Saddam causing ruckus again? Let's bomb him. It's the American way.

So here we are again attacking Iraq. Way to go G Dub. Make sure you're signed for the selective service so you can be drafted to the third reich. Or maybe you can join the HSS - homeland security services. For you non history buffs, what I'm referring to is Hitler's rise to president on the platform of bringing his country out of economic depression. And what did Hitler do? He invaded other countries and showed off his military prowess. This is the exact same shit that G Dub is doing. And he's raising our taxes to pay for his $200 billion dollar campaign.

Let's delve deeper into this issue and find the true reason that we're attacking Iraq again. Let's skip the entertaining justifications given by ignorant media reporters about defending Kuwait's "model democracy." Let's ignore the military's persistent need to test new weapons. Let's even bypass the fact that we're obligated to protect our oil interests in the middle east so we can continue to drive gas guzzling SUVs. The real reason is that we like to pick on basically defenseless countries with limited war capabilities. I mean, what the hell does Iraq have going for it anyway? We like policing the world and we like war. Our country has only been around for 200 years and we've already had 10 major wars. It's the only thing our country is good at. We can't compete with foreign competitors in any given market, we can't provide decent health care to old people, and we can't educate our children except to believe in our newly acquired fascism. All we can do is bomb the shit outta people. We're damn good at that.

This is our responsibility as the "peacekeepers" of the world to bomb brown people. That's right! We bomb brown people. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. You have brown people, you can be sure we're gonna bomb them. We don't bomb white people. The only instance of us bombing white people is Germany. And that's only because they were trying to steal our job. It's our job to "democratize the world" as we eloquently say. We'll be damned if anyone tries to take over our job of world domination.

Does this make me a bad American because I refuse to be told how to think? The media instructs us how to react to George Bush's policies because they are sponsored by money grubbing socialist corporations who are in turn benefited by his "tax cuts for the rich". I like to form my own opinions. I also like to have reasons and facts to justify my opinions, unlike the media. I don't listen to a damn thing that CNN tells me, primarily because CNN doesn't know the value of a relevant piece of news. It's more important to spend 20 minutes analyzing the verdict of Winona Ryder's shoplifting case and other irrelevant celebrity bullcrap than filling us Americans in on why we're really desolating yet another middle eastern country. So let's go ahead and bomb Iraq again. Let's give the middle east another reason to hate us.

(I referenced George Carlin for this article)