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Just to clear things up, this page is spawned directly from procrastination. So whenever I have something important to do like say, studying, new stuff will appear on this page.
"I don't think God put me on this planet to judge others. I think he put me on this planet to gather specimens and take them back to my home planet." -- Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts
Temporary message: my site is currently being organized and under renovations, so stop with the incessant bitching. For now, articles and special features are at the top. Random Crap is in the middle, and flash cartoons and games are at the bottom.


  • Alternate History X: Season 2
  • Reasons to hate the French
  • Take your next vacation in Vdubistan --BRAND SPANKING NEW!!--
  • Mario World? --NEW!!--
  • The long anticipated "Tribute to Canadia"
  • My online journal -- UPDATED --
  • My official Christmas list - version 1.1
  • Revised sex education to teach the kiddies
  • Journal of a serial killer -- UPDATED --
  • Stella Awards
  • Important FDA warning. Level 5 danger.
  • Reasons why I'm going to hell
  • Beer is better than women and religion
  • Let's go bomb some brown people!
  • Rosie O'Donnell - Paladin of Ignorance
  • Newest recognized asshole: the SUV driver
  • Screw gatorade, when I'm running low on fuel, I grab a frosty brew
  • Vdub's kickass woman joke page.
  • Why golfers can suck it.
  • Why I hate Utah
  • Britney Spears is the epitome of evil
  • What are these guys talking about?
  • More fun with captions
  • Differences between Texas Colleges
  • Halloween 2002
  • Whataripoff
  • Ahhh...Katie...the girl of my dreams.
  • Thoughts
  • Even Deeper Thoughts
  • Women are evil. I can prove it.
  • This is quite possibly the most random shit you will ever read.
  • My spiel on romantic comedies
  • Insanity Test
  • Tenacious D
  • Holy crap, it's the japanese n'sync!
  • Jamming with towelheads
  • Sitting at home bored?


  • Stick Figure Warning-Man
  • See if you can figure out what's funny about this
  • Who wants a monkey phone call?
  • Give Cows a Voice
  • Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues
  • Need some quick cash?
  • Did you get a crappy christmas gift for your girlfriend? Make up for it Valentines Day with an origami boulder --NEW!!--
  • Put the fun back in fundamentalism and the laughter back into sectarian slaughter
  • Yet another reason to bomb the japanese
  • Girls quit lieing to yourself/Guys it is imperative you read and study this
  • Squirrel Hazing, the amazing untold story
  • Reason 37 to never get married
  • Holy Crap, I almost died laughing at these guys
  • Be the coolest cat on the block with these threads
  • No more popup ads, ever again. This is for real! ask me for details
  • A beneficial commodity for you troglodytes to consort who don't comprehend my vernacular.
  • Bloody greusome cartoons....but it's stick people, so it's all good
  • Holy crap, I stumbled on this site and laughed my ass off
  • So you've decided to be evil?


  • I just wanna bang bang bang
  • Kick the kitty
  • Ahhh, American Girls. Almost as good as Canadian girls
  • Star Wars Gangsta Rap
  • Bruce Lee kicking some ass --NEW!!--
  • This is your brain on drugs
  • G Dubya busts a move
  • I thought I'd seen everything, but alas I was proven wrong. Seizure kittens?
  • It's time to bomb the Swedish people to prevent stuff like this
  • I know my abc's
  • AZN pride. Got rice bitch?
  • Driver's Ed, Vdub style
  • Sport tha GA 2000. Oh fo shizzy I got one of these
  • Cats jammin some White Stripes. This is the definition of kickass
  • Viking kittens
  • The dangers of alcohol
  • If only I had Stephen Hawking's moves
  • Turn up your speakers for this one!
  • Burger King is so badass
  • Damn I love chinese food, don't you?
  • 3D shooting game from the maker of xiao xiao
  • Spank the monkey!
  • Dance for you
  • It's peanut butter jelly time!!
  • Yet another reason to bomb the japanese
  • John Allen Muhammed sniper game
  • Simon has turret's syndrome.
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