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January 28, 2004
I attempted to start a blog but the one I chose decided to only let pictures be shown on blogs that you pay for. What kind of crap is that?! Aww well. Everyone wants to make a buck I guess. I thought I would share about my day yesterday. I make coffee for a living. Am I a waiter you ask? No. Am I a Starbucks employee? No. I’m an executive assistant. So, every morning, I make coffee for my boss. He comes to my office and says good morning which is my signal that he wants coffee. This is the routine every morning. So I go to the coffee maker where there is this girl from accounting standing there. She gets a big laugh out of seeing me serve coffee for some reason. This day she starts laughing in this obnoxious laugh saying, “I can’t believe he makes you get his coffee!!” More laughter ensues. I felt like punching her in the face. Seriously. Like she has some grand job in accounting sitting on her ass all day. We are all grunts here; no one is better or worse off. So as my day progresses into the afternoon, I get an email from my boss responding to an email I sent him about a lunch meeting he scheduled and needed to cancel. Was it saying thank you for canceling? No. Did it give a time frame to reschedule? No. It said, “Can I please have a glass of cold water.” WHAT THE FUCK!? I now am looking into another job. This is such BS. I wonder what would happen if he realized I had a brain and that getting water and coffee did not constitute being an executive assistant...its called being a maid!!! Anyway...Here was the blog I started but won’t be continuing just in case anyone wants to see my 3 days of rants. Woo hoo. Jens Bitch Journal Blog

Today’s coffee count: 2.
January 23, 2004 (this is another copy of my blog post)

GOD! GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if they are together or not? Is Gigli 2 coming out or something!? Why is it that some celebrities can manage to stay out of the spotlight with their relationships and others are always in it no matter what. Are people really that curious about these 2? I don’t get it. I guess if anything positive came out of this story its that Britney Spears and her 1 minute wedding is no longer a top story. Good Grief. Someone shoot me, why am I even talking about this.

January 21, 2004 (this is another copy of my blog post)

Yeah cuz this makes sense! There is nothing like being in the car with someone who is driving like an ass and justifies it with retarded logic. Whats the big deal with just being patient!? Why is everyone in such a big hurry to get everywhere? Is life that urgent? Its not the other inconsiderate drivers that scare me, its the person Im driving with who has no consideration for anyone in the car but themselves.

January 20, 2004
God could I have waited any longer to update my journal? I am starting a new journal on one of those blog sites. Here is the new link for my bitching! YAY!Jens Bitch Journal Blog

Today’s coffee/Tea/Alka Setzer count: 3.
January 20, 2004 (this is a copy of my blog post)
I saw this picture of Michael and had thought it was odd how he kinda looks like one of those transop patients. You know, people who change genders but go through the hormonal process before they have the operation? Who knows if he did anything to little boys. Do you think if he took off his jacket, there are some boobs?

January 14, 2004



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