This article is dedicated to my deep livid sentiments toward the most worthless people alive.  I'm not talking about hippies.  French people have actually notched themselves lower on the totem pole of society.   You ask, what causes my utter disgust for the French people?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Allow me to display to you in a clear and concise manner the reasons why France is the scab of the World.

During World War II, France, accomplished one of history's most notorious acts of cowardice, by surrendering to Hitler and the German Army with a fighting effort that would have been equivalent to just putting up speed bumps and asking the Panzer Tanks to slow down in the residential neighborhoods.  That wasn't enough though.  The French Government decided to further show their prowess of being weaklings by rounding up the Jewish population and handing them over to Germany.

During the mid-1980s, Colonel Muammi Qaddafi of Libya sought to undermine the US influence around the globe by ordering state sponsored terrorism attacks.  One such attack occurred at a disco in Berlin frequented by US service personnel, which caused more than 200 injuries.  Reagan ordered an attack on Libya out of self defense that included a group of F-111 bombers, the only ones that could have completed the mission, to fly from Britain, which was the only base where these planes could be stationed.  However, the cheese-eating surrender monkeys (France), afraid of the faint possibility of terrorist reprisals decided not to help their "Allies" and also refused to even grant authority to fly over their country, adding an extra 2600 miles and 8 hours to the mission.

Nonetheless, the French decided to display their stupidity and cowardice more when they whined incessantly about the US involvement in the Gulf War, stating that we had no right to bomb Iraq.  At this point, the French became interchangeable with the term hippy.  Obviously France didn't gain any moral fiber because they still protest military action against Iraq even though violation of weapons buildup by Hussein would lead to a certain bloodbath.  Then again, there is no French word for bath, so maybe that's the reason for their war protests.

I've said enough about France's weak spineless government leaders however.  Now I must move on to the actual people of France.  They bathe on a weekly basis, if even that, even though there are no inherent shortages of water or indoor plumbing.  The French men try to seduce married American women.  They are unbelievably arrogant. The entire population smokes like a chimney.  They speak a language that requires difficult and ridiculous verb conjugation.  Paris claims to be the leading attraction for gay tourists.  We can't forget the most worthless and stupid dog ever, the French poodle.  And finally, the entire country smells like rancid, moldy cheese and rotten ass-crack.

In conclusion, I hope that if the French peace efforts are successful, that Iraq gets a nuke and threatens to attack France.  In such a case, the whiny bastards will cower like sheep and the military leaders will run to Switzerland.  Then they'll agree to forfeit their entire country to Iraq, and send all the Jews packing to Germany.  Those sissies don't deserve a country and they sure as hell don't belong in the U.N.