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Veterans of Guysborough County

  Korean War

Although there are no plans to write a book about the Korean War Veterans of Guysborough County, we still want to recognize them on this web site. If you know a veteran of the Korean War who called Guysborough County their home, please, let us know. We will add them to the list. Thank you.

Last Updated: February 25, 2008

Korean War Veteran Obituaries

[* obituary on link above]

1.    Bouchie, Douglas of Mulgrave
2.    Bouchie, Francis Russell ‘Frank’ of Mulgrave
3.    Brophy, Jerome Fredrick of Mulgrave
4.    Brown, John Aubrey of Mulgrave
5.    *Boudreau, Charles Benedict of Port Felix
6.    Crittenden, Marvin Karyn of Mulgrave
7.    *DeCoste, Curtis of Boylston
8.    Doiron, Ernest J. of Charlos Cove (WWII & Korean War)
9.    Dort, Leo of Cole Harbour (WWII and Korean War)
10.    George, Hugh Thomas (WWII and Korean War)
11.    *Gerrior, Marshall James of Guysborough
12.    Gillis, Alphonsus Malcolm of Mulgrave
13.    Grady, Jess of Guysborough
14.    Hendsbee, Huntley Keith
15.    Hendsbee, Lester Emmett of Half Island Cove (WWII and Korean War)
16.    *Horton, Judson David of Canso
17.    Imlay, George Douglas of Riverside
18.    Jamieson, Willard Frederick (WWII and Korean War)
19.    MacArthur, Freeman 'Scott' of Goldboro
20.    MacArthur, Sherman Anderson (WWII and Korean War)
21.    *MacDonald, Frank J. of Glencoe (WWII and Korean War)
22.    *MacEachern, George Ira Wallace of Mulgrave
23.    *Marr, Vincent James ‘Vince’ of Port Felix
24.    *O’Connor, Ambrose Elliott ‘Bud’ of Guysborough
25.    Silver, John MacLean of Goldboro
26.    Tibert, Melvin Oland of Liscomb Mills
27.    Worden, John Arthur of Mulgrave

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