"If I dressed like this I'd have to kick my own ass" Happy Gilmore

Golf, I can't think of a more worthless activity. Only fat suburbanites and CEOs play this game. And then they have the nerve to call it a sport. I say it's not a sport unless you run, get the crap knocked out of you, or both. I'll break more of a sweat playing ping pong in 5 minutes than I would playing golf all day. And what exactly is the point of golf? You hit the ball, chase after it, and hit the damn thing again. I say whoopdefreakindo. You hit the ball. You've won. Go home. Sit down on your couch and drink a beer. Also what's the deal with the clothes? Does looking like a complete moron help someone hit a ball? Maybe it'd be a sport if they had headhunters or poo throwing monkeys trying to attack these hippies or steal their ball. Maybe fill the sand traps with quicksand or humongous scorpions. I don't see any of this happening any time soon except for maybe in Canada. On the other hand we do have minigolf. It's pretty fun trying to hit the ball into the clowns moving mouth or trying to get it past Mr. T. I pity the fool who tries to make a hole in one. I try to hit an average of 3 balls into the lake per outing. Why? Because it's fun. Only little whiny kids care about getting a good score anyway. In conlusion, golf is for sissies and people that play volleyball.