"I can't make it another mile. If only I had a beer to give me that extra energy. Wait, could it be? A michelob ultra? I'll slam it real quick. Ahhhh. I can get at least another 2 miles now. Damn, that michelob ultra hit the spot."

I was driving in Waco one day with some friends when I saw this advertisement on a huge billboard. On a side note, never to go Waco. It's not a city. It's a big town. Absolutely nothing interesting happens in Waco. You can actually cruise down MLK. All the clubs, which is about 3 total, close around 11 pm. someone could go crazy and develop an illusion that they're the messiah growing up in Waco....oh wait....that already did happen. Anyway, back to Michelob ultra. "Lose the carbs, not the taste." Is this cliche supposed to inspire me to go run a marathon? Will it make me a better athlete?

I wanted answers, and based on the fact that I had developed interest and that I had nothing better to do at the time, I proceeded to research the nutritional aspects of Michelob Ultra as compared to other beers.

michelob ultra 2.6 96
miller lite 3.2 96
coors lite 5.0 102
keystone light 5.0 100
corona light 5.0 105
bud light 8.8 150
naty lite 6.6 112

So when you calculate the carb to calorie ratio, you get 37 calories / gram of carbs. In comparison to miller lite, you get a whopping 22 extra calories. I can't risk those 22 calories if I want to be in peak physical condition so I can run that extra mile. That 0.6 gram difference is even more important when you take into consideration that the average adult consumes 250-300 grams of carbohydrates daily. Instead of drinking my normal 5 miller lites before my daily morning jog, I can now drink 6 michelob ultras. Hell Yeah!! Boston Marathon here I come.