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April 30, 2003

Have you seen those 10-10-220 commercials? Every time I see them I always think who is the genius that thought Alf would make for great advertising? Wasnít he an alien who ate cats and drank beer? I donít know. Who would you trust to give you cheap phone calling advice? Alf?

Or this?

April 28, 2003

Its so amazing that in China they can basically finish a new 1,000-bed hospital for SARS patients in about 5 days and it takes years for Los Angeles to fix an off ramp on the freeway. I swear I think they've been working on this street called Burbank since I moved here in 98!!! Am I missing something?

April 23, 2003

ahhhhh good ol work. There is this guy here who took over for one of the execs that left a few months ago. I swear I donít know how his head fits in the building or how he doesnít go deaf and mute from hearing the sound of his own loudmouth voice all day long. I think I just donít know what itís like to be self important and over confident. Is that attractive? Why is asshole behavior to coworkers awarded a promotion? This guy just gets under my skin. I think because Iím all nice and try to be helpful and then get zero back in the respect department. I canít change who I am and be an asshole back either. SighÖso what do I doÖbitch about it to myself and think of choice words Id like to say but cant to dickboy.

April 22, 2003

April 21, 2003

Sometimes I feel like others lives are all drama filled like a lifetime movie and mine is like watching 5 hours of CSPAN or golf. WoooHooo. I have a friend who has some stuff going on with her family and it totally sounds like some movie starring some has been actress from Dallas or something. Custody battles, kidnapping, conniving family members. ÖsighÖ the things Iím missing out on. She always has something going on. I heard this ad on the radio that said ďif they made a movie of your life, would anyone go see it?Ē It made me think. My life now would probably ensue puking because itís all sweet and mellow. I would get the lovesick romantics in the front row. My past would get better ratings because I was all retarded with men. I picked the biggest losers. If a guy had a mental problem and could manipulate hell from Satan, then he was my guy. Now watching lifetime is like watching a rerun of my life. God how sad that I am admitting I watch lifetime. Thatís depressing. I should really be committed.

April 17, 2003

Iím glad this Easter will be nice and relaxing. For the past 2 (or 3) I was with my ex and had to go with him to his family gathering which always sucked ass for me. I just never felt like I fit with his family and I didnít. That whole relationship was a mess from the start. But hindsight is 20/20. There was a bunch to learn from it. This past year has been a breath of fresh air. It took a lot of BS to get here but I learned a lot along the way. So anyhow, now for something completely differentÖI was curious where the Easter bunny came from. I think itís because I have a 5 year old in the who, what, when, where, why stage so my brain is in automatic ďfind answersĒ mode. I know the question is coming. My mom sent me a little book about sharing what the religious aspect of Easter means. Joy. I canít wait to get right on that and brainwash my child with it. I will never understand why the spiritual priority in others lives needs to be forced into mine. I donít even want to have to explain Easter much less any other story in the bible. Its like forcing fear.

April 15, 2003

April 14, 2003

Check this story out. AFFLECK BUYS GEM-STUDDED LOO FOR J.LO ďBen Affleck has bought fiancťe Jennifer Lopez a $105,000 gem-studded toilet seat. The pop diva's new loo is encrusted with rubies, sapphires, pearls and a diamond. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "The stones are set inside the plastic, so Jennifer's behind won't get scratched." Affleck, who is expected to marry his belle later this year, designed the seat himself. He told a friend, "Jennifer is my princess and she deserves only the best -- even when it comes to toilets." Whatís next? Hiring help to wipe her ass? I think Jennifer is really pretty but the last thing anyone really needs to know is what the price tag is of where she does her business. Not to mention the fact that her boyfriend cares about what she sits on when she does it. I canít say I wouldnít buy a bunch of useless junk if I were rich but this is just so retarded.

April 9, 2003

Donít you just love those people who act like every experience they are having is a first to mankind? Like no one in the world is doing what they are doing? Good grief. Iím all for listening to whatís up with people and their tangents (hell I have a bitch journal full of tangents) but when a personís ďexcitingĒ life is told to me like its bigger than the first steps on the moonÖwellÖI have to laugh at that little voice inside me that is yelling SHUTUP!

April 9, 2003

April 8, 2003

Iíve been a bit busy so my journal has been put on the back burner lately. Iím finding I actually have work I should be doing. Imagine that. I also havenít been feeling great. I think these meds are messing with my moods. I found myself crying (which I donít really do at all) while watching a movie called Sweet November. It has Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in it. I donít know whatís worse, that I watched a movie starring Keanu Reeves all the way through or that I cried watching it. Whatís wrong with me. I think Iím just all whacked on drugs. If I find myself sitting through the movie Biodome that they rerun on cable all the time, I will know Iíve totally lost it.

April 4, 2003

This is a book for me. Seriously. Read the description : ď"You're too nice," says Amy's best friend, Kate. Amy's not sure what "too nice" means, but she sure knows how it feels: rotten. She's tired of giving her things away, tired of getting stuck with the jobs nobody wants, and tired of feeling angry and sad. But with a little help and practice, she starts learning how to be friendly yet take care of herself at the same time. Soon she discovers that when she stops being "Too Nice Amy," everyone is happier: including Amy! ď I donít know why but I can never say what Iím thinking right on the spot. Iím always all nice and passive. Here is an example. Earlier this week I was at the park on my lunch with my boyfriend. This girl came up and asked if I would watch her backpack while she ran around the park a few laps. I said yes like a nice girl when I really wanted to tell her no and ask her why she would bring her backpack to a park if she knew she wasnít going to be able to watch it. I donít want to be responsible for someone elseís crap. I have my own stuff to worry about. I need a good case of Tourette's syndrome for a day just to get out my true feelings on people.

April 1, 2003