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Veterans of Guysborough County

List of Veterans whose information is complete
Second World War

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: September 26, 2007

Number Completed: 373

1.    Anderson, Horace Kinsman of Half Island Cove (Diana)
2.    Anderson, John ‘Jack’ Alexander of Sherbrooke: PSN
3.    Archibald, Alexander David of Denver
4.    Archibald, Clarence Fisher of Denver
5.    Archibald, Frank Howard of Denver
6.    Archibald, Hugh Daniel of New Town
7.    Armsworthy, Charles Edward of Canso (Diana): PSN, need full birth date, enlistment date, rank, location of service, discharge date
8.    Armsworthy, Covert William of Canso
9.    Armsworthy, Harry Leslie of Phillip’s Harbour (Diana)
10.    Armsworthy, Spencer Albert of Philips Harbour (Diana): PSN, need regiment number, regiment served, medals received
11.    Ash, Julia ‘Alice’ (Mrs Kaiser) of Birch Cove, Cape Breton: PSN
12.    Avery, Abraham Joseph of Larry’s River (Diana): PSN, need enlistment date, trade before enlisting, date of marriage
13.    Avery, Emmett Isaac of Larry’s River (Diana)
14.    Avery, Ernest Sylvester of Larry’s River (Diana)
15.    Avery, Howard William of Larry’s River (Diana)
16.    Avery, Hubert of Larry’s River (Diana): PSN
17.    Avery, John Lawrence of Larry’s River (Diana)
18.    Avery, John Reginald ‘Reg’ of Larry’s River (Diana)
19.    Avery, Joseph Cornelius ‘Conn’ of Larry’s River (Diana)
20.    Baker, James Andrew of Isaac’s Harbour
21.    Beattie, Arthur Kenneth of Port Bickerton
22.    Bouchie, Seward Francis ‘Sig’ of Little Dover (Diana)
23.    Bouchie, Vincent Anthony of Mulgrave (Diana)
24.    Boutilier, Burnham Edward of Sherbrooke (KIA)
25.    Bowles, George Ambrose of Alder River: PSN
26.    Breen, James Robert ‘Bob’ of Liscomb (Diana)
27.    Brophy, John Lawrence ‘Douglas’ of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana): Need date and place of birth, enlistment date, medals, career before enlisting
28.    Brymer, Alexander Ambrose of North Riverside
29.    Buckley, Lloyd Hall of Guysborough (Diana)
30.    Burns, Frank Mahar of Sonora: PSN
31.    Burns, Harvey Douglas of Sonora
32.    Burns, Howard Maurice of Ogden
33.    Bushell, Elsie ‘Diana’ of Canso (Diana)
34.    Bushell, Martin Hart of Hazel Hill (Diana)
35.    Bushell, Norris Leonard of Hazel Hill (Diana)
36.    Bushell, Roland ‘Lee’ Scott of Canso (Diana)
37.    Bushell, Sidney George ‘Arnold’ of Canso (Diana)
38.    Cameron, Wallace Lebert of Goshen (Diana)
39.    Cant, James MacMaster of Boston and Guysborough (Diana)
40.    Carr, Samuel James of Manassette Lake (KIA-Diana)
41.    Carrigan, William Henry of Melford (Diana)
42.    Carter, John Jacob of Phillip’s Harbour (Diana)
43.    Carter, Frank Lawrence “Nick’ of Queensport (Diana)
44.    Cashen, John Henry ‘Harry’ of Port Felix
45.    Chisholm, Charlie of Salmon River District: PSN
46.    Chisholm, James Albert of St. Francis Harbour (Diana): need list of ships served, list of medals, location of service, career before enlisting.
47.    Chisholm, James ‘Ian’ of Caledonia (Diana): PSN
48.    Chisholm, Thomas Tobias ‘Tom’ of St. Francis Harbour (Diana)
49.    Clancy, John of Mulgrave (Died During Service - Diana): COM, PSN, need date of birth, Reg #, date of marriage, burial place
50.    Clarke, John Frederick of Goldboro (KIA - Diana)
51.    Clyke, James Ernest of Guysborough (Diana): PSN, need rank, regiment, date posted overseas, marriage date
52.    Conrad, James Arthur of Lower Whitehead (Diana): need location of service, discharge date, enlistment date, date shipped overseas
53.    Conrad, Robert LeRoy of Lower Whitehead (Diana)
54.    Cooke, Alexander Errington of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): PSN, need regiment number, rank, location of service, date of discharge
55.    Cook, Walter ‘Wally’ Frederick of Sherbrooke
56.    Cox, David Reid of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana DIT): need full date of birth, date shipped overseas, medals awarded
57.    Cox, Robert Arnold of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana)
58.    Cresine, Ellis Raymond of Guysborough (Diana)
59.    Croft, Anthony David
60.    Croft, Clarence Wilfred of St. Mary's River
61.    Croft, Wilfred Burton ‘Burt’ of Liscomb (KIA)
62.    Crooks, Cecil Gilbert: need medals received  (Courtney’s brother)
63.    Crosby, Dean Raymond of Yarmouth and Sherbrooke
64.    Crittenden, Ralston Sterling ‘Ross’ of Mulgrave: PSN, need regiment number, location of service, trade, marriage date
65.    Cruickshank, Arthur Osbourne of Lower Caledonia (Diana): PSN
66.    David, Raymond Charles of Port Felix (Diana): PSN, need date of discharge, complete location of service
67.    David, William Patrick of Port Felix (Diana)
68.    Davidson, Carmen Wesley of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): PSN
69.    Davidson, Chester Lawrence of Ecum Secum
70.    Davidson, John Stanley of Goldboro (Diana) PSN
71.    Davidson, Wallace MacRitchie of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): PSN
72.    Davidson, Walter Archibald of New Glasgow and Goldboro (Diana)
73.    Davidson, William Lewis of Ecum Secum (Diana)
74.    Davies, William John Ross (KIA): PSN
75.    Davis, Alexander Millar of Hazel Hill (Diana)
76.    Davis, Ross of Hazel Hill (Diana): need birth date, complete enlistment date, Reg. #, medals
77.    DeCoste, Ambrose Adrian of Mulgrave (Diana)
78.    Dorrington, Perry Charles of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana)
79.    Dort, Gerald Vincent of Canso (Diana): PSN
80.    Dort, Gordon Arthur of Dort’s Cove (Diana): PSN, need birth date, rank, date posted overseas, marriage date
81.    Dort, William Joseph ‘Bill’ of Canso (Diana): PSN, need date posted overseas
82.    Doyle, Martin Maurice of Roman Valley: PSN
83.    Dunbar, Charles Irving of Montreal and Mulgrave (Diana)
84.    Dunbar, John Allister of Mulgrave (Diana)
85.    Dunning, William John Anderson of Hazel Hill (KIA): PSN, need complete birth date, enlistment date, location of service, trade before enlisting
86.    Ehler, Albert Reginald of Queensport (Diana)
87.    Ehler, Edmund Henry Franklin ‘Frank’ of Queensport (Diana)
88.    Ehler, Ivan Murray of Queensport (Diana)
89.    Ehler, John Charles of Port Shoreham (Diana)
90.    England, Thomas Elmer of Middle Melford (Diana)
91.    Fancy, Jemima Laura E. ‘Mima’ of Ecum Secum
92.    Fanning, Arnold William (M.?) of Drum Head
93.    Fanning, Erle Garfield of Hazel Hill (Diana): PSN, need location of service, discharge date
94.    Fanning, Ford Wylie of Drum Head: PSN
95.    Fanning, Laurie Wilson of Seal Harbour
96.    Farrell, Marshall Calvin of Drum Head (Diana)
97.    Feltmate, Neil Joseph of Hazel Hill (Diana)
98.    Fernandez, James ‘Edgar’ of St. Mary’s River
99.    Fitzgerald, Gerald Joseph of Queensport
100.    Flick, Harry Archibald of Holland’s Harbour (Diana): PSN
101.    Flick, Orland Earl ‘Orrie’ of Drum Head (Diana)
102.    Fougere, Gerald Frances of Guysborough (Diana): PSN
103.    Fougere, John Wentworth of Guysborough (Diana): PSN
104.    Fraser, Isabell Marguerite (Mrs. Cameron) of MacPherson’s Mills and Goshen (Diana)
105.    Fraser, John James of Antigonish and Mulgrave (Diana)
106.    Fraser, Robert ‘Verner’ Neily of Sherbrooke
107.    George, Francis Levi of Phillip’s Harbour (Diana)
108.    George, Hugh Thomas of Trenton and Canso (and Korean War - Diana): PSN
109.    George, John Kingston of Canso (KIA): PSN, need birth date, enlistment date, date posted overseas
110.    George, Joseph William of Half Way Cove
111.    Gerrior, Abraham of Charlo's Cove
112.    Gerrior, Coleman Wilfred of Guysborough (Diana)
113.    Gerrior, Donald Edward of Guysborough (Diana)
114.    Giffin, Gordon ‘Pat’ of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): PSN
115.    Giffin, Huntley Osborne of Goldboro (KIA, Diana): need date enlisted, date of marriage, number of children
116.    Giffin, Irving Chauncey of Goldboro (Diana)
117.    Giffin, Oscar MacRitchie ‘Mac’ of Goldboro (Diana)
118.    Gillis, Roderick James of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana): need enlistment date, location of service, trade before enlisting
119.    Grant, Laurier Cribben of Guysborough (WWI & Home Guard WWII - Diana): need medals
120.    Grady, James Michael of Antigonish and St. Francis Harbour (Diana)
121.    Grant, Robert Wilfred Roy of Oyster Ponds (Diana): PSN
122.    Greencorn, Howard Clayton of Tor Bay (Diana): need complete date of birth, trade after the war, place of burial
123.    Greencorn, William Frederick of Half Island Cove (Diana): PSN
124.    Gunn, Espey Neil of Sherbrooke
125.    Gunn, Harvey Edison of Sherbrooke: need service locations and medals
126.    Gunn, Maudie Mae (Mrs. Matthews) of Sherbrooke
127.    Gunn, William ‘Bill’ of Sherbrooke
128.    Hadley, Douglas Albert of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana): PSN, need date of birth, enlistment date, mother’s maiden name, trade before enlisting       
129.    Hadley, Harry McKay of Mulgrave (Diana)
130.    Hadley, James Beck of Mulgrave (Diana): need enlistment date, rank, regiment, medals, discharge date
131.    Hanlon, Charles Ellsworth of Canso
132.    Hanlon, Walter Stephen of Canso
133.    Hart, Carl Levi Walter of Boylston (Diana): PSN
134.    Hart, Cyril Robert of Boylston (KIA-Diana): PSN
135.    Hart, Edgar Havelock of Boylston (Diana)
136.    Hart, Emma Dorothy (Mrs Mortimer and Mrs. Spanks) of Manchester (Diana): PSN, need marriage date of 2nd husband
137.    Hart, Harold Everett of Bolyston (Diana)
138.    Hattie, Charles Alexander of Mulgrave (Diana): need medals received
139.    Hattie, Clayton Bruce of Glenelg
140.    Hattie, George Wesley of Mulgrave (Diana)
141.    Hattie, James Fraser of Mulgrave (Diana): need date posted overseas, medals received
142.    Hattie, Roy Colin of Mulgrave (Diana)
143.    Hattie, Stanley Fisher of Glenelg
144.    Hattie, William Howard ‘Bill’ of Mulgrave (Diana): need: date sent overseas, location of service, medals received, discharge date
145.    Hayden, John Edmund of Boylston (Diana)
146.    Hayes, Alfred Charles of Isaacs Harbour: PSN
147.    Hemlow, Winton Clarence of Liscomb (Diana): PSN, Regiment #, date of discharge, full list of medals, family info
148.    Henderson, Forbes Alexander of Goldboro (Diana): PSN, need full enlistment date, regiment number, location of service
149.    Henderson, Hezekiah Henry ‘Kye’ of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana), need full enlistment date, regiment number, discharge date
150.    Henderson, Morris Sylvester of New Harbour (Diana)
151.    Hendsbee, Alvin Weldon of Half Island Cove (Diana)
152.    Hendsbee, Elias Leslie of Half Island Cove (Diana)
153.    Hendsbee, Lawrence Allister of Half Island Cove (Diana)
154.    Hendsbee, Lester Emmett of Half Island Cove (WWII & Korean War - Diana)
155.    Hiltz, Leonard Charles of Fisherman’s Harbour: PSN
156.    Holmes, Duncan Kinney ‘Ken’ of Mulgrave (Diana): PSN, need birth date, regiment number, date posted overseas, marriage date
157.    Hudson, Claude Harold (KIA) of Country Harbour
158.    Hudson, Roy ‘Fisher’ of Country Harbour Mines
159.    Jack, Clorance Essen of Geggogin (Diana)
160.    Jack, Douglas Clayton of Port Bickerton
161.    Jackson, Bruce Laurence of Shelburne and Canso
162.    Jamieson, James Edward of Canso (KIA-Diana)
163.    Jamieson, Joseph Thomas of Guysborough Interval (Diana)
164.    Jamieson, Russell Gordon of Torbay (Diana)
165.    Jamieson, Willard Frederick of Peas Brook (& Korean War - Diana)
166.    Jarvis, Gertrude Lucy (Mrs. MacKenzie) of Halifax and Canso (Diana)
167.    Jarvis, Samuel Knight of North Dighton, Mass and Canso (Diana)
168.    Jewers, Earl Huntley of Liscomb Mills
169.    Johnson, Lorimer ' Leigh ' of Hazel Hill (KIA)
170.    Johnson, Norman Jack of Halifax and Goldboro (Diana)
171.    Johnstone, George Everett of Country Harbour (Diana): PSN
172.    Jones, Clyde Albert of Guysborough (Diana)
173.    Jones, Harold William ‘Billy’ of Kingston, New Hampshire and West Cook’s Cove
174.    Jones, Roy Alfred Scott of Cook’s Cove (Diana)
175.    Jordan (Jordain), Ernest William of Glenelg (Both Wars - Diana): need location of service, discharge date (WWI), location of service, regiment (WWII)
176.    Jordon, Frank Wendell of Sherbrooke
177.    Jordon, Stanley Arthur of Sherbrooke
178.    Jost, Burton Norris of Guysborough (KIA- Diana): PSN, need enlistment date
179.    Kaiser, Ellis Whitman of Port Bickerton: PSN
180.    Kavanaugh, Maurice Tobias of St. Francis Harbour (Diana)
181.    Keating, George Francis of Mulgrave (Diana): PSN: Need location of service
182.    Keating, Joseph Bayles of Mulgrave (Diana): PSN
183.    Kelly, John Dennis of Mulgrave (DIS - Diana): PSN, need birth and enlistment date, trade before enlisting
184.    Kennedy, Germaine Aloysius of Mulgrave (Diana/C): PSN, need complete birth date, reg. number, rank, medals
185.    Kinney, Allan ‘Millard’ of Steep Creek (Diana)
186.    Kinney, John William of Steep Creek (Diana): PSN, need birth date, reg. number, medals, date of marriage
187.    Laing, John Leslie ‘Jack’ of Sherbrooke
188.    Langille, Ernest ‘Ernie’ Gordon of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana)
189.    Langley, Cecil Clemeth ‘Bud’ of Seal Harbour
190.    Langley, Willis Garnet of Seal Harbour (Diana)
191.    Latham, Allan Bartley of Seal Harbour
192.    Latham, Calvin Elwood of Seal Harbour (Diana)
193.    Latham, Merrill Byron of Seal Harbour (Diana)
194.    Lawrence, Robert of Guysborough (KIA)
195.    Lawson, Robert William ‘Bob’ of Melrose
196.    Long, Richard Alexander ‘Dick’ ‘Johnie’ of Salmon River District (Diana): need regiment number, enlistment date, medals, discharge date
197.    Luddington, Angus William of New Harbour
198.    Luddington, Aubrey Lloyd of New Harbour (Diana)
199.    Luddington, Charles Albert ‘Bert’ of Manchester
200.    Luddington, Ralph Berton of Manchester (Diana)
201.    Luddington, Victor Marshall of Drum Head
202.    Lumsden, Percy Atwood of Cook’s Cove (Diana)
203.    Lumsden, Walter Elliot of Cole Harbour (Diana)
204.    MacArthur, Sherman Anderson of Goldboro (Diana)
205.    MacAskill, Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ of Auld’s Cove (Diana): PSN
206.    MacAskill, Michael of Auld’s Cove (Diana): PSN
207.    MacDonald, Calvin Albert of Indian Harbour
208.    MacDonald, Clarence Alexander of Sherbrooke (Diana): PSN, need enlistment date
209.    MacDonald, Charles Havelock of Indian Harbour
210.    MacDonald, Duncan Alexander of Mulgrave (KIA - Diana): PSN, need date and place of birth, enlistment date, trade before enlisting
211.    McDonald, Duncan Joseph of Mulgrave (DIT - Diana): SNI (lost off Cow Bay, NS): PSN, need date of birth, enlistment date, trade before enlisting
212.    MacDonald, Frank J. of Glencoe (WWII & Korean War - Diana): PSN, need middle name, mother’s maiden name, regiment number
213.    MacDonald, Gordon: PSN
214.    MacDonald, John Russell of Lower Caledonia (Diana): PSN
215.    MacDonald, Joseph Daniel of Guysborough (Diana) need trade before enlisting
216.    MacDonald, Joseph Michael of Mulgrave (Diana): PSN, need birth date, reg. number, date posted overseas, trades, date of marriage
217.    MacDonald, Mervyn Scott of Goldenville (Diana): PSN, need medals, marriage date
218.    MacDonald, Michael Alexander (Diana)
219.    MacDonald, Roy Benedict of Maryvale and Larry’s River (Diana): PSN, need rank, regiment number, discharge date, marriage date
220.    MacDonald, Victor Melton of Stillwater
221.    MacInnis, Chester Grant of Denver (Kelly): still need a little info
222.    MacIntosh, Arnold James of Antigonish and Waternish: PSN
223.    MacIntosh, John William ‘Bill’ of Antigonish and Sherbrooke: PSN
224.    MacIntosh, William: PSN
225.    MacIsaac, Joseph Francis ‘Joe’ of Canso (Diana): PSN
226.    MacKean, Katherine Elizabeth of Aspen (Diana): PSN, need rank, regiment number
227.    MacKeen, Lowell Kirk of Aspen
228.    McKeen, Henry Alexander of Indian Harbour (Diana)
229.    MacKeen, Ray Leslie of Aspen (Diana): need marriage date, date posted overseas
230.    MacKeen, Scott Cameron of Aspen (Diana): COM, PSN
231.    MacKenzie, Edward Arthur of Canso (Diana)
232.    MacKenzie, Floyd Edwin of Roachvale (KIA-Diana)
233.    MacKenzie, Harold Maxwell of Hazel Hill: PSN
234.    MacKinlay, MacGregor of Spanish Ship Bay (KIA): need birth date, enlistment date
235.    McKinnon, Thomas Michael ‘Tom’ of Erinville (Diana)
236.    MacLeod, John Angus of North Sydney and Goldboro (Diana)
237.    McNeary, Joseph Leo of Canso (KIA - Diana)
238.    MacPherson, Lawrence ‘Patrick’ of Guysborough (DNC - Diana): PSN, need birth, enlistment and marriage date, and trade before enlistment
239.    MacQuarrie, Levi MacLean ‘Mack’ of Smithfield (Diana): PSN
240.    Mailman, Alfred Gordon of Gegogin (Diana): PSN, need complete birth date, occupation before enlisting, marriage date
241.    Mailman, Malcolm Jacob of St. Mary’s River (Diana): PSN, need full date of birth, location of service, spouse’s name
242.    Mailman, Raymond Leonard Henry of Liscomb Mills (Diana): PSN, need discharge date, occupation after war, complete death date
243.    Mailman, William ‘Bill’ Duncan of Liscomb Mills (Diana): PSN, need full birth date, date posted overseas, date of marriage
244.    Malloy, William Alexander ‘Bill’ of Westville and South Lochaber (KIA-Diana): need enlistment date
245.    Meagher, James Marcellus ‘Jim’ of Pirate Harbour (Diana)
246.    Meagher, Thomas Ambrose of Pirates Harbour (Diana)
247.    Michaud, John Robert ‘Bob’
248.    Mills, Helen Annie of Glenelg (Diana)
249.    Misener, Nathan Garfield of Liscomb (Diana)
250.    Mooring, Roland Samuel of Londonderry and Mulgrave (Diana): need complete birth date, reg. number, rank, medals, marriage date
251.    Morris, Elmer Frank of West Liscomb (Diana): PSN, need complete birth date, enlistment date, reg #, discharge date
252.    Morris, Henry Nelson of Port Shoreham: need birth date, reg. number date posted overseas, medals, marriage date
253.    Morrow, Sophie Claire (Mrs. Simpson) of Boylston
254.    Mosher, William Wallace of Sydney and Canso (Diana)
255.    Munroe, Alonzo Vincent of Little Dover  (Diana)
256.    Munroe, Douglas William of Whitehead (Diana): PSN, need rank, regiment #
257.    Munroe, Garfield James of Little Dover (KIA - Diana)
258.    Munroe, James Russell of Whitehead (Diana)
259.    Murray, James Edward of Mulgrave: need regiment number, medals, complete enlisted and discharged dates
260.    Murray, John Irvin ‘Trapper John’ of Mulgrave (Diana), need complete enlisted and discharged dates
261.    Myers, George Wilbur of Cook’s Cove (KIA)
262.    Nauffts, Bruce Lowell of Spanish Ship Bay (Kelly)
263.    Nauffts, Edgar Ronald of Spanish Ship Bay
264.    Nauffts, Roderick Campbell of Spanish Ship Bay (Kelly): PSN
265.    Negus, Clifford Francis of Liscomb
266.    Newell, Gordon Melvin of Canso (KIA): need enlistment date, list of medals
267.    Newell, Robert James of Canso
268.    Nichols, George ‘Henry’ of Argyle: PSN
269.        Nickerson, James Curtis of Canso
270.    O’Connor, Lawrence Francis of North Riverside: need rank and career before enlisting
271.    O’Hara, Lorne Stanton of Sherbrooke: PSN
272.    O’Hara, Morris Osbourne of Isaac’s Harbour: PSN                   
273.    O’Hara, Morris William of Isaac’s Harbour
274.    O’Neill, Angus Alloysius of Mulgrave: PSN
275.    Pace, Earl Stillman of Marie Joseph: PSN, need date of birth, ships served aboard, marriage date
276.    Parks, Arthur ‘Judson’ of Steep Creek
277.    Peitzsche, George Clark of Goldboro
278.    Peitzsche, Ralph Giffin of Goldboro
279.    Pellerin, Francis ‘Frank’ of Larry’s River
280.    Pellerine, John Luke of Larry’s River: PSN
281.    Pelerine, Julian Augustus of Larry's River
282.    Pelrine, Wilson Joseph of Larry’s River: PSN, need birth date, enlistment and discharge date, regiment number
283.    Pelley, William Henry ‘Bill’ of Sunnyville
284.    Petitpas, Alphonse John of Larry’s River
285.    Polson, Cameron ‘Lloyd’ of Goshen (Kelly)
286.    Polson, Robert Verdun of Goshen (Kelly)
287.    Ralph, Cyril Patriquin of East Mines and Sherbrooke (Kelly)
288.    Ray, Irvin Kirwin of St. Mary’s River (KIA): (Kelly): PSN
289.    Reed, Harold Clinton Augustus of Guysborough: need enlistment date, marriage date and regimental number
290.    Reeves, Ronald Cornwall of Mulgrave
291.    Reynold, Burton C. of Mulgrave: PSN, need full birth date, regiment number, location of service, rank, discharge date
292.    Rhynold, Francis William ‘Punk’ of Fox Island Main
293.    Rhynold, John Anthony of Fox Island Main (Diana)
294.    Richard, James Duncan of Fox Island
295.    Richard, James Timothy of Charlos Cove: PSN
296.    Richard, Martin Alvin of Charlos Cove
297.    Richard, Theodore Vincent of Charlos Cove: brother to Harold
298.    Richard, Thomas Clarence of Charlos Cove
299.    Richard, Wallace Joseph ‘Wally’ of Charlos Cove
300.    Richards, Edward Morris of Yellow Marsh of (Kelly)
301.    Richardson, Donald Isaiah of Canso
302.    Richardson, Everett Ansel of Canso: need rank
303.    Richardson, Joseph Allan of Port Shoreham: PSN, need complete birth date, enlistment and discharge date, location of service
304.    Roberts, Ansley Welsford of Canso: PSN
305.    Roberts, Eric  Ross of Canso: PSN
306.    Rodenheiser, Roy Crooks of Liscomb/Sherbrooke: PSN, need enlistment date, reg. #, rank, regiment, discharge date
307.    Ross, James ‘Finlay’ of Mulgrave (KIA): need date of birth, list of medals
308.    Ross, Lawrence ‘Coleman’ of Milford Haven Bridge: need enlistment date, medals received
309.    Ross, Thomas Edward of Milford Haven Bridge
310.    Ryan, Austin Edward of Mulgrave (KIA): PSN, need date of birth, mother’s maiden name, enlistment date, date posted overseas, medals
311.    Ryan, James Clement ‘Doods’ of Mulgrave: need regiment number, rank, medals, trade before enlisting
312.    Ryan, Michael Kennedy of Inverness and Mulgrave
313.    Salsman, Lillian Viola of Middle Country Harbour: PSN
314.    Sangster, Floyd Murdock of New Harbour (Kelly): PSN
315.    Sazynski, Anne (Mrs. Warner) of Saskatchewan and Sherbrooke (Kelly)
316.    Schrader, Edgar Archibald of Tor Bay: PSN, need date of birth, regiment number, rank, regiment
317.    Scott, Ada Flora of Indian Harbour Lake (Mrs. Gaudet-Kelly)
318.    Scott, Charles Elvin of Sherbrooke (Kelly)
319.    Scott, John Victor ‘Johnny’ of Steep Creek (Kelly/Diana): PSN, need birth date rank, medals, marriage date
320.    Scott, Joseph Thomas ‘Gardner’ of Middle Melford: PSN, need birth date, reg. number medals, marriage date
321.    Scott, Olaf Eldridge of Sherbrooke
322.    Shea, Jerome Cyril of Guysborough: PSN
323.    Shea, Joseph Lloyd Frederick of Guysborough
324.    Shea, Victor Tompkins of Guysborough
325.    Silver, Floyd Edgar of Goldboro (Both Wars)
326.    Silver, Harry ‘Stanford’ of Goldboro: PSN, need complete enlistment date, location of service, medals, marriage date
327.    Sinclair, Andrew Ian of Goshen (KIA - Kelly)
328.    Sinclair, Harold of Goshen (Kelly)
329.    Smith, Mervyn of Isaac’s Harbour (DOW): need Regiment served with, location of service, medals awarded
330.    Smith, Raymond Cameron of Glenelg
331.    Smith, Robert Henry ‘Bob’ ‘Tud’ of Goldboro
332.    Smith, William David ‘Will’ of Goldboro
333.    Smith, William George of Canso: need regiment number, medals, discharge date
334.    Snair, Harold Reginald Queensland and Mulgrave: PSN, need birth date, reg. number, date posted overseas, trades
335.    Snyder, Arthur ‘Douglas’ of Halfway Cove (KIA): need enlistment date, medals awarded
336.    Snyder, Charles Henry of Halfway Cove (KIA)
337.    Sponagle, Archie ‘Reid’ of Coddles Harbour (Kelly)
338.    Sponagle, Francis ‘Clyde’ of Coddles Harbour (Kelly)
339.    Sponagle, Lawrence Leroy of Coddles Harbour (Kelly)
340.    Sponagle, Malcolm Scott of New Harbour (Kelly)
341.    Sponagle, Morley Fisher of New Harbour (Kelly): PSN
342.    Sponagle, Neil Trueman (KIA) of Coddles Harbour
343.    Sponagle, Ward Densmore of Coddles Harbour
344.    Strachan, James Anthony Osborne of Mulgrave (KIA): PSN, need enlistment date, date posted overseas, trade before enlisting
345.    Sullivan, William ‘Billy’ Joseph of Erinville
346.    Sumppi, Arne of Helsingforth, Finland and Sherbrooke
347.    Sutherland, Cabel Everett of Guysborough Interville (KIA): PSN
348.    Sutherland, John William of Sunny Brae (Kelly)
349.    Sutherland, George ‘Mason’ of Chicago and Country Harbour (Kelly)
350.    Sutherland, William Lester of Lower Caledonia (Kelly)
351.    Swaine, Elizabeth Catherine (Mrs. Foster) of Canso: PSN
352.    Taylor, Harvey Lloyd of Port Bickerton (Kelly)
353.    Tibert, John William of Liscomb Mills
354.    Tibert, Leonard Courtney of Liscomb Mills
355.    Tibert, Stephen Ellsworth of Liscomb Mills
356.    Uloth, Milton MacRitchie of New Harbour (Kelly): PSN
357.    Uloth, Ray Douglas of Guysborough (KIA - Kelly)
358.    Veinotte, Joseph ‘Victor’ Wilkins of Ecum Secum (KIA): COMPLETE, need birth, marriage and enlistment date
359.    Walsh, Sadie ‘June’ (Mrs. Mitten) of Drum Head
360.    Warner, John Allen of Goldboro and Sherbrooke (Kelly)
361.    Wheaton, James Edward ‘Eddie’ of Steep Creek: PSN, Need Regiment Number, Medals awarded, Date of marriage
362.    Whidden, Harold Simeon of Sunnybrae (Kelly): PSN
363.    Whitman, Paul of Port Hilford (Kelly)
364.    Williams, Hartley Basil of West Cook’s Cove
365.    Williams, John ‘Whitney’ of West Cook’s Cove (KIA)
366.    Williams, Leland Charles of Dort’s Cove: PSN
367.    Williams, Oscar Cookson of West Cook’s Cove
368.    Williams, Russell Sherwin of West Cook’s Cove
369.    Wilson, Lewis Hemlow of Wilson Cove (Kelly)
370.    Worth, Lambert Gordon of Country Harbour
371.    Worthen, Gladys Armatina of Mitchell Bay (Mrs. Fleet): PSN, need, enlistment date, Reg #, date posted overseas, list of medals, career before and after service, date of marriage
372.    Yeadon, Francis ‘Edison’ of Halifax
373.    Zinck, Laurie MacLean of Marie Joseph

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