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February 26, 2004
I wrote a few papers I thought I would post in my journal since they are argument papers. I love these. I get to learn about current issues and get credit for school. This first one is on the Grocery Workers Strike. I have to admit. I was getting a little annoyed at the fact that I was inconvenienced, but now I understand the workers fight. Not that anyone reads my journal, but here it is anyway. A departure from my coffee issues: Grocery Strike Argument

Today’s coffee count: 0 (my boss is out and didn’t tell me. What a great Assistant I am knowing nothing!!!).
February 24, 2004
I love it when I get advice about a situation that basically means I need to change the type of person I am. For example, Im in the process of looking for a new job because I am tired of serving coffee. I have actually gotten quite depressed about the whole situation and of course, I am told that the reason I am not happy is that I am too nice. I care too much and am way too considerate in the workplace. Hmm…what an awful way to be. I really need to change my personality to suit the self-centered and join them. Cuz god knows we don’t need any more people with feelings in the world. The roof in my office is all torn up due to a leak from the rainy weather and it kinda describes how I feel these days..for the most part, I am composed and together but there is a part of me that is in need of repairs or maybe just in need of sleep. Im so tired right now. I can barely stay awake and I have 5 more hours of on call, executive coffee service left.

Today’s coffee count: 2 (but the day is so young).
February 11, 2004
What do you see in this photo? Is it two girls or a girl kissing a guy with a really bad perm? Have you ever seen the show The Greatest American Hero that was big in the early 80’s? Maybe he has a gig selling flowers on MSN. It just struck me. With all the talk about gay rights and banning same sex marriages, I thought it was an interesting ad that MSN had on their main page. Personally, I think same sex marriages should be allowed. If two people want to commit to eachother, than by all means. Go for it. Its not my business to tell anyone who they can and cant love. Onto a completely different subject….I meant to write about this yesterday but didn’t find time to write. I went to this restaurant Norms for lunch yesterday. It’s like a Denny’s only more old people go there for some reason. I was reminded of how comfortable people can feel when they are not at home. I was sitting waiting for my food and could hear a little boy coughing at the table across from me. No big deal….until it was the kind of cough that involves puking!!! YUCK! So, my appetite is getting smaller by this point and my food is taking forever. I hear the boy coughing some more and look up to see the dad licking the top of the ketchup bottle after using it!! GROSS! And if that isn’t enough, there was a black hair in my boyfriend’s food once it arrived. EWWW! Needless to say, I had no appetite and the waitress actually took my meal off the bill since I didn’t touch it. So, um ..yeah…is it any wonder how diseases spread?

Today’s coffee count: 3 + “hibiscus” tea.
February 3, 2004
So, I guess I really am just stupid because all I am asked to do at work is get tea and coffee. It is on my last nerve. I think the email about getting a glass of water really set me off. Everytime I am asked to get coffee I can hear my smartass voice in my head going off like Im 14 being reminded to clean my room. It is that annoying lump in my chest and I can feel my blood pressure rise when I am asked. I need a new job. This is seriously lame. I totally understand how people go postal from boredom. I think I spent a good portion of the day looking for another job on and Im just annoyed. Maybe I should try to be let go. I know I am a smart, capable person and I am being treated like a brainless dumbass. Of course, people tell me to “say something” but really, when is the last time anyone stood up to their boss, said FUCK YOU, and had a job the next day? That is what I want to say. I think of my boss and I am reminded of Terri Garr in the movie Mr. Mom. She is all nice and sweet and starts cutting up her bosses food because she feels like a mom 24/7, even at work! Maybe that is what it is. I don’t know...Im just annoyed.

Today’s coffee count: 2 + “hibiscus” tea.



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