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Movies so far have included: the comedy Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (Mike Myers), Blast From The Past (1999, comedy raised in a fallout shelter), Delirious (2005, John Candy as writer who wakes up in town he created), Love Potion #9 (Sandra Bullock, 1992), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey falls for an older woman, a vampire), Hitchcock movies, Walk Like A Man (Howie Mandell as a man raised by wolves in a Tarzan spoof), AIRPORT '77 (in the Bermuda Triangle), Xanadu (1980, Olvivia Newton John as dancer Gene Kelly's muse), AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE, James Bond 007 movies, and others
                                           May-June, 2008
Thursday, May. 1
  1:50AM ET Cowboy  
  3:30AM ET Gunsight Ridge  
  5:00AM ET Waterworld  
  7:20AM ET Tobruk  
  9:15AM ET Shanghai Noon  
  11:15AM ET Dungeons & Dragons  
  1:10PM ET The Bounty  
  3:30PM ET Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  
  5:35PM ET The Return Of The Musketeers  
  7:20PM ET The Castle Of Cagliostro  
  9:10PM ET Dungeons & Dragons  
  11:00PM ET Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon  
Friday, May. 2
  1:05AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!  
  3:30AM ET Maiden Voyage  
  5:00AM ET The Concorde... Airport '79   
  7:00AM ET The Organization   
  9:00AM ET The Odessa File   
  11:15AM ET The Andromeda Strain   
  1:30PM ET The Chase   
  3:05PM ET The Concorde... Airport '79   
  5:05PM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie V   
  6:45PM ET The Odessa File   
  9:00PM ET The Chase   
  10:35PM ET Poltergeist II: The Other Side   
Saturday, May. 3
 12:10AM ET The Organization   
  2:05AM ET Killer's Kiss   
  3:20AM ET The Chase   
  5:00AM ET A.K.A. Cassius Clay   
  6:30AM ET Chilly Scenes Of Winter   
  8:10AM ET Evita   
  10:35AM ET Intimate Betrayal   
  12:20PM ET Prelude To A Kiss   
  2:15PM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  4:45PM ET Continental Divide   
  6:35PM ET Evita   
  9:00PM ET Prelude To A Kiss   
  10:50PM ET The Cure   
Sunday, May. 4
 12:35AM ET Continental Divide   
  2:30AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  5:00AM ET Honey, I Blew Up The Kid   
  6:35AM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  8:20AM ET Warren Miller's Cold Fusion   
  10:05AM ET 3 Ninjas   
  11:45AM ET The River Wild   
  1:40PM ET Honey, I Blew Up The Kid   
  3:10PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  4:50PM ET Mystery Men   
  7:00PM ET Warren Miller's Cold Fusion   
  8:40PM ET The River Wild   
  10:35PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
Monday, May. 5
 12:15AM ET Beautiful   
  2:10AM ET Warren Miller's Cold Fusion   
  3:50AM ET Our Friend, Martin   
  5:00AM ET Marty   
  6:35AM ET The Idolmaker   
  8:40AM ET Bicentennial Man   
  11:00AM ET Mannequin   
  12:40PM ET Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!   
  2:30PM ET In The Mood For Love   
  4:15PM ET Desperately Seeking Susan   
  6:05PM ET Face The Music   
  7:45PM ET Bicentennial Man   
  10:00PM ET Mannequin   
  11:35PM ET Desperately Seeking Susan   
Tuesday, May. 6
  1:20AM ET Face The Music   
  3:00AM ET Jane Eyre   
  5:00AM ET Birdman Of Alcatraz   
  7:30AM ET F.I.S.T.   
  10:00AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  11:50AM ET Annie Hall   
  1:30PM ET The Roots Present   
  3:00PM ET Ghosts Of Mississippi   
  5:15PM ET In Love With An Older Woman   
  6:50PM ET Eight Men Out   
  9:00PM ET Annie Hall   
  10:35PM ET The Sixth Sense   
Wednesday, May. 7
 12:30AM ET Ghosts Of Mississippi   
  2:50AM ET Eight Men Out   
  5:00AM ET Old Los Angeles   
  6:35AM ET The Broken Star   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #137 - Guilty Conscience   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #138 - Day of Reckoning   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 69 - Sharpshooter   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:The Good And The Bad   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:No Amnesty For Death   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 17 - By Fires Unseen   
  11:30AM ET The Dalton Girls   
  12:45PM ET Bells Of Capistrano   
  2:00PM ET The Horse Soldiers   
  4:05PM ET The Broken Star   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 21 - The Sheriff of Santa Rosa   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:Wanted -- Dead   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:No Funeral For Thorn   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 76 - The Good Thieves   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #48 - Ordeal   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #49 - The Spiked Rifle   
  9:00PM ET The White Buffalo   
  10:45PM ET The Dalton Girls   
Thursday, May. 8
 12:05AM ET God Forgives, I Don't   
  1:50AM ET The Horse Soldiers   
  4:00AM ET Desert Of Lost Men   
  5:00AM ET Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon   
  7:10AM ET The Mechanic   
  9:00AM ET 3 Ninjas   
  10:45AM ET Warriors Of Virtue   
  12:35PM ET Double Take   
  2:10PM ET Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie   
  3:50PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  6:05PM ET Double Dragon   
  7:45PM ET Cherry 2000   
  9:30PM ET Double Take   
  11:00PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
Friday, May. 9
  1:10AM ET Double Dragon   
  2:50AM ET Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins   
  5:00AM ET Charley Varrick   
  7:00AM ET Nightmare Alley   
  9:00AM ET Teaching Mrs. Tingle   
  10:35AM ET Diamonds   
  12:05PM ET The Shadow   
  2:00PM ET Fatal Memories   
  3:45PM ET Charley Varrick   
  5:45PM ET The Hound Of The Baskervilles   
  7:20PM ET Teaching Mrs. Tingle   
  9:00PM ET The Shadow   
  10:50PM ET Diamonds   
Saturday, May. 10
 12:20AM ET Fatal Memories   
  2:00AM ET The Woman In Green   
  3:10AM ET The Shadow   
  5:00AM ET Joe Dancer: The Big Trade   
  6:35AM ET Come On, Get Happy   
  8:05AM ET Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back   
  9:40AM ET Mad Love   
  11:20AM ET Bed Of Roses   
  12:50PM ET Up Close & Personal   
  3:05PM ET Raid On Rommel   
  4:45PM ET John Ford Goes To War   
  5:50PM ET Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back   
  7:30PM ET Bed Of Roses   
  9:00PM ET Mad Love   
  10:40PM ET Up Close & Personal   
Sunday, May. 11
 12:50AM ET The Winslow Boy   
  2:45AM ET Heartsounds   
  5:00AM ET Drop In:Episode# 20 - Eastward Ho!   
  5:30AM ET Love Potion No. 9   
  7:10AM ET The Flintstones   
  8:45AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie VI   
  10:20AM ET Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie   
  11:56AM ET All I Wanna Do!   
  1:35PM ET The Flintstones   
  3:10PM ET Avalon   
  5:20PM ET Love Potion No. 9   
  7:00PM ET Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie   
  8:40PM ET The Flintstones   
  10:15PM ET Bicentennial Man   
Monday, May. 12
 12:30AM ET All I Wanna Do!   
  2:10AM ET Love Potion No. 9   
  3:50AM ET Gokusen:Shirokin Boy's Choir? Say What?!   
  4:15AM ET Gokusen:The Class Trip Into Hell Begins!   
  4:40AM ET Planet XYZ:Xc Grand Prix   
  5:00AM ET Comes A Horseman   
  7:05AM ET Anne Of The Thousand Days   
  9:40AM ET Up At The Villa   
  11:40AM ET Man Of The House   
  1:20PM ET Reality Bites   
  3:00PM ET Legal Eagles   
  5:00PM ET Chance Of A Lifetime   
  6:40PM ET An Ideal Husband   
  8:20PM ET Irish Jam   
  10:00PM ET Reality Bites   
  11:45PM ET If The Shoe Fits   
Tuesday, May. 13
  1:20AM ET Charlie Bubbles   
  2:50AM ET Eat Drink Man Woman   
  5:00AM ET Fight For Life   
  6:40AM ET The Children Of Times Square   
  8:20AM ET Dances With Wolves   
  11:30AM ET Continental Divide   
  1:15PM ET My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys   
  3:05PM ET A Home Of Our Own   
  5:00PM ET Evita   
  7:15PM ET Continental Divide   
  9:00PM ET Dances With Wolves   
Wednesday, May. 14
 12:05AM ET My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys   
  2:00AM ET They Shoot Horses, Don't They?   
  4:05AM ET Low In Europe   
  5:00AM ET Transmitter Test   
  5:50AM ET The Magnificent Seven:Safecracker   
  6:35AM ET The El Paso Kid   
  7:30AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 87 - Million Dollar Fiddle   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #147 - Death Never Rides Alone   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #148 - I Take This Woman   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 74 - Battle Axe   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:Jeopardy At Jackson Hole   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:Double Showdown   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 22 - The Death Merchant   
  11:30AM ET Apache   
  1:00PM ET Carolina Moon   
  2:05PM ET Davy Crockett, Indian Scout   
  3:20PM ET The Missouri Breaks   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 26 - Double Barreled Vengeance   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:The Inner Circle   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:The Pied Piper Of Dodge City   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 81 - The Emperor of Rice   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #58 - The Visitors   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #59 - The Hero   
  9:00PM ET Apache   
  10:35PM ET The Tall T   
Thursday, May. 15
 12:00AM ET The Missouri Breaks   
  2:10AM ET The Mark Of Zorro   
  3:30AM ET Apache   
  5:00AM ET Shout At The Devil   
  7:35AM ET Smokey And The Bandit Part 3   
  9:05AM ET Mr. Majestyk   
  10:50AM ET Warren Miller's Impact   
  12:30PM ET Big Trouble In Little China   
  2:10PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  4:00PM ET The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission   
  5:40PM ET Jaws 2   
  7:40PM ET Twin Dragons   
  9:10PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  11:00PM ET Big Trouble In Little China   
Friday, May. 16
 12:40AM ET Jaws 2   
  2:40AM ET Terror By Night   
  3:40AM ET The Red Badge Of Courage   
  5:00AM ET Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective   
  6:35AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie VI   
  8:15AM ET Mad City   
  10:15AM ET The Manhattan Project   
  12:20PM ET Diary Of A Madman   
  2:00PM ET Bats   
  3:35PM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie VI   
  5:20PM ET Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective   
  7:00PM ET The Manhattan Project   
  9:00PM ET Bats   
  10:35PM ET Mad City   
Saturday, May. 17
 12:30AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie VI   
  2:05AM ET It's Alive!   
  3:30AM ET Cops And Robbers   
  5:00AM ET Miracle On 34th Street   
  7:00AM ET Paradise Alley   
  8:50AM ET Airport 1975   
  10:40AM ET Jack The Bear   
  12:20PM ET Proud   
  1:50PM ET Biloxi Blues   
  3:40PM ET Bogie   
  5:30PM ET The Work And The Glory   
  7:30PM ET Proud   
  9:00PM ET Jack The Bear   
  10:45PM ET Biloxi Blues   
Sunday, May. 18
 12:35AM ET The Work And The Glory   
  2:30AM ET Elmer Gantry   
  5:00AM ET The River Wild   
  7:00AM ET Warren Miller's Impact   
  8:40AM ET The Great Outdoors   
  10:15AM ET The Mighty   
  12:00PM ET Uncle Buck   
  1:45PM ET Musicology:Episode #26   
  2:20PM ET Samurai Deeper Kyo:The Ballad Of The Samurai   
  2:50PM ET Samurai Deeper Kyo:Episode #1 The Road To Armageddon   
  3:20PM ET Trapped In Paradise   
  5:20PM ET The Great Outdoors   
  7:00PM ET Uncle Buck   
  8:45PM ET Warren Miller's Impact   
  10:30PM ET The Mighty   
Monday, May. 19
 12:15AM ET Trapped In Paradise   
  2:10AM ET Uncle Buck   
  4:00AM ET When Fried Eggs Fly   
  5:00AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  6:50AM ET The Pirate Movie   
  8:35AM ET Pillow Talk   
  10:20AM ET Cry-Baby   
  11:50AM ET Career Opportunities   
  1:20PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  3:15PM ET Breaking Away   
  5:00PM ET The Bachelor   
  6:45PM ET Man Trouble   
  8:30PM ET Cry-Baby   
  10:00PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  11:50PM ET The Bachelor   
Tuesday, May. 20
  1:35AM ET Another Woman   
  3:00AM ET American Graffiti   
  5:00AM ET The Greatest Story Ever Told   
  8:15AM ET The Man In The Iron Mask   
  10:30AM ET Up Close & Personal   
  12:40PM ET Bed Of Roses   
  2:10PM ET Gas!   
  3:30PM ET Come On, Get Happy   
  5:05PM ET The Cure   
  6:50PM ET Up Close & Personal   
  9:00PM ET The Man In The Iron Mask   
  11:15PM ET Bed Of Roses   
Wednesday, May. 21
 12:45AM ET The Cure   
  2:35AM ET The Train   
  5:00AM ET Gun Duel In Durango   
  6:15AM ET Angel And The Badman   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #157 - Suspicion   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #158 - The Sidewinder   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 79 - Saddle Up   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:Cheyenne Club   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:Sherman's March Through Dodge City   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 27 - The River Monarch   
  11:30AM ET Miracle At Sage Creek   
  1:00PM ET Red River Valley   
  2:00PM ET Eagle's Wing   
  3:50PM ET Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 31 - Ghost Town Raiders   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:The Disappearance Of Bat Masterson   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:The Snare   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 86 - The Challenge   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #68 - Smoke Screen   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #69 - Shotgun Man   
  9:00PM ET Miracle At Sage Creek   
  10:30PM ET Eagle's Wing   
Thursday, May. 22
 12:20AM ET Dakota   
  1:45AM ET Angel And The Badman   
  3:30AM ET Old Los Angeles   
  5:00AM ET Maiden Voyage   
  6:30AM ET The Organization   
  8:20AM ET K-9000   
  10:00AM ET Jaws III   
  11:40AM ET F/X2   
  1:35PM ET The Dirty Dozen: Deadly Mission   
  3:15PM ET Independence Day   
  5:45PM ET Dust To Glory   
  7:30PM ET Warren Miller's Off the Grid   
  9:10PM ET F/X2   
  11:00PM ET Independence Day   
Friday, May. 23
  1:35AM ET The Dirty Dozen: Deadly Mission   
  3:10AM ET Shenandoah   
  5:00AM ET Charade   
  7:00AM ET Joe Dancer: The Monkey Mission   
  8:40AM ET Calendar Girl Murders   
  10:20AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie V   
  12:00PM ET Mission To Mars   
  2:00PM ET A Kiss Before Dying   
  3:45PM ET Double Take   
  5:20PM ET Charade   
  7:20PM ET Calendar Girl Murders   
  9:00PM ET Mission To Mars   
  11:00PM ET Double Take   
Saturday, May. 24
 12:35AM ET A Kiss Before Dying   
  2:10AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie V   
  3:50AM ET Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon   
  5:00AM ET F.I.S.T.   
  7:30AM ET A Day In October   
  9:15AM ET Eight Men Out   
  11:20AM ET Dirty Dancing   
  1:10PM ET F.I.S.T.   
  3:45PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  5:30PM ET A Day In October   
  7:15PM ET Dirty Dancing   
  9:00PM ET Eight Men Out   
  11:05PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
Sunday, May. 25
 12:50AM ET The Lady With The Torch   
  3:00AM ET Price of Glory   
  5:00AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie V   
  6:40AM ET Kids World   
  8:15AM ET Gordy   
  9:45AM ET On The Line   
  11:15AM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie V   
  1:00PM ET Billy Madison   
  2:30PM ET Samurai Deeper Kyo:Episode #22 The Machine Made Dolls   
  3:00PM ET Samurai Deeper Kyo:Episode #23 Scorching Ecstasy   
  3:30PM ET Planet XYZ:Downhill   
  3:50PM ET Cry-Baby   
  5:20PM ET Gordy   
  7:00PM ET Billy Madison   
  8:30PM ET On The Line   
  10:00PM ET Cry-Baby   
  11:30PM ET Amazing Stories: The Movie V   
Monday, May. 26
  1:10AM ET Bustin' Bonaparte   
  2:50AM ET Billy Madison   
  4:20AM ET Planet XYZ:Pastrana   
  4:40AM ET Planet XYZ:Base XYZ   
  5:00AM ET The Pirates Of Penzance   
  7:00AM ET Monkey Business   
  8:40AM ET Radioland Murders   
  10:35AM ET Junior   
  12:30PM ET Wilder Napalm   
  2:20PM ET Illegally Yours   
  4:05PM ET Up Close & Personal   
  6:15PM ET Mrs. Winterbourne   
  8:05PM ET Wilder Napalm   
  10:00PM ET Junior   
Tuesday, May. 27
 12:00AM ET Up Close & Personal   
  2:05AM ET Modern Girls   
  3:30AM ET Marty   
  5:00AM ET Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back   
  6:35AM ET A Cry For Love   
  8:15AM ET Biloxi Blues   
  10:05AM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  11:50AM ET This Is My Life   
  1:35PM ET I Want To Live   
  3:20PM ET Heartsounds   
  5:35PM ET Johnny Ryan   
  7:20PM ET This Is My Life   
  9:00PM ET Biloxi Blues   
  10:50PM ET Jack The Bear   
Wednesday, May. 28
 12:35AM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  2:15AM ET A.K.A. Cassius Clay   
  3:40AM ET Hey, I'm Alive!   
  5:00AM ET Belle Le Grand   
  6:35AM ET Five Guns West   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #165 - The Guest   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #166 - Old Man Running   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 83 - Guns Below the Border   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:Sharpshooter   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:River Boat   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 31 - Lost Treasure   
  11:30AM ET Ten Wanted Men   
  1:00PM ET The Old Barn Dance   
  2:10PM ET Texas Across The River   
  4:00PM ET Belle Starr, The Bandit Queen   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 35 - Killer's Trail   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:Welcome To Paradise   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:A Grave Situation   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 90 - Run of the Cat   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #76 - Hangman   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #77 - Trail of Hate   
  9:00PM ET Texas Across The River   
  10:45PM ET Ten Wanted Men   
Thursday, May. 29
 12:10AM ET Five Guns West   
  1:30AM ET Belle Starr, The Bandit Queen   
  3:05AM ET Legend Of The Lost   
  5:00AM ET Independence Day   
  7:30AM ET To Hell And Back   
  9:20AM ET Warren Miller's Storm   
  11:00AM ET The Defiant Ones   
  12:45PM ET Company Business   
  2:30PM ET Squirm   
  4:05PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
  6:05PM ET Solarbabies   
  7:45PM ET Jaws: The Revenge   
  9:20PM ET Company Business   
  11:00PM ET Gone In Sixty Seconds   
Friday, May. 30
  1:00AM ET Warren Miller's Storm   
  2:35AM ET Tora! Tora! Tora!   
  5:00AM ET Nightmare Alley   
  7:00AM ET The River Wild   
  9:00AM ET Once Bitten   
  10:40AM ET Pure Luck   
  12:20PM ET Fatal Memories   
  2:00PM ET The River Wild   
  4:00PM ET Teaching Mrs. Tingle   
  5:40PM ET In The Arms Of A Killer   
  7:20PM ET Once Bitten   
  9:00PM ET The River Wild   
  11:00PM ET Pure Luck   
Saturday, May. 31
 12:40AM ET In The Arms Of A Killer   
  2:15AM ET Diamonds   
  3:50AM ET Killer's Kiss   
  5:00AM ET Judgment At Nuremberg   
  8:05AM ET The Sixth Sense   
  10:00AM ET The Man In The Iron Mask   
  12:15PM ET Passport To Terror   
  1:50PM ET Dances With Wolves   
  5:00PM ET Mass Appeal   
  6:45PM ET The Man In The Iron Mask   
  9:00PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  10:50PM ET Dances With Wolves   
                                           June, 2008
Sunday, Jun. 1
  2:00AM ET Interiors  
  3:35AM ET Cast A Long Shadow  
  5:00AM ET Warriors Of Virtue  
  6:50AM ET Double Dragon  
  8:35AM ET Karas: The Prophecy  
  10:05AM ET 3 Ninjas  
  11:45AM ET Rush Hour  
  1:30PM ET Musicology:Episode #29  
  2:10PM ET 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain  
  3:50PM ET Warriors Of Virtue  
  5:35PM ET Karas: The Prophecy   
  7:00PM ET Rush Hour   
  8:40PM ET Double Dragon   
  10:20PM ET 3 Ninjas   
Monday, Jun. 2
 12:00AM ET 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain   
  1:35AM ET Pure Luck   
  3:15AM ET Karas: The Prophecy   
  4:35AM ET Edgemont:Episode# 58 - Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine   
  5:00AM ET In Love With An Older Woman   
  6:35AM ET Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing   
  8:20AM ET Continental Divide   
  10:05AM ET Chilly Scenes Of Winter   
  11:45AM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  1:30PM ET The Money Pit   
  3:05PM ET Wah-Wah   
  4:50PM ET Prelude To A Kiss   
  6:40PM ET The Baxter   
  8:20PM ET The Money Pit   
  10:00PM ET Crazy/Beautiful   
  11:45PM ET Prelude To A Kiss   
Tuesday, Jun. 3
  1:35AM ET The Baxter   
  3:10AM ET Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!   
  5:00AM ET Airport '77   
  7:00AM ET The Big One   
  8:35AM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  10:15AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  12:05PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  2:00PM ET Call Of The Wild   
  3:50PM ET Inherit The Wind   
  5:35PM ET The Big One   
  7:10PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  9:00PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  10:50PM ET Heart Of Dixie   
Wednesday, Jun. 4
 12:30AM ET Chance Of A Lifetime   
  2:05AM ET John Ford Goes To War   
  3:05AM ET Romancing The Stone   
  5:00AM ET Dakota   
  6:30AM ET The Last Bandit   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #7 - Duel of Honor   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #8 - The Safe Guard   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 88 - Dynamite   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:Lottery Of Death   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:The Death Of Bat Masterson   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 36 - The Martyr   
  11:30AM ET The Showdown   
  1:00PM ET Hills Of Utah   
  2:20PM ET Dances With Wolves   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 40 - Framed for Trouble   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:Bat Trap   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:The Rage Of Princess Ann   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 95 - The Profit and the Lost   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #86 - The Schoolmaster   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #87 - The Promoter   
  9:00PM ET A Time For Killing   
  10:35PM ET Dances With Wolves   
Thursday, Jun. 5
  1:40AM ET Three Faces West   
  3:00AM ET The Americano   
  4:30AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 40 - Framed for Trouble   
  5:00AM ET The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension   
  6:45AM ET Shout At The Devil   
  9:20AM ET Warren Miller's Cold Fusion   
  11:00AM ET Defiance   
  12:45PM ET 18 Fingers of Death!   
  2:20PM ET Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story   
  4:30PM ET Legend   
  6:00PM ET Crusoe   
  7:40PM ET Jumanji   
  9:30PM ET 18 Fingers of Death!   
  11:00PM ET Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story   
Friday, Jun. 6
  1:10AM ET The Mark Of Zorro   
  2:30AM ET F.I.S.T.   
  5:00AM ET The Train   
  7:20AM ET Nuns On The Run   
  9:00AM ET Poltergeist II: The Other Side   
  10:35AM ET Poltergeist III   
  12:20PM ET Double Indemnity   
  2:10PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  4:00PM ET The Young Savages   
  5:45PM ET Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective   
  7:20PM ET Nuns On The Run   
  9:00PM ET The Sixth Sense   
  10:50PM ET Poltergeist II: The Other Side   
Saturday, Jun. 7
 12:20AM ET Poltergeist III   
  2:05AM ET Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective   
  3:40AM ET Sherlock Holmes: Dressed To Kill   
  5:00AM ET Airport   
  7:20AM ET Breaking Away   
  9:05AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  11:00AM ET Bed Of Roses   
  12:30PM ET The Best Of Times   
  2:15PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  3:40PM ET Dreamchild   
  5:20PM ET Breaking Away   
  7:10PM ET The Best Of Times   
  9:00PM ET Bed Of Roses   
  10:30PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
Sunday, Jun. 8
 12:20AM ET One Of The Hollywood Ten   
  2:10AM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  3:30AM ET Bed Of Roses   
  5:00AM ET Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On The Road With Death Cab For Cutie   
  6:30AM ET Wyclef Jean's All Star Jam At Carnegie Hall   
  7:35AM ET Bio-Dome   
  9:15AM ET Airheads   
  10:50AM ET Robin Hood: Men In Tights   
  12:35PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  2:15PM ET Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On The Road With Death Cab For Cutie   
  3:45PM ET Beethoven's 2nd   
  5:20PM ET Airheads   
  7:00PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  8:40PM ET Bio-Dome   
  10:15PM ET Robin Hood: Men In Tights   
Monday, Jun. 9
 12:00AM ET Beethoven's 2nd   
  1:30AM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  3:15AM ET Mad Love   
  5:00AM ET Yentl   
  7:20AM ET Eddie And The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!   
  9:10AM ET Death Becomes Her   
  11:00AM ET Mr. Wrong   
  12:45PM ET Rhinestone   
  2:40PM ET Ed TV   
  4:50PM ET License To Drive   
  6:30PM ET Jump Tomorrow   
  8:15PM ET Death Becomes Her   
  10:00PM ET Ed TV   
Tuesday, Jun. 10
 12:10AM ET Mr. Wrong   
  1:50AM ET Bus Stop   
  3:30AM ET Station Jim   
  5:00AM ET Interiors   
  6:35AM ET Dadah Is Death   
  8:15AM ET Dadah Is Death   
  9:50AM ET Eight Men Out   
  11:50AM ET The Pallbearer   
  1:30PM ET The House On Garibaldi Street   
  3:15PM ET Sarafina!   
  5:05PM ET The Doctor   
  7:15PM ET The Pallbearer   
  9:00PM ET Eight Men Out   
  11:00PM ET Sarafina!   
Wednesday, Jun. 11
 12:40AM ET The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing   
  2:20AM ET The Pallbearer   
  4:05AM ET Low In Europe   
  5:00AM ET Transmitter Test   
  5:50AM ET The Horse Soldiers   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #17 - The Retired Gun   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #18 - The Photographer   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 2 - Head for Texas   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:The Manner Born   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:Wanted -- Dead   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 41 - The Iron Box   
  11:30AM ET Brimstone   
  1:10PM ET Stardust On The Sage   
  2:20PM ET Duel At Diablo   
  4:15PM ET Gun Street   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 45 -The Ruthless Renegade   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:The Lady Plays Her Hand   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:Tempest At Tioga Pass   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 100 - Joshua Watson   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #96 - The Wyoming Story, Part 1   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #97 - The Wyoming Story, Part 2   
  9:00PM ET They Died With Their Boots On   
  11:30PM ET The Missouri Breaks   
Thursday, Jun. 12
  1:40AM ET Wild Times   
  3:20AM ET Wild Times   
  5:00AM ET Volcano   
  6:45AM ET The Mark Of Zorro   
  8:00AM ET The Blue Lightning   
  9:35AM ET Dust To Glory   
  11:20AM ET The Real McCoy   
  1:15PM ET Convoy   
  3:10PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  5:20PM ET Warren Miller's Higher Ground   
  7:05PM ET Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins   
  9:10PM ET The Real McCoy   
  11:00PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
Friday, Jun. 13
  1:10AM ET Warren Miller's Higher Ground   
  2:50AM ET Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins   
  5:00AM ET K-9000   
  6:40AM ET Intimate Betrayal   
  8:20AM ET Club Fed   
  10:00AM ET Sherlock Holmes: Dressed To Kill   
  11:15AM ET Haunted Honeymoon   
  12:40PM ET Johnny Ryan   
  2:15PM ET The Shadow   
  4:05PM ET K-9000   
  5:45PM ET Club Fed   
  7:20PM ET Intimate Betrayal   
  9:00PM ET The Shadow   
  10:50PM ET Haunted Honeymoon   
Saturday, Jun. 14
 12:15AM ET Club Fed   
  1:50AM ET Sherlock Holmes: Dressed To Kill   
  3:05AM ET The Shadow   
  5:00AM ET Nobody Knows   
  7:30AM ET Madame Sousatzka   
  9:35AM ET Powder   
  11:30AM ET The Electric Horseman   
  1:35PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  3:35PM ET Mr. North   
  5:10PM ET House Of Cards   
  7:05PM ET Powder   
  9:00PM ET O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
  10:50PM ET The Electric Horseman   
Sunday, Jun. 15
  1:00AM ET Airport '77   
  3:00AM ET Powder   
  5:00AM ET Warren Miller's Storm   
  6:40AM ET The Rocketeer   
  8:30AM ET Reality Bites   
  10:10AM ET White Squall   
  12:20PM ET RoboCop 3   
  2:05PM ET Honey, I Blew Up The Kid   
  3:35PM ET Reality Bites   
  5:20PM ET Warren Miller's Storm   
  7:00PM ET White Squall   
  9:10PM ET The Rocketeer   
  11:00PM ET RoboCop 3   
Monday, Jun. 16
 12:45AM ET Reality Bites   
  2:30AM ET Major Payne   
  4:10AM ET Drop in:Episode# 7 - Kelowna   
  4:40AM ET On The Set: The Guardian   
  5:00AM ET The Linda McCartney Story   
  6:30AM ET Station Jim   
  8:00AM ET Come On, Get Happy   
  9:30AM ET Straight Talk   
  11:05AM ET I Love You, I Love You Not   
  12:30PM ET Chocolat   
  2:35PM ET On The Line   
  4:05PM ET Keeping The Faith   
  6:15PM ET Love's Labour's Lost   
  7:50PM ET Chocolat   
  10:00PM ET I Love You, I Love You Not   
  11:30PM ET Keeping The Faith   
Tuesday, Jun. 17
  1:45AM ET Love's Labour's Lost   
  3:20AM ET A Cry For Love   
  5:00AM ET Sorry, Haters   
  6:30AM ET Fatal Memories   
  8:05AM ET The Best Of Times   
  10:00AM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  11:35AM ET Breaking Away   
  1:20PM ET Birdman Of Alcatraz   
  3:50PM ET A World Apart   
  5:50PM ET Fatal Memories   
  7:30PM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  9:00PM ET The Best Of Times   
  10:50PM ET Breaking Away   
Wednesday, Jun. 18
 12:35AM ET A World Apart   
  2:30AM ET Birdman Of Alcatraz   
  5:00AM ET Prairie Moon   
  6:10AM ET Rough Night In Jericho   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #27 - The Wrong Man   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #28 - The Challenge   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 7 - The Posse   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:The Canvas And The Cane   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:The Inner Circle   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 46 - Wagonland of Dreams   
  11:30AM ET Plainsman And The Lady   
  1:00PM ET Call Of The Canyon   
  2:20PM ET Ride Lonesome   
  3:40PM ET God Forgives, I Don't   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 50 - The Sheriff Is a Lady   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:Episode In Eden   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:The Good And The Bad   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 105 - The Royal Road   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #106 - The Mescalaro Curse   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #107 - Stopover   
  9:00PM ET Rough Night In Jericho   
  10:50PM ET Man In The Wilderness   
Thursday, Jun. 19
 12:40AM ET Ride Lonesome   
  2:00AM ET God Forgives, I Don't   
  3:45AM ET The Iron Sheriff   
  5:00AM ET Scorpio   
  7:00AM ET Duck, You Sucker!   
  9:40AM ET RoboCop 3   
  11:30AM ET F/X2   
  1:20PM ET The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension   
  3:10PM ET Waterworld   
  5:30PM ET Warren Miller's Journey   
  7:15PM ET F/X2   
  9:10PM ET RoboCop 3   
  11:00PM ET Waterworld   
Friday, Jun. 20
  1:20AM ET Warren Miller's Journey   
  3:05AM ET F/X2   
  5:00AM ET The Lady Vanishes   
  6:45AM ET Cry For The Strangers   
  8:20AM ET Desperately Seeking Susan   
  10:10AM ET The Real McCoy   
  12:00PM ET Deceived   
  1:50PM ET The Lady Vanishes   
  3:30PM ET Cry For The Strangers   
  5:10PM ET Electra Glide In Blue   
  7:10PM ET The Real McCoy   
  9:00PM ET Desperately Seeking Susan   
  10:50PM ET Deceived   
Saturday, Jun. 21
 12:50AM ET Cry For The Strangers   
  2:35AM ET The Train   
  5:00AM ET Cast A Long Shadow   
  6:30AM ET Whale Rider   
  8:15AM ET Vincent And Theo   
  10:40AM ET Interiors   
  12:20PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  2:10PM ET Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues   
  3:50PM ET The Pallbearer   
  5:35PM ET The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing   
  7:15PM ET Whale Rider   
  9:00PM ET Romancing The Stone   
  10:50PM ET The Pallbearer   
Sunday, Jun. 22
 12:30AM ET Vincent And Theo   
  3:00AM ET Up At The Villa   
  5:00AM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  7:15AM ET Drop In:Episode# 9 - Golden   
  7:45AM ET Musicology:Episode #32   
  8:20AM ET Holy Man   
  10:15AM ET The Baby-Sitters Club   
  11:50AM ET Fatboy Slim: Big Beach Boutique II   
  1:20PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  3:35PM ET Dust To Glory   
  5:15PM ET Home Alone 3   
  7:00PM ET Holy Man   
  9:00PM ET Speed 2: Cruise Control   
  11:10PM ET The Baby-Sitters Club   
Monday, Jun. 23
 12:45AM ET Dust To Glory   
  2:30AM ET Warren Miller's Impact   
  4:10AM ET On The Set: The Guardian   
  4:25AM ET Musicology:Episode #32   
  5:00AM ET Dreams Lost, Dreams Found   
  6:50AM ET Keeping The Faith   
  9:10AM ET The King And I   
  11:30AM ET The Best Of Times   
  1:20PM ET Down To You   
  3:00PM ET Gotcha!   
  4:45PM ET Mad Love   
  6:30PM ET Forget Paris   
  8:15PM ET Cold Comfort Farm   
  10:00PM ET Down To You   
  11:35PM ET Mad Love   
Tuesday, Jun. 24
  1:15AM ET Forget Paris   
  3:00AM ET Rhinestone   
  5:00AM ET Julia   
  7:00AM ET Whale Rider   
  8:45AM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  10:35AM ET Powder   
  12:30PM ET Dreamchild   
  2:10PM ET Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers   
  3:30PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
  5:20PM ET Keeping Secrets   
  7:00PM ET Julia   
  9:00PM ET Powder   
  11:00PM ET Hannah and Her Sisters   
Wednesday, Jun. 25
 12:50AM ET Whale Rider   
  2:35AM ET Airport   
  5:00AM ET Gunslinger   
  6:20AM ET Junior Bonner   
  8:00AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #37 - The Raid   
  8:30AM ET The Rifleman:Episode #38 - Outlaw's Inheritance   
  9:00AM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 12 - Six Shooter Sweepstakes   
  9:30AM ET Bat Masterson:Cattle And Cane   
  10:00AM ET Bat Masterson:The Disappearance Of Bat Masterson   
  10:30AM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 51 - The Haunted Gun   
  11:30AM ET Gunsight Ridge   
  1:00PM ET Indian Territory   
  2:20PM ET Dirty Dingus Magee   
  4:00PM ET Man Or Gun   
  5:30PM ET The Gene Autry Show:Ep 55 - The Bandidos   
  6:00PM ET Bat Masterson:The Fatal Garment   
  6:30PM ET Bat Masterson:Jeopardy At Jackson Hole   
  7:00PM ET The Big Valley:Ep. 110 - Danger Road   
  8:00PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #116 - The Decision   
  8:30PM ET The Rifleman:Episode #117 - Knight Errant   
  9:00PM ET Dirty Dingus Magee   
  10:35PM ET Outlaw Trail   
Thursday, Jun. 26
 12:10AM ET Chato's Land   
  2:00AM ET Man Or Gun   
  3:20AM ET Valdez Is Coming   
  5:00AM ET Solarbabies   
  6:40AM ET Mr. Majestyk   
  8:30AM ET Scorpio   
  10:30AM ET Poltergeist II: The Other Side   
  12:05PM ET Street Fighter   
  1:50PM ET Mystery Men   
  4:00PM ET Volcano   
  5:50PM ET The Dirty Dozen: Deadly Mission   
  7:35PM ET The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission   
  9:15PM ET Street Fighter   
  11:00PM ET Volcano   
Friday, Jun. 27
 12:50AM ET Mystery Men   
  3:00AM ET Convoy   
  5:00AM ET The Killer Elite   
  7:10AM ET The River Wild   
  9:05AM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  10:45AM ET The Andromeda Strain   
  1:00PM ET Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective   
  2:35PM ET The River Wild   
  4:35PM ET The Killer Elite   
  6:45PM ET The Andromeda Strain   
  9:00PM ET Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me   
  10:40PM ET The River Wild   
Saturday, Jun. 28
 12:35AM ET The Killer Elite   
  2:45AM ET The Andromeda Strain   
  5:00AM ET Call Of The Wild   
  6:50AM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  8:30AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  10:20AM ET Dirty Dancing   
  12:05PM ET Eight Men Out   
  2:10PM ET Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken   
  3:40PM ET Call Of The Wild   
  5:30PM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  7:20PM ET Heart Of Dixie   
  9:00PM ET Eight Men Out   
  11:05PM ET Dirty Dancing   
Sunday, Jun. 29
 12:50AM ET Great Balls Of Fire!   
  2:50AM ET Starz Inside: Fog City Mavericks   
  5:00AM ET The Castle Of Cagliostro   
  6:50AM ET Jumanji   
  8:35AM ET The Mighty Ducks   
  10:20AM ET Major Payne   
  12:05PM ET The Castle Of Cagliostro   
  1:50PM ET Billy Madison   
  3:30PM ET Warren Miller's Impact   
  5:10PM ET Jumanji   
  7:00PM ET Major Payne   
  8:40PM ET Billy Madison   
  10:10PM ET The Mighty Ducks   
Monday, Jun. 30
 12:00AM ET Warren Miller's Impact   
  1:40AM ET Major Payne   
  3:20AM ET Teen Wolf Too   
  5:00AM ET Rhinestone   
  7:00AM ET Yentl   
  9:20AM ET In Love With An Older Woman   
  11:00AM ET Love Potion No. 9   
  12:40PM ET 3 Men And A Little Lady   
  2:30PM ET Evita   
  4:50PM ET Mr. Mom   
  6:30PM ET The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio   
  8:10PM ET 3 Men And A Little Lady   
  10:00PM ET Love Potion No. 9   
  11:40PM ET Mr. Mom  
                                          Movie descriptions

ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS [PG13]·Comedy·1995·(1:34)
A sacred white bat's disappearance begets bloodshed
between African tribes and puts the goofy pet sleuth on the
case. Starring Jim Carrey.

AIRPORT '77 [PG]·Action·1977·(1:53)
A luxury 747 is hijacked over the Bermuda Triangle and lands
in the ocean. The passengers remain alive as the plane is
submerged in shallow water, and a daring rescue is
attempted. With Jack Lemmon and James Stewart.

AIRPORT 1975 [PG]·Sequel·1974·(1:46)
More high-flying disasters! A small plane collides with a
jumbo jet in mid-air, killing the pilot and co-pilot - can the
scrappy stewardess fly the wounded plane until another pilot
can drop in? With Helen Reddy, Myrna Loy, and more!

ALL NIGHT LONG [PG]·Drama·1961·(1:31)
It's a stylishly cool and hip re-telling of Shakespeare's Othello
set in the middle of an all-night cocktail party and swinging
jam session - featuring jazz music legends Dave Brubeck,
Charles Mingus and more! Dig it, daddy-o! 

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE [PG]·Fantasy·1986·(1:30)
Two hour-long episodes - "The Mission" and "Go To the Head
of the Class" - from Steven Spielberg's 80's anthology fantasy
series, "Amazing Stories." Featuring Kevin Costner, Keifer

AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE III [TV14]·Fantasy·1986·(1:35)
Four episodes - "Mummy Daddy", "Family Dog" (from the
director of 'The Incredibles') "Remote Control Man", and "Guilt
Trip" - from the 80's anthology fantasy series "Amazing
Stories", created by Steven Spielberg

Four episodes - "The Sitter", "Grandpa's Ghost", "Dorothy and
Ben", and "Gershwin's Trunk" - from Steven Spielberg's 80's
anthology fantasy TV series, "Amazing Stories." With Seth
Green, Andrew McCarthy, Carrie Fisher. 

Four episodes - "The Main Attraction", "Gather Ye Acorns",
"You Gotta Believe Me", and "Lane Change" - from the 80's
anthology fantasy television series, "Amazing Stories." With
Kathy Bates, Forest Whitaker, Mark Hamill.

THE AMBUSH MURDERS [TVG]·Drama·1982·(1:36)
A hardworking lawyer attempts to clear a black activist
wrongly convicted for murdering two policemen.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI [PG]·Comedy·1973·(1:52)
Graduation night holds many surprises and considerable
promise for a group of early-1960s teens in a vapid
central-valley California town.

THE AMERICANO [TVPG]·Latino·1954·(1:25)
Hero Glenn Ford meets Brazilian villains in an offbeat

ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS [PG13]·Drama·1969·(2:25)
Oscar-winning drama follows King Henry VIII and Anne
Boleyn, who became his second wife, the mother of Elizabeth
I - and the first of the king's spouses to face death when she
could not bear a son.

ANNIE HALL [PG]·Comedy·1977·(1:33)
Woody Allen's hilarious comedy about a neurotic screenwriter
and his erratic relationships with women - especially the love
of his life, Annie Hall. Winner of four Oscars, including Best
Picture and Best Actress (Diane Keaton).

ARACHNOPHOBIA [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:49)
Expertly twisted story of a sleepy California town suddenly
overrun by killer spiders - and only the arachnid-phobic,
newly-arrived town doctor can save the day! Featuring John
Goodman as The Exterminator.

BABES IN TOYLAND [G]·Children·1986·(1:36)
During a blizzard on Christmas Eve, 11-year-old Lisa is
magically transported to Toyland, where she must stop an
evil plot with the help of her colorful new friends. Drew was
11 and Keanu was just starting out in this holiday gem.

BABETTE'S FEAST [G]·Art House·1987·(1:43)
In a Danish-made Oscar winner, two beautiful sisters pass
up love and fame for religious life in their village. Stephane
Audran, Bibi Andersson.

THE BALLAD OF JOSIE [TVG]·Comedy·1968·(1:42)
A widow shakes up a frontier Wyoming town, raising sheep to
the dismay of local cattlemen and organizing the women to
obtain the right to vote.

THE BANK SHOT [PG]·Comedy·1974·(1:24)
Thieves try to steal an entire bank with house-moving

BAT MASTERSON [TVPG]·Western·1960-61·(:26)
Based on the adventures of the West's most colorful hero
who became a legend in his own time. 

BATMAN AND ROBIN [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Batgirl joins the caped crusaders to stop Mr. Freeze and
Poison Ivy from wreaking revenge upon the world.

BATS [PG13]·Sci-Fi/Horror·1999·(1:31)
Bats infected with a man-made virus are viciously attacking
the residents of a small Texas town - and the local sheriff
and a scientist find themselves in a two-front war to stop the
flying mutants!

THE BATTLE OF EL ALAMEIN [PG]·Drama·1968·(1:36)
British Gen. Montgomery's Eighth Army stops German Field
Marshal Rommel's Afrika Korps in 1942 Egypt

BEACH BLANKET BINGO [TVPG]·Comedy·1965·(1:37)
Beach gang, intrigued with sky diving, becomes involved in a
kidnapping, with the victim convinced it's all a publicity stunt
- until a mermaid leads rescuers to the scene. Co-starring
Paul Lynde and Buster Keaton. 

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST [PG]·Children·1962·(1:16)
Classic fairy-tale about a young prince who is turned into a
beast yet still finds love with a beautiful princess. 

BEETHOVEN'S 2ND [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:28)
Everybody's favorite slobbering St. Bernard meets his
dream-dog mate and becomes father to a slew of puppies -
but bad guys kidnap the mom and threaten the little ones in
this fast-paced family comedy.

BEFORE AND AFTER [PG13]·Drama·1996·(1:48)
When their young son is accused of murder - and the
evidence points that way - his parents band together to
defend him, even if it means breaking the law themselves. A
riveting drama, with Edward Furlong. 

BICENTENNIAL MAN [PG]·Comedy·1999·(2:11) Robin Williams.
In the future, a faithful robot servant faithfully serves a
family while yearning to become a human himself in this
imaginative version of the Isaac Asimov short story. With
Sam Neill, directed by Chris Columbus.

THE BIG BONANZA [TVPG]·Western·1944·(1:09)
Wrongly court-martialed for battle cowardice, Union Army
soldier proves his courage. 

THE BIG ONE [PG13]·Comedy·1998·(1:31)
Confrontational documentary in which crusading filmmaker
Michael Moore examines corporate America's curious pattern
of implementing worker layoffs amidst record profits. 

THE BIG VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1966·(:51)
High drama and western adventure on a family ranch in this
cult classic, 1960s TV series. Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors,
and Linda Evans star

BIO-DOME [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:35)
Two slackers (Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin) bring chaos to
an experimental ecosystem that they are accidentally locked
in for a year.

BITTER HARVEST [TVPG]·Drama·1963·(1:36)
A rural young Welshwoman goes to London and sinks into the
wild night life.

BLITHE SPIRIT [TVPG]·Comedy·1945·(1:36)
The ghost of a novelist's first wife visits him and his second
wife. Directed by David Lean. From the Noel Coward play.

BLUE DEMON [PG13]·Action·2003·(1:31)
The U.S. government's latest secret weapon in the war on
terror: sharks genetically altered to kill on command. All is
well until the sharks escape their training grounds, enter San
Francisco Bay and begin a murderous rampage!

THE BLUE LIGHTNING [TVG]·Action·1986·(1:33)
A private eye and a jewel agent's wife try to recover an opal
from a terrorist in Australia. 

BRIMSTONE [TVPG]·Western·1949·(1:30)
A family of cattle rustlers get ornery when a masked bandit
moves in on their territory, and a new deputy is signed on to
put a stop to them both.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:25)
A high school cheerleader reluctantly accepts her destiny - 
she is her generation's warrior in the never-ending war against 
vampires! Campy fun, with Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens.

The story of the American gangster movie, featuring clips
from silents to "The Godfather." Interviews with James Caan,
Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen and more. An Encore
Originals production.

BY LOVE POSSESSED [TVPG]·Drama·1961·(1:56)
A New England lawyer has an affair with his crippled
partner's alcoholic wife, among other scandals.

CADENCE [PG13]·Drama·1990·(1:37)
A rebellious young private becomes the sole white inmate in
a military jail - with a vicious bully sergeant in charge who is
out to get him. With Laurence Fishburne, directed by Martin

CALENDAR GIRL MURDERS [TV14]·Mystery·1984·(1:35)
A detective tracks a serial killer who murders centerfold

CAMILLA [PG13]·Drama·1994·(1:31)
Two women from different generations (Jessica Tandy,
Bridget Fonda) become fast friends as they travel from
Georgia to Canada.

Based on the true story, told from Joey Buttafuoco's
perspective: the sensational story of his love affair with
teenage Amy Fisher, a tryst that was punctuated by gunfire.

CHAIN REACTION [PG13]·Action·1996·(1:47)
A young engineer and a beautiful scientist, working on a
revolutionary energy project, find themselves framed for
murder and on the run in this explosive thriller from the
director of "The Fugitive." WIth Rachel Weisz.

CHARADE [TVPG]·Comedy·1963·(1:53)
A widow seeks help from a stranger to find a large sum of
money her husband hid before his murder.

CHARLIE BUBBLES [TVPG]·Comedy·1968·(1:29)
Albert Finney directs and stars in this comedic drama about
a married writer who starts up an affair with his secretary
(played by Liza Minnelli in her first film)

CHARLIE'S ANGELS [TVPG]·Crime·1975·(1:14)
The pilot film for the legendary television series - a
mysterious millionaire hires three sexy ladies to work for his
private detective agency. Look fast for Tommy Lee Jones in a
small role.

THE CHILDREN OF AN LAC [TVG]·Drama·1980·(1:36)
Georgia housewife finds herself on a mission to save 400
children on the eve of the fall of Saigon.

CLOAK & DAGGER [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:41) Dabney Coleman.
A young boy, with a penchant for spy thrillers and video
games, finds himself in the middle of real espionage when
he's pursued by spies after he comes into possession of a
video game cartridge containing top-secret info.

COME ON, GET HAPPY [TVG]·Biography·1999·(1:28)
The shenanigans that took place behind the scenes of the
cheery, chirpy comedy television series "The Partridge
Family" are recounted from the viewpoint of child star Danny
Bonaduce - featuring the group's hit songs!

COMIN' ROUND THE MOUNTAIN [TVG]·Western·1936·(:57)
A singing cowboy saves a senorita's ranch and wins a horse
race on a mustang. Gene Autry.

CONAN THE DESTROYER [PG]·Action·1984·(1:41)
Conan returns! The mythic muscleman must foil the
double-crossing Queen Taramis in a quest for a magic key
that will unlock a vast treasure. With Wilt Chamberlain in his
only screen role.

THE CONCORDE... AIRPORT '79 [PG]·Drama·1979·(1:53)
The Concorde en route to the Moscow Olympics discovers
there is a bomb on board. 

CONTINENTAL DIVIDE [PG]·Comedy·1981·(1:43)
Hard-nosed Chicago newspaperman travels to the Wyoming
Rockies to interview a beautiful yet reclusive eagle
researcher - and winds up falling head over heels in love!

COP AND A HALF [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:33)
A kid witnesses a murder and in exchange for the information
he wants to be a cop. 

COPS AND ROBBERS [PG]·Comedy·1973·(1:29)
Bumbling cops plan to steal ten million dollars using a
Manhattan parade as their cover.

CRASH COURSE [TVG]·Comedy·1988·(1:36)
Mischievous teens drive a driving school teacher crazy.

CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Drama·2001·(1:39)
Sparks fly when a rebellious upscale Los Angeles anglo teen
girl meets a working-class Latino boy from East L.A. meet at
their high school - can their love survive the multiple
obstacles placed in their way? 

THE CREW [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:27)
Four aging wiseguys bite off more than they can chew when
they mistakenly use the dead father of a drug lord to pull off
a scam. With Jeremy Piven and Carrie-Anne Moss. 

CRITICAL ASSIGNMENT [TV14]·Action·2004·(1:50)
The President of an African country decrees that the Arms
budget will be diverted into the Water-For-All project, while a
journalist discovers a Coup set up by arms dealers. 

CROOKLYN [PG13]·Black·1994·(1:54)
A funny, poignant slice-of-life portrait of a black middle class
family in 1970s Brooklyn, focusing on the coming-of-age of
the family's only girl. Based on the memories of director
Spike Lee, with a dynamite soul soundtrack.

The lavish, atmospheric story of the spiritual journey of a
legendary warrior - and the extraordinary women in his life -
features breathtaking martial arts action. Winner of 4 Oscars,
including Best Foreign Language film.

CRUSOE [PG13]·Adventure·1989·(1:35)
A slave trader, marooned on a desert island, must learn to
deal with loneliness, survival and a native of the island.

A CRY FOR LOVE [TVPG]·Drama·1980·(1:38)
A mother battling drugs finds help with a thrice-married

CRY FOR THE STRANGERS [TVPG]·Mystery·1982·(1:35)
Muddled mystery in a craggy Pacific coastal town. The plot
elements include ghosts, violent storms, and suspicious
death. Patrick Duffy.

THE CURE [PG13]·Drama·1995·(1:39)
Two 11-year-old boys - one suffering from AIDS - plan a
Huck Finn-style river adventure and become fast friends in a
small Minnesota town. A life-affirming story, dIrected by
Peter Horton. 

THE CUTTING EDGE [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:41)
An ex-hockey player and a prima donna bicker as paired
figure skaters shooting for the Olympics. 

·Crime·1990·(1:30) The pulp private eye links murder, a 
movie mogul's wife and red nail polish in 1940s Hollywood.

DAZZLE [TVG]·Children·2000·(1:25)
A fairy bumps her head, loses her memory and lands at the
door of a children's book author and his daughter. But a fairy
bounty hunter is on her trail, and she will lose her magical
powers if she's caught.

DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:28)
A mystery woman hires detective Steve Martin to unravel a
plot to steal a cheese recipe.

DEFENCE OF THE REALM [PG]·Thriller/Suspense·1985·(1:36)
A London reporter attempts to uncover a supposed scandal
by a government official.

DEFIANCE [PG]·Action·1980·(1:43)
A merchant seaman stands alone against a street gang
terrorizing his New York slum neighborhood. Jan-Michael
Vincent, Art Carney.

DICK TRACY [PG]·Comic Book Based Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
The square-jawed detective of the comics busts a vicious
crime syndicate in this colorful, action-packed extravaganza.
Directed by Warren Beatty, co-starring Al Pacino and Dustin

DIRTY DANCING [PG13]·Dance·1987·(1:40) Patrick Swayze.
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" It's the classic romance
between an ugly duckling teenybopper and a hunky dance
instructor at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963. You'll
have the time of your life! 

The continuing adventures of a renegade team of World War
II GI's, this time on a suicide mission to rescue scientists
involved in a top-secret chemical-warfare project. Telly
Savalas, Ernest Borgnine, Lee Marvin.

Misfit soldiers encounter hostile Nazis on board the Orient

DON'T FENCE ME IN [TVG]·Western·1945·(1:11)
Girl reporter covers the story of a colorful desperado who
"died" at Twin Lakes. She's helped in her quest by a singing

DOUBLE STANDARD [TVPG]·Drama·1988·(1:36)
True story of a Circuit Court judge discovered to be a
bigamist, with two separate wives and families.

DREAMS LOST, DREAMS FOUND [TVG]·Romance·1987·(1:42)
Young widowed woman makes her way to Scotland in search
of her ancestry.

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:38)
Over the top "mockumentary" finds two sexy teen contestants
- and their mothers - pulling out all the stops to win the local
Miss Teen Beauty Pageant. A wicked black comedy,
co-starring Kirstie Alley and Ellen Barkin.

DROP IN [TV14]·Documentary·2004·(:24)
Five professional free ride mountain bikers travel together on
a 10,000 mile experience of a lifetime. Drop in on these
two-wheeled Gladiators and share blood, sweat, and tears
as they ride off cliff faces for extreme entertainment. 

DROWNING MONA [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:36)
Everyone in Verplank, NY has a reason to hate the caustic
Mona Dearly - but when her Yugo dives into the Hudson
River, it's up to the sheriff to finger the murderer! With Neve
Campbell, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a cameo by Will Ferrell.

DUCK, YOU SUCKER! [PG]·Drama·1972·(2:37)
Director Sergio Leone ("The Good, The Bad & The Ugly")
directs the explosive spaghetti-western story of a Mexican
mercenary who convinces an Irish demolition expert to help
him rob a bank.

DUEL [PG]·Action·1971·(1:29)
The made-for-tv film that launched director Steven Spielberg
into the movies: a never-seen truck driver displays a major
case of road rage as he plays deadly game of cat-and-mouse 
with lone motorist (Dennis Weaver) on a desert highway!

DUNE [PG13]·Drama·1984·(2:57)
Director David Lynch's controversial film version of Frank
Herbert's sci-fi novel of political intrigue, giant sand worms
and a gallery of bizarre scenes and grotesque characters.

DUST TO GLORY [PG]·Action·2005·(1:39)
Get a driver's eye view of the legendary Baja 1000, an annual
off-road race held in the Mexican desert that attracts
hundreds of racers piloting every kind of motorized vehicle -
16 hours of dangerous, one-of-a-kind racing!

EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN [TVPG]·Asian·1994·(2:04)
This follow-up to Ang Lee's "A Wedding Banquet," features a
Taipei master chef's failed recipes for connecting with his
three daughters.

EDDIE MACON'S RUN [PG]·Crime·1983·(1:34)
Unjustly jailed on trumped-up charges, a man's second
prison break is successful - only his getaway map to Mexico
falls into the hands of a doggedly determined cop. Look for
John Goodman in a very early role.

EDGEMONT [TVPG]·Teen·2003·(:23)
The teens of Edgemont celebrate their triumphs and work out
their problems and challenges with a diverse cast.

Tim Burton's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS [PG13]·Fantasy·1990·(1:45)
Director Tim Burton's modern fable about a steely sharp
young man and his adventures in pastel suburbia. The
breakout film for Johnny Depp, with Vincent Price, Kathy
Baker, Anthony Michael Hall, Dianne Wiest.

[PG]·Art House·1995·(1:36)
A pair of mapmakers anger a Welsh village by telling them
their beloved "mountain" is only tall enough to be listed as a
"hill", so the town sets out to fix the problem. 

EVITA [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:15)
Rousing adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical
biography of beloved, yet controversial, Argentine first lady
Eva Peron. Oscar winner for Best Song. Banned by Hilary Clinton.

F/X2 [PG13]·Action·1991·(1:48)
A special effects expert turned high-tech toymaker teams
with his old buddy, a cop turned private eye, to solve a
complicated murder case. Big action sequences and
ingenious sight gags highlight the sequel to "F/X" 

FATAL MEMORIES [TVPG]·Drama·1992·(1:33)
Repressed memories trigger a California woman to accuse
her father of murder. Based on a true story. 

FIGHT FOR LIFE [TVPG]·Drama·1987·(1:34)
In this real life drama, a couple tries desparately to save
their epleptic little daughter, even though the one drug that
could help her is not legally available in the United States.

FRESH HORSES [PG13]·Drama·1988·(1:43)
A college student about to get married falls in love with a
country girl.

FUZZ [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:33)
Boston police detectives hunt a mad bomber preying on local
politicians. Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch.

GAMBIT [TVG]·Comedy·1966·(1:48)
Stylish robbers heist a priceless piece of sculpture. Shirley
MacLaine, Michael Caine.

THE GENE AUTRY SHOW [TVG]·Western·1952-54·(:27)
The adventures of singing cowboy Gene Autry and his
sidekick restoring law and order in the old west. 

The first President deals with ratification of the Constitution,
and his powerful and vocal constituents. 

GLEAMING THE CUBE [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:45)
An angst-ridden teen skateboarder believes his adopted
brother's suicide was really murder, and attempts to prove it
with the help of a California detective. Look for skateboard
legend Tony Hawk in a small role. 

GOKUSEN [TV14]·Anime·2004·(:23)
Heiress dreams of teaching children of Japan and lands HS
teaching job...but her loyal army of hitmen capable of
murdering disobedient students are only a step away. 

GRACE KELLY [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1983·(1:35)
The fairy tale story of the actress who became a princess is
told in this biography that traces her rise from Philadelphia
socialite to Hollywood movie star. With Diane Ladd, Ian

THE GREAT ESCAPE [TVPG]·Action·1963·(2:52)
Based on true World War II events: deep inside Germany,
Allied prisoners plot an intricate plan to break out of the
Nazi's "escape-proof" prison. A contemporary classic, with
Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Richard Attenborough.

HACKERS [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1995·(1:45)
Cyberpunk computer geeks get themselves in the middle of
an elaborate embezzling scheme involving federal agents and
a master hacker building his Swiss bank account. Angelina
Jolie scorches the screen in an early starring role.

HAIR [PG]·Black·1979·(2:01)
Terrific peace-and-love-rock songs highlight this loose
adaptation of the 60s musical about hippie friends in N.Y.C.
getting high and dodging the draft.

HANG 'EM HIGH [PG13]·Western·1968·(1:55)
Jed Cooper is falsely accused of murder survives a lynch
mob, and is then deputized to help round up the men who
framed him. But Jed pursues his own vision of justice in this
rowdy, violent western.

HANKY PANKY [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:47)
An out-of-towner shares a taxi with a beautiful stranger and
mails a mysterious package on her behalf. But when she is
murdered, he is suddenly pursued by the police, hitmen and
sinister spies who think he knows something.

HANNAH AND HER SISTERS [PG13]·Comedy·1986·(1:47)
Hannah, a loving wife and mother, has a husband who is
cheating with one of her sisters and an ex-hubby going out
with another - and both sisters look to her for support! Best
Supporting Oscars for Michael Caine, Dianne Wiest. 

HARRY & SON [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:57)
This drama centers on the agonies and delights of a father
and son trying to salvage the relationship that is slipping
away from them.

HAUNTED HONEYMOON [PG]·Comedy·1986·(1:24)
Radio actor takes his fiancee home to a haunted castle to
meet his very eccentric relatives. Gilda Radner's final film,
co-starring & directed by Gene Wilder.

HEART OF DIXIE [PG]·Drama·1989·(1:36)
Set in the south in 1957, the film centers on the activites of a
group of sorority sisters at Alabama's Randolph University
and their boyfriends.

HEART OF THE RIO GRANDE [TVPG]·Comedy·1942·(1:09)
An east-coast tycoon sends his daughter to a dude ranch out
west, where she meets a cowboy (Gene Autry) in a bit of

HEARTSOUNDS [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1984·(2:07)
Very real and uncompromising tearjerker about a woman's
efforts to cope when her husband suffers not one but several
major heart attacks that gradually cripple him; the leads give
landmark performances.

HELL'S CROSSROADS [TVPG]·Western·1957·(1:13)
Good western with member of James' gang gun battle, outlaw
and a happy ending.

HOME ON THE PRAIRIE [TVPG]·Western·1939·(:59)
A Texas ranger (Gene Autry) quarantines diseased cows
being transported across the US/Mexican border.

HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS [PG]·Comedy·1989·(1:33)
Dad's an eccentric inventor whose electromagnetic shrinking
machine miniaturizes his kids - now they must fight their
way across their backyard and it's giant bumblebees, 40-ft.
grass blades and deadly lawnmowers!

THE HORSE WHISPERER [PG13]·Drama·1998·(2:49)
A Montana rancher with a gift for healing helps a young girl
and her horse following a tragic accident - while
simultaneously striking romantic sparks with the girl's
mother. Directed by Robert Redford, with Scarlett Johansson.

THE HOT ROCK [PG]·Comedy·1972·(1:41)
Peter "Bullitt" Yates directs Robert Redford and George Segal
as hapless jewel thieves who bungle the perfect crime. From
Donald Westlake's classic caper novel.

I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS [PG]·Christmas·1998·(1:26)
Bribed by his dad to make it to his New York home by
Christmas Eve, a California college kid runs afoul of the
football team, gets dumped in the desert, and must use all
his wits as he heads east in this spirited comedy.

THE IDOLMAKER [PG]·Drama·1980·(1:59)
Philadephia star-maker turns a couple of young kids and
makes them teen idols.

IMPROMPTU [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:48)
Based on a true story: composer Frederic Chopin is pursued
by the eccentric female French novelist George Sand while on
vacation with other noted artists in this witty comedy-drama.

IN OLD SACRAMENTO [TVPG]·Western·1946·(1:29)
A masked bandit is reformed by a dance hall girl.

1930's physician feels compelled to return to her roots, a
poor orphanage in Virginia, in an effort to repay its devoted
director. Lindsey Wagner, Jane Wyman.

INDEPENDENCE DAY [PG13]·Sci-Fi·1996·(2:33) Will Smith.
A scientist, a military captain, and the U.S. President try to
fight off a full-scale alien invasion from space.

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU [PG]·Horror·1977·(1:39)
Recounts the story of a scientist who has isolated himself to
expand his chromosome research. He has developed it to
the point where he can transform animals into

JAWS 2 [PG]·Sequel·1978·(1:56)
Don't go near the water! Sheriff Brody of seaside Amity once
again fears a great white shark attack during the tourist
season - and his fears are realized when his own son looks
like the next victim! 10/4.

JAWS III [PG]·Disaster·1982·(1:38)
The son of Amity's Sheriff Brody tries to contain a great white
shark terrorizing a Florida aquatic amusement park -
originally shot in 3-D. With Louis Gossett, Jr. and Lea

JAWS: THE REVENGE [PG13]·Horror·1987·(1:30)
This time...it's personal! The widow of Sheriff Brody takes on
a murderous great white shark after it begins killing the rest
of her family in the 4th film. Featuring Michael Caine.

JESSE JAMES [TVPG]·Western·1939·(1:46)
The legendary James brothers face down tyrannical railroad
barons and unscrupulous bankers enroute to becoming
American legends in this lavish Western.

JESSE JAMES VS. THE DALTONS [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:05)
A young man, believing himself to be the son of western
outlaw Jesse James, joins the infamous Dalton Gang as they
search for his father - if the notorious bandit is still alive.

JOE'S APARTMENT [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:20)
Singing and dancing cockroaches help a luckless New York
transplant woo a pretty bureaucrat and avoid eviction in this
live-action movie based on a popular MTV short subject.

JOHN FORD GOES TO WAR [TVPG]·Documentary·2002·(:56)
The story of the making of legendary director John Ford's two
Oscar-winning short films - "The Battle of Midway" (1942)
and "December 7" (1943) - produced for the Army during
World War II is told in this Starz Original production.

JOHNNY GUITAR [TVPG]·Drama·1954·(1:50)
Saloonkeeper Joan Crawford and upright antagonist
Mercedes McCambridge face off in the Old West.

JUMANJI [PG]·Adventure·1995·(1:44)
Two kids dust off an old board game, and get much more
than they bargained for as they are hurled into a
jungle-themed fantasy world of big-game hunters and
charging beasts. With Kirsten Dunst.

K-9 [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:41)
Narcotics detective Thomas Dooley doesn't want a partner,
let alone a four-legged one: Jerry Lee, a police dog with the
best nose in the drug-busting business!

THE KANSAS TERRORS [TVPG]·Western·1939·(:53)
The Three Mesquiteers are sent to the Caribbean as US
envoys to sell army horses.

KID GALAHAD [TVG]·Drama·1962·(1:36)
A singing mechanic turns to boxing for a fight manager who's
trying to stay one step ahead of the mob. Elvis sings "King Of
The Whole World" "This Is Living" "Riding The Rainbow."

KIDS WORLD [PG]·Black·2001·(1:33)
When an eleven-year old discovers a Wishing Glass in an
ancient Indian burial ground his wish to make all parents
disappear comes true.

THE LANDLORD [PG]·Black·1970·(1:51)
Rich kid buys Brooklyn tenement with plans to tear it down
and renovate, has massive change of heart after he gets to
know his tenants.

THE LAST FRONTIER [TVPG]·Western·1955·(1:38)
Three trappers become scouts for a cavalry captain who
loses his fort to a hated colonel.

A LAWLESS STREET [TVPG]·Western·1955·(1:17)
A lawman is torn between returning to his saloon singer
ex-wife or keeping the peace when three outlaws try to take
over his town.

LICENSE TO DRIVE [PG13]·Comedy·1988·(1:30)
After failing his driving test, a teenager takes his
grandfather's classic Cadillac out for a spin anyway, just to
impress a girl. The joyride quickly turns into a hilarious

LITTLE MAN TATE [PG]·Drama·1991·(1:39)
The mother of a seven-year-old genius struggles to decide
what is best for her son after he moves in with a child
psychologist who has big plans for his future. With Harry
Connick, Jr., directed by Jodie Foster.

LLOYD [PG]·Children·2000·(1:18)
Lloyd is an awkward sixth-grader who falls in love at the first
sight of a pretty new classmate - but can he overcome
bullies and his own shyness to win the girl?

THE LONG ISLAND INCIDENT [TV14]·Docu-Drama·1998·(1:32)
Based on true events: a media frenzy erupts when a woman
becomes a gun-control advocate and political candidate after
her husband is killed and her son wounded in a commuter
train shooting. Executive producer: Barbra Streisand.

LOOK WHO'S TALKING TOO [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:20)
The parents of baby Mikey, who's voiced by Bruce Willis, now
add baby Julie, who's voiced by Roseanne. Followed by 3rd in
the series, Look Who's Talking Now

The story of an American war correspondent, who falls in
love with a beautiful Eurasian doctor while in Hong Kong.

LOVE POTION #9 [PG13]·Comedy·1992·(1:36)
A geeky biochemist and a shy biologist become a hot couple
with sex appeal thanks to a Gypsy's potion. An early leading
role for Sandra Bullock. 

MADIGAN [TV14]·Crime·1968·(1:41)
Tough-as-nails cop Det. Daniel Madigan and his partner
have 72 hours to track down a killer. From the director of
'Dirty Harry.'

Stellar melodrama about a rich playboy whose drunken
antics result in the death of a surgeon and the blinding of his
wife - wracked with guilt, the man devotes his life to
restoring the woman's sight. Classic five-hanky tearjerker!

A gunslinger-turned-lawman's world is turned upside-down
when a psycho outlaw rapes and murders his wife, setting in
motion a story of seven men out to keep the peace - no
matter the cost!

MAIDEN VOYAGE [TV14]·Action·2004·(1:27)
Casper Van Dien stars as a security operative who battles
hijackers on a passenger crew ship.

MAJOR DUNDEE [TVPG]·Adventure·1965·(2:02)
A Union major chases Indians to Mexico with a condemned
Confederate captain and a cavalry of prisoners. Directed by
Sam Peckinpah ("The Wild Bunch")

MAKING MR. RIGHT [PG13]·Comedy·1987·(1:39)
A very lifelike robot astronaut is handed over to a perky PR
exec to learn human behaviors - but what happens when the
android and the girl fall in love?

A singing cowboy becomes town sheriff long enough to settle
a dispute between ranchers.

THE MAN FROM UTAH [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:52)
The town's deputy sheriff enters a rodeo in order to expose a
gang who have made a racket of the rodeo.

An up-and-coming businessman must decide if he's ready to
enter the executive ranks - just when he must tell his wife
about a wartime romance and his illegitimate son. With
Frederic March.

THE MAN IN THE MOON [PG13]·Drama·1991·(1:40)
A 14-year old girl falls for an older neighbor boy who is
actually attracted to her elder sister in 1957 Louisiana - the
first movie role for award-winning actress Reese

THE MANHATTAN PROJECT [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1986·(1:58)
A scientist unknowingly provides a teen genius with the
means to construct a nuclear bomb. Look for Cynthia Nixon
(Sex And The City) in an early film role.

THE MARK OF ZORRO [TVPG]·Adventure·1974·(1:14)
The story the masked marauder whose nightly escapades
would taunt the corrupt politicians of Old California.

MASS APPEAL [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:39)

THE MIGHTY [PG13]·Drama·1998·(1:40)
Two outcast teens--one too small and one too big--develop a
strong friendship in the face of adversity.

MILLENNIUM [PG13]·Science-Fiction·1989·(1:46)
A crash scene investigator trying to solve the mystery behind
a horrific airplane accident discovers a bizarre, time-twisting
intersection between the present, the past and the future in
this sci-fi cult classic!

MIRACLE DOGS [TVPG]·Family·2002·(1:34)
Kate Jackson, Ted Shackleford, and Stacy Keach star in this
heartwarming tale of Annie, the miracle dog.

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET [PG]·Christmas·1994·(1:54)
A skeptical little girl meets a man claiming to be the real
Santa Claus.

MIRACLE ON INTERSTATE 880 [TVPG]·Docu-Drama·1993·(1:33)
After the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, two families are
rescued from crumpled freeway debris.

MIRACLES [PG]·Adventure·1986·(1:27)
A couple recently divorced are whisked away to a South
American hellhole by a jewel thief. 

MIRAGE OF BLAZE [TV14]·Anime·2002·(:25)
Two high school friends discover they are the reincarnation of
ancient warriors who soon realize they are locked in a deadly
battle with the spirit of a long-dead evil warlord. 


MONKEY TROUBLE [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:36)
A young girl whose parents won't get her a pet finds an
adorable monkey - who's been trained to steal by his crooked
owner - and it changes the lives of everyone in this endearing
family adventure.

MOON OVER PARADOR [PG13]·Comedy·1988·(1:44)
A second-rate American actor is hired to impersonate the
recently assassinated dictator of a small Latin American
country, with unpredictable results. With Sonia Braga,
Jonathan Winters and Charo.

MRS. SUNDANCE [TVPG]·Western·1974·(1:29)
The schoolteacher widow of the famous outlaw finds herself
on the run with a $10,000 bounty on her head.

A veteran rodeo rider returns home and finds his family in
disarray - so he retrieves his dad from a retirement home
and strikes up a romance with a former flame. With Ben
Johnson, Gary Busey.

MYSTERY MEN [PG13]·Action·1999·(2:01)
A group of offbeat superheroes with various peculiar talents -
fork-throwing, precision flatulence, flying bowling balls -
team up to save Champion City! With William H. Macy, Hank
Azaria, Janeane Garofalo, Greg Kinnear and more.

THE NEVADAN [TVPG]·Western·1949·(1:21)
A lawman goes undercover in prison to learn the location of
stolen loot and arranges for the outlaw to "escape" and lead
him to the cash - but he doesn't count on a greedy rancher
who joins the chase.

NOBODY KNOWS [PG13]·Drama·2005·(2:21)
Based on a true story, four young Japanese children are
forced to rely on one another after they are abandoned by
their mother. 12 year-old Yuya Yagira won the Best Actor
Award for his role at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

NORTH SHORE [PG]·Adventure·1987·(1:35)
An Arizona surfer, laughed at by the veteran boarders in
Hawaii, finds a mentor - and a girlfriend - and prepares to
ride the giant waves of Oahu.

NUNS ON THE RUN [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:32)
British mob flunkies flee with cash to a convent, where they
pose as nuns with hilarious results. Starring Eric Idle.

OH! SUSANNA [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:30)
Dramatic Western pits strong-willed cavalry officers against
one another; features some great character actors of the

ONCE BITTEN [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1:33)
A vampire countess in need of new blood finds a willing high-school
student to help her. An early starring role for Jim Carrey.

ONE FOOT IN HELL [TVPG]·Western·1960·(1:30)
A sheriff seeks revenge against a frontier town for the
negligent death of his wife. Alan Ladd, Don Murray, Dan

THE ORGANIZATION [PG]·Action·1971·(1:48)
Police detective Virgil Tibbs returns to bring down a drug
gang with the help of a neighborhood group.

THE OTHER [PG]·Drama·1972·(1:40)
On a farm in Connecticut, no one has time for twins Niles
and Holland but Grandma, who teaches them "The Game" -
and then the "accidental" deaths begin. Genuinely creepy
with plenty of unexpected twists!

OUTLAWS OF THE PLAINS [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:54)
Hero Billy Carson helps bail his trouble-prone sidekick out of
a land swindle.

PARADISE ALLEY [PG]·Drama·1978·(1:47)
Three brothers stuck in New York's Hell's Kitchen discover a
way out when one discovers his talent for pro wrestling -
then his two siblings become his trainer and manager in this
sports drama directed by Sylvester Stallone.

PATHS OF GLORY [TV14]·War·1957·(1:28)
Director Stanley Kubrick's searing World War I drama about a
general, far from the front lines, who unblinkingly sends his
troops on a doomed mission - then decides to punish the
men for their failure. Unforgettable storytelling!

PAWNEE [TVG]·Western·1957·(1:19)
Young man who was brought up by the Pawnee, proves his
loyalty to the tribe by helping them defend their rights.

PHENOMENON [PG]·Drama·1996·(2:03)
A small-town mechanic is transformed overnight into a
mental superman complete with telekinetic powers - but his
new-found abilities spark fear and unease in this witty,
warm fantasy. From the director of While You Were Sleeping.

PLAINSMAN AND THE LADY [TVG]·Western·1946·(1:22)
A rival stagecoach line makes trouble for the Pony Express.

PLANET XYZ [TV14]·Sports·2005·(:14)
Original Encore Wam extreme sports magazine show.

THE PREACHER'S WIFE [PG]·Black·1996·(2:04)
An angel comes to earth on a mission to restore a young
preacher's faith and save his dying church - but he falls for
the preacher's wife! Terrific remake of "The Bishop's Wife"
with Gregory Hines, Courtney B. Vance.

PRICE OF GLORY [PG13]·Drama·2000·(1:57)
A father whose boxing career was derailed channels his love
of the sport into coaching his three sons - but when an
outside manager offers to take over, the family threatens to
split in this hard-hitting drama.

PROJECT X [PG]·Comedy·1987·(1:48)
A young troublemaking pilot is assigned the task of
monitoring a military flight experiment with chimpanzees -
but when he learns the real reasons behind the testing, he
decides to buck the system.

THE PROPHECY [TVPG]·Documentary·2003·(:58)
High-flying stunts and adrenaline rush skiing and
snowboarding action - an above average extreme sports

PROUD [PG]·Black·2003·(1:27)
A man learns that his grandfather sailed on the USS Mason,
the only American ship manned by African-American sailors
to face combat against the Nazis in World War II. Based on a
true story.

THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO [PG]·Fantasy·1985·(1:22)
In Woody Allen's fantasy, a 1930's movie idol walks off the
screen and into the life of a fan sitting in the audience.

THE QUEST [PG13]·Action·1996·(1:34)
A surprisingly inventive and exciting directorial debut for
Jean-Claude Van Damme, who stars as a small-time New
York pickpocket who bumbles his way into the world's most
prestigious martial arts tournament.

QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER [PG13]·Adventure·1990·(2:00) Tom Selleck.
A low-key American cowboy takes a job in Australia, but
finds out his new boss wants his sharpshooting skill for
genocide. When he rebels, the boss leaves the cowboy for
dead - but doesn't count on his thirst for revenge!

QUIZ SHOW [PG13]·Drama·1994·(2:13)
Based on true events: Two 1950s tv game show
contestants - a well-off college professor and a nervous
working man - turn America upside down when it's revealed
that the program has been rigged. Directed by Robert

RACE WITH THE DEVIL [PG]·Action·1975·(1:28)
Two vacationing couples are pursued by local Satanic
witches after witnessing a human sacrifice.

RAGE AT DAWN [TVPG]·Western·1955·(1:27)
Macho Western tells story of posse of decent men pushed to
the edge hunting down gang of ruthless outlaws.

THE REAL MCCOY [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1993·(1:45)
Sexy bank robber Karen McCoy is fresh out of prison and
ready to leave her criminal past behind her. But when her
son is kidnapped by her old boss, she's forced to pull off one
last heist.

REAL MEN [PG13]·Comedy·1987·(1:26)
A CIA agent forces a meek insurance agent to double for his
dead partner as they tackle an increasingly strange and
dangerous case - and then the aliens show up!

RED RIVER VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1936·(:57)
A singing cowboy and his partner unearth saboteurs at a
dam site.

THE RED SHOES [TVPG]·Dance·1948·(2:14)
Magic ballet slippers take charge of pretty dancer torn
between the composer she loves and the ambitious
impresario who wants her.

RETURN TO WARBOW [TVPG]·Literary/Book Based·1958·(1:06)
An Arizona outlaw escapes justice and heads off in search of
his hidden stagecoach loot.

RIDE, TENDERFOOT, RIDE [TVPG]·Western·1940·(1:05)
Singing cowboy Gene Autry inherits a meat-packing plant
and tangles with a corrupt businessman.

THE RIFLEMAN [TVPG]·Western·1957·(:25) An action-
packed Western with Chuck Connors as a two-fisted rancher
raising his son in 1880s New Mexico. 

THE RIVER WILD [PG13]·Thriller/Suspense·1994·(1:51)
A family struggling to stay together decides to take a rafting
vacation, only to meet up with a pair of mysterious men
whose desperation grows in this intense, white-knuckle ride.
With David Straitharn, John C. Reilly.

A music video show that features America's hottest video
hits, artist interviews and exclusives. 

ROMANCE OF THE WEST [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:58)
An Indian scout keeps the peace on the range

ROMANCING THE STONE [PG]·Adventure·1984·(1:46)
A lonely romantic novelist's life takes a sudden turn when
she flies to South America to rescue her kidnapped sister.

RUSH HOUR [PG13]·Action·1998·(1:38) Jackie Chan.
What happens when a rebel Hong Kong detective and a
hotshot, loudmouth L.A. cop team up to rescue a diplomat's
kidnapped daughter? Lots of hilarious one-liners and
high-kicking martial arts action in this hit action-comedy!

SAIYUKI RELOAD [TV14]·Action·2003·(:23)
A band of heroes take a perilous journey to save the world
from a demon.

SAVAGE FRONTIER [TVPG]·Western·1953·(:53)
U.S. Marshall is hot on the trail of desperate outlaws.

SAY ANYTHING... [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:40)
Lloyd is the offbeat optimist who must convince the
beautiful, got-it-together Diane that they are meant for each
other in this classic teener comedy/drama. First directing
effort by Cameron Crowe (Singles, Jerry Maguire).

THE SEA INSIDE [PG13]·Drama·2004·(2:06)
The true story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a
30-year campaign for his right to die with dignity, and the
two women who tried to change his life. Winner of the Oscar
for Best Foreign Language Film.

SELENA [PG]·Biography·1997·(2:07)
A beautiful Mexican-American singer's skyrocketing
international career ends abruptly.

THE SEVEN PER-CENT SOLUTION [PG]·Mystery·1976·(1:53)
Master sleuth Sherlock Holmes - battling a drug addiction
and ready to retire - hooks up with Sigmund Freud to hunt
down master criminal Professor Moriarty. With Robert Duvall,
Sir Laurence Olivier and Vanessa Redgrave.

SHADOW VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:57)
Singing cowboy saves woman's ranch from gold-greedy

SHE'S ALL THAT [PG13]·Comedy·1999·(1:35)
The big man on campus wagers that he can transform a
"nerd girl" into a stunner in time for the senior prom - but he
never meant to fall in love with her!

SHENANDOAH [TVPG]·Drama·1965·(1:45)
James Stewart is a Southern widower drawn into the War
Between the States. Doug McClure, Glenn Corbett.

SIDE OUT [PG13]·Action·1990·(1:44)
A college student visiting California plays the all-time beach
volleyball match.

SILENT RUNNING [PG]·Drama·1972·(1:29)
A spaceship carrying the last of Earth's forests is ordered
destroyed, but a renegade crew member and his beloved
robots prepare for a last stand. Special effects from the
team behind "2001", Star Trek and Blade Runner

SILVER HAWK [PG13]·Action·2004·(1:39)
The cape-crusading, high-kicking superhero Silver Hawk
protects the ordinary citizens of Polaris City from criminals -
and the cops who try to reveal her secret identity. A campy,
martial-arts action-packed comic book ride!

SIMON BIRCH [PG]·Drama·1998·(1:54)
Convinced he will one day become a hero, a very small boy
with strong faith and a big heart seeks out his destiny with
the help of his best friend. With Ashley Judd, narrated by Jim

SOLARBABIES [PG13]·Action·1986·(1:34)
A magical orb helps orphaned children escape futuristic
despotic rulers to find a new homeland and peace.

SPARTACUS [PG13]·Drama·1960·(3:08)
"I am Spartacus!" The stirring tale of a rebel gladiator who
raises an army of slaves to challenge the mighty Roman
empire. With Peter Ustinov (Best Supporting Actor Oscar) and
Tony Curtis, directed by Stanley Kubrick.

SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL [PG13]·Action·1997·(2:05)
Annie Potter survived a madman's runaway bus plot in Los
Angeles in the first Speed movie only to board a Caribbean 
cruise ship rigged for destruction by a disgruntled computer 
expert! With Willem Dafoe.

THE STAR PACKER [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:50)
A gang is terrorizing a town, when a marshall rides in and
organizes the ranchers against the outlaws. 

STILL CRAZY LIKE A FOX [TVPG]·Comedy·1987·(1:34)
In England, Harry accusses the Duke of Kent of stealing -
then becomes a suspect when the aristocrat is murdered.

STRAIGHT TALK [PG]·Comedy·1992·(1:31) Dolly Parton.
When a Arkansas woman moves to Chicago and becomes
the new on-air psychiatrist at a talk radio station, a reporter
questions her credentials.

STREET FIGHTER [PG13]·Action·1994·(1:41)
Acton hero Jean-Claude Van Damme and his commandoes
do battle with evil warlord Raul Julia. Wes Studi, Byron

STREETS OF GHOST TOWN [TVPG]·Western·1950·(:54)
The Durango Kid hunts for treasure in a ghost town.

A Miami school bus driver heroically faces a crazed hijacker
as he leads the police on a tense, nerve-shattering chase.

THE TALL T [TV14]·Western·1957·(1:18)
An unlucky cowboy finds himself on a stage hijacked by an
outlaw and his men, and things get worse when the crooks
hold one of the passengers - a mine owner's daughter - for
ransom. Directed by Budd Boetticher.

THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? [TV14]·Drama·1969·(2:00)
The prize money guaranteed for surviving a grueling 1930s
dance marathon is the setting for this engrossing look at the
desperation of the Depression era - Gig Young won the Oscar
for Best Supporting Actor. 

THREE FACES WEST [TVPG]·Western·1940·(1:19)
Viennese doctor, a refugee, and daughter join Dakota farmers
in trek from dust bowl to Oregon. 

THREE MEN AND A LITTLE LADY [PG]·Comedy·1990·(1:44)
Three men with different lifestyles help a woman raise her
young daughter. 

TO KILL A COP (P1) [TVPG]·Black·1978·(1:35)
Two men on opposite sides of the law are locked in a deadly
confict. A big city police chief tries to discover who is behind
a series of crimes being committed by a terrorist group.
Co-starring Eartha Kitt and Rosey Grier. 
TO KILL A COP (P2) [TVPG]·Black·1978·(1:36) 

TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER [PG]·Comedy·1982·(1:37)
When the fumbling French detective goes missing while
investigating the theft of The Pink Panther, a French TV
newswoman interviews friends and foes of the missing
Inspector Clouseau.

TRAPPED IN PARADISE [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:51)
A plan to rob a bank on Christmas Eve goes awry for three
bumbling crooks.

TRIGGER, JR. [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:07)
It's up to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans to stop a conniving

UNDER TEXAS SKIES [TVPG]·Western·1940·(:54)
Three Mesquiteers find the man responsible for the Sheriff's

VICE VERSA [PG]·Comedy·1988·(1:39)
A father and son mysteriously and completely switch
identities just as the father is about to handle a deal that
could make or break his career.

VINCENT AND THEO [PG13]·Biography·1990·(2:20)
Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh goes mad with his helpless
patron and brother, Theo.

WALK PROUD [PG]·Drama·1979·(1:38)
A wrong-side-of-the-tracks Chicano boy falls for an Anglo
girl, but his pride keeps them apart - until he meets his real
father and decides to change his life.

WANDA NEVADA [PG]·Romance·1979·(1:47)
A New West gambler wins an orphan in a poker game and
takes her on a Grand Canyon gold hunt.

WARGAMES [PG]·Adventure·1983·(1:53)
Matthew Broderick stars as a computer gaming whiz who
hacks into a military network, and accidentally starts the
countdown to World War III. Can he stop the countdown
before it launches the ultimate endgame?

Go around the world - Iran, Utah, Kenya, Switzerland - for
extreme skiing and snowboarding action as only Warren
Miller can deliver!

Renown skier Jeremy Bloom hosts this globe-trotting
adventure from Alaska to Switzerland.

WARREN MILLER'S RIDE [TVG]·Action·2000·(1:37)
Top-notch skiers and boarders hit the slopes in New Zealand,
Russia, France and Colorado for some of the wildest,
on-the-edge rides imaginable!

WEATHERING CONTINENT [TV14]·Anime·2003·(:55)
Three companions all with their own special gifts wander a
vast continent long before the roots of history, searching for a
place where they may live in peace, while perused by an evil
warlord and his bloodthirsty gang.

WHAT ABOUT BOB? [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:39) Richard Dreyfuss.
A hilariously multi-phobic patient follows his psychiatrist and
family on their vacation with lunatic results! Bob: "There are
two types of people in this world - those who like Neil
Diamond, and those who don't" (Bill Murray)

WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? [TV14]·Comedy·1965·(1:49)
Disturbed fashion editor Peter O'Toole, goes to psychiatrist, 
Peter Sellers, for help with his romantic problems, but Sellers
is even crazier than he is.

WIDOW'S PEAK [PG]·Art House·1994·(1:41)
In this sharp-edged, witty comedy set in the 1920s, a small
Irish town dominated by widows is turned on its ear by the
arrival of a young, brash American widow with a secret. With
Natasha Richardson, Jim Broadbent.

WILD COUNTRY [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:56)
Two federal agents in the old west pursue an escaped
convict wanted for murder who intends to kidnap the sheriff's

WINDPRINTS [TV14]·Thriller/Suspense·1990·(1:39)
The story of a young news cameraman assigned to cover the
manhunt of a deadly Namibian renegade.

WITCH HUNT [TV14]·Mystery·1999·(1:30)
Police investigators target feuding family members -
including an accused child molester and a practicing witch -
as suspects in an effort to solve the disappearance of a
young girl.

THE WOMAN IN RED [PG13]·Comedy·1984·(1:27)
A married man suffering a mid-life crisis falls head over
heels for a stunning, sexy young woman in a red dress - and
begins to comically wreck his life in the process! With Gilda
Radner, Oscar-winner for Best Song by Stevie Wonder.

YOUNG GUNS OF TEXAS [TVPG]·Western·1962·(1:18)
Stolen gold, a murder, eloping with a rich rancher's daughter,
and an Apache raid all figure into this tale of the old west.
Featuring the children of Joel McCrea, Alan Ladd, Robert

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU [PG13]·Drama·1999·(1:37)
A militantly-feminist teenage girl is courted by her high
school's resident "bad boy" as part of a convoluted scheme
by another guy to get to the girl's beautiful and popular sister.
Based on Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew"

10 TOKYO WARRIORS [TV14]·Action·2003·(:26)
The Demon King returns after four hundred years to wage
destruction on modern day Tokyo with only the 10 warriors
standing in his way.

THE 39 STEPS [TVG]·Mystery·1935·(1:26)
Classic Hitchcock thriller in which an innocent young man
becomes involved in murder and espionage. 
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