Today I went to whataburger hoping that maybe something had changed and that it wouldn't still be the crappiest fast food restaurant. You guessed it...I was sadly disappointed. First off, there is no 99 cent menu at whataburger. What kind of fast food restaurant doesn't have a 99 cent menu? This brings me to my second point. They shouldn't be in the fast food category. They are really really really ridiculously slow. It blows my mind how slow they are. I believe it's attributed to the retards that work there. That's right, retards. I saw someone working there who looked like a teletubby. I wish I had a camera. You're never ready with a camera when a teletubby is making your food. We also have the pimp daddy burger flipper with his hat sideways walking around the prep line with a strut looking around to see if anyone is noticing how cool he is with the zoolander "ferrari" look while flipping burgers. Then we have the "manager". It never fails, this guy is always 45-50 years old. Good lord, what have you done with your life? You're a manager in the crappiest restaurant chain in America. Moving on...we finally get our food 20 minutes after we order it. After 20 minutes, I'd expect some gourmet food here, but no, it tastes like assburger. Not only that, but they managed to screw up mine and my 3 other friends' food. I asked for no onions. One of my friends asked for no mayo. Another one didn't get his cheese. The last one asked for no onions too. How they manage to be so consistent in screwing up orders is amazing. They should just change their name to "What's going on?" What kind of restaurant starts with "what" anyway? Well, I hear Warcraft 3 calling my name again, so I'm finished with this article.