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Season 9
The Doctor......With Class

2017 (times shown EST unless noted) tv-pg
Doctor Who episodes showing on BBC America
. Times shown are Eastern, subtract 3 hours for Pacific Time
       Broadcasts on BBC America this week, EST times shown:
6:00AM SEASON 3 — EPISODE 10 Blink
7:00AM SEASON 3 — EPISODE 11 Utopia
8:00AM SEASON 3 — EPISODE 12 The Sound Of Drums, Part 1
9:00AM SEASON 3 — EPISODE 13 Last of the Time Lords, Part 2
10:00AM - Voyage of the Damned
11:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 1 Partners in Crime
6:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 2 The Fires of Pompeii
7:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 3 Planet of the Ood
8:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 4 The Sontaran Stratagem, Part 1
9:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 5 The Poison Sky, Part 2
10:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 6 The Doctor's Daughter
11:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 7 The Unicorn and The Wasp
6:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 8 Silence in the Library, Part 1
7:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 9 Forest of the Dead, Part 2 
8:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 10 Midnight
9:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 11 Turn Left
10:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 12 The Stolen Earth Part 1
11:00AM SEASON 4 — EPISODE 13 Journey's End, Part 2
11:00PM SEASON 10 — EPISODE 2 Smile
3:05AM - The Day Of The Doctor, 50th Anniversary Special
4:55AM SEASON 10 — EPISODE 2 Smile
6:00AM - The End of Time, Part 1 & 2
8:00AM - The End of Time, Part 1 & 2
9:00AM - The End of Time, Part 1 & 2
9pm & 12am SEASON 10 — EPISODE 3 NEW, Thin Ice (London, 1814)
6:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 1 The Eleventh Hour
7:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 2 The Beast Below
8:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 3 Victory of the Daleks
9:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 4 The Time of Angels, Part 1
10:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 5 Flesh and Stone, Part 2
11:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 6 Vampires in Venice
6:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 7 Amy's Choice
7:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 8 The Hungry Earth, Part 1
8:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 9 Cold Blood, Part 2
9:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 10 Vincent and The Doctor
10:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 11 The Lodger
11:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 12 The Pandorica Opens, Part 1
6:00AM SEASON 5 — EPISODE 13 The Big Bang, Part 2
7:00AM - A Christmas Carol
8:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 1 The Impossible Astronaut, Part 1
9:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 2, Part 2
10:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 3 The Curse of the Black Spot
11:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 4 The Doctor's Wife
6:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 5 The Rebel Flesh, Part 1
7:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 6 The Almost People, Part 2
8:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 7 A Good Man Goes to War
9:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 8 Let's Kill Hitler
10:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 9 Night Terrors
11:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 10 The Girl Who Waited
8pm & 2am SEASON 10 — EPISODE 3 Thin Ice (London, 1814)
9pm, 12am & 3am SEASON 10 — EPISODE 4 NEW, Knock Knock
4:00AM SEASON 2 — EPISODE 1 New Earth
5:00AM SEASON 2 — EPISODE 2 Tooth and Claw
5:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 2 The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, Part 2
6:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 11 The God Complex
7:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 12 Closing Time
8:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 13 The Wedding of River Song
9:00AM SEASON 6 — EPISODE 2 The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, Part 2
10:00AM SEASON 7 — EPISODE 1 Asylum of the Daleks
11:00AM SEASON 7 — EPISODE 2 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
The Doctor comes to Class
SEASON 10 — EPISODE 1 "The Pilot" 4/15/17
Two worlds collide when the Doctor meets Bill. A chance encounter with a girl with a star in her eye leads to a chase across time and space. Bill's mind is opened to a Universe that is bigger and more exciting than she could possibly have imagined. Followed by the first episode of "Class"

SEASON 10 — EPISODE 2 "Smile" 4/22/17
The language of the future is emoji! The Doctor takes Bill to a spectacular city on a distant planet, but where are the colonists? A band of "cute" droids hold the deadly answer. Something is alive in the walls, and the emojibots are watching from the shadows, as the Doctor and Bill trying to unravel a terrifying mystery...

SEASON 10 — EPISODE 3 "Thin Ice" 4/29/17
London, 1814. The entire city has turned out for the biggest Frost Fair in decades! But beneath the Thames, revelers are disappearing, snatched through the ice. Will the Doctor and Bill stop the slaughter before they too are dragged into the icy waters? Bill is about to discover that the past is more like her world than she expected, and that not all monsters come from outer space...

SEASON 10 — EPISODE 4 "Knock Knock" 5/6/17
Bill is moving in with some friends and they’ve found the perfect house - so what if it’s strangely cheap to rent, and the landlord is a little creepy? The wind blows, the floorboards creak, and the Doctor thinks something is very wrong. What lurks in the strange tower at the heart of the building - and why can’t they find any way to enter it?

SEASON 10 — EPISODE 5 "Oxygen" 5/13/17
Horrifying, terrifying death is possible for any of them...and Bill has to go outside, into the vacuum of space

SEASON 10 — EPISODE 6 "Extremis" 5/20/17
Missy is back...and so is The Master (John Simm). The Doctor has met his former selves, so why shouldn't Missy?

CLASS Season 1 Episode 1 "For Tonight We Might Die" 4/15/17
Who keeps the world safe when the Doctor's not there? Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah have entered the Whoniverse as BBC America introduces the spin-off series, Class, set in contemporary London. They will be joined by Katherine Kelly, as she takes the role of a teacher (an alien bodyguard to one of the pupils, an alien prince hiding on Earth) at Coal Hill School. Coal Hill School will be familiar to Doctor Who fans most recently as Clara’s place of employment, but it has been a part of the Doctor Who universe since the very beginning. All the time-traveling over the years has caused the very walls of space and time to become thin. There’s something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring us all into Shadow. Steven Moffat, Class and Doctor Who executive producer, says: “Coal Hill School has been part of Doctor Who since the very first shoot in 1963, but this new show is anything but history. Class is dark and sexy and right now. I’ve always wondered if there could be a British Buffy — it’s taken the brilliant Patrick Ness to figure out how to make it happen.”
The Weeping Angels come to Class in 2017

Season 10 episode titles/broadcast dates
1 "The Pilot" Lawrence Gough, Steven Moffat 15 April 2017
2 "Smile" Lawrence Gough Frank Cottrell-Boyce 22 April 2017
3 "Thin Ice" Bill Anderson, Sarah Dollard 29 April 2017
4 "Knock Knock" Bill Anderson, Mike Bartlett 6 May 2017
5 "Oxygen" Charles Palmer, Jamie Mathieson 13 May 2017
6 "Extremis" Daniel Nettheim, Steven Moffat 20 May 2017
7 "The Pyramid at the End of the World" Daniel Nettheim, Peter Harness 27 May 2017
8 "The Lie of the Land" Wayne Yip Toby Whithouse 3 June 2017
9 "The Empress of Mars" Wayne Yip Mark Gatiss 10 June 2017
10 "The Eaters of Light" Charles Palmer Rona Munro 17 June 2017
11 "World Enough and Time" Rachel Talalay Steven Moffat 24 June 2017
12 "The Doctor Falls" Rachel Talalay Steven Moffat 1 July 2017

In an interview with BBC Radio, Peter Capaldi said that this third season will be his last and that he will pass the torch in the 2017 Christmas Special. As he said, “It will be my last… I feel it’s time to move on.” However, he promises that just because he’s moving on doesn’t mean he’s not giving it his all, exclaiming: “I’m still Doctor Who! We’re doing epic stuff! I’m not done yet!”

Season 1 episode titles for Class
1 "For Tonight We Might Die"
2 "The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo"
3 "Nightvisiting"
4 "Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart" (Part 1)
5 "Brave-ish Heart" (Part 2)
6 "Detained"
7 "The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did"
8 "The Lost" (end of season one, ending with a Weeping Angel assassin)

1/25/2017 John Hurt died (77) The Elephant Man (a rare non-comedy produced by Mel Brooks), host to a monster in Alien and Spaceballs (1987), the War Doctor in Doctor Who (2013), and wandmaker Ollivander in the Harry Potter films

Doctor Who won't return until Fall 2017, show boss Steven Moffat announces his departure

Daily Mail of London
Season 10 in 2017 will mark the last for 54-year-old writer Moffat - who has scribed six series of the hit show - as he affirmed that he is stepping down and will be replaced by Chris Chibnall, the writer of acclaimed drama Broadchurch, which stars former Doctor Who actor David Tennant. Broadcasting his exit, Steven described his role as 'the best job in the universe,' though insisted that his 'timey-wimey is running out.'
'While Chris is doing his last run of Broadchurch, I’ll be finishing up and keeping the Tardis warm for him.' Joking about his replacement, Steven teased that it had taken 'a lot of gin and tonic' to persuade Chris to accept the job, before adding: 'I am beyond delighted one of the true stars of British television drama will be taking the Time Lord even further into the future. 'Chris will become the new showrunner. And I will be thrown in a skip.' Gushing over his esteemed predecessor, Chris said in a statement: 'Steven has been a dazzling and daring showrunner, and hearing his plans for 2017 it’s clear he’ll be going out with a bang. Just to make my life difficult.'

It's believed bosses had originally planned to screen six episodes of Doctor Who in 2016, leaving the remained for 2017, though this will no longer be the case. The show is expected to continue its tradition of Christmas specials, however, and will air an episode over the festive season in December 2016. BBC1 boss Charlotte Moore said: "I have decided to schedule Steven’s big finale series in spring 2017 to bring the nation together for a huge event on the channel. 2016 will already be crowded on BBC with coverage of national moments including the Euros and Olympics." Scottish actor Peter Capaldi will continue to portray the iconic Time Lord in 2017 but may leave after that.
Fun fact: In the first season of Doctor Who starting November 1963, the Doctor is travelling with his granddaughter Susan. In the audio production "Roses", Susan's real name is revealed as Arkytior, which is the word "rose' in High Gallifreyan. The 9th and 10th Doctor's companion was called Rose Tyler. Later it was revealed that the 10th Doctor had a semi-clone daughter, presumably Susan's mother.
Christmas Special (2016)

The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Doctor join forces with a masked superhero for an epic New York adventure. With brain-swapping aliens poised to attack, the Doctor and Nardole (River Song's former assistant) link up with an investigative reporter and a mysterious figure known only as The Ghost

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