrick of Mulgrave
379.    George, Delbert Joseph of Mulgrave
380.    George, Donald Roy of Canso: SNI, PSN
381.    George, Earl Alphonso of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
382.    George, Edward Clement of Upper White Head: SNI, PSN
383.    George, Floyd of Halfway Cove: SNI, PSN
384.    George, Howard: Was he a veteran?
385.    George, John Robert ‘Bob’ of Canso: SNI, PSN
386.    George, Joseph Francis ‘Fran’ of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
387.    George, Kingston of Guysborough (KIA): SNI, PSN
388.    George, Leroy A. of Queensport (Diana) SNI, PSN
389.    George, Percy Sterling of Upper Whitehead (Diana) SNI, PSN
390.    George, William T. of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
391.    Gerrior, Floyd M. of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
392.    Gerrior, John Andrew of Lundy (Diana): SNI, PSN
393.    Gerrior, John Sylvester of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
394.    Gerrior, Joseph John of Lundy (Diana): SNI, PSN
395.    Gerrior, Pierre Arthur of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
396.    Gerrior, Simon Joseph of Lundy (Diana)
397.    Gerrior, Thomas of Larry’s River (Diana)
398.    Gerrior, William Henry of Lundy (Diana): SNI, PSN
399.    Giffin, Cecil Ashley of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
400.    Giffin, Cyril (Diana): SNI
401.    Giffin, Donald
402.    Giffin, Hart of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
403.    Giffin, Maurice (Diana): SNI
404.    Giffin, Myers: HOAN
405.    Gillen, Douglas Moore: SNI, PSN
406.    Gillen, Gerald: SNI, PSN
407.    Gillie, Bernard Horace of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
408.    Gillie, Cecil Watts of New Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
409.    Gillie, Layton
410.    Gillie, Nelson Holbrook of New Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
411.    Gillie Walter of New Harbour
412.    Gillis, Alphonsus Malcolm of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
413.    Gillis, William Alexander ‘Alex’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
414.    Glass, Alex S. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
415.    Goobie, William of Country Harbour (Diana)
416.    Goodwin, Charles of Canso (KIA)
417.    Goodwin, John of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
418.    Gordon, Nelson Leslie of Canso (KIA): SNI, PSN
419.    Grady, Joseph ‘Myles’ of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
420.    Grady, Jess Lewis of Antigonish and Guysborough (WWII and Korean War): SNI, PSN
421.    Grady, Lewis Alexander of St. Francis Harbour: SNI, PSN
422.    Grady, Oscar of Mulgrave
423.    Grady, William Leland of Mulgrave (KIA): SNI, PSN
424.    Grady, William of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
425.    Graham, James D. of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
426.    Grant, Milton
427.    Green, Gerald Kingston of Canso: SNI, PSN
428.    Greencorn, Clarence of Guysborough (KIA)
429.    Greencorn, Hughie of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
430.    Greencorn, Murray: Was he a veteran?
431.    Greencorn, Phillip Clayton of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
432.    Greenwood, Robert
433.    Grover, Alex of Charlos Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
434.    Grover, Clarence of Whitehead
435.    Grover, Douglas of Whitehead
436.    Grover, Hugh James of Canso
437.    Grover, Malcolm Clifton
438.    Grover, Seward of Whitehead
439.    Grover, William Charles ‘Bill’ of Cole Harbour (Diana) SNI
440.    Gunn, Anderson
441.    Gunn, Hazel of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
442.    Gunn, Peter Alexander Anderson ‘Andy’ of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
443.    Guthero, William Henry ‘Billy’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
444.    Hadley, Charles MacLeod‘Charlie’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
445.    Hadley, Edgar of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
446.    Hadley, George Bradalbane of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
447.    Hadley, Harvey Philip of Guysborough
448.    Hadley, James B. of Manchester (Diana): SNI, PSN
449.    Hadley, John
450.    Hadley, Paul MacKenzie
451.    Hadley, Raymond Courtney of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
452.    Hadley, Roderick Lauder ‘Rod’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
453.    Hadley, Theodore
454.    Hadley, William
455.    Hall, Dr. Kenneth A. of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
456.    Hallett, Elmer of Country Harbour (Diana)
457.    Hallett, Lawrence of Country Harbour (Diana)
458.    Hamilton, Agnes Jean
459.    Hamilton, Howard Douglas (Both Wars)
460.    Hanlon, Carl A. of Canso (KIA)
461.    Hanlon, Robert Augustine of Canso: Is he a veteran?
462.    Hannington, Dorothy R
463.    Hape, Rex John
464.    Harpell, R. H.
465.    Harpell, V. B.
466.    Harris, Lorne of Country Harbour
467.    Hart, John
468.    Hart, John Edward of Manchester (Diana): SNI, SPN
469.    Hart, Ross W. of Boylston
470.    Hartling, Basil Benvie of Guysborough
471.    Hartling, Edward Raymond of Spanish Ship Bay (Diana): SNI, PSN
472.    Hartling, George E.   
473.    Hartling, Gordon Rudolph of Spanish Ship Bay (KIA)
474.    Hartling, Hawley Irvin
475.    Hartling, Lawrence
476.    Hartling, Rita Mae
477.    Hartling, Roy Hemlow
478.    Hartling, Seth
479.    Hartling, William
480.    Hattie, Agnes
481.    Hattie, Bert MacIntosh of Caledonia w/ WNSR (KIA): SNI, PSN
482.    Hattie Edna
483.    Hattie Gilbert (KIA)
484.    Hattie, Lester Stuart of Goshen: SNI, PSN
485.    Hattie, Robert of Caledonia with RCAF: SNI, PSN
486.    Hawboldt, F.
487.    Hawes, Hugh
488.    Hawes, John
489.    Hayne, William McKay of Middle Country Harbour
490.    Hazelwood, James of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
491.    Heighton, Henry Irving of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
492.    Hemlow, Frank Clinton (Diana)
493.    Hemlow, Gerald (Diana)
494.    Hemlow, Henry ‘Graham’ of Liscomb (Diana): SNI, PSN
495.    Hemmings, William ‘Bill’ Sr. of Mulgrave
496.    Henderson, Doug: Was he a veteran?
497.    Henderson, Elias of Charlos Cove (Diana)
498.    Henderson, Farber
499.    Henderson, Gordon: Was he a veteran?
500.    Henderson, Hugh of Country Harbour (Diana)
501.    Henderson, James Hugh of Stormont (DOW - Diana): SNI, PSN
502.    Henderson, James Montgomery of Stormont: US Merchant Marines (Diana): SNI, PSN
503.    Henderson, John ‘William’ of Stormont (Sp. American War, WWI and WWII - Diana): SNI, PSN
504.    Henderson, Kenneth Bernard of West Stormont (KIA - Diana): SNI, PSN
505.    Henderson, Lorne (Diana): SNI, PSN
506.    Henderson, Michael of Country Harbour (Diana)
507.    Henderson, Reginald Embree of Drum Head (Diana): SNI, PSN
508.    Henderson, Stanley of Isaac’s Harbour: Veteran of WWI or II?
509.    Henderson, William Chipman of Stormont (Diana): Is he a veteran?
510.    Hendsbee, Albert Cecil of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
511.    Hendsbee, Charlie of Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN: Is this Lloyd?
512.    Hendsbee, Dewey (Diana): SNI, PSN
513.    Hendsbee, James of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
514.    Hendsbee, Keith of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
515.    Hendsbee, Laurie Oland of Antigonish and Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN
516.    Hendsbee, Lloyd of Half Island Cove (Diana): SNI, PSN Is this Charlie?
517.    Hendsbee, Russell (Diana): SNI, PSN
518.    Henry, Fred of Drum Head
519.    Hiltz, A. L.
520.    Hiltz, Gordon: SNI, PSN
521.    Hiltz, Wallace Gordon of Fisherman’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
522.    Hines, Benjamin ‘Benny’ of Fisherman’s Cove: Is this Harold Benjamin Hines?
523.    Hines, Oral
524.    Hines, Walter Gordon of Fisherman’s Cove: SNI, PSN
525.    Hingley, Archibald Henry
526.    Hirshfeld, George
527.    Hodder, Albert Maxwell ‘Max’ of Newfoundland and Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
528.    Hodgson, Carl of Drum Head
529.    Hodgson, Harry MacKay of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
530.    Hodgson, James of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
531.    Hodgson, Marshall McLaren (DOW) of Country Harbour
532.    Hodgson, Taylor (KIA): Was he born in Guysborough County?
533.    Holland, William
534.    Holmes, Edmund of Mulgrave
535.    Holmes, Leslie ‘Les’ of Pirates Harbour: SNI, PSN
536.    Holt, George Fredrick of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
537.    Hope, Gordon William
538.    Horne, Isaac William of Little Dover: SNI, PSN
539.    Horton, Doris of Guysborough (Diana)
540.    Horton, Kenneth Aubrey (Diana)
541.    Horton, Laughlin Ralph (Diana)
542.    Horton, Lawrence Alfred (Diana)
543.    Horton, Lawrence E. of Spanish Ship Bay (Diana): SNI, PSN
544.    Horton, Percy Raymond of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
545.    Horton, Willard Russel of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
546.    Horton, William Albert of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
547.    Howie, William Lee of Guysborough
548.    Hubbard, Frederick L. of Canso (KIA)
549.    Hudson, Bruce of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
550.    Hudson, Leslie Gordon of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
551.    Hudson, Lloyd of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
552.    Hudson, William Kinsman: SNI, PSN
553.    Hull, Elliott
554.    Hull, Milford of Mulgrave
555.    Hunt, Laird Borden of Steep Creek: SNI, PSN
556.    Huntjens, Johannes Antonius, Rev. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
557.    Imlay, Ethel of Riverside (Mrs. Knowles - Diana): SNI, PSN
558.    Imlay, Robert William of Boylston (Diana): SNI, PSN
559.    Irwin, John Thompson of Guysborough
560.    Izzard, Freeman Ernest J. of Birchtown (Diana): SNI, PSN
561.    Jack, Andrew Irvin of Gegogan (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
562.    Jack, Arthur Burton: SNI, PSN
563.    Jack, Claude Allister of Sonora (Diana): SNI, PSN
564.    Jack, Earl Douglas: SNI, PSN
565.    Jack, John ‘Harold’ of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
566.    Jack, James Campbell: SNI, PSN
567.    Jack, John Henry (Diana): SNI
568.    Jack, Lawrence Marshall (Diana): SNI, PSN
569.    Jack, Louis R.: SNI, PSN
570.    Jack, Rex: SNI, PSN
571.    Jack, Wilson
572.    Jackson, Alex of Guysborough
573.    Jamieson, Douglas Allan of Queensport (Diana): SNI, PSN
574.    Jamieson, Gordon John of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
575.    Jamieson, Joe (Diana)
576.    Jarvis, George Verdon of Canso: SNI, PSN
577.    Jarvis, Harry Chemist of Halifax and Canso (Diana): SNI
578.    Jarvis, James of Guysborough (was he a veteran?)
579.    Jellow, Arthur Joseph of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
580.    Jewell, Ira of Sunnyville
581.    Jewers, Carl of Liscomb Mills: SNI, PSN
582.    Jewers, Carl Renford ‘Fred’ of Ecum Secum (Diana): SNI, PSN
583.    Jewers, Clyde
584.    Jewers, Gordon Herbert of Malagash and Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
585.    Jewers, Milton ‘Baxter’ of Ecum Secum West (KIA)
586.    Jewers, Reg
587.    Jewers, Seymour David of Ecum Secum (Diana): SNI, PSN
588.    Johnson, Andrew of Guysborough
589.    Johnson, Ralph of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
590.    Johnstone, David: Was he born in Guysborough County?
591.    Johnstone, James Thomas of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
592.    Johnstone, Jim of Sherbrooke: Is this James Thomas Johnstone?
593.    Jollotta, Frederick McKay
594.    Jones, Frederick of Country Harbour (Diana)
595.    Jones, Frederick Otho of North Ogden (Diana): SNI, PSN       
596.    Jones, William ‘Billy’ of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
597.    Jordon, Carl Milton of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
598.    Jordon, Cecil: SNI, PSN
599.    Jordon, Colin: SNI, PSN
600.    Jordon, E. Louise: SNI, PSN
601.    Jordon, Edison: SNI, PSN
602.    Jordon, Eldon Giffin: SNI, PSN
603.    Jordon, Ernest William of Glenelg (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
604.    Jordan, Frank Archibald of Sherbrooke (Both Wars): SNI
605.    Jordon, Harley: SNI, PSN
606.    Jordon, Harlon: SNI, PSN
607.    Jordon, Hiram Alexander: SNI, PSN
608.    Jordon, Lawrence Arthur: SNI
609.    Jordon, Lorne, Henry: SNI, PSN
610.    Jordan, Norman ‘Clayton’ of New Glasgow and Sunnyville Guysborough: SNI, PSN
611.    Jordan, Parker Stanley ‘Pat’ of Sonora: SNI, PSN
612.    Jordon, Percy: SNI, PSN
613.    Jordon, Robert Elisha of Indian Harbour: SNI
614.    Jordan, Trueman William of Sonora: SNI, PSN
615.    Jost, Victor Arthur of Guysborough w/American Forces (Diana): SNI, PSN
616.    Kaiser, Borden Winfield of Port Bickerton: SNI, PSN
617.    Kaiser, C. M.
618.    Kaiser, F. C.
619.    Kaiser, Harold Havelock of Port Bickerton: SNI, PSN
620.    Kaiser, Jr.
621.    Kaiser, Percy
622.    Kaiser, Tannie: SNI, PSN
623.    Kaye, Robert
624.    Kawaja, George of Mulgrave
625.    Keith, Ellsworth C.
626.    Kelly, Francis Alphonsus ‘Mike’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
627.    Kelly, William ‘Billy’ Sr. of Salmon River District (Both Wars)
628.    Kenny, Hugh Joseph of Roachvale: SNI, PSN
629.    Kiley, James Phillip of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
630.    King, Harry (KIA)
631.    Kingsbury, Albert E. of Mulgave (Diana): SNI, PSN
632.    Kingwell, John
633.    Kinley, D. C.
634.    Kinley, John R.
635.    Kinney, Clayton of Steep Creek (Diana): SNI, PSN
636.    Kirby, Douglas of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
637.    Kirk, John W.
638.    Kirk, Murray
639.    Kirk, Percy

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