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Veterans of Guysborough County

First World War

Veteran Surnames N to Z

The following list contains the names of those who served in the Second World War. It is only a working list and there are bound to be mistakes and misinformation. For example, W. A. Taylor, maybe William Taylor, but until I know that William's middle name began with an 'A', I will keep both names listed.  There are instances where two men with the same name are listed. To help identify each, I added a note or two.  If you know anyone who is missing from the list, please, forward his/her name to  If you can add information for someone, even if it is just a name for an initial, let me know.  Thank you. Diana

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: September 26, 2007

Visit this link for a List of First World War Veterans Completed


We are still looking for information on the veterans listed below.

545.    Nauffts, Charles E. of Spanish Ship Bay
546.    Nauffts, John: SNI, PSN
547.    Nauffts, Ronald A. of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
548.    Nelson, D. W. of Guysborough
549.    Nelson, Thomas of South River Lake
550.    Nichols, Henry ‘McCurdy’ of Aspen: SNI, PSN
551.    Nickerson, Winfield (Winfred) of Hazel Hill (KIA): SNI, PSN
552.    Nicolle, Walter George of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
553.    Nocten, Charles of South Intervale (KIA): SNI, PSN
554.    Nocten, Stanley J.
555.    Nowe, Hanson David of Mitchell Bay: SNI, PSN
556.    O’Brien, George Whipple of Middle Manchester: SNI, PNS
557.    O’Conner, Bernard A.
558.    O’Conner, Laurence M.
559.        O’Donoghue, Charles Kingston of Canso (KIA) SNI, PSN
560.    O’Donoghue, Jack
561.    O’Donoghue, John
562.    O’Haley, Andrew of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
563.    O’Halloran, Michael Tompkins of Tompkinsville, SNI, PSN
564.    O'Hara, Bert Lorne of Drum Head: SNI, PSN
565.    O’Hara, George V. of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
566.    O’Hara, Lorne Stenson of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
567.    Oldroyd, William Francis of Homeville and Canso (with the 85th Regiment): SNI, PSN
568.    O’Leary, Edward James
569.    O’Leary, Robert
570.    Oliver, Jeffrey of Country Harbour
571.    Oliver, Thomas ‘Tom’
572.    Paget, Gertrude
573.    Paget, Hilton
574.    Parker, George James
575.    Parris, Joseph Alexander of Sand Point: SNI, SPN
576.    Parris, William P. of Sand Point: SNI, PSN
577.    Paris, William Winslow of Sand Point: SNI
578.        Pelerin, Alfonzo (Alphonse) of Canso: SNI, PSN
579.    Pelerin, Allan J. of Canso (Is this Allan of Larry’s River?): SNI, PSN
580.    Pelerine, Charles Martin of Port Felix: SNI
581.    Pelerine, Gilbert of Canso: SNI, PSN
582.    Pelrine, James Patrick of Larry’s River (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
583.    Pelerine, John Luke of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
584.        Pelerin, Joseph of Canso: SNI, PSN
585.    Pelerin(e), Joseph W. of Canso: SNI, PSN
586.    Pelerin(e), Leo J.: SNI, PSN
587.    Pelerine, Martin : SNI, PSN
588.        Pelrine, Stephen Clement of Port Felix (Both Wars): SNI
589.    Pembrooke, Charles of Canso?: SNI, PSN
590.    Pembrooke, Peter of Canso?: SNI, PSN
591.    Perry, Marshall: HOAN
592.    Pettingale, John: HOAN
593.        Pettipas, Arthur: HOAN
594.    Pettipas, Daniel : SNI, PSN
595.    Pettipas, George
596.        Pettipas, Louis George : SNI, PSN
597.    Pettipas, Wilson: HOAN
598.    Phalen, John Edward of Whitehead: SNI, PSN
599.    Potter, Gordon Vincent (KIA-Kelly): SNI, PSN
600.    Potter, Fulton
601.    Power, Harry: HOAN
602.    Prosser, Perry of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
603.    Pryde, Arthur S.
604.    Pyche, Leander
605.    Pye, Arthur
606.    Pye, Frank: HOAN
607.    Pye, James Alfred of Halifax and Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
608.    Pye, James R. of Pye’s Head, Liscomb : SNI, PSN
609.    Pye, Laurier Falconer (DOW-Kelly): SNI, PSN
610.    Pye, Leslie
611.    Pye, Lloyd (KIA): SNI, PSN
612.    Pye, Murray Elvin of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
613.    Pye, Samuel John of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
614.    Quinn, Edward Lloyd of Sonora : SNI, PSN
615.    Quirk, Francis
616.    Rabbie, John of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
617.    Ray, George Alexander
618.    Reeves, Carl of Mulgrave: SNI, SPN
619.    Reid, James Delbert: SNI, PSN
620.    Rhynold, Joseph
621.    Rhynold, William
622.         Richard, Andrew: HOAN   
623.    Richard, Augustin of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
624.        Richard, Jerome L. of Charlos Cove
625.    Richard, Raymond Joseph of Charlos Cove: SNI, PSN
626.    Richardson, Roland
627.    Robar, Roney S. of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
628.    Robar, William of Isaac’s Harbour
629.    Roberts, Arthur
630.    Roberts, Harold
631.    Ross, Duncan: (Was he a Guys. veteran?): SNI
632.    Ross, George William of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
633.    Ross, John (KIA) of Country Harbour: 85th Bn
634.    Rossong, Charles ‘Charlie’
635.    Rossong, Henry
636.    Rossong, Walter
637.    Rudolph, Abram
638.    Rudolph, Alexander: HOAN
639.    Rudolph, Arthur: HOAN
640.    Rudolph, Basil (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
641.    Rudolph, Charles
642.    Rudolph, Fulton
643.    Rudolph, Harold: HOAN
644.    Rudolph, James
645.    Rudolph, John Henry of West Liscomb: SNI, PSN
646.    Rudolph, Lindsay Marshall of Little Liscomb: SNII
647.    Rudolph, Maurice: HOAN
648.    Rudolph, Power
649.    Rudolph, Redmond: HOAN
650.    Russell, George
651.    Russell, Walter Charles of Canso
652.    Ryan, Harold J
653.    Ryan, James E.
654.    Ryan, John Thomas
655.    Ryan, John William of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
656.    Salomon, Jean
657.    Salsman, Ernest of Country Harbour
658.    Salsman, Henry of Ward Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
659.    Salsman, Reuben Ottis of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
660.    Salsman, Wilfred Ernest of Stormont (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
661.    Sangster, Herman of Coddle’s Harbour (Kelly): SNI
662.    Sangster, Willoughby of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
663.    Sceles, Harry Everett of Port Shoreham: SNI, PSN
664.    Scott, Byron E. of Port Hilford Lake (Kelly): SNI, PSN
665.    Scott, Chas H.
666.    Scott, M. R.
667.    Scranton, John Samuel of Manchester : SNI, PSN
668.    Seraphim, David (Seraphin?)
669.    Shea, Patrick Henry of Tompkinsville: SNI, PSN
670.    Shields, James
671.    Shrader, Joseph (Is this Shrider?)
672.    Shrider, Joseph Bethemun of Sandy Cove : SNI, PSN
673.    Silver, Floyd Joseph (aka Jack MacPherson) of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, SPN
674.    Silver, Harlis of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
675.    Silver, Simon (Both Wars)
676.    Simpson, Ernest Clare of Manchester: SNI
677.    Sinclair, Charles
678.    Sinclair, Huntley John
679.    Sinclair, James M. of Isaac’s Harbour : SNI, PSN
680.    Sinclair, Peter
681.    Sinclair, William A.
682.    Sinclair, William John of Goshen: SNI, PSN
683.    Slade, William of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
684.    Smith, Albert of St. Francis or Oyster Pond (KIA): SNI, PSN
685.    Smith, Albyn of Larry’s River (KIA): SNI, PSN
686.    Smith, H G of Canso: HOAN
687.    Smith, Max
688.    Smith, William
689.    Snow, Clare
690.    Snow, Frank of Canso       
691.    Snow, Harry Seymore of Canso: SNI               
692.    Snow, John
693.    Snow, Robert
694.    Spanks, Howard Thomas: enlisted in Alaska
695.    Spanks, Murray: enlisted in Alaska
696.    Spears, George: HOAN
697.    Spears, Lowell : SNI, PSN
698.    Spears, William Clifford of Whitehead: SNI, PSN
699.    Spears, William R. of Spanish Ship Harbour (KIA): SNI, PSN
700.    Sponagle, Vernon Wilfred of Goldboro : SNI, PSN
701.    Stapleton, Edward of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
702.    Stoutley, Ralph Leslie of Guysborough
703.    Sproule, Emdon: HOAN
704.    Stark, James of Canso: SNI, PSN
705.    Stewart, Duncan Wendell
706.    Stewart, Roy
707.    Stewart, William Clayton of Melrose: SNI, PSN
708.    Strachan, James E.
709.    Strachan, John Osborne of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
710.    Strachan, Lester
711.    Strachan, Philip Joseph of Auld’s Cove: SNI, PSN
712.    Strople, William
713.    Sullivan, Fred
714.    Sullivan, James of Canso: HOAN
715.    Sullivan, James W.
716.    Sutherland, D H
717.    Sutherland, George
718.    Sutherland, Harry L. of Country Harbour (Died before going overseas): SNI, PSN
719.    Sutherland, Joseph, Private  Siege Batt
720.    Sutherland, Joseph E., Gunner  6th Seige Batt.
721.    Sutherland, Stanley of Country Harbour
722.    Swaine, Edward of Canso : SNI, PSN
723.    Swain, Sydney Garfield of Grosvenor
724.    Sweet, Harold K. of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
725.    Sweet, Nello Smith of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
726.    Sweet, Ralph of Goldenville (DOW)
727.    Taker, Frank Oliver: SNI, PSN
728.    Talbot, James Alexander of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
729.    Talbot, Wallace of Sand Point: SNI, PSN
730.    Talbot, William John of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
731.    Tate, Alexander of Grovener: SNI, PSN
732.    Tate, Edward
733.    Tate, James
734.    Tate, John of Melrose (KIA): SNI, PSN
735.    Tate, John, Private, C.G.R. of Mulgrave
736.    Tate, Lester of Lochaber: SNI, PSN
737.    Taylor, W A
738.    Taylor, William
739.    Thomas, George
740.    Thomkinson, Harold
741.    Thompkins, H.
742.    Tobin, Edward
743.    Turner, Garnet Havelock
744.    Uloth, Sylvester Philip of Dort’s Cove: SNI, PSN
745.    Waldron, J D
746.    Walkins, William
747.    Walsh, Bernard L. of Canso: SNI, PSN
748.    Walsh, Cecil Owen of Canso: SNI, PSN
749.    Walsh, Leonard of Goldboro
750.    Ward, Cyril Newton of Canso and Guysborough: SNI, PSN Did he serve in both wars?
751.    Watkins, Edward
752.    Watkins, William Edward
753.    Watkins, William T.
754.    Way, Henry
755.    Webb, Leonard Michael of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
756.    Webber, Arthur of New Harbour: SNI, PSN
757.    Wells, John C.  (KIA): SNI, PSN
758.    Wells, William: SNI, PSN
759.    Wells, W. A. of Whitehead (KIA): SNI, PSN
760.    Wells, William Alexander of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
761.    Well, William M T
762.    Weylein, Robert ‘Bobbie’ of Canso (KIA?): SNI, PSN
763.    Weyline William of New York and Canso: SNI, PSN
764.    Whidden, Henry
765.    Whidden, John Roy
766.    Whidden, Thomas
767.    Whidden, Roy: SNI, PSN
768.    Wilkinson, G. T. of Canso (George?): SNI, PSN
769.    Williams, George David of Queensport: SNI, PSN
770.    Williams, John Scott of Goldenville (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
771.    Williams, Scott
772.    Williamson, James
773.    Wilson, Robert (Both Wars)
774.    Wilson, Robert Sr.: HOAN
775.    Windeler, Eric
776.    Windeler, Harry
777.    Worth, John E
778.    Worth, Joseph E. of North Ogden (KIA)
779.    Yould, Noble Curfew of Truro and Canso: SNI, PSN

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