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Veterans of Guysborough County

Second World War

Veteran Surnames L to R

The following list contains the names of those who served in the Second World War. It is only a working list and there are bound to be mistakes and misinformation. For example, W. A. Taylor, maybe William Taylor, but until I know that William's middle name began with an 'A', I will keep both names listed.  There are instances where two men with the same name are listed. To help identify each, I added a note or two.  If you know anyone who is missing from the list, please, forward his/her name to  If you can add information for someone, even if it is just a name for an initial, let me know.  Thank you. Diana

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: September 26, 2007

Visit this link for a List of Second World War Veterans Completed


We are still looking for information on the veterans listed below.

640.    Laing, Bruce of Spanish Ship Bay (May have served in Both Wars)
641.    Langille, James Ernest ‘Ernie’ of Liscomb Mills (Diana): SNI, PSN
642.    Langley, Bruce of Seal Harbour (Diana): SNI
643.    Langley, Chester of Isaac’s Harbour: Veteran of WWI or II?
644.    Langley, Everett Harry of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
645.    Lavers, Phyllis Kathryn of Linden and Goshen (Mrs. Nichols - Diana): SNI, PSN
646.    Lawlor, Daniel Gerald
647.    Lawlor, Joseph (Lawler) of Salmon River District: SNI
648.    Lawlor, Raymond Bernard of Ogden: SNI
649.    Lawson, Edwin of Melrose: SNI, PSN
650.    LeBlanc, Rene of Whitehead
651.    Leet, James of Mulgrave
652.    Leslie, George Logan
653.    Leslie, Hugh Allan (Buddy)
654.    Leslie, Norwood Kitchener (KIA)
655.    Leslie, Wilbur Clare
656.    Leslie, William
657.    Lipsett, Ralph (KIA-Diana)
658.    Lloyd, Dorothy Mabel (Mrs. Bingley): SNI, PSN
659.    Long, George of Guysborough
660.    Long, Michael Tompkins ‘Mike’ of Ogden: SNI
661.    Longobardi, George Lionel of New York and Guysborough: SNI, PSN
662.    Lucus, Charles Joseph of Mulgrave
663.    Lucas, Lawrence Edward of Guysborough (KIA)
664.    Luddington Avard of New Harbour
665.    Luddington Fred of New Harbour
666.    Lukeman, John Patrick Thomas
667.        Lumsden, Elliot Joseph of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
668.    Lumsden, Gerald Ernest of Canso: SNI, PSN
669.    McAllister, ?
670.    McAllister, Bill of Salmon River District
671.    McAllister, Chris of Salmon River District
672.    McAllister, Grant of Salmon River District: SNI
673.    McAllister, Henry of Salmon River District
674.    McAllister, Herbert of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
675.    MacAllister, John Christopher of Ogden: SNI, PSN
676.    MacArthur, Kenneth:
677.    MacArthur, Lawrence of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
678.    MacArthur, Walter Pearson of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
679.    MacAskill, Allen Dan of Auld’s Cove (KIA - Diana): SNI, PSN
680.    McCall, Russell of Steep Creek
681.    McConnell, William ‘Bill’ of Holy Hill: SNI, PSN
682.    MacDonald, A. Lawlor
683.    MacDonald, Angus Edward of Liscomb Mills (Diana): SNI, PSN
684.    MacDonald, Anthony ‘Tony’ of Point Tupper: SNI, PSN
685.    MacDonald, Annie A. of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
686.    MacDonald, Archibald Hugh ‘Archie’ of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
687.    MacDonald, Archie John of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
688.    MacDonald, Basil of Mulgrave
689.    MacDonald, Burton of Sherbrooke with USA Forces: SNI, PSN
690.    MacDonald, Donald
691.    MacDonald, Dorothy
692.    MacDonald, Duncan Grant of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
693.    MacDonald, Duncan Robert of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
694.    MacDonald, Earle Cameron of Goldenville (Diana): SNI, PSN
695.    MacDonald, Garfield of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
696.    MacDonald, George Lawrence of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
697.    MacDonald, Harry Forest of Sherbrooke: SNI
698.    MacDonald, Hugh John ‘Sonny’ of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
699.    MacDonald, Kenneth of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
700.    MacDonald, James R. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
701.    MacDonald, Joe of Guysborough (Diana): Is this Joseph M. of Mulgrave?
702.    MacDonald, John of Country Harbour (Diana)
703.    MacDonald, John A. of Goldboro (Diana): SNI, PSN
704.    MacDonald, John H. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
705.    MacDonald, John William of Glencoe (Diana): SNI, PSN
706.    MacDonald, Joseph Basil of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
707.    MacDonald, Lawlor of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
708.    MacDonald, Lawrence Joseph of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
709.    MacDonald, Lewis of Mulgrave
710.    MacDonald, Lowell Russell of Stillwater (Diana): SNI, PSN
711.    MacDonald, Maurice of Guysborough (Diana) SNI, PSN
712.    MacDonald, Neil Bruce of Sherbrooke (Both Wars)
713.    McDonald, Paddy of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
714.    MacDonald, Ralph of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
715.    MacDonald, Russell of Lower Caledonia (is this Lowell Russell MacDonald on our list?): SNI, PSN
716.    MacDonald, Stanley Hugh of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
717.    MacDonald, Thomas Ernest of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
718.    MacDonald, Tony of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
719.    MacDonald, Vincent Alphonsus of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
720.    MacDonald, Wallace Grant of Goldenville (Diana): SNI, PSN
721.    MacDonald, Walter of Guysborough  (Diana) SNI, PSN
722.    MacDonald, William G. ‘Bill’ of Goldenville (Diana): SNI, PSN
723.    MacDonald, William Bernard: SNI
724.    MacDougall, Reverend N. (Is he a veteran?)
725.    MacEachern, Hugh Gregory
726.    MacEachern, John Desmond of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
727.    MacGrath, Angus
728.    MacGrath, Daniel Bert of South Lochaber: SNI, PSN
729.    MacGrath, Ellis
730.    McGrath, George Hermon of Salem, USA, and Wine Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
731.    MacGrath, Harry (or McGrath) of Goldenville
732.    McGuire, John (Diana): SNI, PSN
733.    MacHattie, E. C.
734.    MacHattie, Graham
735.    MacHattie, Harvey Donald of Sherbrooke (KIA - Diana): SNI, PSN
736.    MacHattie, M. S.
737.    MacHattie, W. G.
738.    MacInnis, Grant Dixon of Melrose (Diana): SNI, PSN
739.    MacInnis, Hugh Angus (Diana)
740.    MacIntosh, Burns Mason: SNI, PSN
741.    MacIntosh, Cam
742.    MacIntosh, Edward (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
743.    MacIntosh, Hazel
744.    MacIntosh, Sidney Forest of Smithfield (Diana): SNI
745.    MacIntosh, Thomas Arthur of Stillwater (Diana): SNI, PSN
746.    MacIsaac, A. A.
747.    MacIsaac, Alexander ‘Tando’ (Diana): SNI
748.    MacIsaac, Archibald Daniel ‘Archie Dan’: of Giant’s Lake (Diana): SNI
749.    MacIsaac, Earl of Mulgrave (Diana)
750.    MacIsaac, Ernest Joseph of Hazel Hill (Diana): SNI, PSN
751.    MacIsaac, Eunice of Giant’s Lake (Diana): SNI, PSN
752.    MacIsaac, Reverend James F. of Giant’s Lake: SNI, PSN
753.    MacIsaac, John Neri of Giant’s Lake (Diana): SNI, PSN
754.    MacIsaac, Joseph Alexander of Giant’s Lake (Diana): SNI
755.    MacKay, Ernest Annand (Both Wars)
756.    MacKeen, Bruce Joseph of Aspen: SNI, PSN
757.    MacKean, Floyd of Aspen: SNI, PSN
758.    MacKeen, Ivan Alexander of Aspen: SNI
759.    MacKeen, Sterling Manson of Aspen (Diana): SNI, PSN
760.    McKenna, Joseph Fulton (Diana): SNI, PSN
761.    MacKenzie, Courtney Duncan ‘Todd’ of Canso: SNI, PSN
762.    MacKenzie, Duncan Scott of Inverness and Sonora (Diana): SNI, PSN
763.    MacKenzie, Ross of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN
764.    McKinley, Aaron of Spanish Ship Bay (Diana): SNI, PSN
765.    MacKinlay, Edwin: SNI, PSN
766.    McKinley, Frederick of Spanish Ship Bay (Diana): SNI,
767.    McKinley, George Edward (Diana): SNI, PSN
768.    MacKinlay, Laurier (Diana): SNI, PSN
769.    MacKinlay, Lawrence (or Laurence): SNI, PSN
770.    MacKinlay, Pearson: SNI, PSN
771.    MacKinlay, Reginald of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
772.    McKinley, William of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
773.    McKinnon, Jack of Salmon River District (Both Wars - Diana): SNI, PSN
774.    MacKinnon, James L. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
775.    MacLaren, Wilfred Arthur of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
776.    MacLean, Margaret ‘Alicia’ (Mrs. Nicolle) of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
777.    MacLean, Colin A. of Mulgrave (Diana)
778.    MacLean, Donald John ‘DJ’ of Caledonia (Diana): SNI, PSN
779.    MacLean, Harry of New Harbour (Diana)
780.    MacLean, Howard Lindsay of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
781.    MacLean, John A. of Mulgrave (Diana)
782.    MacLean, James Pius of Mulgrave (Diana)
783.    MacLean, William Howard of Westville and Trafalgar (Diana): SNI
784.    MacLeod, Hector (Diana)
785.    MacMaster, Bruce
786.    MacMillian, Charles Alfred of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI
787.    MacMillan, Roderick H. of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
788.    MacMillan, Sterling of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN, brother to Roderick
789.    MacMillan, Vernon of Isaac’s Harbour
790.    MacMillan, William ‘Bill’
791.    MacMillan, William Fancy ‘Bill’ of Ontario and Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
792.    MacMullen, Rod
793.    MacNaughton, Arnold Huntley: SNI, PSN
794.    MacNaughton, Jennie
795.    MacNeil, Jeremiah Bernard of Giant’s Lake (Diana): SNI
796.    MacNeil, J. H. (Diana)
797.    McNeil, John Joseph of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN, brother Robert MacNeil
798.    MacNeil, Peter Ronald of Giant’s Lake (Diana): SNI
799.    MacNeil, Robert J. of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN, brother to John Joseph McNeil
800.    MacPherson, David
801.    MacPherson, Donald of Country Harbour
802.    MacPherson, Jerome
803.    MacPherson, John Roderick ‘Rod’ of Glenelg
804.    MacPherson, Roderick of Country Harbour
805.    MacQuarrie, George
806.    MacQuarrie, John of Lower Caledonia: SNI, PSN
807.    Mahar, Douglas Bernard of Sonora
808.    Mahoney, John Aloysius of Antigonish Harbour & Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
809.    Mailman, Donald Douglas Franklin of Liscomb Mills (Diana): SNI, PSN
810.    Mailman, Fred (Diana): Alfred’s Brother?
811.    Mailman, Joseph Leonard of Little Liscomb (Diana): SNI, PSN
812.    Mailman, Trueman Ralph of Liscomb (Diana): SNI, PSN
813.    Malloy, Alexander James of South Lochaber (Diana): SNI, PSN
814.    Mannett, Laurie
815.    Mansfield, George William of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
816.    Manson, Charles Thomas MacKeen (Both Wars - Diana)
817.    Manuel, Arthur Richard of Canso (Diana): SNI
818.    Manuel, Joseph of Canso (Diana): SNI, PSN
819.    Markie, James Andrew of Erinville: SNI, PSN
820.    Markie, William ‘Thomas’ of Erinville (KIA-Diana): SNI
821.    Martin, Earle Vincent of Boylston
822.    Martin, Gerald of Isaac’s Harbour: Veteran of WWI or II?
823.    Martin, Joseph Lister of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
824.    Martin, Malcolm Allan ‘Mac’ of Ontario and Country Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
825.    Martin, Ralph of Melford (Diana)
826.    Mason, Douglas of Country Harbour (Diana)
827.    Mason, Havelock of Country Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
828.    Mason, Herman of Country Harbour (Diana)
829.    Mason, Jay Robert of Country Harbour (Diana)
830.    Mason, Joseph Leonard (Diana)
831.    Mason, Loftus Darrell (Diana): SNI, PSN
832.    Mason, Robert of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana):  Veteran of WWI or II?
833.    Mason, Uriah ‘Firth’ of Isaac’s Harbour (Both Wars-Diana): SNI, PSN
834.    Matheson, Herman (Both Wars)
835.    Matthews, Dave
836.    Meagher, Al
837.    Michaud, Austin of Sherbrooke (Diana): SNI, PSN
838.    Michaud, David Clarence of Sherbrooke
839.    Millbury, W. O.
840.    Mills, David Arnold of Sonora: SNI, PNS
841.    Mills, Eldon (Diana): SNI, PSN
842.    Mills, Ernest ‘Charles’ (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
843.    Misener, L. G.  (Meisner?-Diana)
844.    Misener, Roland Eldridge (Diana): SNI, PSN
845.    Mitchell, C. A.
846.    Mitchell, H. F.
847.    Mitchell, L. H.
848.    Mitchell, W. R.
849.    Moody, Everett Ashton of Pugwash and Ecum Secum (Diana): SNI, PSN
850.    Moore, George of Mulgrave
851.    Moore, Grace of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
852.    Morash, C. G. of Caledonia
853.    Morris, Harold Ernest of West Liscomb (Diana: US Marines): SNI, PSN
854.    Morrison, Gilbert Rutter of Hazel Hill: SNI, PSN - brother to WWI Sholto Morrison
855.    Morrison, Scott Thomas of Guysborough (Diana): SNI, PSN
856.    Moser, James
857.    Moser, Reuben
858.    Mosher, Gertrude Arabelle of Canso (Diana): SIN, PSN
859.    Mosher, Lawson Harris of Canso (Diana) SNI, PSN
860.    Moulton, Percy (Diana-Is he a veteran?)
861.    Munroe, Alonzo David of Little Dover (Both Wars-Diana): SNI
862.    Munroe, Clarel A. of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
863.    Munroe, Earl of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PNS
864.    Munroe, Edward Trueman of Yankee Harbour (Diana): SNI, PSN
865.    Munroe, Granville Aston of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
866.    Munroe, Kenneth G. of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
867.    Munroe, Percy Lewis of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
868.    Munroe, Sanford C. of Phillip’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
869.    Munroe, Ward Alexander of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
870.    Munroe, William ‘Burns’ of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
871.    Munroe, William Donald ‘Bill’ of Whitehead (Diana): SNI, PSN
872.    Murphy, Joseph Patrick ‘Pat’ of Fox Island (Diana): SNI, PSN
873.    Murphy, Raymond of Larry’s River
874.    Murphy, William Albert ‘Bill’: SNI, PSN
875.    Murray, Eldridge of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
876.    Murray, John C. of Mulgrave (Diana): SNI, PSN
877.    Murray, Joseph of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
878.    Murray, Wilber S. of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
879.    Myers, Clyde Elmer of Guysborough  (DOW or DIT): SNI, PSN
880.    Myers, Frederick L. of Goldboro
881.    Myers, Harry
882.    Myers, William A. of Goldboro (Both Wars-Diana): SNI, PSN
883.    Napp (nee Furlong), Myra F. of Indian Harbour Lake: SNI, PSN
884.    Nauffts, Charles E. of Spanish Ship Bay (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
885.    Nauffts, Clifford Henry of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
886.    Nauffts, Ethel Irene of Sherbrooke (Kelly): SNI, PSN
887.    Nauffts, Murray S. of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
888.    Nauffts, Palmer: SNI, PSN
889.    Nauffts, Percy Ellis of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN - Was he in the Reserve?
890.    Nauffts, Wilfred James of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
891.    Newcombe, Ronald A. V. of Murphy’s Cove and Port Bickerton: SNI, PSN
892.    Newell, Donald Eric of Canso: SNI, PSN
893.    Nicholls, MacGregor
894.    Nicholls, Edward William of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
895.    Nichols, Charles of Canso: SNI, PSN
896.    Nichols, Clifford Payson of Argyle: SNI, PSN
897.    Nickerson, Bert: HOAN
898.    Nickerson, J. Judson of Canso (KIA): SNI, PSN
899.    Nickerson, William James ‘Bill’ of Sherbrooke (KIA): SNI, PSN
900.    Nicolle, Adolphe Henry of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
901.    Noble, Robert Hunt of Aberdeen, Scotland and Canso: SNI, PSN
902.    Nowlan, Lloyd George of Phillip’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
903.    O’Connor, Charles of Boylston: SNI, PSN
904.    O’Connor, John Golbert of Boylston: SNI, PSN
905.    O’Connor, John Thomas of North Riverside: SNI, PSN
906.    O’Connor, Joseph Patrick of North Riverside: SNI, PSN
907.    O’Connor, William D. of Boylston: SNI, PSN
908.    Ogilvie, Harold of South Lochaber: SNI, PSN
909.    O’Halloran, Earl of Melford: SNI, PSN
910.    O’Hara, Keith of Drum Head: SNI, PSN
911.    O’Hearn, George Wilfred of Canso: SNI, PSN
912.    O’Leary, Thomas of Queensport: SNI, PSN
913.    Olliver, Dennis of Country Harbour: SNI, PSN
914.    O’Neil, Arthur of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
915.    O’Neil, Cyril Bernard of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
916.    O’Neil, James of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
917.    O’Neil, John Francis Joseph of Ontario and Sherbrooke (Kelly): SNI, PSN
918.    O’Neil, Joseph Augustine of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
919.    Osborne, Fred Francis of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
920.    Pace, Gordon: SNI, PSN
921.    Pace, Godfrey of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
922.    Pace, Lawrence E.: SNI, PSN
923.    Pace, Ross of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
924.    Pace, Watson G. of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
925.    Pace, William ‘Godfrey’ Parker of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
926.    Parker, Basil Ellsworth of Canso: SNI, PSN
927.    Parks, Harold Grant ‘Harry’ of Steep Creek: SNI, PSN
928.    Parris, James of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
929.    Parris, Joseph Lawrence of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
930.    Parris, Roy, brother to James
931.    Parris, William of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
932.    Parry, John Allan of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
933.    Peart, Hilbert R. of Canso (KIA): SNI, PSN
934.    Peebles, Alonzo William of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
935.    Peebles, Daniel Purl of Mulgrave: SNI
936.    Peebles, Harold of Mulgrave
937.    Pietzsche, Harry Frank of Goldboro: SNI, PSN
938.    Pellerine, Adam Simon of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
939.    Pellerin, Albert A. of Larry’s River: SNI
940.    Pellerine, Alvin of Larry’s River
941.    Pellerine, Andrew of Larry’s River (Is this Andrew John Pelrine, son of Elizabeth and Ben?)
942.    Pellerine, Ansley Hubert ‘Onson’ of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
943.    Pellerin, Arthur Joseph of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
944.    Pellerin, Clement of Larry’s River: SNI
945.    Pellerine, Daniel of Larry’s River
946.    Pellerine, Edward of Larry’s River
947.    Pellerin, Howard of Larry’s River: SNI
948.    Pelrine, James Patrick of Larry’s River (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
949.    Pelrine, John Jeffery ‘Jeff’ of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
950.    Pellerin, Joseph "Josie"
951.    Pellerin, Joseph M. of Larry’s River: SNI
952.    Pellerin, Peter Daniel of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
953.    Pelrine, Raymond Francis (KIA): of Port Felix: SNI, PSN
954.    Pellerine, William George of Larry’s River
955.    Pelley, Jerry of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
956.    Pelley, Gordon of Sunnyville: SNI, PSN
957.    Pelley, Howard William of Guysborough: SNI, PSN
958.    Pelly, Hugh: SNI, PSN
959.    Pettipas, Arthur (Died of Wounds): SNI, PSN
960.    Pettipas, Phillip of Larry’s River
961.    Perkins, Gerald: SNI, PSN
962.    Perkins, John P.: SNI, PSN
963.    Phalen, Harry Edmond of Whitehead: SNI, PSN
964.    Pitts, Arthur of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
965.    Poirier, Joseph G. ‘Jeff’ of Dartmouth and Jordanville: SNI, PSN
966.    Polson, Thomas 'Stewart' of Goshen (Kelly): SNI, PSN
967.    Potter, Hector Harris (Kelly): SNI, PSN
968.    Pouis, R. (Is he a veteran?)
969.    Power, Cornelius (Was he a veteran?)
970.    Power, Lawrence ‘Fabien’ of Mulgrave (KIA): SNI, PSN
971.    Power, John O’Neil of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
972.    Power, Patrick ‘Pat’ of Queensport
973.    Power, Sylvester ‘Vester’ Samuel of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
974.    Powers, William Charles of Mulgrave (KIA): SNI, PSN
975.    Prosser, Earl G.: SNI
976.    Pryde, Gerald A. (Kelly)
977.    Pryde, Geraldine  (Kelly)
978.    Pryde, John R.  (Kelly)
979.    Pryde, John Ross ‘Jack’ of Sherbrooke (Kelly): SNI, PSN
980.    Pryde, William S.  (Kelly)
981.    Pye, Allison: HOAN
982.    Pye, Arthur
983.    Pye, Blair A.
984.    Pye, C. Maxwell of Sherbrooke with USA Forces: SNI, PSN
985.    Pye, Clifford of Liscomb: Served with USA Forces
986.    Pye, Clyde Samuel of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
987.    Pye, Charles Norton of Sherbrooke with USA Forces: SNI, PSN
988.    Pye, Douglas Edward of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
989.    Pye, Franklyn Richard Samuel of Pace Settlement (KIA): SNI, PSN
990.    Pye, Gordon Leslie of Liscomb: Served with the USA
991.    Pye, Howard Leslie of Liscomb (KIA): SNI, PSN
992.    Pye, Irvin Henry of Moosehead or Ecum Secum?: SNI, PSN
993.    Pye, John William of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI                                   
994.    Pye, Joseph Lorne of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
995.    Pye, Lewis Aubrey of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
996.    Pye, Lorne Burton of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
997.    Pye, Newton David of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
998.    Pye, Percy George D. of Pace Settlement: SNI, PSN
999.    Pye, Ross Campbell of Sherbrooke (US Army): SNI, PSN
1000.    Pye, Samuel of Sherbrooke
1001.    Pye, Stuart Allison of Pye’s Head: SNI, PSN
1002.    Pye, Walter F. of Ecum Secum: SNI, PSN
1003.    Pye, Walter Linsell of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1004.    Pye, Willard Dempsey of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
1005.    Quinn, Douglas Lloyd
1006.    Ray, Alexander (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1007.    Ray, John A.
1008.    Reddick, Alexander W. of Tracadie: SNI, PSN
1009.    Reid, Francis Charles ‘Frank’ of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
1010.    Reid, George
1011.    Reid, Joseph Henry of Ecum Secum West: SNI, PSN
1012.    Reid, Scott of Lawrencetown and Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1013.    Reynolds, Aubrey Joseph of Canso: SNI, PSN
1014.    Reynolds, Freeman
1015.    Reynolds, Richard John of Canso: SNI, PSN
1016.    Rhynold, Arthur Baker of Philips Harbour: sni, psn
1017.    Rhynold, Charlie: SNI, PSN
1018.    Rhynold, Clarence Edward of Philips Harbour: SNI, PSN
1019.    Rhynold, Frederick A. of Yankee Harbour: SNI, PSN
1020.    Rhynolds, George
1021.    Rhynolds, Ludvey Ellston of Canso: SNI, PSN
1022.    Rhynolds, Nathan William of Philips Harbour: SNI, PSN
1023.    Rhynolds, Wilfred of Philips Harbour: SNI, PSN
1024.    Richard, Bernard of Larry’s River: SNI, PSN
1025.    Richard, Bernard Allan of Canso: SNI, PSN
1026.    Richard, Ernest Stephen of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1027.    Richard, Ernie of Charlos Cove: SNI, PSN
1028.    Richard, Harold Vincent of Charlos Cove: SNI, SPN
1029.    Richard, John L.: SNI, PSN
1030.    Richard, Leonard Joseph of Charlos Cove: SNI, PSN
1031.    Richard, Thomas Joseph (KIA) SNI, PSN
1032.    Richard, William Amos of Charlos Cove: SNI, PSN
1033.    Richards, Frederick Ross of Phillip’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1034.    Richards, Larry Joseph of Charlos Cove: SNI, PSN
1035.    Richardson, Roland of Sherbrooke or Goldboro?: SNI, PSN
1036.    Riley, Roy of West Liscomb: SNI, PSN
1037.    Robar, Ernest of Country Harbour
1038.    Robar, James A. of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1039.    Robar John of Country Harbour
1040.    Roberts, Appelton Hurst of Canso: SNI, PSN
1041.    Roberts, Arthur Frederick of Canso: SNI, PSN
1042.    Roberts, Carl Cedric of Canso: SNI, PSN
1043.    Roberts, George Arthur William of Canso: SNI, PSN
1044.    Roberts, Harold Francis ‘Hucks’ of Canso: SNI
1045.    Roberts, Harry Waldon of Canso (American Army): SNI
1046.    Roberts, James of Canso: SNI, PSN
1047.    Robinson, Robert Marcus of Halifax and Sonora (Kelly): SNI, PSN
1048.    Rodgers, William (Rev.)
1049.    Roop, Harold Wallace of Isaac’s Harbour: SNI, PSN
1050.    Rose, Ernest of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1051.    Ross, C. ‘Robert’ of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
1052.    Ross, George Malcolm ‘Mac’ of Sherbrooke: SNI
1053.    Ross, Graham William (or William ‘Graham’?) of Sherbrooke: SNI, SPN
1054.    Ross, J. ‘Marshall’ of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
1055.    Ross, James Tory of Milford Haven Bridge: SNI, PSN
1056.    Ross, John G. of Sherbrooke: SNI, PSN
1057.    Rudolph, Basil M. of Little Liscomb (Both Wars): SNI, PSN
1058.    Rudolph, Bernard Edward of Little Liscomb: SNI, PSN
1059.    Rudolph, Cecil Benjamin of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1060.    Rudolph, Clarence Parker of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1061.    Rudolph, Donald of Little Liscomb: SNI, PSN
1062.    Rudolph, Francis of Liscomb: SNI, PSN
1063.    Rudolph, Lawrence Arthur of Liscomb (KIA): SNI, PSN
1064.    Rudolph, Owen H. of Little Liscomb: SNI, PSN
1065.    Rudolph, Welsford Cecil of Spanish Ship Bay: SNI, PSN
1066.    Russell, Otis Roderick ‘Archie’ of Lochaber: SNI, PSN
1067.    Russell, Percy Franklyn of Port Bickerton: SNI, PSN
1068.    Ryan, Eric Alphonsus of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1069.    Ryan, Foster Francis of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1070.    Ryan, Joseph William of Mulgrave: SNI, PSN
1071.    Ryan, Laura
1072.    Ryan, Patrick Martin of Canso: SNI, PSN
1073.    Ryan, Thomas Herald of Canso: SNI, PSN
1074.    Ryan, William Alexander of Canso: SNI, PSN
1075.    Ryan, William Joseph of Canso: SNI, PSN

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