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Veterans of Guysborough County

Information Form

To help capture and preserve the identities of the Guysborough County Veterans, we will need certain information. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason when answering a question, skip it and go to the next. It is not our intentions to make anyone feel that we are prying.

Please, feel free to include copies of personal writings, such as poems, letters to home, essays or stories of personal experiences. We understand that some may be more enthusiastic than others when providing personal information. One of our goals is to share a little of each veteran to help the reader understand the impact the war had on their lives, their families, their friends and their communities. They were forever changed.

CONTACT SECTION: This information will not be included in the book, but it is necessary for several reasons. Most importantly, it will help us double check any information we find in other documents, news clippings and other resources.
Relationship to Veteran:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:

REGARDING PHOTOS:  With each veteran, we would like to include a photo taken of them during their service, preferably in uniform.
Do you have a photo that would be suitable for the book?

Full name of Veteran:
Date of Birth (month/day/year):
Place of Birth:
Mother's Full Name (with Maiden Surname):
Father's Full Name:
Veteran of Which War:
Relatives who also served in WWI or WWII (If you can, state the name, place of birth, relationship and war):
Date of Enlistment and where(month/day/year):
Service/Regimental Number:
Regiment/Ships Served Aboard:
Date Posted Overseas (month/day/year):
Locations of Service:
Discharge Date (month/day/year):
Medals Received:
TradeBefore Enlisting (farmer/pulp wood cutter/student?):
Trade After Discharge:
Marital Status when Enlisted:
Spouse's Full Name (including Maiden Surname):
Marriage Date and Location:
Number of Children:

Current Residence(Community only, i.e. Sherbrooke):

Killed in Action (month/day/year):

Date of Passing (month/day/year):
Final Resting Place:
Is there an obituary available?

This could include information regarding wounds, letters to home, telegrams, buildings/streets named after veteran or organizations the  veteran was involved with.

Thank you in advance for providing us with information. Our goal is to include every WWI and WWII Veteran that served; even if just a name.

Send form to
Diana Lynn Tibert
RR# 1 Milford
Hants County, NS
B0N 1Y0

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