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Veterans of Guysborough County

List of Veterans whose information is complete
  First World War

COM: Complete information and photo gathered (unless otherwise noted)
HOAN: We only have a name and no further information
PSN: Photo Still Needed
SNI: Still need Information
KIA: Killed in Action
DOW: Died of Wounds
DIT: Died in Training
DNC: Died From Natural Causes While Serving

Last Updated: September 26, 2007

Number Completed: 153

1.    Armsworthy, Arthur Ellsworth of Canso
2.    Armsworthy, Buckley Andrew of Halfway Cove (DOW after the war - Diana): need medals awarded
3.    Armsworthy, William Alexander of Queensport (Diana)
4.    Avery, Joseph Edward of Larry’s River (KIA, US Army- Diana) PSN, need day of birth: October ?, 1887
5.    Avery, Wilfred Sylvester of Larry’s River (Diana) PSN
6.    Barss, Charles Abner of New Harbour (KIA - Diana): PSN, need medals, date posted overseas
7.    Barss, Harold Edwin of Canso (KIA-Diana)
8.    Barss, Harrington John of Canso (KIA - Diana): PSN, need medals, date posted overseas
9.    Bingley, George Ernest of Fisherman’s Harbour (Diana)
10.    Breen, Charles ‘Roy’ of Marie Joseph: PSN, need rank, discharge date, full death date
11.    Breen, James ‘Irvine’ of Liscomb (Killed in Halifax Explosion onboard the HMCS Musquash): PSN, need date of enlistment, job before enlisting
12.    Breen, Samuel ‘Gordon’ of Liscomb (Killed in Halifax Explosion onboard the HMCS Musquash): PSN, need enlistment date, job before enlisting
13.    Burns, Robert of Salmon River District (KIA - Diana): need location of service and medals
14.    Callahan, Alexander of Manchester (KIA-Diana) PSN, need medals received, date sent overseas
15.    Cameron, Alexander Hugh of Cameron Settlement (KIA-Diana) PSN
16.    Cameron, John Angus Cameron of Cameron Settlement  (KIA - Diana) PSN
17.    Cant, James Sr. (Diana): PSN, need father’s name, discharge date, marriage date, full death date
18.    Carrigan, Austin Alexander Sand Point (Diana): PSN, need date of death, place of burial
19.    Carrigan, William of Sand Point (DNC-Diana): PSN, need proof of parents’ names, medals
20.    Carter, Owen Alexander of Oyster Ponds (Diana): need rank, date posted overseas, locations of service, medals, spouse, date of death
21.    Chisholm, Alexander Sutherland ‘Alex’ of Caledonia (Diana): PSN
22.    Chisholm, James Daniel of Caledonia (Diana) PSN
23.    Clark, Daniel ‘Campbell’ of Caledonia (Diana): PSN
24.    Clark, Stanley Neil ‘Stan’ of Caledonia (Diana): PSN
25.    Clooney, Garfield of Sherbrooke (Diana)
26.    Conrad, Joseph Porter ‘Joe’ of Yankee Harbour (Diana)
27.    Cook, Clarence William of Cook’s Cove (Diana)
28.    Cooke, Orris Stephen of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): need date shipped overseas, medals, marriage date
29.    Crittenden, John Alvin of Mulgrave (Diana): PSN, need medals, discharge date, trade after discharge
30.    Crittenden, Joseph James of Mulgrave (Diana)
31.    Cumming, John William ‘John Willie’ ‘Jack’ of Lower Caledonia  (Diana): PSN
32.    Cumming, Marshall Ross ‘Ray’ of Lower Caledonia (Diana): PSN
33.    Davidson, Ernest Blanchard of Isaac’s Harbour North: PSN
34.    DeCoste, William ‘Eustace’ Anselm of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana): PSN
35.    DeCoste, William Arthur of Mulgrave
36.    Dort, Adelbert Wentfield ‘Delbert’ of Dort’s Cove (Diana)
37.    Dunbar, Roderick Smith ‘Rod’ of Mulgrave
38.    Fancy, John Gilbert Lorenzo of Ecum Secum: PSN, need discharge date, location of service, marriage date
39.    Earle, Vernon of Newfoundland and Canso (KIA-Diana)
40.    Ehler, Leslie Charles of Queensport (Diana) PSN, need career after discharge, marriage date, # of children
41.    Eustace, Robert Michael of Canso (Diana): PSN
42.    Feltmate, Nathaniel Wesley ‘Nat’ of Eight Island Lake: PSN, need location of service, date of discharge, medals received
43.    Feltmate, Reginald John of Canso (Diana): need discharge date, second spouse name, complete death date, burial place
44.    Ferguson, Frank Byron of Goldboro (Diana)
45.    Fletcher, Frederick John of Scotland and Boylston (Diana): PSN, need rank, discharge date, marriage date
46.    Fogarty, Howard Lewis of Canso (KIA-Diana)
47.    Fraser, Abram ‘Elmer’ of Lower Caledonia (Diana)
48.    Fraser, John James Ignatius of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana/C): PSN
49.    George, Joseph Henry of Port Felix (Lost at Sea  - Diana): need occupation before enlisting
50.    Giffin, Randolph Murray of Isaac’s Harbour (KIA-Diana): PSN
51.    Grant, Charles Francis of Oyster Ponds (Diana)
52.    Grant, Laurier Cribben of Guysborough (Home Guard WWII - Diana): need medals
53.    Greencorn, Harold William of Canso (Diana): need list of medals, full discharge date
54.    Greencorn, Roy Quentin of Canso (KIA-Diana)
55.    Halfpenny, William Wheaton of Sand Point (Diana): need rank, discharge date and medals awarded
56.    Hall, William George ‘Willie’ (KIA) of England and Country Harbour (Diana)
57.    Hart, Henry Scott of Canso (Diana)
58.    Hart, Lee Martin of Canso (KIA-Diana)
59.    Henderson, Austin Wilfred of New Harbour (Diana)
60.    Henderson, Harry Wallace: PSN
61.    Hendsbee, Vernon Foster of Middle Country Harbour: PSN
62.    Horton, Arthur Stanford of Canso (KIA-Diana): PSN, need date shipped overseas
63.    Hurst, Percy James of Canso (Diana)
64.    Imlay, William James of Guysborough (Diana): PSN, need career after discharge, marriage date, full death date
65.    Jamison, Allan Alexander of Peas Brook (Diana)
66.    Jamison, Guy Stillman of Sand Point (Diana) PSN, need medals
67.    Jamison, John Charles ‘Charlie’ of Peas Brook (Diana) need medals awarded
68.    Jamison, William Lewis ‘Soldier Bill’ of Peas Brook (Diana): need medals received
69.    Jordan (Jordain), Ernest William of Glenelg (Both Wars - Diana): need location of service, discharge date (WWI), location of service, regiment (WWII)
70.    Jost, Arthur Cranswick of Guysborough (Diana)
71.    Keating, James Baker of Gloucester and Canso (KIA - Diana)
72.    Keating, John Raymond of Canso (Diana), need list of medals
73.    Kennedy, James "Aloysius" Daniel of Mulgrave (Diana/C), need discharge date
74.    Kennedy, Leo Joseph of Guysborough (Diana/C), need date discharged, final resting place
75.    Langille, Charles Burton of West Liscomb (KIA-Diana): need date sent overseas, PSN
76.    Lipsett, Ralph Stanley of Middle Manchester (KIA-Diana) PSN
77.    Long, William Edward of Guysborough (KIA - Diana): PSN
78.    Luddington, Charles Albert of Manchester
79.    Luddington, Milton Allison (Kelly): PSN
80.    Luddington, Raymond Victor of Drum Head
81.    Lumsden, Clarence Basil ‘Bill’ of Canso (Diana)
82.    Lumsden, Percy John of Canso (KIA-Diana)
83.    Lynch, John William (DIT-Diana) of Marie Joseph/Liscomb: PSN
84.    MacDonald, Burton Clarence of Sherbrooke (Diana): PSN
85.    MacDonald, Daniel Henry of Sherbrooke (Diana): PSN
86.    MacDonald, James William of Sherbrooke (Diana): PSN
87.    Macdonald, John Angus of Sherbrooke (Diana)
88.    MacDonald, John Kenneth of Lower Caledonia (KIA-Diana): PSN
89.    MacDonald, John Parker ‘Park’ of Sherbrooke (Diana): PSN
90.    Macdonald, Lester Vincent of Sherbrooke (Diana): PSN, need regiment number, location of service, employment before enlisting
91.    MacDonald, Kenneth Roy of Liscomb Mills (Diana) PSN
92.    MacKinnon, Leonard Vincent of Fourchu and Canso (Diana): PSN
93.    MacLean, Frank ‘Burton’ of Stillwater (Diana): need medals received and marriage dates
94.    MacMaster, John Joseph ‘Jack’ of Glenkeen (Diana): PSN, need rank, location of service, discharge date, marriage date
95.    MacQuarrie, George Covey of Halifax and Lower Caledonia (Diana): PSN
96.    MacQuarrie, James Nelson of Caledonia (Diana): need rank, location of service, discharge date, medals
97.    Maguire, John Robert Bradford of Guysborough (Diana): PSN
98.    Mailman, Lockie of Gegogan (KIA) (Diana) need: Date shipped overseas, Medals awarded, PSN
99.    Manuel, Arthur James of Canso  (KIA)
100.    Mason, Leslie Seymore of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): PSN, need rank, date of discharge, medals, career after discharge
101.    Mason, William Marple of Isaac’s Harbour (Diana): PSN, need death date, resting place
102.    Matheson, Herman Oswald of Low Point and Ogden (Diana)
103.    McIsaac, Joseph Manson of Fox Island (KIA-Diana)
104.    Meagher, William Neil of Mulgrave (Diana/C): need date posted overseas, medals received, discharge date
105.    Mills, Clayton R. of Glenelg (KIA-Diana): PSN, middle name needed
106.    Morrison, Neil of Mulgrave (KIA-Diana): PSN, need parents’ names
107.    Munroe, Abram of Whitehead (Diana): PSN
108.    Munroe, Allan Ellsworth of Whitehead (Diana - KIA): PSN, need medals received
109.    Myers, Willard Spurgeon of Cole Harbour (KIA - Diana): PSN, need date posted overseas, medals awarded
110.    Newell, Harry Desmond of Canso: PSN, need location of service, date of discharge, career after discharge
111.    O’Brien, James Edward of Canso (KIA)
112.    O’Haley, Simon of Port Felix (KIA): PSN
113.    O’Hara, Lester ‘Conwell’ of New Harbour (KIA)
114.    Otto, Walter Bruce of Country Harbour: PSN
115.    Pace, Ross Wallace of Ecum Secum
116.    Pelrine, Allan of Larry’s River: need enlistment date, medals received and occupation before enlisting
117.    Pellerine, Lawrence Henry of Larry’s River: need location of service, discharge date, medals, trade after war, marriage date
118.    Pelerine, Thomas Paul of Charlo's Cove
119.    Pye, William ‘Gordon’ of Liscomb: PSN, need location of service, date of discharge, children
120.    Reddick, George William of Mulgrave: need location of service, medals, discharge date, marriage date
121.    Rhynold, (Reynolds), John A. of Canso and/or Fox Island (KIA): need date middle name, posted overseas, marriage date
122.    Rhynold, John Scott of Canso (DOW): PSN, need date posted overseas, discharge date, marriage date
123.    Richard, Vital of Port Felix (Kelly)
124.    Richmond, James of Mulgrave (KIA): PSN, need parents’ names
125.    Ross, William Wylde of Mulgrave: PSN, need medals awarded, spouse, children, date discharged
126.    Sangster, John Oliver Allison of New Harbour
127.    Scott, Walter Crosby of Guysborough: PSN, need date of death
128.    Silver, Arthur Herman of Goldboro
129.    Silver, Floyd Edgar of Goldboro
130.    Smith, Charles Edwin of Upper Smithfield: PSN
131.    Smith, John Robert ‘Jack’ of Upper Smithfield: PSN
132.    Smith, Martin of St. Francis Harbour (KIA): Need father’s name, PSN
133.    Smith, Raymond Edward of Mulgrave (KIA): PSN, need mother’s maiden name
134.    Smith, Robert Gordon of Country Harbour Cross Roads: PSN
135.    Snyder, Abner Lohnes (Lonas) ‘Ab’ of Halfway Cove: PSN
136.    Somers, Owen Delbert of Middle Melford (DOW): PSN, need mother’s maiden name
137.    Sullivan, Thomas of Canso (DOW)
138.    Suttis (Waterhouse), William Thomas of Leeds, England and Indian Harbour (KIA)
139.    Swaine, Arthur E. of Canso (KIA): Only Need Middle Name
140.    Swaine, Benjamin Wallace ‘Ben’ of Canso (KIA)
141.    Swaine, John William of Canso (KIA)
142.    Swaine, Roland Judson of Canso (KIA)
143.    Swaine, Wilfred Laurier ‘Frederick’ of Canso
144.    Talbot, Angus of Mulgrave: PSN
145.    Taylor, James Arthur of Forks of St. Mary’s (KIA)
146.    Taylor, William Charles of Cook’s Cove (Kelly): need some dates and location of service
147.    Tory, Charles Howard of Guysborough (KIA)
148.    Uloth, Richard Alonzo (Alphonso) of Cole Harbour: PSN, need rank, date of discharge, career after discharge
149.    Uloth, William Thomas of Lower White Haven (Accidental Drowning): PSN
150.    Williams, Courtney of Cole Harbour (KIA): PSN
151.    Williams, James Elisha of Cole Harbour: need list of medals, career after discharge, date of marriage, burial place
152.    Williams, Norman ‘Burton’ of Cole Harbour
153.    Wilson, Lambert of Country Harbour (Kelly)

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