Poseidon (2006)

A massive rogue wave turns a luxury cruise ship upside-down in this thrilling remake
of the 1972 disaster classic "The Poseidon Adventure" (sequel was Beyond the Poseidon Adventure, from the producer of Towering Inferno). With the prone vessel rapidly taking on water, a plucky group of survivors faces a frightening series of dangers while attempting to find a way out. Can they escape before the doomed liner sinks to her watery grave? Kurt Russell (of MonsterVision's Big Trouble in Little China), Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfuss, Jacinda Barrett, Emmy Rossum and Mike Vogel star. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen (The Perfect Storm), who “hits the action button and never stops whaling on it” (Rolling Stone). PG-13, HBO/Cinemax starting in March

Poseidon movie trailer
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