Why I hate Britney Spears

Britney Spears. She ranks # 2 on my super bitch list second only to Rosie Odonnell. I'm sure many of you are thinking..."Why # 2? Why not someone like Martha Stewart or Hilary Clinton?" I'll tell you why. She destroyed MTV. MTV was decent until whe came along. Back in before Britney time, MTV had Beavis and Butthead , Coolio , Aeon Flux , Sublime , Singled Out (ahhh Jenny McCarthy) , 6 solid hours of music videos daily, and Skeelo . Now MTV is flooded with TRL, boy bands, 16 year old girls with breast implants and screechy voices singing about how innocent they are and yet how much of a slut they are at the same time, and various other crap that appeals only to mindless idiots and 9 year old girls that whine to daddy until they get money to buy the new n'suck or buttstreak boys cd. There is absolutely nothing good on MTV anymore except Jackass ....oh wait, it doesnt even have that anymore. It's all Britney's fault. And that's why she has earned the # 2 slot on the super bitch list.