Are you sitting at home bored? Chances are that your friends are doing the same thing. Here's a couple of ideas for you and your buddies to have a little fun.
"I don't promote violence, I just encourage it" eminem
Note that this is not jackass stuff, these are my own insane stunts. So to all you punks who saw jackass and think I'm being a poser and making this stuff up, click here

  1. Taking John street skiing

    If you're the kind of crazy people I'm hoping you are, then you've tipped over a port a potty at some time with your friends. Well me and my friends did anyway. Why not step it up a notch? Tie a rope to your bumper and to the port a potty. Now start hauling ass. And to make it even funner, round a corner real quick and send it flying into some guys yard. Make sure you get away quick and for the love of God don't do this in your own neighborhood. If this still isn't crazy enough for you, have a friend inside the port a potty.

  2. Walmart 500

    Get a hold of some walmart wheelchairs and start your engines. Burn rubber through the aisles and see who can actually complete a full lap of the store. Bonus points for wearing a helmet or decking out your wheelchair Jeff Gordon style. I recommend holding your race on a Sunday. More people in the store means less cameras focused on you.

  3. Collect flags

    Everybody needs a hobby. My buddies started a flag collecting hobby. See how many flags you can acquire in your town. Start with the schools, then businesses, then neighborhoods. Bonus points for getting flags from police stations or car dealerships. We massed a collection of 137 flags altogether. I challenge anyone to beat our record.

  4. more ideas coming soon, i'm really too tired to think of anything else right now. email me if you have any good ideas. heck, i'll accept the bad ideas too.