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March-April 2009, all times EST

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Movies so far have included: the comedy Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (Mike Myers), Blast From The Past (1999, comedy raised in a fallout shelter), Delirious (2005, John Candy as writer who wakes up in town he created), Love Potion #9 (Sandra Bullock, 1992), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey falls for an older woman, a vampire), Hitchcock movies, Walk Like A Man (Howie Mandell as a man raised by wolves in a Tarzan spoof), AIRPORT '77 (in the Bermuda Triangle), Xanadu (1980, Olvivia Newton John as dancer Gene Kelly's muse), AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE, James Bond 007 movies, and others
March-April, 2009
Sunday, 3 ·1
5:00a In His Father's Shoes PG
6:50a Flipper PG
8:35a Uncle Buck PG
10:20a Love & Basketball PG13
12:30p What About Bob? PG
2:10p Flipper PG
3:50p Uncle Buck PG
5:35p The Animal PG13
7:00p What About Bob? PG
8:40p Love & Basketball PG13
10:45p Uncle Buck PG
12:30a Flipper PG
2:10a The Flintstones In Viva Rock... PG
3:45a Something To Cheer About TVG
Monday, 3 ·2
5:00a Salt And Pepper G
6:45a Live And Let Die PG
8:50a The Stranger TVPG
10:30a Journey To The Center Of The... TVPG
12:05p Salt And Pepper G
1:50p Enemy Mine PG13
3:40p Live And Let Die PG
5:45p Poltergeist II: The Other Side PG13
7:20p The Stranger TVPG
9:00p Enemy Mine PG13
11:00p To Kill A Mockingbird TVPG
1:15a Live And Let Die PG
3:20a Journey To The Center Of The... TVPG
Tuesday, 3 ·3
5:00a Bye, Bye Birdie G
7:15a Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low... TVPG
9:00a Hoosiers PG
11:00a Flowers In The Attic PG13
12:35p Frequency PG13
2:35p Pork Chop Hill TVPG
4:15p Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low... TVPG
6:00p A Time For Drunken Horses TVPG
7:20p Flowers In The Attic PG13
9:00p Hoosiers PG
11:00p Frequency PG13
1:05a Resistance TV14
2:45a Bye, Bye Birdie G
Wednesday, 3 ·4
5:00a Shalako TVPG
7:00a Frontier Scout TVPG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E7)
9:00a Cheyenne (E70)
10:00a Maverick (E27)
11:00a The Gene Autry Show (E48)
11:35a The Shooting G
1:00p The Blazing Sun TVG
2:15p Man Of The West TV14
4:00p Where The Hell's That Gold?!!? PG
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E49)
6:00p Cheyenne (E43)
7:00p Maverick (E88)
8:00p Maverick (E89)
9:00p The Outcast TVPG
10:35p The Shooting G
12:05a Four Faces West TVG
1:45a Where The Hell's That Gold?!!? PG
3:20a The Outcast TVPG
Thursday, 3 ·5
5:00a Meteor PG
6:50a Arena PG13
8:30a Legend PG
10:00a Never Say Never Again PG
12:15p Gorgeous PG13
2:00p Octopussy PG
4:15p Undercover Blues PG13
5:50p Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
8:00p Never Say Never Again PG
10:20p Octopussy PG
12:35a Diamonds Are Forever PG
2:40a On The Beach TVPG
Friday, 3 ·6
5:00a A Farewell To Arms TVPG
7:35a Legal Eagles PG
9:35a Reality Bites PG13
11:15a Out Of Africa PG
2:00p Earth Girls Are Easy PG
3:45p Coyote Ugly PG13
5:30p Desperately Seeking Susan PG13
7:15p Out Of Africa PG
10:00p Reality Bites PG13
11:40p Coyote Ugly PG13
1:30a Desperately Seeking Susan PG13
3:15a Look Back In Anger TVPG
Saturday, 3 ·7
5:00a Conrack PG
6:50a Starcrossed TVPG
8:30a Always PG
10:35a Chocolat PG13
12:40p John Ford Goes To War TVPG
1:40p Starcrossed TVPG
3:20p Come On, Get Happy TVG
4:50p My Life PG13
6:50p Chocolat PG13
9:00p Always PG
11:05p Blue Butterfly PG
12:50a My Life PG13
2:50a John Ford Goes To War TVPG
Sunday, 3 ·8
5:00a Tremors PG13
6:40a Pure Luck PG
8:20a Dungeons & Dragons PG13
10:15a Remember The Titans PG
12:10p Class Act PG13
1:50p Tremors PG13
3:30p Dungeons & Dragons PG13
5:20p Pure Luck PG
7:00p Class Act PG13
8:40p Remember The Titans PG
10:35p Dungeons & Dragons PG13
12:30a Tremors PG13
2:10a The Parent Trap PG
4:20a Musicology (E4)
Monday, 3 ·9
5:00a Amos & Andrew PG13
6:40a On The Beach TVPG
9:00a 2001: A Space Odyssey G
11:30a Pure Luck PG
1:10p Octopussy PG
3:30p Kiss Me Deadly TV14
5:20p Goldfinger PG
7:20p Pure Luck PG
9:00p 2001: A Space Odyssey G
11:30p Amos & Andrew PG13
1:15a Octopussy PG
3:35a Sherlock Holmes: Dressed To Kill TVG
Tuesday, 3 ·10
5:00a In The Time Of Butterflies PG13
6:35a Rockin' The House PG13
8:10a Bounce PG13
10:00a Little Man Tate PG
11:40a In The Time Of Butterflies PG13
1:15p Miracle On Ice TVPG
3:40p Julia PG
5:40p Rockin' The House PG13
7:15p Little Man Tate PG
9:00p Bounce PG13
10:50p Julia PG
12:50a Rear Window TV14
2:30a Miracle On Ice TVPG
Wednesday, 3 ·11
5:50a Reprisal! TVPG
7:10a War Drums TV14
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E12)
9:00a Cheyenne (E75)
10:00a Maverick (E32)
10:50a Twilight In The Sierras TVPG
12:00p West To Glory TVPG
1:00p Whirlwind TVG
2:15p Saddle The Wind TVPG
3:45p Disappearances PG13
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E54)
6:00p Cheyenne (E48)
7:00p Maverick (E98)
8:00p Maverick (E99)
9:00p A Time For Killing TVPG
10:35p 8 Seconds PG13
12:30a Another Man, Another Chance PG
2:50a Days Of Old Cheyenne TVPG
3:50a Last Of The Pony Riders TVG
Thursday, 3 ·12
5:00a John Ford Goes To War TVPG
6:05a Gotcha! PG13
7:50a White Squall PG13
10:05a The Spy Who Loved Me PG
12:15p You Only Live Twice PG
2:15p Six Days Seven Nights PG13
4:00p Thunderball PG
6:15p Big Trouble In Little China PG13
8:00p You Only Live Twice PG
10:00p The Spy Who Loved Me PG
12:10a Thunderball PG
2:30a On Her Majesty's Secret Service PG
Friday, 3 ·13
5:00a Desperately Seeking Susan PG13
6:50a Biloxi Blues PG13
8:45a The Other Sister PG13
11:00a Nothing Personal PG
12:45p Mannequin PG
2:20p Camilla PG13
4:00p The Preacher's Wife PG
6:05p The Other Sister PG13
8:20p Mannequin PG
10:00p Bed Of Roses PG
11:30p The Preacher's Wife PG
1:40a Revenge Of The Nerds II: Nerds... PG13
3:20a Camilla PG13
Saturday, 3 ·14
5:00a My Father, My Son TVPG
6:35a A Mother's Prayer PG13
8:10a Mask PG13
10:15a In The Time Of Butterflies PG13
11:50a Whale Rider PG13
1:35p A Mother's Prayer PG13
3:20p Sweet And Lowdown PG13
5:00p Bye, Bye Birdie G
7:20p In The Time Of Butterflies PG13
9:00p Mask PG13
11:05p Whale Rider PG13
12:50a A Mother's Prayer PG13
2:30a LBJ: The Early Years TVPG
Sunday, 3 ·15
5:00a Musicology (E3)
5:35a The Parent Trap PG
7:45a Frank McKlusky, C.I. PG13
9:10a Billy Madison PG13
10:40a The Flintstones In Viva Rock... PG
12:15p Problem Child 2 PG13
1:50p The Parent Trap PG
4:05p Billy Madison PG13
5:35p Frank McKlusky, C.I. PG13
7:00p Problem Child 2 PG13
8:35p The Flintstones In Viva Rock... PG
10:10p Billy Madison PG13
11:40p The Parent Trap PG
1:50a Tremors PG13
3:30a Particle Transformations Live TV14
Monday, 3 ·16
5:00a Arabesque TVPG
6:50a Murder By The Book TVPG
8:30a My Gun Is Quick TV14
10:05a Arachnophobia PG13
12:00p Nothing But The Night PG
1:35p Murder By The Book TVPG
3:20p My Gun Is Quick TV14
5:00p Night Of The Living Dead TV14
6:45p Moonraker PG
9:00p Arachnophobia PG13
11:00p Murder By The Book TVPG
12:40a On Her Majesty's Secret Service PG
3:05a Arabesque TVPG
Tuesday, 3 ·17
5:00a The Work And The Glory II:... PG13
6:40a The Wind That Shakes The Barley TV14
8:50a Louis Armstrong - Chicago Style TVPG
10:05a Jack The Bear PG13
11:50a Norma Rae PG
1:50p My Life PG13
3:50p Mercy Or Murder? TVPG
5:30p The Work And The Glory II:... PG13
7:15p Jack The Bear PG13
9:00p My Life PG13
11:00p Norma Rae PG
1:00a The Wind That Shakes The Barley TV14
3:15a Mercy Or Murder? TVPG
Wednesday, 3 ·18
5:00a The Gene Autry Show (E58)
5:35a The Big Country TVPG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E17)
9:00a Cheyenne (E80)
10:00a Maverick (E37)
11:00a Pack Train TVG
12:00p Lights Of Old Santa Fe TVPG
1:00p Valley Of Fire TVG
2:15p Black Fox: Good Men And Bad TV14
3:50p Legends Of The American West TV14
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E59)
6:00p Cheyenne (E53)
7:00p Maverick (E108)
8:00p Maverick (E109)
9:00p The Big Country TVPG
11:50p Drums Along The Mohawk TVPG
1:40a Legends Of The American West TV14
3:20a Black Fox: The Price Of Peace TV14
Thursday, 3 ·19
5:00a Warren Miller's Impact TVG
6:45a 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up PG13
8:20a Transmorphers TV14
9:50a Shanghai Noon PG13
11:50a A View To A Kill PG
2:10p Double Dragon PG13
3:50p Licence To Kill PG13
6:05p Shanghai Noon PG13
8:00p For Your Eyes Only PG
10:10p A View To A Kill PG
12:30a Licence To Kill PG13
2:45a White Squall PG13
Friday, 3 ·20
5:00a This Is My Life PG13
6:35a Love And Death PG
8:05a September PG
9:30a Keeping The Faith PG13
11:40a That Thing You Do! PG
1:30p Perfect Opposites PG13
3:05p The Money Pit PG
4:40p Gray Matters PG13
6:20p Immediate Family PG13
8:10p That Thing You Do! PG
10:00p Keeping The Faith PG13
12:15a Gray Matters PG13
2:00a Satisfaction PG13
3:35a Movers & Shakers PG
Saturday, 3 ·21
5:00a The Madness Of King George PG13
7:00a Little Gloria: Happy At Last (P1) TVPG
8:40a Little Gloria: Happy At Last (P2) TVPG
10:15a Little Man Tate PG
12:00p First Knight PG13
2:20p The Madness Of King George PG13
4:15p A Time For Drunken Horses TVPG
5:35p Untamed Heart PG13
7:20p Our Winning Season PG
9:00p First Knight PG13
11:20p Little Man Tate PG
1:05a Untamed Heart PG13
2:50a A Night To Remember TVPG
Sunday, 3 ·22
5:00a The New Adventures Of Pinocchio TVG
6:30a By Dawn's Early Light G
8:20a The One PG13
9:50a Dante's Peak PG13
11:40a Back To The Future PG
1:40p Memoirs Of An Invisible Man PG13
3:20p The One PG13
4:50p Ladyhawke PG13
7:00p Back To The Future PG
9:00p Dante's Peak PG13
10:50p The One PG13
12:20a Memoirs Of An Invisible Man PG13
2:00a Love & Basketball PG13
4:05a On The Set: Ratatouille TVG
4:30a Musicology (E1)
Monday, 3 ·23
5:00a A View To A Kill PG
7:15a The Hound Of The Baskervilles TV14
8:45a Journey To The Center Of The... TVPG
10:20a Sherlock Holmes And The Secret... TVPG
11:35a Silver Streak PG
1:35p The Stranger TVPG
3:10p The Hound Of The Baskervilles TV14
4:45p A View To A Kill PG
7:00p Silver Streak PG
9:00p The Living Daylights PG
11:15p The Stranger TVPG
1:00a Journey To The Center Of The... TVPG
2:40a A View To A Kill PG
Tuesday, 3 ·24
5:00a LBJ: The Early Years TVPG
7:30a Blue Butterfly PG
9:10a Crossroads TV14
10:45a Chocolat PG13
12:50p Come On, Get Happy TVG
2:20p Far And Away PG13
4:50p Crossroads TV14
6:20p West Side Story PG
9:00p Chocolat PG13
11:05p Blue Butterfly PG
12:45a A Mother's Prayer PG13
2:20a West Side Story PG
Wednesday, 3 ·25
5:00a Black Fox: Good Men And Bad TV14
6:35a Check Your Guns TVPG
7:30a Oh, Susanna! TVPG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E22)
9:00a Cheyenne (E85)
10:00a Maverick (E42)
10:50a Man Of The East PG
1:00p Tumbling Tumbleweeds TVG
2:00p Thousand Pieces Of Gold PG13
3:50p Singing Guns TVG
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E64)
6:00p Cheyenne (E58)
7:00p Maverick (E118)
8:00p Maverick (E119)
9:00p Trooper Hook TVPG
10:30p Tomahawk Trail TVPG
11:35p Pocket Money PG
1:20a Singing Guns TVG
3:00a Trooper Hook TVPG
4:30a The Gene Autry Show (E64)
Thursday, 3 ·26
5:00a Remo Williams: The Adventure... PG13
7:10a The Private Files Of J. Edgar... PG
9:10a The People That Time Forgot PG
10:45a The Premonition TV14
12:20p Goldfinger PG
2:15p Hard Time TV14
3:50p From Russia With Love PG
5:50p Gone In Sixty Seconds PG13
8:00p Dr. No PG
10:00p Goldfinger PG
12:00a From Russia With Love PG
2:00a Breaker! Breaker! PG
3:30a Leonard Part 6 PG
Friday, 3 ·27
5:00a Mrs Brown PG
6:50a The Seven Year Itch TVPG
8:40a A Farewell To Arms TVPG
11:15a Three To Tango PG13
1:00p Tortilla Soup PG13
2:50p Crimes And Misdemeanors PG13
4:40p Nine Months PG13
6:30p Talk Of Angels PG13
8:10p Tortilla Soup PG13
10:00p Three To Tango PG13
11:40p Nine Months PG13
1:30a Talk Of Angels PG13
3:10a Biloxi Blues PG13
Saturday, 3 ·28
5:00a The Wind That Shakes The Barley TV14
7:10a Far And Away PG13
9:35a Hoosiers PG
11:35a Julia PG
1:35p Jack The Bear PG13
3:20p The Playboys PG13
5:20p Rear Window TV14
7:00p Hoosiers PG
9:00p Far And Away PG13
11:20p Jack The Bear PG13
1:00a Rear Window TV14
2:30a Miracle On Ice TVPG
Sunday, 3 ·29
5:00a Michael Franti & Spearhead: Live... TV14
6:10a White Squall PG13
8:20a Holy Man PG
10:20a Jetsons: The Movie G
11:50a Gone In Sixty Seconds PG13
1:50p White Squall PG13
4:00p Miracle Dogs Too TVG
5:35p Jetsons: The Movie G
7:00p Holy Man PG
9:00p White Squall PG13
11:10p Gone In Sixty Seconds PG13
1:10a Dante's Peak PG13
3:00a The New Adventures Of Pinocchio TVG
4:30a Musicology (E5)
Monday, 3 ·30
5:00a From Russia With Love PG
7:00a Moving Target TVPG
8:40a Poltergeist II: The Other Side PG13
10:15a To Kill A Mockingbird TVPG
12:30p From Russia With Love PG
2:30p Dr. No PG
4:30p Thunderball PG
6:45p To Kill A Mockingbird TVPG
9:00p Poltergeist II: The Other Side PG13
10:35p Separated By Murder TV14
12:15a Moving Target TVPG
1:50a Nothing But The Night PG
3:20a Poltergeist II: The Other Side PG13
Tuesday, 3 ·31
5:00a By Dawn's Early Light G
6:45a Mask PG13
8:50a Always PG
11:00a First Knight PG13
1:15p Leave 'Em Laughing TV14
3:00p Mask PG13
5:05p Flowers In The Attic PG13
6:40p First Knight PG13
9:00p Always PG
11:05p Mask PG13
1:10a The Derby Stallion TVPG
2:50a The Mission PG
                                   April, 2009
Wednesday, 4 ·1
5:00a Deadly Shooter TV14
6:35a When The Legends Die PG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E27)
9:00a Cheyenne (E90)
10:00a Maverick (E47)
11:00a The Gene Autry Show (E68)
11:30a Down Missouri Way TVG
12:45p Yankee Fakir TVPG
2:00p Back To The Future, Part III PG
4:05p Judge Priest TVPG
5:30p The Honkers PG
7:20p Alias Jesse James TVPG
9:00p Rooster Cogburn PG
10:50p From Noon Till Three PG
12:30a Wanda Nevada PG
2:20a The Honkers PG
4:05a Overland Riders TVPG
Thursday, 4 ·2
5:00a The Private Files Of J. Edgar... PG
7:00a Seconds To Spare TV14
8:40a Moving Target TVPG
10:20a Moonraker PG
12:30p Iron Eagle IV PG13
2:10p The Man With The Golden Gun PG
4:20p Escape From The Planet Of The... G
6:00p Battlefield Earth PG13
8:00p Moonraker PG
10:10p The Man With The Golden Gun PG
12:20a Live And Let Die PG
2:30a Battlefield Earth PG13
4:35a Countdown To Armageddon TVPG
Friday, 4 ·3
5:00a First Knight PG13
7:20a One Fine Day PG
9:15a Starcrossed TVPG
11:00a Legend PG
12:30p Ladyhawke PG13
2:35p The Parent Trap PG
4:50p Bruno PG13
6:45p Irish Jam PG13
8:30p Boys PG13
10:00p The Parent Trap PG
12:15a Look Who's Talking Too PG13
1:40a Irish Jam PG13
3:15a Holiday Inn TVG
Saturday, 4 ·4
5:00a Dad PG
7:00a Moby Dick TVPG
9:00a Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
11:05a Music Of The Heart PG
1:20p A Lobster Tale PG13
3:00p Biloxi Blues PG13
4:50p Dad PG
6:50p Music Of The Heart PG
9:00p Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
11:05p Biloxi Blues PG13
1:00a Moby Dick TVPG
3:00a Dad PG
Sunday, 4 ·5
5:00a Bush Doctor TVPG
6:15a Kuffs PG13
8:05a Mermaids PG13
10:00a Weekend At Bernie's II PG
11:30a Encino Man PG
1:00p Waterworld PG13
3:20p Mermaids PG13
5:15p Kuffs PG13
7:00p Encino Man PG
8:30p Weekend At Bernie's II PG
10:00p Mermaids PG13
12:00a Waterworld PG13
2:20a Coyote Ugly PG13
4:05a US Festival 1983 - Opening Day TV14
Monday, 4 ·6
5:00a Unbreakable PG13
6:50a Sneakers PG13
9:00a The Killing TV14
10:30a Gotcha! PG13
12:15p Unbreakable PG13
2:05p My Gun Is Quick TV14
3:40p Hostage Hotel TV14
5:15p Nuns On The Run PG13
6:50p Sneakers PG13
9:00p Unbreakable PG13
10:50p Gotcha! PG13
12:35a Nuns On The Run PG13
2:10a The Killing TV14
3:35a Nadine PG
Tuesday, 4 ·7
5:00a Mass Appeal PG
6:45a Looker PG
8:20a Murder By The Book TVPG
10:00a Mermaids PG13
12:00p All The Queen's Men PG13
1:50p Field Of Dreams PG
3:45p Miracle On Ice TVPG
6:20p West Side Story PG
9:00p Mermaids PG13
11:00p Field Of Dreams PG
12:50a The Aviator PG
2:30a West Side Story PG
Wednesday, 4 ·8
5:50a The Ox-Bow Incident TVPG
7:10a Pawnee TVG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E32)
9:00a Cheyenne (E95)
10:00a Maverick (E52)
11:00a The Magnificent Seven (E5)
11:50a Sioux City Sue TVG
1:00p Ridin' On A Rainbow TVPG
2:20p Hellgate TVPG
3:50p Toughest Man In Arizona TVPG
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E73)
6:00p Cheyenne (E67)
7:00p Maverick (E12)
8:00p Maverick (E13)
9:00p Bandolero! TVPG
10:50p The Comancheros TVPG
12:40a Hellgate TVPG
2:10a When The Legends Die PG
4:00a Driftin' River TVPG
Thursday, 4 ·9
5:00a Dr. No PG
6:50a 30,000 Leagues Under The Sea TV14
8:20a Warren Miller's Storm TVG
10:05a Octopussy PG
12:20p Godzilla 2000 PG
2:05p The Living Daylights PG
4:20p Cowboy Way PG13
6:15p Lasko: Death Train TV14
8:00p Octopussy PG
10:15p The Living Daylights PG
12:30a You Only Live Twice PG
2:30a The Ultimate Ride: Shaun White TV14
3:40a Melvin Purvis G-Man TVPG
Friday, 4 ·10
5:00a Overboard PG
7:00a Bobby Deerfield PG
9:10a Coal Miner's Daughter PG
11:20a Dirty Dancing PG13
1:05p An Ideal Husband PG13
2:50p Bubble Boy PG13
4:20p My Life PG13
6:20p Just Between Friends PG13
8:15p Dirty Dancing PG13
10:00p Bubble Boy PG13
11:30p An Ideal Husband PG13
1:10a Earth Girls Are Easy PG
3:00a Two For The Road TVPG
Saturday, 4 ·11
5:00a Khartoum TV14
7:10a Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride:... TV14
8:30a Enemy Mine PG13
10:20a Prelude To A Kiss PG13
12:10p Immediate Family PG13
2:00p Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride:... TV14
3:20p Constellation PG13
5:05p Taps PG
7:20p Flowers In The Attic PG13
9:00p Enemy Mine PG13
10:50p Prelude To A Kiss PG13
12:40a Constellation PG13
2:30a LBJ: The Early Years TVPG
Sunday, 4 ·12
5:00a Untamed Heart PG13
6:45a Kart Racer PG
8:20a Casper PG
10:05a Spaceballs PG
11:45a The Shadow PG13
1:35p Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
3:35p Casper PG
5:20p Kart Racer PG
7:00p The Shadow PG13
8:50p Spaceballs PG
10:30p Casper PG
12:10a Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
2:10a Encino Man PG
3:40a Disney's Teacher's Pet PG
Monday, 4 ·13
5:00a Tremors PG13
6:40a Who Framed Roger Rabbit PG
8:30a Flowers In The Attic PG13
10:05a Austin Powers: The Spy Who... PG13
11:45a Tremors PG13
1:30p Cry For The Strangers TVPG
3:10p Licence To Kill PG13
5:35p Flowers In The Attic PG13
7:10p Who Framed Roger Rabbit PG
9:00p Austin Powers: The Spy Who... PG13
10:40p Tremors PG13
12:20a Licence To Kill PG13
2:40a Never Say Never Again PG
Tuesday, 4 ·14
5:00a Oleanna TV14
6:35a Cry Freedom PG
9:15a Dad PG
11:15a A Matter Of Sex TV14
1:00p Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers TVPG
3:15p Music Of The Heart PG
5:20p Dad PG
7:20p Call Of The Wild TV14
9:00p Cry Freedom PG
11:40p Music Of The Heart PG
1:45a Mass Appeal PG
3:30a For Us, The Living: The Story Of... TVPG
Wednesday, 4 ·15
5:00a In Old Sacramento TVPG
6:30a Death Rides A Horse TV14
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E37)
9:00a Cheyenne (E100)
10:00a Maverick (E57)
11:00a The Magnificent Seven (E10)
11:50a Noose For A Gunman TVPG
1:00p Saginaw Trail TVG
2:05p The Big Land TVPG
3:45p Heaven With A Gun TV14
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E78)
6:00p Cheyenne (E72)
7:00p Maverick (E22)
8:00p Maverick (E23)
9:00p The Ox-Bow Incident TVPG
10:20p The Big Land TVPG
12:00a Death Rides A Horse TV14
2:00a Heaven With A Gun TV14
3:45a Noose For A Gunman TVPG
Thursday, 4 ·16
5:00a The People That Time Forgot PG
6:40a The Castle Of Cagliostro PG13
8:30a For Your Eyes Only PG
10:40a Warren Miller's Off the Grid TVPG
12:20p Thunderball PG
2:35p Shadow Zone: The Undead Express TV14
4:15p Goldfinger PG
6:10p Back To The Future Part II PG
8:00p Thunderball PG
10:15p For Your Eyes Only PG
12:30a Goldfinger PG
2:30a Countdown To Armageddon TVPG
3:00a The Private Files Of J. Edgar... PG
Friday, 4 ·17
5:00a The Other Sister PG13
7:15a Dirty Dancing PG13
9:05a Man Of La Mancha PG
11:20a A Walk In The Clouds PG13
1:10p Father Of The Bride PG
3:00p Man Trouble PG13
4:45p Six Days Seven Nights PG13
6:30p Forever Young PG
8:15p Joe Versus The Volcano PG
10:00p Father Of The Bride PG
11:50p Six Days Seven Nights PG13
1:35a Forever Young PG
3:20a My Faraway Bride TVPG
Saturday, 4 ·18
5:00a The Derby Stallion TVPG
6:40a Mermaids PG13
8:40a White Nights PG13
11:05a Last Of The Mississippi Jukes TV14
12:40p Satisfaction PG13
2:20p Call Of The Wild TV14
4:00p West Side Story PG
6:35p White Nights PG13
9:00p Mermaids PG13
11:00p Satisfaction PG13
12:35a The River PG13
2:45a Taps PG
Sunday, 4 ·19
5:00a Legend PG
7:00a Josh And S.A.M. PG13
8:50a Hoosiers PG
10:50a Nutty Professor II: The Klumps PG13
12:40p The Ultimate Ride: Shaun White TV14
1:45p Sgt. Bilko PG
3:20p Hoosiers PG
5:20p Josh And S.A.M. PG13
7:00p The Ultimate Ride: Shaun White TV14
8:05p Nutty Professor II: The Klumps PG13
10:00p Hoosiers PG
12:00a Sgt. Bilko PG
1:35a High School High PG13
3:05a Six Pack PG
Monday, 4 ·20
5:00a Looker PG
6:35a Frequency PG13
8:40a Legal Eagles PG
10:40a Shadows And Fog PG13
12:10p Looker PG
1:45p Nadine PG
3:10p Frequency PG13
5:15p Octopussy PG
7:30p Shadows And Fog PG13
9:00p Legal Eagles PG
11:00p Frequency PG13
1:10a Octopussy PG
3:30a Shadows And Fog PG13
Tuesday, 4 ·21
5:00a The Work and the Glory III: A... PG
6:35a Prelude To A Kiss PG13
8:30a Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
10:35a The Madness Of King George PG13
12:30p Immediate Family PG13
2:15p Prelude To A Kiss PG13
4:10p LBJ: The Early Years TVPG
6:45p Up Close & Personal PG13
9:00p Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story PG13
11:05p Prelude To A Kiss PG13
12:50a LBJ: The Early Years TVPG
3:20a Leona Helmsley: The Queen Of MeanTVPG
Wednesday, 4 ·22
5:00a Heaven With A Gun TV14
6:45a Dallas TVPG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E42)
9:00a Cheyenne (E105)
10:00a Maverick (E62)
11:00a The Magnificent Seven (E15)
11:50a Westbound TVPG
1:00p Texans Never Cry TVG
2:10p Bandido TVPG
3:50p Sam Peckinpah's West: Legacy Of... TV14
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E83)
6:00p Cheyenne (E77)
7:00p Maverick (E32)
8:00p Maverick (E33)
9:00p The Frisco Kid PG
11:05p Bandido TVPG
12:40a Wild Times (P1) TVPG
2:20a Wild Times (P2) TVPG
4:00a Texas Terrors TVPG
Thursday, 4 ·23
5:00a The Sand Pebbles PG13
8:05a Operation Thunderbolt PG
10:20a The Spy Who Loved Me PG
12:30p Krull PG
2:35p Dr. No PG
4:30p Cops And Robbersons PG
6:05p Kindergarten Cop PG13
8:00p The Spy Who Loved Me PG
10:10p Dr. No PG
12:05a On Her Majesty's Secret Service PG
2:35a On The Beach TVPG
Friday, 4 ·24
5:00a Greener Mountains TVPG
6:30a Undercover Blues PG13
8:00a Two Of A Kind PG
9:30a Mr. Wonderful PG13
11:10a Overboard PG
1:05p The Boyfriend School PG13
2:50p The Flintstones In Viva Rock... PG
4:30p Always PG
6:35p Frankie And Johnny TVPG
8:05p Overboard PG
10:00p Mr. Wonderful PG13
11:45p Always PG
1:50a Girls Just Want To Have Fun PG
3:20a In The Time Of Butterflies PG13
Saturday, 4 ·25
5:00a Louis Armstrong - Chicago Style TVPG
6:20a Miracle On Ice TVPG
8:50a Mercy Or Murder? TVPG
10:30a Field Of Dreams PG
12:20p Henry V PG13
2:45p American Flyers PG13
4:40p Sneakers PG13
6:50p The Electric Horseman PG
9:00p Field Of Dreams PG
10:50p American Flyers PG13
12:45a Henry V PG13
3:05a The Madness Of King George PG13
Sunday, 4 ·26
5:00a Hot Shots! Part Deux PG13
6:30a Mvp: Most Valuable Primate PG
8:05a Gone In Sixty Seconds PG13
10:05a Kindergarten Cop PG13
12:00p Hot Shots! Part Deux PG13
1:30p Unbreakable PG13
3:20p Gone In Sixty Seconds PG13
5:20p Mvp: Most Valuable Primate PG
7:00p Hot Shots! Part Deux PG13
8:30p Kindergarten Cop PG13
10:30p Gone In Sixty Seconds PG13
12:30a Unbreakable PG13
2:20a Weekend At Bernie's II PG
3:50a The Ultimate Ride: Shaun White TV14
Monday, 4 ·27
5:00a Frank McKlusky, C.I. PG13
6:30a Sherlock Holmes And The Secret... TVPG
7:45a The Abyss PG13
10:10a Sneakers PG13
12:20p Frank McKlusky, C.I. PG13
1:50p Hard Time TV14
3:30p Guilty By Suspicion PG13
5:20p Sneakers PG13
7:35p Frank McKlusky, C.I. PG13
9:00p The Abyss PG13
11:30p Guilty By Suspicion PG13
1:15a Hard Time TV14
2:50a Sneakers PG13
Tuesday, 4 ·28
5:00a Men Don't Leave PG13
7:00a Forever Young PG
8:45a Biloxi Blues PG13
10:35a Enemy Mine PG13
12:30p My Father, My Son TVPG
2:05p Uncounted G
3:30p Men Don't Leave PG13
5:30p Forever Young PG
7:15p Say Anything... PG13
9:00p Biloxi Blues PG13
10:50p Enemy Mine PG13
12:40a Forever Young PG
2:30a LBJ: The Early Years TVPG
Wednesday, 4 ·29
5:00a Springtime In The Rockies TVPG
6:05a Randy Rides Alone TVPG
7:00a Rancho Notorious TVPG
8:30a The Gene Autry Show (E47)
9:05a Cheyenne (E3)
9:50a Maverick (E67)
10:50a The Magnificent Seven (E20)
11:45a The Golden Stallion TVG
1:00p Wagon Team TVPG
2:05p North To Alaska TVG
4:10p Mustang TV14
5:30p The Gene Autry Show (E88)
6:00p Cheyenne (E82)
7:00p Maverick (E42)
8:00p Maverick (E43)
9:00p North To Alaska TVG
11:05p Convicts TV14
12:40a Rancho Notorious TVPG
2:10a Mustang TV14
3:30a Miracle At Sage Creek PG
Thursday, 4 ·30
5:00a The Living Daylights PG
7:20a Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield TVPG
9:00a Diamonds Are Forever PG
11:05a Leonard Part 6 PG
12:35p From Russia With Love PG
2:35p Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot PG13
4:05p A View To A Kill PG
6:20p Streets Of Fire PG
8:00p From Russia With Love PG
10:00p Diamonds Are Forever PG
12:10a A View To A Kill PG
2:30a The Alamo: Thirteen Days To Glory TVPG
Friday, 5 ·1
5:00a Nine Months PG13
6:50a Earth Girls Are Easy PG
8:35a Radio Days PG
10:05a The River PG13
12:15p Emma PG
2:20p Nothing Personal PG
4:10p The Best Of Times PG13
6:00p Nutty Professor II: The Klumps PG13
7:50p Selena PG
10:00p Emma PG
12:05a The River PG13
2:10a Citizen Duane TV14
3:35a Movers & Shakers PG
Saturday, 5 ·2
5:00a The Burning Bed TV14
6:40a The Power Of One PG13
8:50a Not Without My Daughter PG13
10:50a Hoosiers PG
12:50p The Burning Bed TV14
2:30p Mask PG13
4:35p The Power Of One PG13
6:45p The Other Sister PG13
9:00p Hoosiers PG
11:00p Mask PG13
1:05a The Burning Bed TV14
2:45a The Other Sister PG13
Sunday, 5 ·3
5:00a Who Framed Roger Rabbit PG
6:50a Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot PG13
8:20a Beethoven PG
9:50a The Animal PG13
11:20a The Waterboy PG13
12:50p Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot PG13
2:20p Air Bud PG
4:05p The Animal PG13
5:30p Beethoven PG
7:00p Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot PG13
8:30p The Waterboy PG13
10:00p The Animal PG13
11:30p Air Bud PG
1:10a Ladyhawke PG13
3:15a The Castle Of Cagliostro PG13
                                          Movie descriptions

THE ABYSS [PG13]·Adventure·1989·(2:19)
Director James Cameron (Titanic) spins a cool underwater
sci-fi tale of a downed deep-sea oil platform, the secret
search for a missing atomic warhead, and a meeting with an
alien civilization. Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects.

Buckaroo Banzai - neurosurgeon / race car driver / rock star
- and his band of adventurers take on alien invaders from
the 8th dimension in this wild sci-fi comedy-adventure. With
Jeff Goldblum, Ellen Barkin, John Lithgow. 

ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS [PG13]·Comedy·1995·(1:34)
A sacred white bat's disappearance begets bloodshed
between African tribes and puts the goofy pet sleuth on the
case. Starring Jim Carrey.

AIRPORT '77 [PG]·Action·1977·(1:53)
A luxury 747 is hijacked over the Bermuda Triangle and lands
in the ocean. The passengers remain alive as the plane is
submerged in shallow water, and a daring rescue is
attempted. With Jack Lemmon and James Stewart.

AIRPORT 1975 [PG]·Sequel·1974·(1:46)
More high-flying disasters! A small plane collides with a
jumbo jet in mid-air, killing the pilot and co-pilot - can the
scrappy stewardess fly the wounded plane until another pilot
can drop in? With Helen Reddy, Myrna Loy, and more!

ALIAS JESSE JAMES [TVPG]·Comedy·1959·(1:33)
An inept insurance salesman winds up in the Old West
impersonating a notorious gunslinger - only the plan is for
him to lose the big shootout! Major star cameos - Bing
Crosby, Gary Cooper, Roy Rogers, James Garner, more. 4/1.

ALL NIGHT LONG [PG]·Drama·1961·(1:31)
It's a stylishly cool and hip re-telling of Shakespeare's Othello
set in the middle of an all-night cocktail party and swinging
jam session - featuring jazz music legends Dave Brubeck,
Charles Mingus and more! Dig it, daddy-o! 

ALWAYS [PG]·Drama·1989·(2:02)
Director Steven Spielberg's romance fantasy about a dead
firefighter pilot (Richard Dreyfuss) who returns to make sure all 
is well for his successor - and his devasted girlfriend. With 
John Goodman, featuring the last film role for Audrey Hepburn as 
Richard's angel. 3/31

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE [PG]·Fantasy·1986·(1:30)
Two hour-long episodes - "The Mission" and "Go To the Head
of the Class" - from Steven Spielberg's 80's anthology fantasy
series, "Amazing Stories." Featuring Kevin Costner, Keifer

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE III [TV14]·Fantasy·1986·(1:35)
Four episodes - "Mummy Daddy", "Family Dog" (from the
director of 'The Incredibles') "Remote Control Man", and "Guilt
Trip" - from the 80's anthology fantasy series "Amazing
Stories", created by Steven Spielberg

Four episodes - "The Sitter", "Grandpa's Ghost", "Dorothy and
Ben", and "Gershwin's Trunk" - from Steven Spielberg's 80's
anthology fantasy TV series, "Amazing Stories." With Seth
Green, Andrew McCarthy, Carrie Fisher. 

Four episodes - "The Main Attraction", "Gather Ye Acorns",
"You Gotta Believe Me", and "Lane Change" - from the 80's
anthology fantasy television series, "Amazing Stories." With
Kathy Bates, Forest Whitaker, Mark Hamill.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI [PG]·Comedy·1973·(1:52)
Grad night holds many surprises and considerable promise for a
group of early-1960s teens when director George Lucas presents 
a valentine to the end of an era with this story of high school
graduation and friends who don't know if their paths will cross 
again. Great rock and roll soundtrack, with Harrison Ford.

THE ANIMAL [PG13]·Comedy·2001·(1:23)
After a car crash, a perpetual loser Marvin is saved by a
doctor who replaces his damaged organs with ones from
animals - with the instincts of a dog, horse, dolphin and
vulture, Marvin's got animal magnetism! 

A veterinarian and a French widow fall in love in the Old
West. Directed by Claude Lelouch. 3/11.

ARABESQUE [TVPG]·Mystery·1966·(1:45)
A hip, swingin' sixties adventure caper! A professor of
ancient heiroglyphics falls into wildly complicated plot to
murder a Middle Eastern prime minister - and whose side is
the stunning mistress really on? 3/16.

ARACHNOPHOBIA [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:49)
Expertly twisted story of a sleepy California town suddenly
overrun by killer spiders - and only the arachnid-phobic,
newly-arrived town doctor can save the day! Featuring John
Goodman as The Exterminator. 3/16

ARENA [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:34)
An underdog earthling fights an alien monster for the
gladiator championship of the galaxy 3/5.

BACK TO THE FUTURE [PG]·Adventure·1985·(1:56)
Rev up your Flux Capacitor and get behind the wheel of that
DeLorean - join Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they travel
back in time to save the future! A classic comedy, with
Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson. Oscar-winner for Best Sound.

He's back, baby! Freshly defrosted, the swinging 60s secret
agent once again confronts his evil nemesis Dr. Evil and his
new sidekick, Mini-Me! The second shagadelic adventure,
with Robert Wagner, Rob Lowe, and more! 

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II [PG]·Adventure·1989·(1:47)
Marty McFly and Doc Brown must take the customized,
time-traveling DeLoriean to the future - 2015 - and back to
the past - 1955 - in order to save Marty's present! The
second installment of the classic trilogy! Christopher
Lloyd, Michael J. Fox

BACK TO THE FUTURE, PART III [PG]·Adventure·1990·(1:58)
Doc Brown's life is in danger, and the only way for Marty
McFly to save him is to - you guessed it - take a time
traveling adventure to the wild west of 1885! A crazy finale to
the trilogy, with Mary Steenburgen. 4/1

BAT MASTERSON [TVPG]·Western·1958-61·(:26)
Based on the adventures of the West's most colorful hero
who became a legend in his own time. 

BATMAN FOREVER [PG13]·Action·1995·(2:02)
The Caped Crusader takes on his famous sidekick Robin,
woos a beautiful psychologist, and confronts a pair of weird
and deadly criminals: Two-Face and The Riddler. With
Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman, Chris O'Donnell. 

BATTLEFIELD EARTH [PG13]·Action·2000·(1:59) John Travolta.
The year 3000: After harsh enslavement and near
extermination by an alien race, humanity finally begins to
fight back in this over-the-top sci-fi adventure. Based on the
novel by L. Ron Hubbard, with Forest Whittaker. 4/2

Film that wonders if apes and humans can live in peace, or if
they are doomed to re-enact cycles of war. Roddy McDowall
opts for peace, but the militaristic gorilla Claude Akins
opposes him. Last in the original movie series.

BEACH BLANKET BINGO [TVPG]·Comedy·1965·(1:37)
Beach gang, intrigued with sky diving, becomes involved in a
kidnapping, with the victim convinced it's all a publicity stunt
- until a mermaid leads rescuers to the scene. Co-starring
Paul Lynde and Buster Keatonin this Beach Party sequel. 

BED OF ROSES [PG]·Drama·1996·(1:28)
Sometimes it's the simplest gift that can make a difference -
like the flowers that a workaholic female investment banker
receives from an anonymous admirer in this romantic drama.
With Josh Brolin. 3/13.

Astronaut is sent to find his fellow astronaut on the site of
New York 2,000 years after it is destroyed by an atomic blast.
He stumbles on an underground society of mutated aliens
who worship the atomic bomb. 

THE BIG COUNTRY [TVPG]·Western·1958·(2:47)
A sea captain comes west to marry, but finds himself in the
middle of family squabbles and a deadly water rights battle
in this sprawling, highly entertaining western. With Charlton
Heston, Burl Ives (Oscar-Best Supporting Actor). 3/18

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA [PG13]·Action-Comedy·1986·(1:40)
A tough-guy truck driver, his girlfriend, and a buddy whose
fiancee was kidnapped dive into Little China - an
underground world of dungeons, temples, magicians,
kung-fu killers and plenty of tongue-in-cheek action! 
Kurt Russell, James Hong. 3/12

THE BIG VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1965-67·(:51)
High drama and western adventure on a family ranch in this
cult classic, 1960s TV series. Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors,
and Linda Evans star

BIKINI BEACH [TVG]·Comedy·1964·(1:40)
In the third movie of the series, Annette Funicello rocks out;
Frankie Avalon plays himself and a British sensation called
"The Potato Bug." William Aster. 

BILLY MADISON [PG13]·Comedy·1995·(1:30)
A rich, spoiled young man who bribed his way through school
must go back and earn the grades - or face losing his
gazillion dollar inheritance! Adam Sandler's first starring role,
with Bridgette Wilson, Bradley Whitford, Darren McGavin. 3/15

BILOXI BLUES [PG13]·Comedy·1988·(1:47)
The adventures of a young army recruit from NYC as he
undergoes basic training in Mississippi is told in the film
adapation of Neil Simon's comic play. Directed by Mike
Nichols (Charlie Wilson's War). 3/13,27,4/4.

BLACK FOX: GOOD MEN AND BAD [TV14]·Black·1993·(1:31)
Homesteader seeks vengeance on the bigot who murdered
his wife. 3/18,25.

BLACK FOX: THE PRICE OF PEACE [TV14]·Black·1993·(1:30)
Ex-slave helps Kiowa tribe fend off white hunting party in
1860's Texas. 3/18.

THE BLAZING SUN [TVG]·Western·1950·(1:10)
Singing cowboy Gene Autry tracks down a pair of bank
robbers in a wild plot featuring multiple murders, mistaken
identity, and a trip to the plastic surgeon! Watch for the
Skipper (Alan Hale, Jr.) in a supporting role. 3/4.

BLUE BUTTERFLY [PG]·Adventure·2004·(1:38)
Academy Award winner William Hurt stars in this
heart-warming story based on true events in which a
renowned entomologist agrees to make a dying boy's wish
come true by taking him on a journey in search of a rare blue
butterfly. 3/24

BLUE DEMON [PG13]·Action·2003·(1:31)
The U.S. government's latest secret weapon in the war on
terror: sharks genetically altered to kill on command. All is
well until the sharks escape their training grounds, enter San
Francisco Bay and begin a murderous rampage!

BOUNCE [PG13]·Drama·2000·(1:46)
In this stellar romantic drama, an ad exec who gave up his
seat to another man on a doomed airline flight falls into
alcoholism, and his recovery includes meeting the widow -
and both are wary of the feelings that arise. 3/10

BOYS [PG13]·Drama·1996·(1:26)
A prep-school boy's life is turned upside down when he gets
involved with the mysterious woman he found in a field after
an accident. With Skeet Ulrich, John C. Reilly. 4/3.

BREAKER! BREAKER! [PG]·Action·1977·(1:25)
A trucker frees his brother from a speed trap using a CB and
a legion of fellow truckers. 3/26.

BRIMSTONE [TVPG]·Western·1949·(1:30)
A family of cattle rustlers get ornery when a masked bandit
moves in on their territory, and a new deputy is signed on to
put a stop to them both. 

BRUNO [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:48)
A gifted young Catholic-school boy is natural to win the
Vatican's national spelling bee, but there's a problem - he
insists upon wearing dresses! A heart-warming story with
Alex D. Linz, directed by Shirley MacLaine. 4/3.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:25)
A high school cheerleader reluctantly accepts her destiny - 
she is her generation's warrior in the never-ending war against 
vampires! Campy fun, with Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens.

The story of the American gangster movie, featuring clips
from silents to "The Godfather." Interviews with James Caan,
Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen and more. An Encore
Originals production.

BUSH DOCTOR [TVPG]·Drama·1981·(1:07)
A cynical doctor, after confronting a tragic accident,
rediscovers his self-esteem and the possibility of romance.

BY DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT [G]·Drama·2000·(1:45)
An aging cowboy facing his last hurrah takes on the
challenge of a lifetime -- his 16-year-old grandson -- as an
800-mile trek from Colorado to L.A. becomes a
heart-and-soul search to mend the past and embrace the
future. 3/22,31.

BYE, BYE BIRDIE [G]·Comedy·1995·(2:11)
Emmy winning remake of the Tony Award-winning musical
comedy. Birdie, an 'Elvis' like idol, gets drafted much to the
dismay of his adoring teenage fans and even more so to his
perpetually neurotic manager. 3/3,14.

CADENCE [PG13]·Drama·1990·(1:37)
A rebellious young private becomes the sole white inmate in
a military jail - with a vicious bully sergeant in charge who is
out to get him. With Laurence Fishburne, directed by Martin

CAMILLA [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:31)
Two women - one a senior citizen violinist, the other a young
singer - become fast friends while taking an comedy-filled
road trip from Georgia to Toronto. Jessica Tandy, Bridget Fonda.

CASPER [PG]·Comedy·1995·(1:40)
A "ghost therapist" and his young daughter arrive at a house
haunted by three rambunctious spirits and Casper, the
friendly ghost, setting the stage for an eye-popping,
roller-coaster romp!

CHARADE [TVPG]·Comedy-Mystery·1963·(1:53)
A widow seeks help from a stranger (Cary Grant) to find a 
large sum of money from WW2 her husband hid before his murder
in this superbly comic mystery thriller. George Kennedy, 
Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau. 

CHARLEY VARRICK [PG]·Action·1973·(1:50) Walter Matthau.
A crook dedicated to robbing low-profile banks finds out his
latest heist netted laundered Mob money - but it turns out it's
not easy to give it back! A solid drama with plenty of action,
directed by Don Siegel (Dirty Harry) 

CHECK YOUR GUNS [TVPG]·Musical·1948·(:53)
Singing sheriff enacts old west gun control to thwart outlaws
and crooked judge. 3/25.

CHEYENNE (E43) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:49)
An adventurer in the West, after the American Civil War.
Cheyenne Brodie traveled through the west helping those in
need. Loosely based on a 1947 feature film. 3/4
CHEYENNE (E48) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:49) 3/11
CHEYENNE (E53) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:49) 3/18
CHEYENNE (E58) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:48) 3/25
CHEYENNE (E75) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:51) 3/11
CHEYENNE (E80) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:51) 3/18
CHEYENNE (E85) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:50) 3/25
CHEYENNE (E90) [TVG]·Western·1955·(:50) 4/1

CHOCOLAT [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(2:02)
The elders of a conservative small town in France are
outraged when a single mom opens a sumptuous chocolate
shop - the decadent sweets are threatening - and then a
dashing stranger arrives! With Johnny Depp, Lena Olin.

CLASS ACT [PG13]·Black·1992·(1:38)
The straight-arrow nerd and the party-hearty bully get their
enrollment records switched, and follow their new identities
at a new high school - and that's when Kid 'N Play's hilarious
troubles begin! 3/8.

CLOAK & DAGGER [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:41) Dabney Coleman.
A young boy, with a penchant for spy thrillers and video
games, finds himself in the middle of real espionage when
he's pursued by spies after he comes into possession of a
video game cartridge containing top-secret info.

COME ON, GET HAPPY [TVG]·Biography·1999·(1:28)
The shenanigans that took place behind the scenes of the
cheery, chirpy comedy television series "The Partridge
Family" are recounted from the viewpoint of child star Danny
Bonaduce - featuring the group's hit songs! 3/7,24

The apes enslaved by the human population of the Earth,
which is under the control of a Fascist-like government are
led in a revolt by Caesar, a talking chimp, son of Cornelius
and Zira. 

CONRACK [PG]·Black·1974·(1:45)
Autobiographical account of Pat Conroy's adventures as a
grade school instructor teaching poor children in a two-room
schoolhouse on a remote South Carolina island. 3/7.

CONTINENTAL DIVIDE [PG]·Comedy·1981·(1:43)
A hard-nosed Chicago newspaperman (Belushi) travels to the
Wyoming Rockies to interview a beautiful yet reclusive eagle
researcher - and winds up falling head over heels in love!
But can the city slicker and the naturalist make it last?

Cast and crew discuss the making of the hit movie
"Armageddon" 4/2

COYOTE UGLY [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:47)
A young songwriter hits the Big Apple in search of stardom -
and her first break happens as part of the crew of waitresses
dancing on the bar in a rowdy, party-hearty nightspot called
Coyote Ugly! With John Goodman. 4/5

CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:44)
How far will a person go? A doctor is desperate to end an
adulterous affair, while a unhappy filmmaker comically
struggles with unrequited love while shooting a film about his
egotistical TV mogul brother-in-law. With Alan Alda. 3/27.

CROSSROADS [TV14]·Drama·2007·(1:29)
The life of a young Jesuit seminarian is turned upside down
when he falls in love with a young woman while working as a
volunteer at a soup kitchen. 3/24.

The lavish, atmospheric story of the spiritual journey of a
legendary warrior - and the extraordinary women in his life -
features breathtaking martial arts action. Winner of 4 Oscars,
including Best Foreign Language film.

CRY-BABY [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:25)
Clean-cut "squares" face off against hoodlum "drapes" in
this wild, hilarious send-up of 1950s teen flicks - juvenile
delinquents, straight-faced craziness, and tons of cool
musical numbers. Directed by John Waters (Hairspray)

DAD [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:57)
A high-powered businessman unexpectedly finds himself
caring for his ill, aging father and, in the process, rediscovers
his deep feelings for the old man. 4/4

·Crime·1990·(1:30) The pulp private eye links murder, a 
movie mogul's wife and red nail polish in 1940s Hollywood.

DANCES WITH WOLVES [PG13]·Drama·1990·(3:01)
Director Kevin Costner's story of a white Army officer who
comes to befriend a band of Sioux Indians and adopts their
culture in the post-Civil War American west. Winner of seven
Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. 

DANTE'S PEAK [PG13]·Action·1997·(1:48)
The volcano towering above a bucolic small town has been
dormant for decades - but that mountain is going to blow its
top in spectacular fashion! An action-packed story
highlighted by riveting special effects. 3/22,29

DAYS OF OLD CHEYENNE [TVPG]·Western·1943·(:55)
Power of a crooked political boss to bring law and order to
the vast Wyoming territory. 3/11.

DAZZLE [TVG]·Children·2000·(1:25)
A fairy bumps her head, loses her memory and lands at the
door of a children's book author and his daughter. But a fairy
bounty hunter is on her trail, and she will lose her magical
powers if she's caught.

DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:28)
A mystery woman hires detective Steve Martin to unravel a
plot to steal a cheese recipe.

DEADLY SHOOTER [TV14]·Western·1997·(1:32)
In the 1800's, a federal marshal, after having brought back
law and order to a small western town, finds himself framed
for the brutal murder of an innocent family by a newcomer in
town. 4/1

DEFIANCE [PG]·Action·1980·(1:43)
A merchant seaman stands alone against a street gang
terrorizing his New York slum neighborhood. Art Carney,
Jan-Michael Vincent.

THE DERBY STALLION [TVPG]·Drama·2005·(1:38)
Patrick's dad is pressuring him to play baseball, but the
teenager wants to follow his own dream--to be a champion
steeplechase rider. Does he have what it takes to win the
Derby Cup? Starring Zac Efron of "High School Musical" fame.

DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN [PG13]·Mystery·1985·(1:44)
A bored New Jersey housewife decides to spy on the
free-spirited Susan - but a bump on the head, temporary
amnesia, mistaken identities, and stolen Egyptian jewels
guarantee a wild Manhattan ride! With Aidan Quinn, Laurie
Metcalf, Madonna. 3/6,13.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER [PG]·Action·1971·(2:00)
When a large cache of diamonds are stolen in South Africa,
Agent 007 goes undercover to expose the smuggling ring.
Bond takes on Bambi and Thumper and the evil Blofeld in the
seventh Bond adventure. 

Did the actions of paparazzi photographers chasing Princess
Diana lead to the Paris tunnel auto crash that took her life?
An in-depth look at the 1997 tragedy that stunned the world,
including interviews with the photojournalists. 

DIARY OF A MADMAN [TVPG]·Horror·1963·(1:37)
A judge thinks overwork may be the cause of the voices he
keeps hearing in his head - perhaps it's stress, but with all
the strange occurrences happening at his home, could it be
demonic possession? Vincent Price. 

DICK TRACY [PG]·Comic Book Based Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
The square-jawed detective of the comics busts a vicious
crime syndicate in this colorful, action-packed extravaganza.
Directed by Warren Beatty, with Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

DIRTY DANCING [PG13]·Dance·1987·(1:40) Patrick Swayze.
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" It's the classic romance
between an ugly duckling teenybopper and a hunky dance
instructor at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963. You'll
have the time of your life! 

The continuing adventures of a renegade team of World War
II GI's, this time on a suicide mission to rescue scientists
involved in a top-secret chemical-warfare project. Telly
Savalas, Ernest Borgnine, Lee Marvin.

DISAPPEARANCES [PG13]·Adventure·2006·(1:43)
In Depression-era Vermont, the stubborn yet optimistic
Quebec Bill and his young son turn to smuggling whiskey to
make ends meet - their eccentric family and the unique men
they meet on the road propel this unusual adventure. 3/11.

DOUBLE DRAGON [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:36)
In a futuristic Los Angeles, two brothers - who own half of a
powerful amulet - use their martial arts skills to battle an evil
crime boss intent on capturing the medallion. Based on the
video game. 3/19.

DOWN MISSOURI WAY [TVG]·Comedy·1946·(1:14)
Romance and music accompany this comedy about a film
director searching for a mule to star in his new movie. 4/1.

DR. NO [PG]·Action·1963·(1:50) Sean Connery.
British Agent 007 goes to the Caribbean where he encounters
trained killers, deadly tarantulas, Honey Ryder, and an evil
madman bent on using energy waves to disrupt the planet.
The first James Bond movie. 3/26,30.

DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY [PG13]·Bio·1993·(2:00)
From his teenage troubles in Hong Kong to his arrival in the
USA and his emergence as a new kind of action movie hero -
the story of martial arts legend Bruce Lee is energetically
told. From the director of The Fast And The Furious. 4/4

DROWNING MONA [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:36)
Everyone in Verplank, NY has a reason to hate the caustic
Mona Dearly - but when her Yugo dives into the Hudson
River, it's up to the sheriff to finger the murderer! With Neve
Campbell, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a cameo by Will Ferrell.

Frontiersman and wife help fend off British-backed Indian
attacks during the Revolutionary War. 3/18.

DUCK, YOU SUCKER! [PG]·Drama·1972·(2:37)
Director Sergio Leone ("The Good, The Bad & The Ugly")
directs the explosive spaghetti-western story of a Mexican
mercenary who convinces an Irish demolition expert to help
him rob a bank.

DUEL [PG]·Action·1971·(1:29)
The made-for-tv film that launched director Steven Spielberg
into the movies: a never-seen truck driver displays a major
case of road rage as he plays deadly game of cat-and-mouse 
with lone motorist (Dennis Weaver) on a desert highway!

DUNE [PG13]·Drama·1984·(2:57)
Director David Lynch's controversial film version of Frank
Herbert's sci-fi novel of political intrigue, giant sand worms
and a gallery of bizarre scenes and grotesque characters.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS [PG13]·Action·2000·(1:48)
The classic role-playing fantasy game explodes onto the
screen! A young hero slowly learns to use his super-powers
to aid the Empress in her struggle against the evil wizard
Profion. With Thora Birch, Marlon Wayans. 3/8

EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:40) Geena Davis.
A trio of over-sexed aliens crash land in Los Angeles, where a
Hollywood manicurist gives them a make-over and and
incredible weekend out in Tinseltown! With Damon Wayans,
Jim Carrey, Jeff Goldblum. 

Tim Burton's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS [PG13]·Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
Director Tim Burton's modern fable about a steely sharp
young man and his adventures in pastel suburbia. The
breakout film for Johnny Depp, with Vincent Price, Kathy
Baker, Anthony Michael Hall, Dianne Wiest.

THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN [PG]·Comedy·1979·(2:00) Robert Redford.
A world champion rodeo rider has fallen on hard times - now
he's a pitchman for breakfast cereal. But he finds purpose
rescuing a valuable show horse - and love when a
determined female reporter joins his escape into the desert.

ENCINO MAN [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:28)
Two high school nerds discover a frozen caveman in their
backyard and introduce him to the modern world. An early
role for Brendan Fraser. 4/5

ENEMY MINE [PG13]·Drama·1985·(1:48)
Outerspace enemies Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett are
stranded on a barren planet, must coexsist. It's
another Robinson Crusoe On Mars

Chimpanzees with human intelligence from the year 3955
arrive on planet Earth in the 1970's in a spaceship.

EVITA [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:15)
Rousing adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical
biography of beloved, yet controversial, Argentine first lady
Eva Peron. Oscar winner for Best Song. Banned by Hillary Clinton.

FAR AND AWAY [PG13]·Adventure·1992·(2:20)
Director Ron Howard tells the story of a young Irish immigrant
couple who land in 1890s Boston, struggling to earn enough
money to continue west for a wild and wooly Oklahoma land
run. Tom Cruise. 3/24,28.

A FAREWELL TO ARMS [TVPG]·Drama·1957·(2:32)
Ernest Hemingway's saga of love and World War I, with Rock
Hudson as the wounded ambulance driver and Jennifer Jones
as the nurse he loves. 3/27

FIELD OF DREAMS [PG]·Drama·1989·(1:45) Kevin Costner.
"If you build it, they will come!" A voice only an Iowa farmer
can hear launches an obsessive quest that includes building
a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. A
heartwarming classic! With James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta.

FIRST KNIGHT [PG13]·Adventure·1995·(2:14)
A classic romantic triangle develops in Camelot when Lady
Guinevere - engaged to King Arthur - falls for the dashing
Lancelot in this action-packed version of the English legend.

FLASH GORDON [PG]·Action·1980·(1:51)
The intrepid sci-fi comic book hero (Sam Jones) and his 
beautiful girlfriend battle the the interstellar menace 
Ming the Merciless attempting to conquer planet Earth. 
Music by Queen.

America's favorite Stone Age family returns! Barney meets
Betty, young Fred meets Wilma and they all head to Rock
Vegas - but Wilma's mom doesn't want a Flintstone in the
family! With Joan Collins. 3/1,15.

FLIPPER [PG]·Adventure·1996·(1:35)
A teenage boy sent to spend the summer with his eccentric
uncle on the Florida coast befriends a remarkable dolphin -
and takes on local bad guys who are polluting the water!
With Isaac Hayes. 

FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC [PG13]·Literary/BookBased·1987·(1:31)
A religious grandmother (Louise Fletcher) imprisons her four
grandchildren away from the sins of their mother after their
father is killed. 3/31

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY [PG]·Action·1981·(2:08) Roger Moore.
Agent 007 joins an international race to recover a device
capable of controlling the planet's nuclear submarines -
snow ski chases, beautiful women, underwater battles and
more in the 12th James Bond film. 3/19

FRANK MCKLUSKY, C.I. [PG13]·Comedy·2002·(1:23)
A dedicated claims investigator takes his job very seriously.
Donning a variety of disguises, he and his new, sexy partner
set out to uncover - insurance fraud! 3/15.

FREQUENCY [PG13]·Mystery·2000·(1:59)
In this sci-fi mystery-thriller, a troubled cop - whose fireman
father died a hero thirty years earlier - discovers a way to
communicate with his dad and prevent his death. But
changing the past creates a disastrous new future! 

FROM NOON TILL THREE [PG]·Comedy·1976·(1:39)
A colorful desperado seduces a widow enroute to a bank
robbery. Later, she writes a best-seller about their fling, but
when the cowboy returns to rekindle their romance, the
widow decides the legend is better than the lover! 4/1.

FUZZ [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:33)
Boston police detectives hunt a mad bomber preying on local
politicians. Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch.

GAMBIT [TVG]·Comedy·1966·(1:48)
Stylish robbers heist a priceless piece of sculpture. Shirley
MacLaine, Michael Caine.

THE GENE AUTRY SHOW [TVG]·Western·1952-54·(:27)
The adventures of singing cowboy Gene Autry and his
sidekick restoring law and order in the old west. 

The first President deals with ratification of the Constitution,
and his powerful and vocal constituents. 

GOKUSEN [TV14]·Anime·2004·(:23)
Heiress dreams of teaching children of Japan and lands HS
teaching job...but her loyal army of hitmen capable of
murdering disobedient students are only a step away. 

GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS [PG13]·Action·2000·(1:58)
There's only one way an ex-con with a thieving brother in
trouble can save the day - by assembling his old gang and
stealing 50 luxury cars in one night! Explosive action from
producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 

GRACE KELLY [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1983·(1:35)
The fairy tale story of the actress who became a princess is
told in this biography that traces her rise from Philadelphia
socialite to Hollywood movie star. With Diane Ladd, Ian

THE GREAT ESCAPE [TVPG]·Action·1963·(2:52)
Based on true World War II events: deep inside Germany,
Allied prisoners plot an intricate plan to break out of the
Nazi's "escape-proof" prison. A contemporary classic, with
Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Richard Attenborough.

HACKERS [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:45)
Cyberpunk computer geeks get themselves in the middle of
an elaborate embezzling scheme involving federal agents and
a master hacker building his Swiss bank account. Angelina
Jolie scorches the screen in an early starring role.

HAIR [PG]·Black·1979·(2:01)
Terrific peace-and-love-rock songs highlight this loose
adaptation of the 60s musical about hippie friends in N.Y.C.
getting high and dodging the draft.

THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL [TVPG]·Comedy·1965·(2:25)
A hefty load of liquor is on its way across the west to satisfy
the thirsty patrons of Denver - but a radical temperance
league, Native Americans and striking teamsters all have
other plans in this crazy western comedy.

HANG 'EM HIGH [PG13]·Western·1968·(1:55)
Jed Cooper is falsely accused of murder survives a lynch
mob, and is then deputized to help round up the men who
framed him. But Jed pursues his own vision of justice in this
rowdy, violent western.

HANKY PANKY [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:47)
An out-of-towner shares a taxi with a beautiful stranger and
mails a mysterious package on her behalf. But when she is
murdered, he is suddenly pursued by the police, hitmen and
sinister spies who think he knows something.

HANNAH AND HER SISTERS [PG13]·Comedy·1986·(1:47)
Hannah, a loving wife and mother, has a husband who is
cheating with one of her sisters and an ex-hubby going out
with another - and both sisters look to her for support! Best
Supporting Oscars for Michael Caine, Dianne Wiest. 

HARD TIME [TV14]·Crime·1998·(1:31)
A cop does time for a crime he did not commit and then comes
out of prison to track down the person who set him up. 

HAUNTED HONEYMOON [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:24)
Radio actor takes his fiancee home to a haunted castle to
meet his very eccentric relatives. Gilda Radner's final film,
co-starring & directed by Gene Wilder.

HEART OF THE RIO GRANDE [TVPG]·Comedy·1942·(1:09)
An east-coast tycoon sends his daughter to a dude ranch out
west, where she meets a cowboy (Gene Autry) in a bit of

HELL IN THE PACIFIC [G]·Drama·1968·(1:41)
An American and a Japanese, stranded on a Pacific Island,
stalk each other, but finally join forces to build a raft and
escape to another island where they drink, quarrel and again

HER MAJESTY [PG]·Family·2001·(1:45)
In a small New Zealand town in 1953, a young woman's
letters convince Queen Elizabeth II to visit her small town and
meet with a local Maori woman - although others in the
village plot to prevent the meeting. 

THE HINDENBURG [PG]·Disaster·1975·(2:05)
On the Hindenburg's maiden voyage to the United States, a 
German colonel is assigned to watch over the passengers and 
guard against sabotage by anti-Nazis. The ship's fate is shown 
in actual 1937 newsreel footage. George C. Scott. 

HOLIDAY INN [TVG]·Comedy·1942·(1:41) Bing Crosby.
The musical classic that introduced the Best Song Oscar-winner
White Christmas! A lazy singer opens a New England hotel and
club that is only open on holidays - leaving him 340 days off!

HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK [PG]·Comedy·1992·(2:00)
Not again! Intrepid Kevin finds himself left alone in New York
City during Christmas, with enough cash and credit to live it
up - but then he encounters the slapstick crooks who are
planning a major holiday toy store heist! 

HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:33)
Dad's an eccentric inventor whose electromagnetic shrinking
machine miniaturizes his kids - now they must fight their
way across their backyard and it's giant bumblebees, 40-ft.
grass blades and deadly lawnmowers!

HOOSIERS [PG]·Drama·1986·(1:55)
The best sports film ever? Classic 1950s basketball story
based on true events: a college coach, drummed out of the
profession, starts over in a small Indiana town where
winning is everything. Co-starring Dennis Hopper. 

THE HORSE WHISPERER [PG13]·Drama·1998·(2:49)
A Montana rancher with a gift for healing helps a young girl
and her horse following a tragic accident - while
simultaneously striking romantic sparks with the girl's
mother. Directed by Robert Redford, with Scarlett Johansson.

THE HOT ROCK [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:41)
Peter "Bullitt" Yates directs Robert Redford and George Segal
as hapless jewel thieves who bungle the perfect crime. From
Donald Westlake's classic caper novel.

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES [TV14]·Mystery·2000·(1:30)
The mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville is blamed on
a longstanding curse that has followed his family for 200
years, a supernatural hound who roams the moors. Detective
Sherlock Holmes attempts to uncover the truth. 

HOW I GOT INTO COLLEGE [PG13]·Romantic-Comedy·1989·(1:27)
A high-school senior applies to the same college where his
dream-girl wants to go - but the admissions process is
mega-competitive, and the S.A.T. test is a nightmare! An
underrated comedy from the director of Better Off Dead.

Israeli agents find Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in
Argentina and seize him in 1960. 

HOW THE WEST WAS WON [TVPG]·Drama·1962·(2:32)
Three legendary Western directors and an all-star cast tell
the story of the settling of the frontier as seen through the
eyes of one family. Newly restored version, with Gregory
Peck, John Wayne, Debbie Reynolds and more. 

I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS [PG]·Christmas·1998·(1:26)
Bribed by his dad to make it to his New York home by
Christmas Eve, a California college kid runs afoul of the
football team, gets dumped in the desert, and must use all
his wits as he heads east in this spirited comedy.

INDEPENDENCE DAY [PG13]·Sci-Fi·1996·(2:33) Will Smith.
A scientist, a military captain, and the U.S. President try to
fight off a full-scale alien invasion from space.

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU [PG]·Horror·1977·(1:39)
Recounts the story of a scientist who has isolated himself to
expand his chromosome research. He has developed it to
the point where he can transform animals into

JAWS 2 [PG]·Sequel·1978·(1:56)
Don't go near the water! Sheriff Brody of seaside Amity once
again fears a great white shark attack during the tourist
season - and his fears are realized when his own son looks
like the next victim! 

JAWS III [PG]·Disaster·1982·(1:38)
The son of Amity's Sheriff Brody tries to contain a great white
shark terrorizing a Florida aquatic amusement park -
originally shot in 3-D. With Louis Gossett, Jr. and Lea

JAWS: THE REVENGE [PG13]·Horror·1987·(1:30)
This time...it's personal! The widow of Sheriff Brody takes on
a murderous great white shark after it begins killing the rest
of her family in the 4th film. Featuring Michael Caine.

JESSE JAMES [TVPG]·Western·1939·(1:46)
The legendary James brothers face down tyrannical railroad
barons and unscrupulous bankers enroute to becoming
American legends in this lavish Western.

JETSONS: THE MOVIE [G]·Animated·1990·(1:22)
While the family adjusts to its new home, George heads for
his new job as vice president of the Sprocket factory where
someone is sabotaging the machinery. 

JOE DANCER [TVPG]·Crime·1981·(1:37)
Private eye Joe Dancer ties a powerful Beverly Hills family to

Private eye Joe Dancer uses a chimp, his trainer and an
electronics genius to recover a vase. 

JOE'S APARTMENT [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:20)
Singing and dancing cockroaches help a luckless New York
transplant woo a pretty bureaucrat and avoid eviction in this
live-action movie based on a popular MTV short subject.
Inspired silliness! 

JOHN FORD GOES TO WAR [TVPG]·Documentary·2002·(:56)
The story of the making of legendary director John Ford's two
Oscar-winning short films - "The Battle of Midway" (1942)
and "December 7" (1943) - produced for the Army during
World War II is told in this Starz Original production.

JOHNNY RYAN [TVPG]·Crime·1990·(1:34)
A 1940s detective and his organized-crime task force probe
the 10th-floor fall of a key mob witness. 

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH [G]·Adventure·1959·(2:09)
Classic film version of Jules Verne's landmark sci-fi novel.
A group of 19th century explorers discover an incredible 
pre-historic land at the planet's core. 

JULIA [PG]·Drama·1977·(1:57)
Playwright Lillian Hellman smuggles money into Nazi
Germany to help her childhood friend in the Resistance. Jane
Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards. 

JUMANJI [PG]·Adventure·1995·(1:44)
Two kids dust off an old board game, and get much more
than they bargained for as they are hurled into a
jungle-themed fantasy world of big-game hunters and
charging beasts. With Kirsten Dunst.

K-9 [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:41)
Narcotics detective Thomas Dooley doesn't want a partner,
let alone a four-legged one: Jerry Lee, a police dog with the
best nose in the drug-busting business!

K-9000 [TVPG]·Action·1990·(1:33)
A bachelor detective and a female scientist investigate a
terrorist break-in at a research lab with the help of a radical
new crime-fighting tool: a police dog implanted with
computer chips that allow him to talk! 

KANSAS PACIFIC [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:13)
During the 1860s, a Union army engineer battles Rebel
soldiers to complete a Western railroad line. 

KARAS: THE PROPHECY [TV14]·Action·2006·(1:20)
In a futuristic Tokyo - a city populated by both humans and
ghostly beings - an ageless battle between two armies is
killing people and spirits alike. Only the guardian Karas can
stop the bloodshed in this action-packed anime! 

KHARTOUM [TV14]·Drama·1966·(2:08)
An exhilirating military spectacle that chronicles Britain's
1883 crisis in the Sudan & the siege of Khartoum, featuring 
powerful performances from Laurence Olivier & Charlton Heston.

THE KILLING [TV14]·Crime·1956·(1:24)
In a variation of his Asphalt Jungle role, Sterling Hayden plays
veteran criminal Johnny Clay, planning one last big heist
before settling down to a respectable marriage with Fay
(Colleen Gray). 

KINDERGARTEN COP [PG13]·Action·1990·(1:51)
A macho cop goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to
determine if one of the youngster's mothers has criminal

THE LADY VANISHES [PG]·Action·1979·(1:39)
An heiress (Cybill Shepherd) and a photographer (Elliot
Gould) search for answers behind the disappearance of a
English woman (Angela Landsbury) on an express train in
this remake of the Hitchcock film. 

THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT [PG]·Adventure·1975·(1:31)
"This can't be - these creatures have been extinct for millions
of years!" When a lost WW2 submarine crashes into an
uncharted island, dinosaurs and cavemen create cinematic
havoc! A cult classic! 

LASKO: DEATH TRAIN [TV14]·Action·2006·(1:44)
In this nonstop action adventure thriller, a brutal secret order
known as "Pugnus Dei" is on a lethal mission for justice.
Determined to recruit a traumatized soldier, the group will
stop at nothing to achieve its goals. 

LEGAL EAGLES [PG]·Crime·1986·(1:56)
Lawyers in love? A comedic murder mystery about a troubled
art thief, her daffy female public defender, and the
handsome district attorney who gets entangled with both,
from director Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Dave). 

LEGEND [PG]·Adventure·1985·(1:53)
Director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Blade Runner) spins a
fantasy fairy tale of a young forest dweller who must face
down the Lord of Darkness to save the world. Stunning
special effects! 

Engaging biography of New York property magnate's
(Suzanne Pleshette) rise and fall, and IRS trouble. 

LICENSE TO DRIVE [PG13]·Comedy·1988·(1:30)
After failing his driving test, a teen takes his grandfather's
classic Cadillac out for a spin anyway, hoping to impress a
girl - but this joyride quickly turns into a hilarious disaster!
With Heather Graham. 

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:58)
A lovable Italian misfit must use all of his wit and
imagination to shield his family from the perils of a WW2
Nazi concentration camp. Winner of three Oscars, including
Best Actor (Benigni). 

LOOK WHO'S TALKING TOO [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:20)
The parents of baby Mikey, who's voiced by Bruce Willis, now
add baby Julie, who's voiced by Roseanne. Followed by 3rd in
the series, Look Who's Talking Now

LORENZO'S OIL [PG13]·Drama·1992·(2:15)
Based on an inspirational true story - two determined
parents battle doctors, insurance companies, drug
manufacturers and the government in their quest to discover
a cure for their son's degenerative disease. With Peter

Story of Mrs. Lou Gehrig's life with her husband, the late
great New York Yankee immortal. Blythe Danner, Edward

LOVE AND DEATH [PG]·Comedy·1975·(1:25)
A neurotic peasant and his beautiful cousin escape czarist
Russia, discuss philosophy, and plot to kill Napoleon in this
whirlwind Woody Allen slapstick comedy. "What's it like after
you die - are there girls?" 

LOVE POTION #9 [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:36)
A geeky biochemist and a shy biologist become a hot couple
with sex appeal thanks to a Gypsy's potion. An early leading
role for Sandra Bullock. 

MADAME SOUSATZKA [PG13]·Drama·1988·(2:01) Shirley MacLain.
A colorful Russian piano teacher takes a young Indian boy
under her tutelage in London, teaching him culture and
valuable life lessons along with the music. An extraordinary
drama, with Twiggy. 

MADIGAN [TV14]·Crime·1968·(1:41)
Tough-as-nails cop Det. Daniel Madigan and his partner
have 72 hours to track down a killer. From the director of
'Dirty Harry'

MAFIA! [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:27)
From the director of "Airplane!", the slapstick adventures of a
young Sicilian boy who becomes a mob boss in America -
with satirical pokes at The Godfather, Casino and Goodfellas
along the way. With Christina Applegate. 

A gunslinger-turned-lawman's world is turned upside-down
when a psycho outlaw rapes and murders his wife, setting in
motion a story of seven men out to keep the peace - no
matter the cost!

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN [TV14]·Western·1998·(:45)
When an Indian village is threatened by ex-Confederate
soldiers, several villagers head out to seek help. They recruit
seven men, each with unique skills, who return to the village
and take on the raiders. Following this, the men tak 

MAIDEN VOYAGE [TV14]·Action·2004·(1:27)
A former special forces officer working as a private security
agent is inspecting a cruise ship bound for Miexico when the
boat is hijacked - now it's one man, with help from a sexy
female passenger, versus the murderous gang! 

THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK [PG13]·Adventure·1998·(2:12)
The swashbuckling story of the Musketeers and their fight to
dethrone the corrupt King of France and replace him with his
long-imprisoned twin brother is told in sweeping style. With
John Malkovich, Gerard Depardieu, Gabriel Byrne. 

MAN IN THE WILDERNESS [PG]·Adventure·1971·(1:45)
Star Harris plays a trapper who joins a Northwest Territory
expeditionary group. Left for dead after a grizzly bear attack,
Harris struggles to regain his strength and exact vengeance
against the man who deserted him. 

MAN OF LA MANCHA [PG]·Comedy·1972·(2:09)
The classic tale of Don Quixote, the chivalrous though
demented knight, his faithful servant Sancho Panza. and the
the alluring Dulcinea is told in this energetic musical
adaptation. Featuring "The Impossible Dream" 

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE [PG13]·Political·1962·(2:06)
What really happened when a group of soldiers were
captured and held prisoner during the Korean War - and
what power does one man's politically ambitious mother hold
over him? A supercharged political thriller, with Angela

MANNEQUIN [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:30)
An unlucky young man lands a job as a window dresser at
an upscale department store - where a beautiful showroom
mannequin springs to life! An 80s classic, with James

Tim Burton's MARS ATTACKS! [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:46)
Director Tim Burton's wild and crazy, all-star sci-fi adventure
finds belligerent Martians laughing hysterically as they
systematically incinerate humans! WIth Annette Benning,
Martin Short, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, many more!

A MATTER OF SEX [TV14]·Docu-Drama·1984·(1:36)
True-life drama centers on eight women who battled a
two-year struggle against their employer regarding sexual

MAVERICK [TV14]·Comedy·1957-61·(:49)
Brothers Bret and Bart Maverick travel across the West,
trying to stay out of trouble, avoid manual labor, and make
lots of money playing cards in this unique series. 
James Garner, Roger Moore. 

MELVIN PURVIS G-MAN [TVPG]·Action·1974·(1:14)
An action-packed crime adventure about the furious chase
and personal duel that took place between the notorious
"Machine Gun" Kelly and the legendary G-Man, Melvin Purvis
in the 1930s. 

MERCY OR MURDER? [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1987·(1:36)
Based on the case of Rosewell Gilbert, a senior citizen who
took the life of his incurably ill wife and was later tried
for her murder. 

METEOR [PG]·Sci-Fi·1979·(1:47)
A massive meteor is on a collision course with Earth - will
the American and Russian military agree to share their
satellite secrets to stop it? An all-star cast sweats it out,
from the director of The Poseidon Adventure. 

MILLENNIUM [PG13]·Science-Fiction·1989·(1:46)
A crash scene investigator trying to solve the mystery behind
a horrific airplane accident discovers a bizarre, time-twisting
intersection between the present, the past and the future in
this sci-fi cult classic!

MIRACLE DOGS [TVPG]·Family·2002·(1:34)
Kate Jackson, Ted Shackleford, and Stacy Keach star in this
heartwarming tale of Annie, the miracle dog.

MIRACLE DOGS TOO [TVG]·Family·2006·(1:24)
Upon moving with his family to a new town and befriending a
pair of magical mutts, a ten-year-old boy must choose between
his love of animals and his desire to do the right thing.

MISSION TO MARS [PG]·Adventure·2000·(1:53)
The first manned mission to Mars lands successfully, but
enounters a mysterious storm that sweeps them away. A
second rescue mission arrives and discovers a survivor,
whose story seems crazy - but is it? With Don Cheadle. 

MR. MOM [PG]·Comedy·1983·(1:31)
A fired engineer learns the ropes of being a stay-at-home
dad while his wife enters the business world in this
warm-hearted comedy written by John Hughes (Uncle Buck,
Sixteen Candles). Michael Keaton, Teri Garr. 

MR. WRONG [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:36)
A single woman finds the right guy - kind, sweet, and
generous. But soon she meets the rest of his personality- is
he really borderline psycho, or worse? Co-starring Joan
Cusack and Joan Plowright. 

THE MONEY PIT [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:31) Tom Hanks.
Now this is a housing crisis! It's a slapstick makeover when
a young couple buys a dream home for a price too good to be
true - and flip when it starts tumbling down! Produced by
Steven Spielberg. 

MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:30)
Four "unintelligent" life forms crash land on Earth and for
once, prove to be dumber than the Earthlings in this British
spoof of everything from Alien to Close Encounters. 

A MOTHER'S PRAYER [PG13]·Drama·1995·(1:33)
Based on the true story of a mother with AIDS who devotes
her final months of living to finding a new home for her son.

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:51)
An all-star cast features in Shakespeare's comedy of
romantic hookups, bickering couples, and the meaning of
love. With Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Michael
Keaton, and Kate Beckinsale in her first movie. 

MURDER BY THE BOOK [TVPG]·Mystery·1987·(1:35)
The author of detective novels, a young man yearns to
forsake his lucrative creation and attempt a more "cerebral"
novel. But then he gets involved in a bizarre real-life case,
which is oddly identical to the plot of his next novel. 

THE MUMMY [PG13]·Action·1999·(2:05)
The blockbuster action-adventure story of the resurrection of
the cursed Imhotep - an ancient Egyptian priest with
supernatural powers - and the intrepid adventurers who
band together to defeat him. Joe Bob says they're zombies.

MUSIC OF THE HEART [PG]·Drama·1999·(2:03)
True story of a NYC music teacher who battles the odds,
establishes a violin class in the inner city, and sees her
students perform at Carnegie Hall. Co-starring Angela
Bassett and Gloria Estefan, directed by Wes Craven. 

MUSICOLOGY [TV14]·Music·2007·(:28)
A behind-the-scenes look at the music industry with
interviews and videos from today's top stars. 

MVP: MOST VALUABLE PRIMATE [PG]·Comedy·2000·(1:33)
A highly trained chimp winds up on a hockey team and
carries them all the way to the league championship. 

MY DARLING CLEMENTINE [TVPG]·Western·1946·(1:37)
John Ford directs an all-star cast in this classic story of
Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, who put differences aside to
settle the score with rivals at the O.K. Corral. Henry Fonda,
Victor Mature, Linda Darnell, Walter Brennan. 

MY GUN IS QUICK [TV14]·Crime·1957·(1:31)
Mike Hammer, a rough-edged private eye, is out to solve a
murder and a jewel robbery. 

MYSTERY MEN [PG13]·Action·1999·(2:01)
A group of offbeat superheroes with various peculiar talents -
fork-throwing, precision flatulence, flying bowling balls -
team up to save Champion City! With William H. Macy, Hank
Azaria, Janeane Garofalo, Greg Kinnear and more.

THE NAKED SPUR [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:32) Jimmy Stewart.
In this taut western classic, a bounty hunter must enlist help
to get his captive killer back to collect a reward - but then
the murderer plays on the group's greed and sets them
against one another. With Robert Ryan. 

NEVER ON SUNDAY [TVPG]·Comedy·1960·(1:33)
An intellectual from the United States travels to Greece where
he meets and attempts to reform a pious prostitute from

NEW YORK. MOUNTED [TVPG]·Action·1991·(1:31)
A Montana cowboy and a Brooklyn native become police
partners on horseback in New York. 

NICK FURY: AGENT OF SHIELD [TVPG]·Action·1998·(1:30)
"Nick Fury: Agent Of Shield"- based on the Marvel comic! A
retired special agent and his former lover oppose The Viper -
a sexy arch-villain threatening the human race. Written by
David S. Goyer ("Blade", "Dark City")

Singing cowboy Gene Autry fights police corruption in post
Civil War Texas. 

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER [TVPG]·Disaster·1958·(2:03)
A ship's officer sees disaster as the Titanic hits an iceberg
and slowly sinks on its 1912 maiden voyage. Directed by Roy
Ward Baker. 

NINE MONTHS [PG13]·Romantic Comedy·1995·(1:43)
During their near-perfect five year relationship, an unmarried
couple has had freedom and spontaneity - all that comes
comically crashing down when the girl gets pregnant! With
Tom Arnold, Robin Williams, Joan Cusack, Jeff Goldblum. 

NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT [PG]·Horror·1973·(1:31)
This chiller stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as a
Scotland Yard inspector and a forensics expert sent to
investigate a series of mysterious deaths among the elderly
caretakers of a Scottish orphanage. 

OATH OF VENGEANCE [TVG]·Western·1944·(:55)
Billy Carson and his sidekick find that running a General
Store in the Wild West won't keep them from getting in gun

OLEANNA [TV14]·Drama·1994·(1:29)
After a vague student-teacher conference becomes
confrontational, the failing student files sexual harassment
charges against the professor (William H. Macy).

ON THE BEACH [TVPG]·Drama·1959·(2:14)
The U.S. has been wiped out in a nuclear war, and now
Australia awaits the arrival of deadly winds carrying fatal
nuclear fallout. An American submarine arrives, but must
return to look for survivors in this chilling sci-fi drama.

ONCE UPON A TEXAS TRAIN [TVPG]·Comedy·1988·(1:31)
After twenty years in prison, a man gathers his aging gang
for one last heist. What starts as a good laugh soon turns
serious when four young outlaws rob the robbers. 

THE ONE [PG13]·Asian·2001·(1:27)
In a universe filled with hundreds of parallel dimensions, a
renegade cop is attempting to kill off all his versions and
become a god - but his final opponent is determined to stop
him. An explosive sci-fi tale, with Jason Statham. 

ONE FINE DAY [PG]·Romantic Comedy·1996·(1:49)
Two NYC professionals - who are also single parents - get
stuck watching their kids on a day that has important career
implications for both. Reluctantly, they team up to meet the
challege - will this turn into a romantic merger? 

ONE, TWO, THREE [TV14]·Comedy·1961·(1:49)
A Coca-Cola company man in West Germany panics when
the bosses daughter wants to marry a communist. Directed
by Billy Wilder. 

OPERATION THUNDERBOLT [PG]·Disaster·1977·(2:06)
Israeli commandos storm Uganda's Entebee airport to free
hostages from Palestinian-terrorist hijackers. 

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN [PG]·Biography·1975·(1:42)
The true story of Olympic hopeful Jill Kinmont who fights to
rebuild her life after she is paralyzed in a near-fatal skiing
Continuation of the inspiring story of Jill Kinmont, the Olympic
hopeful ski racer who had a accident in 1955 that made her
a quadruple paraplegic and was voted 1976 "Woman of the Year."

THE OTHER SISTER [PG13]·Drama·1999·(2:10)
A mentally challenged woman returns home from boarding
school and defies her parents by falling in love with an
equally challenged man. With Giovanni Ribisi, Tom Skerritt.

OUT OF AFRICA [PG]·Drama·1985·(2:41)
The lush, sweeping true story of a Danish writer living in
Kenya and her romantic affair with a dashing adventurer was
the winner of seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best
Director (Sydney Pollack). Meryl Streep as the writer 
Isaak Dinesen. Robert Redford, Klaus Maria Brandauer.

THE PARENT TRAP [PG]·Comedy·1998·(2:08)
Hit remake of the 1961 classic is also Lindsay Lohan's first
film - identical twins meet for the first time at summer camp,
and start scheming to bring their divorced parents back
together. From the director of "What Women Want" 

PLANET OF THE APES [G]·Literary/Book Based·1968·(1:52)
Modern near-classic; Charlton Heston leads a group of surviving
astronauts in a shocking future world where apes are masters, 
humans are slaves. Script co-written by Rod Serling, including
what Heston sees on the beach in the final scene. 

PLANET XYZ [TV14]·Sports·2005·(:14)
Original Encore Wam extreme sports magazine show.

POLTERGEIST, Part III [PG13]·Horror·1988·(1:37)
Little Carol Anne moves in with an aunt and uncle in a
Chicago apartment tower - but the supernatural forces that
chased her in the first two Poltergeist movies are back for
more! With Lara Flynn Boyle. 

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE [PG]·Action·1972·(1:57)
An all-star cast flips with the ship in producer Irwin Allen's
lavish, Oscar-winning disaster movie. 

PROUD [PG]·Black·2003·(1:27)
Based on a true story: a man tells his grandson of his service
on the USS Mason, the only American ship manned by African-
American sailors to face combat in World War II. The final 
starring movie role for Ossie Davis. 

PURE LUCK [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:36) Martin Short.
A young heiress cursed with terminal bad luck disappears
during a Mexican vacation - and when a private eye can't
find her, the decision is made to send the unluckiest man
around to join the search! 

THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO [PG]·Fantasy·1985·(1:22)
In Woody Allen's fantasy, a 1930's movie idol walks off the
screen and into the life of a fan sitting in the audience.

QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER [PG13]·Adventure·1990·(2:00) Tom Selleck.
A low-key American cowboy takes a job in Australia, but
finds out his new boss wants his sharpshooting skill for
genocide. When he rebels, the boss leaves the cowboy for
dead - but doesn't count on his thirst for revenge!

RAID ON ROMMEL [PG]·Action·1970·(1:38)
A daring plan to strike behind the German lines in North
Africa is seriously compromised when the elite commandos
must be replaced by prisoners of war and their pacifist
medics! Explosive WWII action! 

REAR WINDOW [TV14]·Thriller/Suspense·1998·(1:29)
A quadriplegic confined to his apartment passes the long
hours by spying on his neighbors. His innocent pastime takes
a deadly turn when he thinks he witnesses a murder. 

RED DAWN [PG13]·Action·1984·(1:54)
A teenage militia hides out in the Colorado Rockies, striking
back against invading Russian troops in this action-military
fantasy. A controversial 80s classic, Charlie Sheen's film
debut, with Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey. 

A former cop - thought to be killed - undergoes plastic
surgery and intense martial arts training to become Remo
Williams, a professional killer designed to go after
"untouchable" bad guys! 

THE RIFLEMAN [TVPG]·Western·1957·(:25) An action-
packed Western with Chuck Connors as a two-fisted rancher
raising his son in 1880s New Mexico. 

THE RIVER WILD [PG13]·Adventure·1994·(1:51)
A family struggling to stay together decides to take a rafting
vacation, only to meet up with a pair of mysterious men
whose desperation grows in this intense, white-knuckle ride.
With David Straitharn, John C. Reilly. 

THE RIVER [PG13]·Drama·1984·(2:04)
A young couple, despite the economic challenges, have
continued their family's farming tradition - until they find
themselves battling not only a giant corporation but also a
terrifying flood! 

ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:44)
The legendary hero of merry olde England's Sherwood Forest
gets the Mel Brooks (Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles)
treatment in this crazy comedy, featuring Dave Chappelle,
Isaac Hayes, Patrick Stewart and more. 

ROBOCOP 3 [PG13]·Action·1993·(1:45)
Robocop is back! There's no shortage of bad guys waiting to
be pummeled when an evil corporation schemes to remove
homeless people who populate the site of a future upscale
development using a merciless cyber-ninja from Japan!

A music video show that features America's hottest video
hits, artist interviews and exclusives. 

ROMANCING THE STONE [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:46)
A lonely romantic novelist's life takes a sudden turn when
she flies to South America to rescue her kidnapped sister.
It's another Trenchcoat

RUSH HOUR [PG13]·Action·1998·(1:38) Jackie Chan.
What happens when a rebel Hong Kong detective and a
hotshot, loudmouth L.A. cop team up to rescue a diplomat's
kidnapped daughter? Lots of hilarious one-liners and
high-kicking martial arts action in this hit action-comedy!

SAIYUKI RELOAD [TV14]·Action·2003·(:23)
A band of heroes take a perilous journey to save the world
from a demon.

THE SAND PEBBLES [PG13]·Adventure·1966·(2:59)
In war-torn China in 1926, an hard-bitten engineer boards a
U.S. navy gunboat patrolling the Yangtze River - and the
tension explodes when the boat must rescue missionaries
upriver. A sprawling, epic action-adventure. 

THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS [PG13]·Comedy·1987·(1:50)
Fresh from Kansas with a business degree in hand, young
Brantley arrives in New York ready to get rich - but starting in
the mailroom wasn't part of the plan. So he impersonates an
executive and finds love in this corporate comedy.
Michael J. Fox.  

SEPARATED BY MURDER [TV14]·Drama·1994·(1:36)
Twin sisters (played by Sharon Gless) are accused of
conspiring to murder the husband of one. 

SEPTEMBER [PG]·Drama·1987·(1:23)
Six people vent their angst during a weekend in the Vermont
country- side. 

THE SEVEN PER-CENT SOLUTION [PG]·Mystery·1976·(1:53)
Master sleuth Sherlock Holmes - battling a drug addiction
and ready to retire - hooks up with Sigmund Freud to hunt
down master criminal Professor Moriarty. With Robert Duvall,
Sir Laurence Olivier and Vanessa Redgrave.

THE SHADOW [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:47)
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow
knows!" With the ability to cloud the minds of men, the dark
superhero defends 1930's New York against crazed descendent of
Genghis Khan who plans to destroy the city from a downtown 
building he has made invisible to everyone but Lamont Cranston 
-- The Shadow. Alec Baldwin, John Lone, Penelope Ann Miller, 
Peter Boyle, Tim Curry, Jonathan Winters.

SHADOWS AND FOG [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:25)
In a nameless European city, a lonely man endures a darkly
comic Kafkaesque nightmare. Co-starring Madonna, Jodie
Foster, Kathy Bates, John Cusack, John Malkovich, Lily
Tomlin and Julie Kavner. Written and directed by Woody Allen.

SHALAKO [TVPG]·Western·1968·(1:53)
A cowboy loner leads European aristocrats on what turns into
a perilous hunting journey through New Mexico, where he
must protect them from Apache raids - and each other!

SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON [TVPG]·Western·1949·(1:44)
"She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" is director John Ford's stirring
story of retiring army Capt. Nathan Brittles (John Wayne)
and his final patrol - trying to prevent a massive Indian 
attack from his remote frontier outpost. A western classic!

SHE-DEVIL [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:39)
The hard-working wife of a successful accountant plots a
systematic, hilariously complex revenge when her husband
takes up with a rich, snooty romance novelist. An underrated
comedy, with Rosanne Barr, Linda Hunt, Ed Begley Jr.

The great Baker Street detective plays protector to an
inventor whose work is coveted by the evil Professor

Sherlock Holmes matches wits against a prison inmate using
music boxes to hide stolen bank plates. 

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL [PG]·Action·1976·(2:29)
Roger Moore and Lee Marvin team up as Sebastian, a
cosmopolitan Englishman, and Flynn O'Flynn, an ornery Irish
American, who decide to blow up a German battleship that
has been hidden away for repairs in Southeast Africa. 

SILENT RUNNING [PG]·Drama·1972·(1:29)
A spaceship carrying the last of Earth's forests is ordered
destroyed, but a renegade crew member and his beloved
robots prepare for a last stand. Special effects from the
team behind "2001", Star Trek and Blade Runner

SILVER STREAK [PG]·Action·1976·(1:54)
The first of the Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor films is a nutty 
blend of comedy/action/romance in the Hitchcock mold, as a 
book editor and a sexy secretary try to keep one step ahead
of a criminal gang on a speeding train. With Jill Clayburgh,
Patrick McGoohan. 

THE SINGING COWBOY [TVG]·Western·1936·(:56)
Western crooner Gene Autry goes on the newly-invented
television to help raise money to help save an injured little
girl - plenty of bad men are beaten and many cowboy songs
are sung! 

SIX PACK [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:48)
A stock car racer gets involved with six young orphans with a
gift for crime. 2/1

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter survived a madman's runaway bus plot in Los
Angeles in the first Speed movie only to board a Caribbean 
cruise ship rigged for destruction by a disgruntled computer 
expert! With Willem Dafoe.

SPY HIGH [PG]·Comedy·1999·(1:20)
Top secret spy assembles team of teenagers to investigate
the mysterious disapperance of a girl. 

SQUIRM [PG]·Sci-Fi/Horror·1976·(1:33)
A ferocious storm knocks down power lines in a backwoods
Georgia town, electrifying the ground and creating millions of
bloodthirsty, man-eating worms! Snakes on a plane are
nothing compared to these slimey face-eaters! A past
Mystery Science Theater 3000 feature

THE STALKING MOON [G]·Western·1969·(1:49)
An Indian scout on the verge of retirement (Gregory Peck)
agrees to escort an abducted woman and her half-breed son
away from her captors, much to the violent chagrin of the
boy's natural father. 

STARGATE [PG13]·Action·1994·(2:01) Kurt Russell.
An archaeologist is teamed with an elite military crew to
crack the secret of an ancient Egyptian device - which winds
up hurling them across the universe to a strange, dangerous
planet. From the director of Independence Day. 

"Anime: Drawing A Revolution", a Starz Originals production.
Enter the colorful, action-packed world of Japanese
animation - "anime." Its history and impact on global pop
culture, movies and the future is explored. 

Richard Roeper hosts "The Pixar Story Continues," an update
to "The Pixar Story," a Starz Originals production that
includes scenes from "Ratatouille" and the summer 2008
Pixar release "WALL-E" 

STRAIGHT TALK [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:31) Dolly Parton.
When a Arkansas woman moves to Chicago and becomes
the new on-air psychiatrist at a talk radio station, a reporter
questions her credentials.

STREET FIGHTER [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:41)
Acton hero Jean-Claude Van Damme and his commandoes
do battle with evil warlord Raul Julia. Wes Studi, Byron

STREETS OF FIRE [PG]·Action·1984·(1:34)
A sultry singer is kidnapped by a brutal motorcycle gang, and
her manager calls on her tough-as-nails former boyfriend to
ride to the rescue in this rock-and-roll, comic-book styled
story. With Willem Dafoe, Rick Moranis. 

SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER [TV14]·Drama·1959·(1:54)
A beautiful girl witnesses the death of her cousin and is
committed to a mental institution. A doctor using truth
serum on her, confirms his suspicions that her
"hallucinations" are indeed fact. But someone wants her to be
lobotomized first. Based on Tennessee Williams' play. 

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD [TVPG]·Drama·1962·(2:09)
The classic story of racial prejudice in a small southern town,
as seen through the eyes of two children whose father
defends an African-American accused of raping a white girl.
Peck won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance. 

THE TRAIN [TVPG]·Action·1964·(2:13) Burt Lancaster.
As World War II is ending, a Nazi officer loads stolen art
works on a train heading for Germany - and a French
resistance fighter / railroad boss attempts to stop him.
Top-flight action sequences highlight John Frankenheimer's
intense story! 

TRANSMORPHERS [TV14]·Sci-Fi·2007·(1:26)
A race of alien robots has conquered the Earth and forced
Humanity underground. After 300 years of domination, a
small group of humans develop a plan to defeat the
mechanical invaders in the ultimate battle between man and

TREMORS [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:36)
In this hilarious monster-movie / action / comedy, the
eccentric residents of tiny Perfection, Nevada must deal with
gigantic, deadly worms with an appetite for destruction! With
Reba McEntire, Michael Gross. 

TROOP BEVERLY HILLS [PG]·Adventure·1989·(1:46)
Shelly Long stars in this comedy as a spoiled Beverly Hills
wife who decides—wanting to prove her husband's
accusation of her selfishness wrong—to become the leader
of her daughter's wilderness group. 

TWINS [PG]·Comedy·1988·(1:47)
A screwy, scientific experiment produces un-identical twins.
One is strong but naive, the other is wily and unscrupulous.
Together they embark on a ridiculous journey to locate the 
mother they never knew. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito.

TWO FOR THE ROAD [TVPG]·Comedy·1967·(1:51)
A couple's tumultuous marriage is revealed over 12 years of
European vacations. 

U-571 [PG13]·Action·2000·(1:56)
An American WWII submarine crew hijacks a damaged
German sub to steal a secret communications device - but
then must take on a Nazi warship in a do-or-die battle! With
Jon Bon Jovi, Harvey Keitel. Oscar for Best Sound Editing.

UNDERCOVER BLUES [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:30)
Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid star as Jane and Jeff Blue,
two CIA super-agents who have abandoned the daily grind to
devote quality time to their baby but find trouble on vacation
in New Orleans. 

THE UNFORGIVEN [TVPG]·Western·1960·(2:01)
The local Kiowa tribe claims that young Rachel Zachary is not
white, but a Native American stolen years before in a raid - a
revelation that tears her family apart and leads to an all-out
battle. Directed by John Huston. 

VICE VERSA [PG]·Comedy·1988·(1:39)
A father and son mysteriously and completely switch
identities just as the father is about to handle a deal that
could make or break his career.

VOLCANO [PG13]·Action·1997·(1:44)
Los Angeles is heating up - and it's not global warming!
Bubbling up from the La Brea tar pits, a massive volcano
begins to erupt in the heart of the city in this high-intensity
disaster tale. Tommy Lee Jones. With Don Cheadle, Gaby Hoffman.

WANTED: THE SUNDANCE WOMAN [TV14]·Western·1976·(1:34)
The Sundance Kids widow Etta Place joins up with Pancho

WARGAMES [PG]·Adventure·1983·(1:53)
Matthew Broderick stars as a computer gaming whiz who
hacks into a military network, and accidentally starts the
countdown to World War III. Can he stop the countdown
before it launches the ultimate endgame?

WARREN MILLER'S HIGHER GROUND [PG]·Adventure·2005·(1:38)
In Warren Miller's Higher Ground, follow World Cup and
Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom and others as they embark on
pulse-pounding winter sports adventures in Colorado,
Canada, Alaska and Switzerland. 

WARREN MILLER'S JOURNEY [TVG]·Action·2003·(1:38)
Legendary winter sports moviemaker Warren Miller follows
daredevil skiing action in Aspen, Chile, Alaska and Morocco
in his 54th film. 

WARREN MILLER'S STORM [TVG]·Action·2002·(1:35)
Warren Miller catches extreme snow sports from the USA,
Canada and Europe in this stunning documentary. 

WARRIORS OF VIRTUE [PG]·Action·1997·(1:43)
A young boy tumbles into the fantasy land of Tao, where the
evil Komodo battles the forces of good, who are led by the
high-kicking Warriors of Virtue - an expert band of kangaroo
martial-arts masters! 

WEIRD SCIENCE [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:33)
Two high school computer hackers bring to life the woman of
their dreams - she drives guys wild, but has eyes only for her
creators! Directed by John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Ferris
Bueller's Day Off). 

WHALE RIDER [PG13]·Drama·2003·(1:42)
A young girl struggles against old world beliefs as she tries to
convince her grandfather that she is every bit as worthy as
the young boys being considered as their people's next
leader. An inspirational and compelling drama! 

WHAT ABOUT BOB? [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:39) Richard Dreyfuss.
A hilariously multi-phobic patient follows his psychiatrist and
family on their vacation with lunatic results! Bob: "There are
two types of people in this world - those who like Neil
Diamond, and those who don't" (Bill Murray)

WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? [TV14]·Comedy·1965·(1:49)
Disturbed fashion editor Peter O'Toole, goes to psychiatrist, 
Peter Sellers, for help with his romantic problems, but Sellers
is even crazier than he is.

WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:44)
In a slapstick world where cartoon characters and humans
co-exist, a toon-hating detective tries to save Roger Rabbit
from a murder rap! A landmark comedy, winner of 3 Oscars,
from the director of "The Polar Express." 

10 TOKYO WARRIORS [TV14]·Action·2003·(:26)
The Demon King returns after four hundred years to wage
destruction on modern day Tokyo with only the 10 warriors
standing in his way.

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA [TVPG]·Action·1996·(1:35)
Jules Verne's classic sc-fi story is re-told with a few twists!
Eccentric or madman? Captain Nemo and his submarine
Nautilus stalk the seas, sinking warships while a scientist
and his daughter try to stop him. 

30,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA [TV14]·Remake·2007·(1:25)
In this modern retelling of the classic science-fiction tale, the
carismatic sociopath Captain Nemo uses his high-tech
submarine to wreak vengeance on the surface world. 

The 3 Ninjas are back! The criminal mastermind Medusa and
her warrior army take over Mega Mountain amusement park, and
it's up to the high-kicking young ninja trio to save the day!

THE 39 STEPS [TVG]·Mystery·1935·(1:26)
Classic Hitchcock thriller in which an innocent young man
becomes involved in murder and espionage. 

8 SECONDS [PG13]·Drama·1994·(1:44)
Rodeo cowboy Lane Frost finds bull-riding stardom and marital
distress in this dramatic true story. From the director of 
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